Republicans Want Either Ivanka Or Don Jr. To Run In 2024

Republicans Want Either Ivanka Or Don Jr. To Run In 2024

You know, we have said repeatedly over the
years, that Donald Trump is not the cause of all of the problems we see today with the
modern Republican party. He is merely a symptom of it and we still
stand by that. That is still an accurate statement, but it’s
time to amend that just a little bit because yeah, Trump may be a symptom, but that symptom
has now taken over the entire disease, which is the GOP. According to a new report by Axios, two of
the top favored candidates among Republican voters for 2024 happen to be Donald Trump
Jr and Ivanka Trump. Axios is reporting on this new poll from survey
monkey that says that there’s four front runners right now, I guess for the GOP nomination
in 2024. 40% of respondents chose vice president Mike
Pence. 26% chose Donald Trump Jr, 26% of people polled
said, yeah, you know what, I would like Donald Trump Jr to be the Republican nominee in 2024. Oh, I’m sorry it was 29% said Don Jr, 26%
said Nikki Haley, and then 19% said Ivanka. Now here’s the thing, I understand the Republican
appeal towards Donald Trump Jr. He’s just like his father. He’s charismatic, he’s crazy, he’s stupid,
but he knows how to manipulate people, so I get that. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. But Ivanka, what? A fifth of respondents in this said, yes,
Ivanka should be the nominee. What has Ivanka done? What kind of charisma has she even shown that
would make people say, you know what, I think she’d be a good president? I think yeah, mhmm. Ivanka has been absolutely worthless in this
administration. She has been mocked relentlessly by other
members of this administration. Her husband, by the way, Jared Kushner still
under multiple different criminal investigations. Ivanka is absolutely poison. Now, that’s not to say that Don Jr is not
also poison because as I mentioned, he’s got a lot of the traits that his father has. He can manipulate people. He can work a room. But, whereas Donald still has some people
convinced that he is some kind of self made man, Don Jr can’t con people into thinking
that. Don Jr has been a failure. I mean, ever since his dad became president,
and he took over the business, they have been hemorrhaging money left and right. Hell, they forgot to pay their taxes in the
city of Chicago last year under Don Jr’s leadership. So yeah, I think Don Jr would have a tough
road ahead. I do think he would stand a good chance of
actually winning, but I think Ivanka, you put her out there on a debate stage against
literally anyone, even if it’s somebody on her side and you’re going to see just how
dull witted that woman truly is.

100 thoughts on “Republicans Want Either Ivanka Or Don Jr. To Run In 2024

  1. Can they please nominate Pence, that uncharismatic, homophobic moron would get his ass kicked so badly in the general election regardless of who we put forward.

  2. Ivanka may be dull witted but so is than the average trumptard that voted that voted for her brain-dead father in the first place. I'm amazed any one of these fucking morons made it past grade school. They deserve each other.

  3. LOL as incompetent as Trump is he will not allow his kids to run his business because he knows how incompetent they are and as if Trump has not been bad enough they want his stupid children in charge. Guess they will be happy till Russia and China have full control of the USA

  4. Yeah I’m pretty sure they going to Ron’s yeah they’re going to run away from the New York Districk attorney when they don’tt have a Kin in the white house to protect them I think they do Ghana run so I’m pretty sure they will

  5. That'll be hard to do from federal prison! Tax evasion fraud wire fraud …. Fifty other criminal activities that any one of would assure they die in prison

  6. I would rather live in one of the poorest countries in this world then the have were endure another trump the line the deception the corruption I would rather move to Russia and give Putin my money then to leave my money here in the US under a trump administration

  7. The Democrats will win this year, and appoint me as Attorney General. I will put all of them in prison. Also the other dirt bags in the republican party.

  8. They're great candidates, they're stupid, uninformed and very easy to play. Thus the real owners can get everything they want while the Trumpies get all the blame. Brilliant!!

