Running Man EP 249 English Subtitle

Running Man EP 249 English Subtitle

[Do you like jjajang?] [There will be a competition
that is savory like the noodles!] [All about Korea’s black bean noodles.] [Jjajang Road.] Subtitles by DramaFever – A cold americano.
– One caramel macchiato. Suk Jin, did you get
your penalty yesterday? – I thought I was going to die.
– Was it bearable? Are you kidding?
It’s 50 meters! Once again, congratulations. He’s like a long lost brother to me. You are close again, thanks to me. – Everything was solved because of Suk Jin.
– A happy ending. – I think it’ll be different today.
– We’re wearing black suits. What is it today? [A steel container?] – Huh?
– What is it? [What is this intense atmosphere?] [Surprised.] [The biggest guest ever on ‘Running Man’!] [The final glutton boss,
Kim Jun Hyun.] [Oh my god.] [And another guest hidden by Jun Hyun.] [I just saw her.] [A lady that lit up the cafe!] [S-line glutton goddess, UEE.] [Polar opposite appearances.] [A surprising visit out of nowhere!] They’re my real sister and brother! It’s been a long time, UEE! [Here are your drinks.] Jun Hyun, you’re finally here. [Welcome!] UEE, you’ve lost so much weight! You’re getting prettier. [A goddess-like appearance compared
to Jun Hyun’s generous appearance.] – Jun Hyun!
– She’s pretty. – You’ve started sweating.
– Yes. He was eating at my
restaurant yesterday, at dawn. – Who?
– Jun Hyun. He ate a lot. Today, we have the glutton king
Jun Hyun who never gets full. – Yes.
– He’s the best. He is the killer of the gluttons. And we have UEE who never loses
her s-line even after she eats. She lost so much weight.
Her face is so small. She’s an idol killer. She doesn’t do anything,
but they all fall for her. Just date some of them! So many people want your attention! Geez, you’re making things awkward! Today, after completing several missions,
you will complete a blacklist. It is an individual match. Oh, it’s an individual race. The first person to complete
the blacklist will be the winner. First, you must go to the mission site
and earn a hint about the blacklist. The location is near Seoul,
unusual jjajang restaurants. Jjajangmyun restaurant.
(Black bean noodle restaurant) I love black bean noodles! [The black bean noodles
they will soon experience.] It looks so good! – This looks good.
– I want to eat this. It looks good.
It has sujebi (hand-pulled dough) in it. It kind of looks like ravioli. It’s black bean sujebi.
It’s unique. It’s white jjajang! I know this, I think I’ve tried. – It’s good.
– It is? At first it tastes like soybean paste,
then it tastes like jjajang. And if you put a little bit of
vinegar, it’s amazing. – You’re an expert.
– You need to know beforehand! There’s a hammer? – What is this?
– Oh, are there noodles inside? Oh, you break it! Oh, that’s really good. – How do you know all of them?
– It’s fun to crack it. Where is that?
I want to eat that one! The roof of your mouth
can be grazed with that one. – Wow!
– That’s red jjajang. I’m going crazy. They all look so good. – Isn’t it spaghetti?
– It looks like spaghetti. I should start my blog again! You never had a blog! I can start one up! I want this!
I want to eat this! – Oh my gosh!
– Let’s go together! It looks so good. This is the one for me. Wow, they all look so good. I’m feeling the jjajang sujebi
and the iron griddle jjajang. I want white jjajang. – I’m feeling the hammer…
– I want the red jjajang. Hammer, red, and iron griddle. If you say it, do you get it? No, it’s just our wish list. Jun Hyun said this on his program. He really wanted to express
his love for jjajang. He said ‘I am black bean noodles!’
He really wanted to express his love. I’m Kim Jjajang. Don’t say you love
jjajang in front of me. – I love black bean noodles.
– No! I do. There is a condition for each location. Only two people are allowed per location. UEE is my cousin so I’ll go with her. Aren’t you Yoo EE? You don’t look alike! You will pick your order
with chopsticks. They are numbered. I really want to go with Jun Hyun. I want to see him eating in person. I’m fifth. I’m second. UEE’s first. [Depressed Jun.] Do I just pick what I want to eat? You can take the one you want. Can’t I pick the person
I want to go with? Who do you want to go with? Kwang Soo’s more handsome now. [What do I do…] [Uncomfortable.] You… Don’t hurt him! Don’t get his hopes up. She’s an idol killer. Why are you saying this? Why are you getting his hopes up? He’s taking it the wrong way! UEE, you’re mean. I’ll pick now. I recommend jjajang sujebi. Then, I’ll take that one. Last time, Kwang Soo and UEE
played the cookie stick game. – I’ll take the white jjajang.
– Because it looks healthy? He chooses the one with
the least amount of sauce. Okay, for you I’ll choose white jjajang. – White jjajang!
– It’s been a while. I really wanted to eat
white jjajang, though. Kwang Soo! He’s already fallen for her! Make UEE restless today. UEE, what’s your ideal type? You’re my type. Oh my god! – You’ve changed, UEE.
– She’s scary. Jjajang sujebi! I love jjajang sujebi! – He’s so predictable.
– I want the iron griddle. It suits you! I want the red jjajang! – I’ll take the iron griddle!
– I want the hammer jjajang! [Red jjajang vs. hammer jjajang.]
[What will Jun Hyun’s choice be?] Don’t you think it’d be
funny if he went alone? I think it would be really
funny if you went alone. He has really good sense! I’ll eat the hammer jjajang. Wow! I have to eat alone? This is an important point in my career. [Denying the fact.]
That’s your fate! Go, Yoo Min Sang!
(Another fat comedian) [What will their jjajang road be like?] [Sujebi, hammer, red,
iron griddle, and white jjajang.] [One and only in Korea.] [A feast of the unique
black bean noodles!]You’ll find a hint
about the blacklist!
I really love black bean noodles. There are times where I’ve
had it for all three meals. – Really?
– Yeah. Fried dumplings are the best with jjajang. – You have to eat them with your hands.
