100 thoughts on “Rib Removal Surgery to Get a Cartoon Waist?!

  1. What does she want the biggest boobs 😂 girl u r pretty but you should just be yourself and don't do what everyone else is doing 😃 girl that's not healthy for you 🤔 she just wasted her money bc she had a perfect body before

  2. Why such stupid fucking people get lucky to somehow get a hand on so much money ???? She needs a damn therapist or a slap on the face . Fucking dumbass

  3. First of all shut the fuck up docs.. she had a plan, had a vision, met with a professional and is still alive, nobody got hurt in the process. I also think anytime you invite someone to your talk show or you’re interviewing them, it should be a no-judging zone. It is totally unprofessional to mock or give your opinion when it’s not asked or wanted. Shes beautiful either way because of her spirit not her body.. do what makes you happy as long as it’s not hurting others. Don’t bash anybody’s dream.

  4. “My goal is to DO what makes me HAPPY” yassss lol good for her and fuck all those who look down at her, she has such a glow and I love looove how her chin is up high!

  5. She looked better natural & men prefer natural looking women. Some of the greatest sex goddesses in history have been butt ugly. She's still beautiful but in a surgeried plastic way. Freakish looking. Some men would want to screw her, but nobody would want to go out w/ her as they look like a freak for being w/ someone do mutilated.

  6. I think it's her addiction…that's making all of this happen..guys it's her choice …but we can just advice you to be happy just the way u are…we all love u and change for others who don't appreciate u at all….

  7. The doctors had mental problem too like her otherwise they didn’t support her to do nonsense 😬

  8. Why people gone mad about their body structure.bcoz God made everything is best.plz don't harm them.

  9. That just looks wrong, your ribs are there for a reason, like to protect your lungs, this is disturbing tbh why would you want to look like that?

  10. Stupid ,how could remove god gift😔😔😔,all patient with some organ dysfunction has dream to be healthy ,but see this 😩

  11. That could've been a cool look, won't lie. But she took it a bit too far, and it looks kinda awkward, but eh, her choice. If she wants to rock it, let her.

    But a tad bit too extreme if you ask me

  12. Why is everyone bashing her … like she looked beautiful before and she still looks beautiful now …. if you guys had the money you guys will also get some surgery done so get over it it’s her body she can do what ever the f*** she wants

  13. Hi, a friend of mine her daughter got rib removal procedure but they opened her up like if they performed an autopsy on her 😬😱 is that right?? She went to mexico to get it done

  14. You're so beautiful before, swear✋… I'm a 100% sure 'bout that… Sorry for you darling, you know what I mean?

  15. All this comments made me laugh so hard imagine hugging her or she riding a bike she looks freaky imagine seeing her at nihht

  16. If she falls or gets into a even a little accident she'll dead because her organs are not protected anymore

  17. I have a rectangle shaped body and I hate it. She’s lucky to have the money to get such a procedure done. I’m glad she’s happy, I know I would be.

  18. If I could change myself I would too. Playing with looks is oober fun.
    Not if its life threatening though….

  19. Who are any of u to tell someone they are not allowed to make themselves look a certain way , she can whatever to u but she is very brave to go after her goal

  20. The giant round melon boobs ruin everything, looks like she put a big pillow in her chest. Lips too. Waist does look cool but if any accident happens, organs are not protected. Also what is this accent “Vishion” instead of “Vision”

  21. Okay not gonna lie for a very thin person if I removed a rib id be dead this is not good her organs are no longer protected

  22. She looks stupid as s*** she isn't even attractive she used to be but she screwed that all up she should get an eye transplant

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