100 thoughts on “Rooftop Cat Runs To Us Whenever We Call Him

  1. "And this is the reason why he always runs to us"
    * pours cocaine on food *
    Me: "Ah yes, of course" 🤔

    Jokes apart: adorable video and adorable cats.

  2. We know what's going on here. Drugs, shmugs. Porthos is a junkie (something rooftop cats are especially susceptible to), and you're lacing his food with coke.

  3. How do you get the cat's to live in your garden? I am buying a home and want to take the cats I feed over where I live now with me, but have them live outside where they are comfortable. I wonder if it's possible

  4. I love cats they are so intelligent!
    You just didn't teach them correctly! Lol.
    My cat understands so many commands and phrases am sure her vocab, if she could speak, would be enormous!

  5. My cat Eleanor looks almost exactly like Porthos and she always has to be up higher too! That’s kind of funny to me🙂

  6. You can't have everybody thinking that's their name perhaps quit calling him altogether and just set the treat up on the roof he happens to be on you gotta go into stealth mode dude

  7. Какая прелесть. Кошка Лизонька – Сертрализонька . Самая красивая кошка .

  8. I love watching your videos, they always look so happy and well taken care of! I have 3 cats and 1 kitten that I adopted in December, he’s 3 months old and he’s so much fun! I can’t believe how he plays with my other cats and he truly wakes them up! May I ask what country you live in, or does anybody know? The home and your land is beautiful! Keep doing a great job sir, they love u for it! Bye!!

  9. I love watching these cats and the stories you tell . It’s helped me get I’ve the loss of my great guy ramber tanger . Thanks

  10. so wurden es bei mir um die 14 Streunerkatzen, die zum Futter kommen – sowas spricht sich auch bei Katzen schnell rum😉
    aber wenigstens konnten sie so alle vom TSV kastriert werden, und die kleinen vermittelt….den Ruf einer " Katzenlady" hat man alletdings so auch schnell🙄 würde jeder seine Katzen kastrieren lassen, wäre das Leid nicht so gross….im Herbst geborene Babys haben zum Beispiel sehr schlechte Überlebenschancen und eine Katzenmutter hat die gleiche Liebe zu ihren Babys wie jede andere Mutter…😢

  11. Hahahaha, I had two cats…I'd go to bed and if they were absent, I'd call one of their names, without fail the named cat would trot in and see what was up. I remember being perfectly amazed by their reactions to hear it's name called.

  12. Any update or what are all those spunky and hyper active 5 kittens that were adopted about 2 months ago are up to today?

  13. So very sweet.♡
    Thank you for taking such good care of those precious babies. Maybe having dog food for everyone not the real Porthos would bore them away? Lolol

  14. Me: Thanos, call for Porthos.
    Thanos: Why?
    Me: You'll see! Go ahead.
    Thanos: PORTHOS!!!
    Thanos overrun and crushed by every cat in the universe.
    Marvel Earth is saved!!!

  15. Porthos is a beautiful cat! You’d never know he has a weak immune system! I hope he stays healthy and that there are enough treats to go around🐈

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