– Yes. When the person next to you
eats spicy seafood noodle soup you want to have some of that, too. Spicy seafood noodle soup
is good too but I think… it was a good choice
that I’ve picked jjajang. I’m just really curious. Why did you want to go with me? Don’t you know that
you’re really popular? [I should play it cool…] Sorry, but could you elaborate? You’ve become more
stylish and handsome. I’m going to be even more
handsome from now on. I’ll become handsome for you. No, that’s okay. You’re so assertive. [Feeling humiliated…]I love jjajang!Chinese restaurant.Chinese restaurant!Chinese restaurant, Chinese restaurant.Chinese restaurant!It’s no fun at all!Chinese restaurant![I miss you, Kim Jjajang!] [Jjajang road, finding the
unique black bean noodles.] This is Chinatown! You have to eat jjajang at Chinatown! It’s so pretty. [A picture on the way
to the restaurant.] It’s incredible. It’s pretty here. – Let’s go eat!
– The stairs are so cool. [The iron griddle noodles.] [Sungnam, Gyeonggi Province.] I’m eating the iron griddle
noodles for the first time! – Iron griddle noodles!
– This place seems so historic. [Big Nose & Gary have entered.] Hello! Iron griddle noodles. Can’t we sit here? But I can smell the spiciness. What is that? – Can’t I eat this?
– I want that! – It’s so much!
– What’s that? Is that rice cake?
Sweet and sour rice cake? Can I have that? Order us that too. [Black bean sujebi.] [Siheung, Gyeonggi province.] Isn’t it here?
It’s here. – Here?
– Yeah. Hello. – I’m so hungry.
– Me too. – What would you like?
– Do we order now? Can we get two sujebi jjajang? Can we get a double portion? Alright, I’ll give you lots. Thank you so much. And a bowl of rice as well. Thank you. Go, seafood sujebi jjajang, go! I’m so hungry. [Red jjajang.] I forgot that I was filming
because I was alone. For real. This is the famous
restaurant for red jjajang. [Hammer jjajang.] [Guri, Gyeonggi Province.] – Jun Hyun, take the container.
– Oh, the container. – Phew.
– Phew, now… I’m already smiling. I shouldn’t be like this. [They’re only thinking about eating.] How did they plan this?
I love Jjajang. [This is the place for
the hammer jjajang!] They must have good
spicy noodles, too. You can tell it by the smell. Please, sit here. Thank you. Our faces are lit up, while we’re filming. Do we sit?– You look very happy today.
– Yes, we are.
Jun Hyun and I kept saying that. I love jjajang.
I used to eat it for lunch every day. I’m jjajang. I am jjajang. – Yeah, we just saw this on the screen!
– Oh yeah, we did. [Fantastic.] – Crack Crack Seafood Jjajang?
– It looks delicious. This is the hammer jjajang. Yeah, when I saw it… oh! – I poked a hole through it!
– Oh wow. [The pie shell tortilla
is what makes special.] It’s crispy. If you complete the mission,
you can have it. [You have to complete the mission?] [A bolt from the blue.] We will take the jjajang away. Wait. – Wait.
– Why are you doing this? – We can do the mission later
– We came all the way… All the teams are
doing the same thing. If we don’t succeed, does that
mean we don’t get to eat it? That’s right.
You can’t eat it. If the jjajang is ready
before you succeed. [Hungry Kim Jjajang’s
anger meter goes up.] We weren’t told that
at our headquarters. You can’t say that
when we came all the way. You’re very rude
at our first encounter. Do you want me
to be upset at you? Do you want to be far away from me?
I feel so upset right now. You have to succeed at the mission before you can eat your order. So we might not be able to… I can’t even speak right now. We might not be able to eat?You can eat and obtain the hints
if you complete the mission.
If you fail the mission,
the staff will eat it instead. – What do you mean?
– That’s not fair! If you complete the mission, you can eat. I came alone.
Can’t you just give it to me? I’m so lonely. [Eat or starve.] [You must succeed
to eat your jjajang.] [Before your order is ready.] You have to give a speed quiz
to a random person. Order your noodles, and before
your noodles are ready you need to get
10 questions right. That’s a success. We need to order run down, get a random stranger,
get 10 questions right and need to come back
before the noodles are ready? Please take your time making it. Please, take your time. We’re not in a rush. – Here you go.
– What is it? The category is China.
It’s not food, but just China. We will start! One hammer jjajang, made slowly! [Speed Quiz, start.] We have one order of hammer jjajang. [Fry the seafood first.] [The delicious sound
makes our mouth water.] [Frying on a wok on high temperature.] – Who?
– There’s one here! – Excuse me!
– That’s my stylist! – That’s my stylist.
– Why is she here? [Add the black bean sauce.] [Fry the sauce together.] – Excuse me!
– That’s the writer! Ji Eun, just do it for us! Could you please help us
with the speed quiz? Could you please help us? Please stand here. [The sauce is ready.] It’s related to China. [Panda.] Under the eyes. Panda. Panda, yes!
Correct! That’s right! [The Great Wall of China.] [What is that…] – The Great Wall of China.
– Yes! [Beijing Opera.] Beijing opera! Yes! This is going well. Kung Fu! Yes, yes! [Yang Guifei.] [Voluptuous, flirtatious.] [Blank.] [Boil the noodles.] – This year!
– Sheep. (Yang) Ear (gui), fei. Yang Guifei! [When the noodles are close to ready.] [Jae Suk gets six questions right.] [The Thousand-Character Classic.]
The Thousand-Character Classic! – What is this?
– A cha (car/tea). [What color?] [Green tea.] [Put the two together.] – Green, tea.
– Green tea! [Eight questions right.] [Now, add noodles and fry together.] Mumble mumble, twist. – Twist?
– What type of twist? Shanghai. [Put the noodles in the tortilla.
And it’s complete.] [Place it on the plate.] [One hammer jjajang.] [Wong Fei-hung.] [Hammer jjajang is done.] You’re out of time! I had one left… [He showed amazing skills.] – What was the last question?
