Relationship Advice! Can You Forgive A Cheater? – Marisa Peer

Relationship Advice! Can You Forgive A Cheater? – Marisa Peer

– So, when I was an agony aunt,
which I was for many years, I’d get the same request all the time. Can I forgive a cheater? And should I forgive a cheater? My partner cheated on
me, should I leave him? Or should I forgive him? Or indeed her and how will I
know they won’t do it again? (inspirational upbeat music) Let’s break that down into two, should you forgive a cheater? Well, that depends, you know, when a relationship goes
wrong, tends to be two way. Well, not always of course you might say, look, I’m completely blameless. I was just so good and I was
so busy raising our family, doing a job and my partner cheated on me and I didn’t do anything
to contribute to that. And that may be true. It may not be. So first of all, let’s
ask ourself a question. Can you learn anything
at all from the fact that your partner cheated? Can you look at it and say, you know, I was really
involved with the kids or really involved with my career, I really took them for granted. Because often that does happen. I’ve worked with many
people who are the cheaters who say, “You know, what an idiot, “I had the best person in
the world and I cheated.” You know what I discovered? Over hundreds of hours being a therapist people aren’t looking for new partner, they’re looking for a new experience. I’ve been married for five years, we don’t make an effort anymore. We don’t have date nights. We’re both exhausted. We have kids, and a job, and a mortgage, and it’s just like my partner’s become like a comfortable pair of slippers that I don’t wanna throw
away but I don’t value. Then I met someone at work and
they made me feel important, they made me feel beautiful, desirable, handsome, interesting, and I never wanted to leave my partner. But I wanted the new experience. And if you can recognise
that the person that cheated is not disappointed in you they’re just looking
for something exciting. Then you can realise, okay, I better put that something
exciting into my relationship. You see, we read fairy stories, Prince Charming met the beautiful princess and they lived happily ever after. I don’t think so. The fairy story doesn’t
end when you get married that’s when the work begins. To make an effort, to admire that person, to listen when you’re
not really interested to make an effort. People write to me and say, “Why should I have sex
when I don’t want to?” And I’m like, well, that’s like saying, why should
I eat when I’m not hungry? My husband, bless him, he
sat through “Downtown Abbey” and period dramas, and he
finds them really boring but he does it for me. I often do want to go out but he’s social, and I go out for him. I think, I don’t wanna go out to dinner. I’d be happy to sit in front
of a TV and just have some tea, and some fruit, but he wants
to go out, so I go out for him. He sits through boring
romantic dramas for me. Part of being in a relationship is doing something for the other
person and that includes sex. You say, no, I feel like a prostitute now. Well, you shouldn’t. It’s really unfair to say I don’t wanna have sex again so you can’t. It’s like saying I don’t
wanna eat food again, so you can’t. I don’t want to drink again so you can’t. I don’t want to socialise
again, so you can’t. I don’t want to go to
bed early, so you can’t. Being in a relationship
is where you go to give. And don’t think, well, I
give 50%, you give 50%. You gotta give a 100%. If you want your partner to
notice you, to buy you gifts, to praise you, then you gotta notice them. And buy them gifts and praise them. Many people say well, I am gonna sit here, and wait for that person to
shape up and be what I want. But your partner isn’t psychic, tell them you know birthdays are
really important to me. I don’t wanna give candy over a carrot. I want it wrapped up, I want a card. I was with somebody for years and birthdays were not
important, they didn’t care. But I really had to say
look for me I need the card. I need the gift, I need the ribbons, I need the whole lot. It matters to me. And they learned that. My little girl said to me
“Mommy when you come in at night “the first thing you
do is go and play back “your message from the machine. “I want you to come up and talk to me.” And I thought, you know you’re right. She taught me to make her more
important than my messages, they could always wait. And we do that, we take the
other person for granted, we don’t praise them. So many people on their deathbed say, you know I wish I’d had more time, I wish I’d gone to bed late, got up early, told that
person I loved them. All of a sudden my partner is gone and I realise I didn’t say
enough, I love you, I value you, I appreciate you. So here’s the truth, Men need to be admired,
it’s really important. Women need to feel safe
and secure and desired. There’s always those that
will say, well that’s not true for my man or for me, it’s okay. Generally, men need to be
admired or looked up to and women need to be desired,
and need to feel safe. And the problem with the opposite sex is we think they want what we want. Even in same sex marriages
that happens too. So if your partner has cheated, here’s the important question. If you can learn from that,
if you can both understand it. And decide, in that understanding
it won’t happen again, then you can take them back. If you have been cheated on you must go, you wanna go look? I want to discuss it, I want
to know what it was about them that you liked. I want to ask you about the sex, I wanna ask you lots of questions. That’s hard. And the person who is
a cheater must answer those questions honestly,
but there must be a time when you go all right, that’s it now. We decided we’d have two
weeks of these questions or a month, and now here’s the cut off. We’re not gonna go there anymore because you can’t keep revisiting history. So if you want to forgive a cheater learn from what happened. Be able to ask those questions. The cheater must answer. But then you go right, now it’s behind us, now
let’s start a fresh. We both learned something,
I learned in cheating that I was an idiot, that I didn’t really want to replace you or hurt
you, and you learned that we weren’t paying attention to each other. Now we can move on. But there’s another question. How do I know when I
shouldn’t take a cheater back? When I shouldn’t forgive. Well I believe that everybody
deserves a second chance. You know, we’re all humans. We’re allowed to make a mistake. It’s okay to make a mistake especially if you learn from that mistake and vow not to do that again. I did a terrible thing, I cheated. I really woke up to myself where I almost threw away
and I’ll never do that again. Now, it’s okay you’ve
enhanced your education but if the person does it again. And does it again they
haven’t learned anything. They cheat and come back, I’m
so sorry and they do it again. If they cheat and you
find out they are still secretly seeing that person. If they have secret phones, or the phone is always locked
and they shut the computer when you come in the room
and you have a feeling, oh it’s happening again. Then your lesson is no. If someone rams their cart
at the store into your legs it’s their fault. If you stand there and they
do it again, and again. It’s your fault. You gotta get out of the way of people that don’t care about you. So it’s really very simple. Somebody cheats once and
truly is contrite and sorry, and apologetic you can forgive
them, you can both learn. You can look at the part you played, even though you don’t want to. Maybe you didn’t give
them enough attention. I know that sounds a cliche but
look at the part you played. And if you want to fall back
in love with that person, remember why you loved
them in the first place. If they genuinely regret it and are willing to talk it through then forgive them, try again. I do believe it’s always better to try and make an existing relationship better than to go to another
one, and another one. ‘Cause many people I
see leave a relationship go to another one, and they
just make the same mistakes over and over again. Respecting the person endures
more than romantic love. It’s deep respect. Being each other’s best friend. Caring about the other person
as much as you care about you. That is what makes a relationship work. I have worked with many many
people who were cheated on or indeed were the cheater. I have worked with many couples who were so close to
breaking up, getting divorced and leaving, who stayed
together, did what I said and are now more in love then ever and have left that behind. I hope you have your answers. Try not to cheat. If you’re with someone who’s
cheated once forgive them, if your with a serial cheater get out. Leave, find someone way better because you deserve better than that. We all do. Thanks for tuning in, go to and you can find out how
to go to and raise your self-esteem
enough not to cheat, or be cheated on. You’ll find all kinds of audios and hints about how to make a relationship thrive, how to grow in love. (gentle music)