  9. Trump should leave America and take his whole crime family, the Russian underwear model, Moscow Mitch and Lindsey come out of the closet Graham with him.

  10. Charismatic? Oh boy! There is not an ounce of charisma in either 1 of them. They only like either of them is because they hope beyond hope that they will make the “other “ go away! Well guess what you racist, it isn’t going to happen!

  11. I really think we have had enough of the crap family, tRump clan, what ever they are. Maybe trash or traitor , take your pick.

  12. Wow,Republicans are really suckers for punishment,they really believe the the Trumps clans are a gift sent from god to them …so damn laughable🤣🤣🤣

  13. The GOP is the party who sold out the nation. No sane person would support it unless there only concern was filling their coffers.

  14. trumpism knows no bounds but at least Ivanka or trump jnr would be slightly better than Pence I guess.
    The Repub party has become the trump party.

  15. In the last NYS governor’s election junior floated his name as a possible candidate. Fortunately the GOP in NY are not as stupid as the rest of the country.

  16. Don Jr. can't chew gum and tie his shoes at the same time….but Ivanka? Your average bar of soap is smarter than Ivanka.

  17. i hope to God that Trump does not win in november ….otherwise the changes grow that one of these 2 scumbags can follow him up 2024

  18. Get used to the Trump name because it is going to be around for many years to come. It will be a cold day in hell before another Democrat is President. Especially if Democrats keep putting forth the kind of garbage for candidates they have now. Old demented white men, or a Kermit the frog grandmother.

  19. Donnie the Dumpster and his evil spawn further destroying America? Heaven help us all. No more Trumps ever- ever!!!

  20. Let Dwayne Johnson run- he’ll beat any of the lowlife Trump spawn! Come on , Rock – you can save us, He was born in America Samoa- Donnie will start another birther campaign !

  21. What kind of mentality retarded republicans are to want these criminal, corrupt, ignorant, no ethics morons to rule the USA!

  22. This must be a joke! It isn't? Wow, scary that so many people would vote for his family members who also have no experience, intelligence, ethics, or values. What is becoming of our country?

  23. As said before , being republican is a mental health issue.
    Dumb dumber and dumbest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. We need some one that knows how the government works! Some one with some intelligence! Some one that's for the people and with the people of the USA .. And not kissing up to foreign leaders!!!!!


  26. Sorry,but either one,Don Jr.,or Ivanka is equally Lousy.I hope that neither one Godwilling gets to campaign for President.And God forgive me please,but I hope thst Godwilling he gets a little too sick to continue as Ptesident.

  27. Really who would want another one of them in the White House isn’t one of them enough already. You would have to be idiot to vote one of those two in. There dad is bad enough.

  28. I hate this whole f-ing family. Republicans must really be a bunch of morons. We should split up the country and let these idiots run wild on their side.

  29. Omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ plz wtf gezzzz . Well it won’t be Ivanka and Don jr because there ass are going to jail. Wtf are they smoking 🤷‍♀️

  30. Just what we need..another total moron with absolutely NO qualifications for the job…good grief…is our country really this stupid ????

  31. 👌👌I'll Vote For Retarded Eric. 👍🏼😇😜😊😁😀😂😛😇😆😀😁😊😛😇😂😜😆😛😊😇😀😁😆😛😊😂😇😜😀😆😁😂😊😜😇🤣

  32. four years of destructionDonald had been bad enough.. another four years of that pottus will be even wors.. now, lets say this miracle happens and junior or the breathing barbie get to the road of precidentcy.. than daddy numbnuts will be the one behind the curtains pulling the strings, or at least try to do so… if this happens, 12 years (up to 16) of republican rule under the Trump deplorables.. well, lets say i preffer nuclear Apocalyps over that nightmare

  33. WoW way to go sexist. You could have just simply said NONE of THEM make good presidential candidates and that would have been accurate.

  34. We have had enough family dynasty's in the white house … the Bush's were enough …. they made their millions from oil blood money ….

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