– Wong Fei-hung. Thank you. We were really great. You were awesome for green tea. [Will they be able to succeed…] Thank you so much.Kwang Soo and UEE will beguessing what object is in the container. You have to guess correctly
before your order comes out. The one who gets it correctly
will get to eat it. If neither of you gets it right,
we’ll eat it. You’re so cruel. Let’s eat it together. Let’s start UEE. Hold on, I think I got too excited. UEE, turn around. UEE needs to change first. I lost a lot of weight. It’s only been an hour. And her face changed already. One black bean sujebi, please. Please.The order has been made,
let’s start.
[Start by boiling the hand-pulled dough.] [This is chewier than noodles.] Please open it once. [Guess the object inside
the steel container.] Pay close attention. [What was that?] Hold on!
Sir, there’s nothing at the bottom. We haven’t seen anything yet! [A clear view.]
Me! A turtle? – No?
– Why would there be a turtle? It looked like a turtle. [The Sujebi jjajang is being made.] Have you tried the cheesy
sweet and sour pork? It’s our first time here. Hurry!
It’s being fried right now! Sir..! Fire…
It’s already frying! [The seafood is already fried.] Sir, uh sir. Okay, it’s opening. [The answer is a mussel shell.] [Did they see it?] Oh, I saw it! I saw it, I saw it! A fan-mussel shell.
No? – It isn’t?
– It’s starting to smell! That’s not the answer? [Add the boiled sujebi and
seafood and fry together.] [The food is almost ready.] [This is the last chance.] Answer! – Black bean sujebi is done!
– No, no! [We’re doomed.] – Black bean sujebi is ready!
– No no, please wait! The double portion isn’t ready! [First round, failed.] – You failed the first round.
– No, wait! It looks so good! It smells incredible. I didn’t have lunch. [The black bean sujebi
goes to the staff. This house’s specialty is Sujebi,
so you have to eat with a spoon. – It’s seafood.
– Please get ready for round two. [He takes a bite without
knowing their pain.] You were really close.
It’s a shame. Try harder in round two. [While UEE and
Kwang Soo are devastated…] One, two, three! One seafood iron griddle
jjajang, please! [Add ingredients to the hot wok.] [Take the massive order mission.] One sweet and sour rice cake. Three iron griddle jjajang. One Szechuan sweet and sour pork. Five spicy squid noodle soup,
and two rice with assorted seafood. One spicy jjajang,
and one old style jjajang. You can’t do cold spicy noodle? Then I’ll just get a seafood
scorched rice soup. Thank you. Order! One sweet and sour rice cake. Three iron griddle jjajang. One spicy jjajang,
and one old style jjajang And then, no cold noodles? [Fry the seafood and vegetables together.] One Szechuan sweet and sour pork. Can we get two dim sum buns? On the house?
[Round one, fail.] – I almost had it!
– One sweet and sour rice cake. One old-style jjajang
and one jumbo jjajang. [Wrong.] What do we do? Yes, please tell us again. [The iron griddle has to be hot!] [Add the mushrooms,
and it’s almost ready.] Order! One sweet and sour rice cake. Three iron griddle jjajang. One seafood scorched rice soup. One Szechuan sweet and sour pork. One spicy jjajang,
and one old style jjajang. Five spicy squid noodle soup. [Will Gary succeed?] It wasn’t the scorched rice soup…
What else? Two rice with assorted seafood! [Gary, mission success!] [Mr. Random capable didn’t even
know he could memorize so well.] [It’s almost done.] Just give him one spicy noodle! One iron griddle jjajang! [Wrong.]
That’s not it? – Okay!
– You can’t make cold spicy noodles. Yes, we can make cold spicy noodles.
It’s our new menu. One assorted scorched rice soup. One Szechuan sweet and sour pork. [One iron griddle jjajang.] [Gary succeeds, Big-nose fails.] This is crazy.
I don’t think I’ll be able to eat. I can’t memorize it. I’m going blank. Will you wait, or eat first? I have to eat first. Do you want to do that? I will taste it first. I’ll eat the squid first. How is it? Can’t I have some? This isn’t a reaction. I only ate one squid. It’s crazy. You don’t even need the pickled radish. [I want to eat…] It looks really good. Why does it look so good? Stop blowing it here! Don’t blow it! Then he doesn’t need to do it again? I’m getting angry. You know when you get so
angry because it’s too good? In case someone steals it. It looks too good. You can’t eat it all by yourself. My mouth is watering. I think it’s been 10 years
since my mouth watered. But honestly, it’s so good. No joke. I’ve never tasted anything like it! I don’t know if I can eat it today,
it’s too hard. How did you memorize it? He’s a rapper. [Will Big-nose be able to taste it…] [Meanwhile, the white jjajang team.] [Here is the white jjajang.] The smell. The smell isn’t like Jjajang. It’s just really savory. It smells like potatoes. My mouth is watering. I should use the spoon. Is it good? It’s jjajang! My mouth is watering again. I’m starving. There’s no black bean sauce
but it still tastes like jjajang! It’s so good. Oh my goodness! I’m so hungry. I’m ready now. Hurry and do the mission. [And at the same time, Ha Ha.] Everyone, if I win I will buy everyone’s meal! [I will pay for all!] [Help me, everyone.] Golden bell!
Golden bell!You need to win five rounds
of rock-paper-scissors.
I need to do a mission,
so could you face me? Thank you very much. I will start. Ma’am… What do you like out of
rock-paper-scissors? I like paper. – You like paper?
– I shouldn’t give you a hint. You like paper?
Okay. Rock-paper-scissors! You said you liked paper… [I said I liked it,
I didn’t say I would play it.] Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! [I won again.] Please help me. Rock-paper-scissors!
I’m going crazy! Rock-paper-scissors!
Oh my gosh. I’m going crazy. Rock-paper-scissors!
Oh my. [The old lady won five rounds.] With a fresh start.
Hello. Rock-paper-scissors! [Will Ha Ha be able to win?] – It’s okay.
– I’m going to start again. One, two, three! [Elbow attack!] UEE, how could you do this? I’m just disappointed in you. I’m sorry. I saw it.
