‘Run Like There’s Nothing to Lose’ | Running With Beto (2019) | Official Clip | HBO

‘Run Like There’s Nothing to Lose’ | Running With Beto (2019) | Official Clip | HBO

Amy and I, we were watching
the returns for president,
trying to figure out
what’s going on.
Somebody just won an election
by defining us as being…
scared and small and afraid.And so we just–
What– What are we going to do?
And out of that conversation
came this idea of…
what if we ran for Senate?(DOOR LOCK BEEPING) O’ROURKE:Nobody asked us
to do this, so…
I just gotta keep that in mind.That– That’s how we started
and that’s how we have to– to continue it, so… MAN: Which part and why? Just that we’re running with– you know, gotta run like
there’s nothing to lose. Yeah. In this highly polarized,
divided, tribal time in our country, all of us have to be willing
to work together. Before we’re Republicans
or Democrats, we’re human beings.

100 thoughts on “‘Run Like There’s Nothing to Lose’ | Running With Beto (2019) | Official Clip | HBO

  1. this guy's face is like a busted, beaten anus. he is such an insane fraud, a failure and an elitist just like Obama. A hate monger.

  2. His name is Robert. He’s white and stinks of white privilege, marrying into his wife’s family money and getting off a hit and run and burglary. And worst of all, he’s a sore loser who lost to the most unpopular senator in DC.

  3. If yall need a new video editor let me know. No music, jogging in DC, one empty meeting??? He went to every county in Texas!!! Whataburger skateboarding, Willie Nelson's "Vote em out" in background, something!

  4. Kamala Harris and Bernie Supporters are all ready swiping at Beto for them he is the real threat , most Latinos are tired of false heroes therefore I will make a prediction:
    Beto O'roke will put Kamala Harris out of the race by beating her in California.

  5. The critics call you Robert Francis O'roke because they think that you chose that nickname out of convince, what they fell to realize is that we gave it to him sins he was a child because he can relate to us by growing up in El Paso.

  6. Worthless trash. This disgusting garbage is free publicity for that vain, selfish, arrogant, childish airhead as he prepares his campaign for president. HBO is appalling – but we know that.

  7. Some people think he'll appeal to millenials outside of Texas. Geriatrics mostly, and people who don't know millenialls very well

  8. HBO owned by Warner Media (CNN) hardsells another establishment pick. When will Kamala's premium documentary hit the theatres?

  9. I'm wondering why people who hate Beto watch obscure Beto videos. Not just this video, this is a pattern that started about 2 months ago.
    For example, some guy is commenting "#blacks4trump" here. Why? How is this related to Beto? I'm increasingly convinced that at least some of these comments are not authentic.

  10. I just don't understand why HBO is making this guy a campaign video, under the guise of a documentary. This is basically a fucking PAC video put on by HBO.

  11. maybe he would have won if his home town El Paso had turned out and voted for him. People in El Paso didn't vote for him because he helped his rich father in law tear down a Chicano barrio known as " the Ellis Island of the Southwest" to build a sports arena.

  12. What is the interviewer saying at 0:44? It sounds like "Which warden wap". Or "Which floor mop" if slowed down.

  13. And he wants to be the next President of the United States? Uhhhh I don't think so, I'd rather take my chances with Trump!

  14. No Dems and HBO stop it! Trump's crazy ass will surely get reelected if Beto is the Democratic nominee.

  15. I don't know why the documentary says "Senator Beto O'rourke" he was running for senate but was definitely a congressman.

  16. fuck this commie fraud. another puppet trying to do an obama imitation. i bet this guy just can't sleep at night worrying about working class whites who can't find jobs. he really wants to make a difference. lol more rhetoric. his words don't even have any feeling behind them. so much fake passion.

  17. the top 25 cities with the highest murder and crime rates in america are run by liberals and full of black people. why is that? questions for liberals

  18. I know it is hard for you young kids. You have CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, wacky socialist professors and on and on. But just take a little time to research and think before you destroy your own futures. Isn't it better to have a few capitalist billionaires, yet still have the highest quality of living overall in history? Even the poorest in this country have cars, cell phones, more to eat than other countries. Why do you think a bunch of self-centered lying politicians like Beto, who want power and produce nothing , and legions of unaccountable government workers, are going to make this country a better place? You do understand that the rich work very hard, sacrifice time, pay a lot in taxes, are held accountable, and continue to provide all of us with innovation, don't you? You also understand that identity politics is, by definition, racist/sexist, don't you? If you figure this out too late… Well, that would be too late.

  19. Unsubbed. This is a cheesy campaign ad not a documentary. The media is Building this guy. Making him out to be some sort of Everyday Guy. He's obama 2.0. Watch one of his speeches talks and moves just like barry soetoro

  20. hmmm If you are running like There is nothing to lose??? doesn't that mean, run like you don't care, there is nothing to lose anymore, you've already lost it all?

  21. This guys is such a douchebag. Will HBO be profiling any conservatives? Hell no, cause its a liberal propaganda machine.

  22. As a proud liberal Democrat and extreme Trump hater (i.e. a legitimately patriotic American), let me say that Beto O-Rourke is a total douchebag with little substance. And although by every measure of intellect and character he is far superior to Donald Trump, Beto is not Presidential material. I'll be glad when his 15 minutes are up.

  23. This is not this pussy ass Bitches name . His name is Robert. And I run 6 miles a day. Don’t believe this Beto Robert one bit. Stupid mf

  24. Was a fan of Beto and voted for him in his run for senator here in Texas.. but if he is the nominee for president he won’t be getting my vote democrats are all the same they accomplish nothing, Beto should run for senate again not president he already lost once. Quit crowding the field and stay home !!

  25. 🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️#Walkaway MAGA 2020 🇺🇸😁👍

  26. Hmmm, I thought one should run to…win? Nevermind. Is he an African-American? What is his real name? Is he running for a comedy show host?

  27. BETA BOY Orourke like ALL liberal losers, LACKS true intelligence which is the ability to use critical thinking. He cant problem sove or undestand anything…he is as DENSE as they come. MAGA

  28. As a Democrat he does nothing for me he is all fluff and not substance. He looks to me like an inauthentic caricature of a liberal. He doesn’t do anything for me as a democratic voter is all just charisma and good looks and polish events of lacking in substance and meaningful concrete policies proposal. I can tell you I won’t be voting for him in the primaries.

  29. i dont care where everyone's problems with this man lie…. beto is for the border, beto is part of the border. he was always one of the so VERY few that actually spoke for us HERE on the border. he never once turned his back on el paso, and for that… he'll always have my allegiance.

  30. Deuteronomy 28:3 – Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field.in Jesus name Amen 🙏👼 you go brother god is on your side run" run" brother Jesus is right next to you running by your side and so are all of us we gots your back save us from our chains to freedom love from El paso Texas 915 god you 🙏👼👵✌

  31. Run like there's nothing to lose, because you come from an upper class family and your life's pretty much great even if you don't win at your hobby.

  32. Keep running – run away! Can he actually talk about polices? I’m so fed up with his platitudes, nothingness and hand gestures. Grow a pair and talk about policies!

  33. O'Rourke is mentally deranged! He pretends to be all things to all people but has not an ounce of substance. From a mentally deranged punk rocker who wrote of murdering children to hacking and stealing. This guy is psychopathic! As his skeleton's expose themselves people will become cautiously aware of what he truly is.

  34. haha .. Beto boi's campaign in in the toilet already,,, and the stupid film isn't scheduled for release FOR ANOTHER MONTH ! haa ha ha

  35. Do Not believe anything HBO puts out. They are Lying MFers! Here's the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2nsnXtXt4

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