74 thoughts on “Relationship Advice! Can You Forgive A Cheater? – Marisa Peer

  1. No because chances are high that they won’t forgive you if the shoe was on the other foot. I forgive in a sense that I don’t harbour hatred towards the ones who admitted that they did wrong but I don’t want them to be part of my life. Everyone deserves a second chance but your second chance doesn’t always have to be with the person you harmed. You can have a second chance by being a better partner to the next one.

  2. Wat if i know a guy cheat and thinks its not cheating.. He checks out other girls but says he loves his pregnant baby momma girlfriend he calls her.. Relationship. Started after the baby. Shes evil to other females he tricked and used and thinks she will never get cheated on but he is looking at every girl already.

  3. Thank you for encouraging us to accept the responsibility that comes in maintaining a healthy relationship. I have met many women who no longer share intimacy with their spouses and yet are confused when their partners search elsewhere.

  4. I’m not sure I agree. I understand there are two people in a relationship and you have to look at why the person might have cheated but if there were problems a person needs to communicate not have no self control and hurt the other person cause they are not getting what they want. It’s childish and selfish.

  5. In this life I have found it is essential to forgive everyone for everything. We do this for us, not for them. Unconditional love is what we must aim for with all – But just because we have unconditional love and we forgive – It does not mean we forget and continue. We must have the courage to let go of all the peoples, places and things that keep us down and we must THRIVE and be the example others desperately need. Thank you ✌️️

  6. 3 rules in relationships
    Don't lie
    Don't cheat
    Don't make promises you can't keep
    Apologies don't mean anything if you keep doing what you're sorry for

  7. If somebody betrays me without giving me a chance, I won’t give anymore of myself because I am no martyr and this is when we should suggest people get tested for STD/Is…

  8. Ok, blame the Victim !
    so if someone cheats on you, that means it's your fault? It's like saying that if someone got raped it's because they were wearing a short skirt.
    DOESN'T MATTER why your partner cheated on you, it's never your fault, if they didn't like something about you they could just have a conversation and solve the problem or just brake up. A cheater in the first place disrespects him/herself , because he/she doesn't respect their own choice.