I saw it too. Just because I might get
the answer you elbowed me? – With your elbow…
– UEE! Kelp. [Correct.] I’m so sorry. I just really wanted to eat it.
The order was made already. – I needed to eat it.
– I knew it was kelp, too. Here you go, UEE. – Thank you.
– I feel so weird. Please give the sweet
and sour pork to UEE. Oh my!
Really? Did you just hear your voice?
‘Oh my!’, was that you? UEE. [How will their romance turn out?] Sir! One hammer jjajang! [Dim sum.] [Dim sum.]
Dumpling? – Dim sum?
– Yeah! [Beijing duck.]
Quack! – Quack quack.
– Sweet and sour chicken? – Beijing duck?
– Yes! [That!]
[That!] – Spicy seafood noodles?
– Yes! – Sw…
– Sweet and sour chicken? Didn’t you say ‘sweet’? – Triple Crown?
– That’s correct! How did she know that?
She’s an expert! – Sweet and sour pork?
– Oh my gosh! – Sweet and spicy shrimp!
– That’s right! [Maybe he’ll finally get to eat…] – Do, re, mi, fa, sol…
– La? – Spicy fried chicken (Lajogi).
– Yeah! [The walking Chinese food dictionary.] – Chilled vegetables?
– Chilled vegetables! She’s a fan of Chinese food! – Baa, baa.
– Goat! Baa. – Hurry!
– Pass! You’ll get it. Eight! Eight… eight treasure dish! [Jun Hyun succeeds at
the random speed quiz!] You did well! Thank you so much. Enjoy your meal. This is all thanks to you. – You must like Chinese food.
– Yes I do. – You know so much.
– She got the shrimp from this. – It’s out now.
– We finished so fast! – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. [Thank you for your cooperation!] [Let’s eat the hammer jjajang.]
I finally get to eat. It’s so hard to eat the jjajang. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. The shell is broken already. Our VJ looks hungry, too. We will taste it now. Just like this.
[Chewy noodles] [A big mouthful] Ah, I’m relieved now. [This is perfect!] This is really good. [Kim Jjajang’s noodle strike.] You’re such… an expert. How do you do that? – We don’t need to add any pepper flakes.
– It’s a little spicy. [Jae Suk attempts to do
the noodle strike.] [It’s hot!] It’s hot.
You may hurt your uvula by doing it. – Don’t push it up, but just tap it.
– Show me. Just like this. The pie shell is very well matched
with this black bean noodle. [That looks like a tortilla wrap.] You looks like you’re eating
some steamed pork. [Kim Jjajang’s glutton show begins!] [Eat and eat…] [Sweet and sour pork and spicy noodles]
Can you give us some spicy soup? Can I add a bowl of steamed rice? – Why do you blow it?
– Just to cool it down. Everything you do looks reasonable. Of course, it’s reasonable. [Black bean noodles and a bowl of rice?] – This is confusing.
– What is? It seems like I’m the show host,
and you’re the guest. [‘Kim Jjajang’s Gluttonous Man’
with a special guest Yoo Jae Suk] I felt like I have to share a story. I can tell why binge eating shows
are popular these days. I stopped talking involuntarily,
and just watched him enjoy eating. Is that right?
Everyone enjoys watching you. [Kim Jjajang’s binge eating show
continued for a while.] It’s really good.
[How about a spicy jjajang wrap?] [An impressive look, Red Jjajang.] [It smells good, too.] [How will the taste be?] It still tastes like black bean noodles. It’s fascinating! [Gobbling up] It’s spicy and sweet… it tastes very unique! [I wasn’t sad to be by myself anymore.] Isn’t that amazing? – It’s really good!
– Eat the noodle with the sauce. I don’t taste black bean sauce,
but it still tastes like Jjajang. How is it possible? – They must have a secret recipe.
– It’s really good! [The secret is their special bean sauce.] It’s the sauce that’s delicious. Lots of healthy stuff. Jong Kook finished it? A white jjajang?
It’s a magical bean sauce. – Kwang Soo, here’s your black bean sujebi.
– Thank you. Thank you so much! [Using a spoon…] It’s so good. I think this it the most
delicious one from the list. How can it be so good? I think their black bean sauce is special. What are you doing? – You made it tight and then loose.
– I’m so full. Do you lose and gain weight
every few minutes? [Jjajang on an iron griddle]
If this was Seoul the official land value would be
more than two hundred million Won. This is like the fattest of the land.
This is incredible.I was fooled by the jjajang.I was mocked by the jjajang.This one makes fun of me.This is the jjajang that fooled me!Gee, gee, gee, it’s the very jjajang!The moment you bite this jjajang,
everyone loses the game.
[It will make you shameless
as if you become an iron griddle.] [The Black Men Jjajang Road,
they succeed at eating unique jjajang.]– Did you enjoy your meal?
– Yes.
Today’s race is
‘The Blacklist Race.’
You need to collect five ingredients
of black bean noodles.
Pickled radish,
sweet peas, black bean sauce
noodles, and chopsticks.The first one to collect all
the ingredients will be the winner.
The first one to collect
all will be the winner.
Oh, the blacklist was the ingredients list? You can take one of these. I need to collect them all?You’ll be able to take another member’s
ingredients during the missions.
You can’t take the ingredient
if you already have it.
Therefore, It’s better to choose
an ingredient that no one has.
Of course, the noodle and
the sauce are the main things. But everyone will think of these two. I think they will pick
pickled radish or chopsticks. But that’s why they could pick noodles. But then, they might
rather choose sweet peas. I’ll choose the chopsticks. [Jae Suk chooses the chopsticks, too.] I think they wouldn’t
have picked sweet peas. I choose sweet peas. I need to have what they don’t have. Then, I choose green peas. Anyone could have picked sweet peas,
but I’ll still pick sweet peas. Is choosing chopsticks a bad idea? I choose black bean sauce. Protective coloring!
I choose the black bean sauce. Then, I… [UEE chooses the black bean sauce.] [Kim Jjajang, Jun Hyun
chooses pickled radish.] This it the most important ingredient.
