Rice Vs Roti | What’s Best For Weight Loss?

Rice Vs Roti | What’s Best For Weight Loss?

On one side you have ‘Rice’, the other side you have ‘Roti’. As a child, your mother made you eat both. But lately some Fitness “Experts” have been telling you that if you want to lose weight, ‘Avoid Rice’. So, what’s best for weight loss? Rice Or Roti? You will have that answer at the end of this video. Now to sound smart, I can tell you facts like.. Both Rice and Roti have almost the same calories. They have the same Carb Content. Both have Vitamins, Nutrients, Proteins. Just that Roti is comparatively high in Fiber so it takes time to digest a Roti. On the other hand, Rice gets easily broken down into sugar in our bodies. But why use so much brain? And waste so much time? Because in the end, the fight is not between Rice and Roti. It’s between your mind and your stomach. Let me explain. You can keep stuffing your stomach with rice but your mind will still think that it is not enough. That’s why you tend to OVEREAT rice and that’s why you put on those extra pounds! Does that mean that you should give up on Rice completely? Absolutely not. Your body needs it, that’s why it craves for it. So the trick to eat Rice and still lose weight is this.. Eat less Rice and more of Vegetables, Curries, Daal, Curd so that you make it a complete meal which is how your meal should look like so that your body gets all the nutrients that it deserves. Plus all that Fiber from Vegetables and Daal will convince your mind ‘Bhai, ab ruk ja, stomach is full’ See, it’s simple. Eat what your curry demands. For Bhindi Fry you need Roti. For liquid daal, you need Rice. I tried eating liquid Daal with Roti on a white shirt day. It did not end well. Let me tell you an interesting fact. The reason why our ancestors paired Daal and Rice together is because Daal and Rice separately are incomplete proteins. But when they come together, that is when our body gets all the essential Amino Acids it really needs. How smart is that? So if you want to lose weight, stop debating over Rice and Roti. That’s just to distract you from all the junk food that food companies are stuffing down your throat. That junk is making you fat. Not Rice or Roti. If you want to know how to lose weight the healthy way then check out this video on ‘Diet Plan for Weight Loss’ The link is in the description.

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  1. Hey your videos helps me a lot Following yr diet regular gym n I loose 2.5kg in 15days keep motivating πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Keto diet Ka GM diet Ka , Rice math khaane Ka , Sabka badla lega yeh Jay. Unko Sabko share karoonga. Sabki kehke loonga main. #thanksUrbanfight

  3. Yes She is saying correct..But You know that the Rice which was eaten by your ancestors is Hand Pounded Natural Rice…And GI of this Rice is only 42. Brown Rice is not good for Indian Digestive System , Hand Pound Rice is Indian Traditional Rice . Buy Same Real Hand Pounded Rice recommended by Rujuta Diwekar Mam. Free Home Delivery, No Pay After Getting it..Contact 9755662720 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnbclpHtcQo&t . So try this Rice This Rice is very tasty also and healthy also .If you put Dal and Rice together it awesome

  4. I really appreciate ur videos for talking realky sensible which others didn’t . Researchers ache proved this . Atleast now the myth abt rice should be washed away from our mind

  5. I absolutely agree with you.being a Bengali rice is my staple food when it comes to lunch and dinner.and the amazing part is that I feel satiated,full and energetic throughout the day and yet i am totally in shape.guess what matters is you give a little thought before what you are eating rather than stuffing everything blindly inside your mouth.you did a great job in this video by sharing with your audience that rice is not at all instrumental in gaining weight.

  6. Me new subscriber..you explain so clear n it's so so true.yes !! Me alwaz in the myth of thinking rice puts on weight..fight between mind n stomach….am 60 kgs now..I want to reduce 5kgs..tell me how to go about? I mean nothing as a target..just a suggestion from ur end πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. I m in trouble … I find only u who can help me out….I am 110kgs… I wanna get rid of it… Every body teases me…I have lose my confident and avoid to rush even university.. My life is lost in dark….I have tried many exercises… Many weight loss tea….etc…but no result… I m vegetarian… Plz help me to come back in my life…

  8. Seriously need this geniou answer..ur amazing I love your videos recently I subscribed your channel πŸ‘your making very honest videos about weigh loss I love u god bless u πŸ’ŸπŸ‘Œ

  9. You are just awesome..πŸ˜€I like the way you are and the way you explain each of the video..❀️You are my motivation and inspiration.❀️❀️❀️
    Thank u so much..πŸ’™πŸ’™
    God bless u 😘

  10. Hi I saw this just yesterday n am following you…you so sweet. I don't normally comment. But I love the way you present the information. T.v. x

  11. Assalamu alaikum didi
    I am your new subscriber
    Ek request hai didi plzz aap urdo main baat karen
    Mujy ziyada english nahi aati plzzzzz

  12. Thankyou sooo muchhh for enlightening mine mind …. the way you explain the things is awesome. Keep growing 😁

  13. There is definelty difference,if you want to eat rice,eat brown rice,white is polished version of brown rice,while polishing rice it looses fiber and essential nutrients and protiens, roti should be eaten whole wheat with out mixing maida which is refined wheat flour,polished version of whole wheat flour

  14. Thank you T! My mother in law tells my wife not to eat rice for losing wait. Now I can explain them chapati vs rice

  15. Will be always waiting for your videos… you motivate us with your words… I really liked the way you speak… Thanks for motivating …

  16. Hi mam iam not loosing weight even after strict diet.. left milk also.. i followed egg diet and lost ,12 kgs.. after that iam not loosing at all . Iam stuck to 75 only… after following diet again of egg for 5 days.. still the weight is 75… after walking. Cycling andd yoga for one hour… y isit…plz plz plz do reply..

  17. i cooked Daal and rice its on stove. So i came here to search is it enough nutrition to eat only rice and daal πŸ˜‚

  18. your voice is so cute and effectly..
    you are talking from your heart..
    i am so happy to listening you..thanxx for telling me.. is the multivitamin good or bad for my health.. because i am thinking about to buy the multivitamin…. again thanxx a lot..

  19. I just watched another video where they told roti have almost double calories and carbs comparing to rice in per 100grams..and u just said they have equal amount of carbs and calories πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  20. The fact u said that rice have some protein and Dal have some and both completes each other is absolutely true Didi .

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