  9. All I heard here was, “No.” and “No.” Cheaters don’t usually open up this much about why they did it, as Marisa prescribes. The pain feels insurmountable as it is. Also, we need to eat to survive, we don’t need to have sex to survive necessarily. What if you love your person yet they’re a bad lay and no longer behave in desirable ways (i.e.: talk down to you, yell, fail to invest) but they keep blaming you for the relationship’s stagnation? Why sleep with that?

  10. What a terrible message to people who are in a relationship with a cheater (and liar as they have to be).
    This is shaming the victim and protecting the perpetrator.
    Cheating is ABUSE.
    Don't listen to people who will tell you to put your head back in the toilet bowl.
    GET OUT of a cheating relationship. Almost ALL cheaters are serial cheaters.
    We are NEVER responsible for other people's actions.

  11. Sometimes divorce and breakups are just part of your destiny and life path. Always Love ❤️ yourself first and act accordingly …and know that everything will turn out well.

  12. There's a difference between cheating and an addiction obsession with cheating. Its like saying forgive the gambler who gambled away his paycheck because he just wanted to have fun.

    You forgive and the next thing you know is, they mortgage and gamble away your home.

    Your husband cheats and turns you into a paranoid wife who checks his phone, his internet and his whereabouts incessantly. It doesn't matter how much love, sex and attention a cheater gets. They will sneak away to gamble or to pump up their dopamine levels with a new conquest.

  13. I was turning 17 when I got married to my second boyfriend. My parents had decided that I need to get married if I was going to be sexually active. Irresponsibility disguised as responsibility on their part, I know. I was infatuated with him, he was perfect for me. But in our second year I was 18 and I started to feel a bit trapped. A lot of guys liked me and I started to feel like I missed an opportunity to connect with other types of people. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression and family issues (obviously) at the time so I really enjoyed the feeling of being liked and flirting. The brain chemicals it released were euphoric and I got sort of addicted to that feeling. Until the day I finally crossed the line into cheating. I didn't have sex with the guy but it was enough to be ashamed of. As soon as it happened my own heart shattered. I told the guy I had to go home and this was a mistake. I had a panic attack on the way home and I was devastated with what I had done. Within a couple of days the guilt and shame had eaten me alive because I knew my husband did NOT deserve it so I told him everything. I'll never forget the way it broke his heart. He did not deserve that. It changed the way he looked at me for a long time after that. Before he looked at me like a queen, but after that he looked at me with disappointment. I couldn't believe I had wrecked such a good situation. I beat myself up about it for so long. I stopped even talking to men, it made me sick to even be flirted with or have guys look at me. I avoided men overall until I could get past that addiction to the feelings. It took a long time but when he saw how remorseful I was, when he understood the situation a bit better, and when he saw how devoted I was to making it right he forgave me. And yes I know, I was so lucky to be forgiven. My husband is such a forgiving person. And I've spent years since then showing him that he's worth his weight in gold. This month we'll be celebrating our 12th anniversary of marriage. Every night we fall asleep holding each other close. I miss him when he leaves the house even for five minutes and he tells me everyday that I'm beautiful. I can't imagine being without him. He's a part of me.
    I think what helped me a lot was addressing the underlying cause of what I did. I know now that it was just an addiction to a euphoric feeling; so I was able to solve that within myself by finding other more responsible ways to balance my mind.
    I still get anxious when talking to men sometimes. I spent many years avoiding men and developed a bit of a complex. We all have a desire to put our best foot forward socially, but I didn't understand how to do that without causing some men to flirt with me. And I know it's ok to be flirted with as long as you set clear boundaries but I didn't trust myself years ago so that's when that complex developed. I remember a guy at work seemed to have a thing for me a few years ago. Everytime he'd come my way I'd get anxious and clumsy and stupid because I didn't know how to handle the situation. So I barely talked to him and would just be really serious and dry. Nothing like my usual self. Eventually he stopped approaching me of course and I was actually relieved! Even at this point the only men I'm comfortable around are men I met either through my husband or with him. Even though I know I wouldn't make that mistake again, it's just the residual effects of that complex. I think it will always be there.
    Anyway, this has been my fully honest story that I never share with anyone but I figured it helps to hear from the other side in this discussion. I was fortunate enough to be forgiven and I cherished that. The mistake pushed me to do better and we've had a long, successful marriage in spite of it. Maybe not the average situation but it's worth sharing I think.