Without it, it’s not jjajangmyun. I’m sure no one chose it. [Only Big-nose chooses the noodles.] Bye bye! [The present condition of
acquired ingredients.] We’re here. You’ve worked hard, UEE! [No response.] Did you hear me, UEE? Did you hear me or not?
Is this it? UEE? [What will be the missions
they will be doing here?] Welcome to the true house! [What is this place?] – Hello.
– Hello. This place is somewhat holy. [‘Running Man’ production
crews’ ambitious work] – They’ve decorated it so well.
– I feel weird to sit here. Did you have a good time together? I think Jae Suk is right. I’m already bored of him. What are you talking about? [Just kidding.] – Welcome.
– Ni hao. – You’re here.
– You’re here. – It was incredible.
– Was it good? Is this the famous, the
truly true, true house? What did you have, Dong Hun? – I had the red jjajang.
– It’s good. It was good. Because I ate it by myself. What did you eat, Grasshopper? – We had the hammer jjajang.
– Oh, the hammer? It was fantastic! We can’t say we had the hammer jjajang. It was more like a combo menu. Jjajang, spicy seafood noodle soup,
and sweet and sour pork. You have stains everywhere. The spicy seafood noodle soup. They’re not everywhere. If you look closely, one dot for jjajang
and another dot for the noodle soup. – Because you don’t want to forget?
– Memento. – I have to remember.
– Memento? It was my lunch.
I almost put some rice cake, too. The Blacklist Race Each team has to acquire or steal
the ingredients through the mission. Try not to lose
the ingredient you have and acquire the ingredients you need. – Does everyone have one ingredient?
– Yes. – You didn’t talk to anyone, right?
– Why would I? You didn’t have anyone
else to talk to, anyway. Why didn’t you talk to your wife? – You could have phoned her.
– ‘I have chopsticks, honey.’ – Chopsticks?
– I’m sure you don’t have chopsticks. I can guess now. Gary is sharp! If he says so, it means
he doesn’t have them. [It’s not an easy day for Ha Ha.] [The True House] [Did You Have A Meal?] The mission we’ve
prepared for this floor is ‘Did You Have A Meal?’ [The Blacklist Race, first mission] Everyone except Kim Jun Hyun will wear a vest and
put a gym ball inside it. You will have one on one
belly flop game and push your opponent
outside the game zone. Who can win against him? For real? [Who’s the heavy favorite in belly flop?] [Large weight and speed,
Brown Bear Jun Hyun] [The most capable,
Tiger Jong Kook] [In any case, you won’t be winning.] Only the first, second, and third winners will be able to acquire
an additional ingredient. – Be the third.
– We need to be in the top three. [The list of matches for
‘Did You Have A Meal?’] [decided by lots.] [Round 1]
[Jun Hyun vs. Jong Kook] [Brown Bear vs. Tiger]
[Opening game.] You need knee pads. If a runner’s two feet go out
of the gray zone, they’re out. Oh, both feet? Ready. Who do you think will win? I think Jun Hyun will. It’s difficult to guess. What about you, Ji Hyo? I think the real tummy is
stronger than the fake one. The real tummy? I think Jong Kook will win. But I will cheer for Jun Hyun. What the heck? It’s his personal opinion. What do you think, Gary? I bet on the real tummy. They got me on the show,
because of my belly. The rest is not really important. – Ready!
– Fight, Jun Hyun! [‘Did You Have A Meal?’]
[First Round] [Let’s see who’s the better fighter.] [Let’s go!] [Get out, Tiger!] – Jun Hyun will win!
– It’s almost over! It’s easier than I thought. First time seeing you moving back. Are you kidding? Show him! [Bring it on! Bring it on!] [Forcibly removed.] [The shortest it took for Mr. Capable
being ousted at a physical game.] It feels like I’m blocked by a wall. [Wailing Tummy, Jun Hyun
wins the first round.] Next team! Number 3 and 4!
[Big-nose vs. Ha Ha] This is the main event of this round. [After the heavy-weight game
is the atom-weight game.] [‘Did You Have A Meal?’]
[2nd Round]] [The weakest runners change
into the combat uniform.] 30 seconds left until the game starts. You will be disqualified
if you can’t make it. What kind of a rule is that? Have you worn these pants? As expected, Ha Ha is in. – Ten, nine…
– We don’t have to take our shoes off. Why do I have to do it in a hurry? Six, five… four, three… – two…
– I’m going to win! One!
[Attention!] The ball is sticking out.
[He’s pretending that he’s ready.] Ready? [Big-nose vs. Ha Ha] Let’s predict this round.
Who do you think will win? I think Ha Ha will win… but I’ll cheer for Ji Suk Jin. – What about you, UEE?
– I hope Suk Jin wins. – Why is that?
– I feel pity for him. [It’s like watching Father’s Challenge.] – Is that a compliment or what?
– Ready! – How heavy are you?
– I’m 67 kilograms. Your height is 169 centimeters
and you weigh 67 kilograms? My height is 172.2 centimeters. [Attack when Ha Ha is
embarrassed by his height!] [Look at this Big-nose play dirty!] [A fiery showdown of the weakest.] [His feet are still in the gray zone.] Time-out! [He takes his own time-out.] [He’s in the state of Buddha.] [Big-nose’s skills that
calls for opponent’s mercy.] I think he sat down on purpose! [Big-nose took his vigor back
from the short time-out.] [It is full of techniques
and fighting spirits.] [Goodnight!] Stop it! Stop!
Please stop it! [Exhausted]
His feet are still in the gray zone. His feet stayed. [Big-nose’s feet are living
sheltered life from the red zone.] This is intense. I’ve never met someone
this strong before. – I’ve met an arch rival.
– I really want to defeat him. [They fight for their pride.] This is the last! [He makes a final effort…] [and charges to an empty spot!] [Flung to the ground] [Ha Ha wins the second round of
‘Did You Have a Meal?] [I totally burnt myself out.] [This is a real human drama.] [The match of the weakest,
Ha Ha wins by K.O.] See you again. It was great.
I’ve learned a lot from you. It’s Gary! Jae Suk is too strong for me. [Round Three]
[Gary vs. Jae Suk] When they’re ready,
please go ahead, Jong Kook. – I can’t make a guess who will win.
