Running Coach Gary Cohen’s Tips – Cooling Off After Running

Running Coach Gary Cohen’s Tips – Cooling Off After Running

[Running steps and stop] [Music] Lots of runners think that after a run a nice hot tub or jacuzzi bath will revitalize them. Actually, what you need is the opposite. You need to cool off in a spring or an ice bath for two reasons. [Splash] The first reason to cool off is because muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons may be inflamed. Often you won’t find out until the next day what is sore. If you cool off, everything will cool down and inflamation will be reduced. The second reason is to bring your core body temperature down. Especially after runs in the summer when it’s really, really hot and humid. Your body temperature goes up from that 98.6 to 100 or 101. Cool off and bring it down and you’ll recover much more quickly. Ice baths are better than an ice pack for two reasons First, they target all your muscles rather than one specific muscle. And second, they target all the way deep into the belly of the muscle rather than just on the surface. Another way people try to reduce inflamation is by taking ibuprofen or other pain relievers. These can just mask soreness. While an ice bath can prevent soreness and reduce injuries. For recovery after a long run, intense training session, or race, nothing is better than an ice bath to reduce soreness, decrease your body temperature and minimize injuries. This is how I wash my shoes after 10 miles of dirt and sweat. I just jump in the water with them and let them dry in sun! [Drum roll]

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  1. this is good info except ibuprofen is actually widely used to reduce inflammation through vasodilatation which is the same way an ice bath reduces inflammation.

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