– Should we practice once? [It’s very bouncy.] It moves me back. I will keep an eye on you to see
if you fall down on purpose. Of course! The previous game was a little dirty.
I hope you play clean. It’s not going to be that long! It’s going to be a head-on match. Then ready! [Hip-hopper Gary vs.
Bouncy Grasshopper Jae Suk] We will go fast! [Thrown out Gae.] Give me one more chance! [Gary’s wavy dancing.] [It’s the famous
swallowtail butterfly dance!] [Loses by KO!] – You’re ousted.
– You were out of the zone. Did I win? Let me try one more time! – It hurt my pride!
– Jae Suk wins! You were flying out! You’re lucky to be funny
without getting sweaty. [Gentleman Giraffe takes care of UEE] Excuse me, are you the boyfriend of UEE? Oh, yes.
Hello. Nice to meet you. – I’ve heard a lot about you.
– You have a pretty girlfriend. This game is unpredictable. Your girlfriend used to be a pop idol. She used to, but she just
takes care of the house now. Oh, she’s supporting her boyfriend? Ready. This game won’t be easy.
UEE is pretty quick. She used to be a swimmer. Ji Hyo, during her high school years… she was a bully Sports versus bullying! Natural fighter… A fully trained sportsman
and a bully fighter! That’s right!
You never know what will happen. [Let’s watch
Bully Fighter Blank’s skills.] [She lets UEE attack her at first…] [and strikes back immediately.] [She suppresses UEE in 10 seconds.] – Really?
– Song Ji Hyo wins! [Her next opponent is Grasshopper Jae Suk.] [From power…] [to technique!] [She must be a member of the Fighter Club
rather than Ex-girlfriend club.] This is not the way I planned! She never acts the way I wanted. [All of a sudden, he’s
in a romantic thought.] That’s right!
I can’t control her! Gary said he can’t control her. Are you actually trying hard? [Hopping on one foot… and ousted!] Song Ji Hyo wins! [The fight club member,
Blank Ji goes to semi-finals.] [The list of matches] [‘Did You Have A Meal?’]
[The semi-finals] Kim Jun Hyun and Ha Ha!
[Zoom down] [Wailing Tummy, Jun Hyun?]
[Or Passionate Short Man, Ha Ha?] This is just a mini-game. It’s like an advertisement
in between games. – Good luck!
– Get ready! Throw yourself out!
Throw your soul, too! – You have to attack the center.
– Yes, make it precise. Go!
[The semi-finals start!] Three! [Jun Hyun’s shot-blocking skill!] Please get up! Unfortunately, Ha Ha’s feet
stayed in the gray zone. [Ha Ha’s instinct for survival]
If his feet were out… You need to bump into each other again. – Did you feel any impact?
– Pardon? Ah… ah… ah… ah… [His belly is as hard as turtle shell.] I really like him though… [Emergency brake]
His feet are still in. Ha Ha was hesitating. Should I step out or not… But it was too late. Ha Ha, please don’t come
out of the zone on purpose. [Is he really going to
be ousted like this?] [Yellow card for your acting!] He was acting! It was clearly an act! – Let’s run and jump in the middle?
– In the middle? [Will he play it nice and fair?] Ready! Set, go! [A double jump?] [He pretends he was thrown out.] What’s the matter? What are you doing? [They don’t let it slide.] [They won’t allow acting.] I lose! Please drag me out! [Come in!] One, two! It’s over now! [What is he covering?] [The semifinal’s winner is
Wailing Tummy, Jun Hyun.] [Ha Ha is finally escaped from suffering.] It was funny. It was expected. [I wasn’t acting!] You weren’t acting? I wasn’t acting! This happened at first! [This ends the arguments
over Ha Ha’s acting skills.] Doesn’t he look like he won by default? You know it’s hard when
you have nothing to do. I keep sweating
because I kept laughing. ‘Running Man’ is so fun
to watch in person. [The list of matches] [Semi-finals]
[Ji Hyo vs. Kwang Soo] Lee Kwang Soo,
if you can’t enter in five seconds… this game will end. – Five, four…
– Let me get the ball. – Three, two…
– Yes, I’m in. One!
[Attention!] He’s so nice! He’s the nicest guy. Why don’t you help him? Jae Suk, move aside. Give them a chance to be together. He even used up his security deposit
for his girlfriend. What security deposit? What you say can affect the game. It’s Kwang Soo’s first game. – Is it his first game?
– Yes. [Kwang Soo, I know how much
you care about me…] [You give me towels for pool games…] [and you gave me a leg massage
when I said I had a cramp.] [You always watch me
and take care of me…] [You don’t have to be considerate
of my feelings for this game…] [Kapow!] [I’m not pulling any punches!] What a jerk! [Victory is mine!] [Look at this guy…] [I’m going to attack this and that!] – Ji Hyo is mad.
– Ji Hyo is really mad. [Bring it on, Giraffe!] [You know what you’ve done to me!] [The advent of Gangster Ji Hyo] [A fight club member,
Blank Ji’s 10-kick combo] She’s hitting him for real! [You will lose and I will win!] It’s so funny.
[He laughed till the tears came out.] [I’m upset!] They are awesome!
They’re working hard! They try to win so hard.
Aren’t they cool? [He even have sore back from laughing.] What’s the matter? [Where did this warm
helping hand come from?] You’re accepting her kindness
in a weird manner. [Why don’t you accept it?] [And he’s waiting for help.] [Ah, men…] Thank you, UEE. A fairy of microphones. She’s an angel. [It’s not a stethoscope…] What are you doing? UEE is an angel. [He’s waiting at the end of the line.] [Let me inspect you.] Why did you stop me?
I was going to get help… So I can hear you well. [The semi-finals continue.] [He’s playing fair again.] [Now, let me use my technique!] [Take down] [Unbelievable!] [Get up!]
Did he just perform a take-down? [As soon as Blank Ji gets
up, he charges her.] [Get out!] He’s so mean! [He is carried away in victory.] [Mommy…
I made it to the finals!] – Are you okay?
– What about you? We’ll start the finals now! [Only the finals now need to be played.] [Jun Hyun vs. Kwang Soo] [Wailing Tummy versus Insani-Tummy]
Kim Jun Hyun and Lee Kwang Soo! [Please go to your positions.] – Shake hands.
– It seems they’re in the same class. Before we start the finals we have invited a star. Please start the music! Did we invite anyone? [This song is…] UEE! [UEE’s group, After School’s
debut song, ‘DIVA’] UEE! – UEE!
– Wow! UEE!
[If you randomly play the music, I…] [will have to dance!] [My body remembers the dance.] [It feels like we’re sent back
to her debut stage.] [Bang!] [It’s always good to see.] [What are they doing?] [The train is leaving!] [They seem very excited today.] UEE! UEE! UEE! [This is the power of a pop idol girl.] [What a fun stage it was!] – It’s nice.
– Isn’t it? It’s really good. – Wow.
– How nice! It feels like a real sports game now. We had to invite a big star
since this is the main event. I’ll win no matter what! [The finals begin!] Wailing Tummy… [Starting off with his flashy footwork.] Kwang Soo, you need to win! Kwang Soo is tall and speedy. He knows this is his last chance. I need to corner him. It’s like watching Mayweather. [He’s cornered!] You’re cute. UEE, stay outside the stadium! [Mommy!] [It struck in the back of his head.] [What was the sound?] [Was that necessary?] You’re not supposed to hit him. [I’ll report this to National
Human Rights Commission…] – Yellow card!
– I understand what Ji Hyo has felt. Do you think I’m a nice guy
because I’m fat? [A fierce war of nerves between
the fatty and the bean pole] I’ll talk to him. [Bring it on.] Jun Hyun controls his power
so Kwang Soo doesn’t get far. Jun Hyun looks tired, too. [Giraffe’s frantic rush] [Little strokes fell great oaks…] [not!] I can’t do it any longer. [The elephant does
not feel the giraffe bite.] Quickly! I threw up a little in my mouth. [Let’s finish this in one stroke.] [I’ll stake my all on…] Let’s start quickly! We have other games to play. [Where are you going, Giraffe?] [Tragedy] [Special performance for the celebration.] [In this situation, what ceremony?] [Kwang Soo is in pain…
How can I dance?] [She dances well.] [Bravo!] [UEE is an automatic dance
machine to her debut song.] [Who is this old man dancing?] [What a cheerful performance it is!] [Kim Jun Hyun wins at
‘Did You Have A Meal?’] – You’ve worked so hard.
– Thank you very much. He’s so strong! The first place will pick first. [He can see all the
ingredients and choose one.] You have to collect all the
ingredients in order to win. If you’re decided, put it
in your steel container. – I can tell what is it by the sound.
– I know what it is. – That noisy one. The first place was able
to see it before picking The second and third place can’t see it. [Kwang Soo, gets the pickled radish.] Just open one of the lids,
and you have to take it. Even if you already have it. – That one?
– You already have it, though. The first game is over. Go to the next floor
for the second game. Let’s go! [The current state of ingredients] [Did You Have a Meal?]
[Cleared] [Pickled Radish Mask] The second game is
‘Pickled Radish Mask.’ We’ll put a pickled radish
on your forehead. Using facial muscles,
eat it as fast as possible. You will play one by one. The fastest one wins the game. Why is it moving that way? Use your head! [Kkuk’s attempt.] I just don’t understand
why he’s good at it. [Jun Hyun gets the second place.] Who said he’s handsome? [Giraffe gets the third place.] [Jae Suk gets the fourth place.] [They’ve acquired these ingredients.] [The current state of ingredients] [Pickled Radish Mask]
[Cleared] [Killing Chinese Restaurant] [Finally, they have arrived at the top.] [There’s a suspicious numbered table…]
Wow, it’s awesome! [in front of the king’s throne.] We’re really curious! Complete your blacklist,
the final mission is ‘Killing Restaurant.’ This time, it’s totally different
from the previous games. When you win this one on one match you will be able to check your
opponent’s items and take one away. [This is a real battle!] Do we fail if we lose? If you lose, you’ll be ousted. Players with one ingredient have to win four games
in order to collect five items. But some may need to win twice. The way to play this game is… You see the number table? Pick a number and
put the jjajang plate on it.Then put spicy noodle around it.And fill the other numbers with red vinegar.If we find the spicy noodle…then you can guess where the jjajang is.You will take turns, and call a numberthat you think your opponent has jjajang.If you make your opponent eat their jjajangthey will be ousted.It’s like a mine sweeper. Do we get to eat before we’re ousted? That’s not too bad, then. At least, we get to eat. [The True House] From now on, decide where you
want to put your jjajang. Start! What a good battle it is!
[Guess where the jjajang is!] It’s fun to watch this. All of a sudden, Kwang Soo looks smart. [At least, you figured it out now.] [Kwang Soo’s jjajang is on 14.]
[Jae Suk’s jjajang is on 12.]We’ll begin now.One of you won’t be able to
participate in this mission. – If you choose it well…
– You could end it right away. I’ll choose now. Number 15! Number 15! It’s not even funny! He’s drinking it so dramatically! They will install this game in Las Vegas. They will use liquor with these noodles. [Let me pick the same spot as mine.] [They’re like a reflection on a mirror.] Number 14. Hurry up and eat it. I’ll give you another chance! Number 14! Is it spicy noodle or jjajang? He picked his chopsticks.
Which noodle is it? Jjajang means you’re over. [What is it?] That’s jjajang! Is it jjajang? Jackpot! – What just happened?
– I can’t believe it! – It was his first guess!
– He’s very sharp! Then he has three ingredients. I can’t believe it, either. We need to stop Jae Suk. Open it and check Kwang Soo’s items. [The winner can pick
one of the loser’s items.] This is upsetting! Wow, this is… What a coincidence! How could it be? Close it and get out!
Just watch how I play the game. Ji Suk Jin! Don’t worry.
I’ll finish him off. You know, I finish off
almost everyone these days. I haven’t won a complete victory yet. I almost had it. Please arrange your table. It’s very interesting. Kwang Soo passed the other
games with flying colors. I guess he can fly to his home now. – We can’t watch it next to them?
– No, we should watch it on the screen. – I’m going to hold my breath.
– Should we start now? Number seven! [He grabs his chopsticks?] [Maybe it was close.] – This is getting interesting!
– It’s not for the vinegar, is it? [This is how I drink red vinegar.] [A fierce war of nerves] These two are the generation that
watched film noir when they were young. Number 17! [Jae Suk barely missed the noodles.] [Bottoms up, the film noir way.] Chow Yun-Fat used to do that.
Why do you want to do it? Number… 13! Number 18! [Manly man’s bottom’s up.] [Big-nosed brother… please…] The red vinegar is coming out of your nose! This was the vinegar. They think they’re cool when they do it. Do you really think you
look cool by doing it? Number nine! That was the vinegar again? Number 24. Number 24? It’s about time to pick noodles. Yes, it’s about time. [24? You might have it around the number.] Number… 23! [He picked Jae Suk’s jjajang.] Hope it’s a noodle.
Chopsticks? Jjajang! Yeah! I got it right! [Jae Suk who had three items is ousted.] You might be able to get
close to winning again. Yes, I feel like I’m lucky again. [Suk Jin acquires chopsticks from Jae Suk.] UEE! How many items do you have? – I have one.
– Just one? I have two. [Oh yeah?] UEE looks like she wants to beat him. Look at her face. I really want to beat Suk Jin. [Why me?]
What’s the reason? All the female guests want to beat me. – Can I start?
– Sure. Number 14. Fourteen? Then, number 14 for you. It’s like watching a soju commercial. Number seven. [Suk Jin’s corner strategy
seems it’s working.] Number seven for you, too. He’s really good! Number seven. Do you want me to choose another number? Number seven?
I love you. Do you want another number? All of a sudden, she loves me. UEE is weird. She wanted to beat him. Then, number eight. [Number eight!] [She tried to avoid the spicy noodle,
but now he picked jjajang.] [What a bad luck!] – I prefer number seven.
– You do? What difference does it make? Number eight! [I’ve lost to Suk Jin…] [Big-nose acquires the
bean sauce from UEE.] Jun Hyun! Jun Hyun. Number four! [His lucky-nose came back again!] [He gives Jun Hyun jjajang as a gift.] [Suk Jin acquires the pickled radish.] [Four ingredients are collected.]
I think it’s going to happen today! [Can he get a complete victory today?] [But the problem is…] [He is the problem.] [The natural enemy of the Lucky-nose.]
[Mr. Capable] I can’t forget the cream pie incident. – Break it?
– Break it! Let me break it.
Come Kim Jong Kook! I’ll pass over you, Mr. Capable today! [Will the Lucky-nose be able
to have a complete victory?] If Suk Jin wins this round,
then he’s the winner. In any case, Suk Jin is the
closest person to winning. Yes, today is my day! If Kim Jong Kook wins this round The rest of the members have
the ingredients Suk Jin needs. If Jong Kook wins, there
won’t be any winners today. Which means Jong Kook’s ingredients are the same as what
Gary, Ha Ha, and Ji Hyo has. – Then Jong Kook…
– He’s just blocking me from winning. – Let Suck Jin win or…
– ruin his victory. If Kim Jong Kook stops
Suk Jin from winning the prize for today’s game
will be forwarded to next week. – That’s it!
– Kim Jong Kook! – Kim Jong Kook!
– I’ll surpass Mr. Capable! Let’s go! [Big-nose vs. Mr. Capable] [Relaxed] You spilled the red vinegar! [Why do I feel small in front of him?]
I’m sorry. – Are you ready?
– Yes, we are. Let me call the number
that I keep thinking of. Number eight. [Is it a noodle?] [It’s red vinegar.] Mr. Capable is strong,
but I have four items. This can be the end. Number nine! Number nine? [Oh no!] [He grabs his chopsticks.] This is happening earlier than I thought. Will the cream pie incident repeat? I think I’ve seen it before. Mr. Capable! [Big-nosed brother, is
eating the spicy noodle.] [If nine is spicy noodles,
jjajang can be on 4, 8, 10, or 14.] [It’s Mr. Capable’s turn again.] Number 10. [Startled] [Is number 10 jjajang?] [It’s red vinegar.] [Okay… I see…] I think Jong Kook figured it out. He knows. It’s set. Since it’s Big-nosed brother… Number 19! It should be noodles. It’s certainly the red vinegar. – The noir generation.
– I’m ‘going to’ know it. What? He’s ‘going to’ know? I can’t lose to him.
What number? Number 14! [Huh? Is he smiling?]
Number 14? [Did he avoid jjajang this time again?] [He picked jjajang.] [Again, Big-nose has been defeated
by Mr. Capable, right before winning.] You! – Kim Jong Kook!
– Next week, we can… He’s really mean! – We will carry the prize forward!
– Why is he doing this to me? Does he have a special
power or something? We’ll have to play harder next week. Since Kim Jong Kook stopped
Ji Suk Jin from winning this race has no winner. The prize will be forwarded to next week but Jun Hyun and UEE don’t have
a chance to win the prize. Thanks to you, especially Jun Hyun
I had a really good meal. UEE was enjoying it so much, as well. Thank you for coming! [Hope they had a good time.] [The men who are summoned from the past.] [The Roman gladiators, Big Bang
are visiting from the past!]Car racing?[The only way for them
to go back to the past] – Are you serious?
– Yes, I will win it for sure. [Go back to the past using your instinct!] [Cuckoo!] [Nothing could appease time.] [The heroes from the past
pretend they’re strong] [but they’ve turned out to be losers..] I’m all wet!
[The racing has to continue!] They’re so fast! [An exciting time travel,
how will it end?] [Next week, ‘Dashing Through Time’]
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  1. One other reason why this is one of the best episodes for me is because of KS and JY's face off. KS appears to be mean but if you will think about it, he's protecting her again by winning because if JY wins, she has to fight JH.

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