  14. My ex was a narcissist. It doesn’t matter what I did or didn’t do. He’s rotten to the core. I could have been anyone. It didn’t matter. I take no blame for his actions. I hate hearing it takes two or that you shouldn’t give up and get out.

  15. When I love somebody, I love unconditionaly…so, yes, I forgave her. If I love somebody I tend to forgive, because I think you can't do other than that when you love someone. At least, I think so. But, Marisa is correct (as usual 😊) when she says that if cheating continue to happen than it is better to go your own way. Just remove yourself from the relationship, respect yourself (love yourself) and find someone who is going to love you back.

  16. I think Even if we are not taking back that person. We should forgive, not because of them, but because ourselves…we need to start closing that chapter somehow. Thank you Marisa.

  17. Interesting is this thing about "men need to be admired"… I mean, this thing how men crave for admiration. It is unfortunately true, and a root of many evil things on this planet. Napoleon said: "a soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon", and "men simply crave for medals". Also american psychiatrist M. Scott Peck in his book "People of the lie" (where he explains concept of evil) said something about armies that I concord with: "armies are dumping ground of human scum". I had this misfortune to see how much evil men are capable of doing for just a little bit of admiration from others. It is like they are not evolved yet. Humans do not have instincts any more (our frontal lobe has overriden them) …we only have some reflexes. This craving for "admiration" is mostly social construct in my opinion, and a dangerous one. For a bit of shiny object, men are ready to do unspeakable horrors. So they can choose a different path. But I think that need for safety (security) is universal one, and does not belong only to women. 😞. Thanks for a beautiful theme 🙋🌼💜

  18. Best advice! I don't know why people don't get it! My husband had been married before, so was a bit paranoid about mind games, I let him know right away that I'm not for any of that.

  19. If you are facing with narcissit they would do aganin whatever you do doesnt matter. Actually non narcissist wont cheat most probably. Why you should take them back? Nobody else happly want to be with you? Yes there are out there. BTW learn from what you did wrong with cheater and dont do it with next one.. Life is short to stuck in one person.. Forgive and move on with your life..

  20. I find it very admirable (and adorable) how you manage to stay diplomatic with your points of view on the most controversial topic of love and relationships. This goes especially for the comment section below. Thank you so much for what you do. Cheers

  21. I love your videos but felt very uncomfortable with your advice to have sex even if you don't want to. True consent is both parties being enthusiastic and comfortable. You may have some impressionable young people watching this Marisa and I think that part should have been left out.

  22. I had two different male friends that in their past had cheated on their wives. They both said that it was for pure escapement, the excitement of sneaking around. The women they cheated with were just used by them, neither man had any plans to leave their wife. One got caught and was so regretful of how much he hurt his wife, he said that his cheating had nothing to do with her. The other man kept a knot in his stomach, could not look himself in the mirror during his cheating days. He put two and two together, quit cheating and decided to prove to God that he could be a good man and he never cheated again. Several years later he confessed to his wife and she forgave him. This man also said that it had nothing to do with his wife, he said that she was like living with a angel. Sometimes it is a unhappy marriage and that needs to be addressed and sometimes it like the above. I do believe in forgiveness and second chances but sometimes it just best to end the relationship. Do whats best for you not them. Take care and God bless you all.

  23. Yes maybe a one off and that be very hard! but a chronic cheater no! my ex told me when i met him he said he found it hard to be faithful cheated on 2 marriages and me.

  24. Marisa…what do I do when my partner denies cheating but I Feel it and Sense it and even have strange nightmares about it? She tells me it’s all in my head my insecurities and everything, but I feel like she’s being dishonest and manipulating me. I’m in hell. Please help me

  25. This is to be listened to with an open mind as it is a very delicate subject. I love the way Marisa approached it.
    Remember, she speaks here about a genuine mistake, not a serial cheater. Some people will just cheat and cheat again, with no regards for their partner. They absolutely don’t care. They will lie and cheat all their lives. Marisa is not talking about this kind of cheaters.
    I like the way she also speaks about our own accountability without diminishing our feelings and self worth, to the contrary. I find her advice well balanced.
    Would I forgive a cheater? Probably if it was a stupid one night stand because everyone deserves a second chance. In a moment of weakness, mostly anyone could be a cheater. You have problems, someone pays you more attention than your partner and you may fall for it. Never say never.
    So, you forgive but you also put in place boundaries. And you forgive once only. It is not a “buy one, get the second free,” offer. No way!

    It is what Marisa says at the end. If the cheater does it again and again, then go.

  26. Please don't take them back. The kind of people that think that sleeping with someone else will fill the void in their hearts or fix their marriage are not mentally in the right place to be in any relationship. They should be single and visiting a psychologist. The problem is them not you. They probably can't be single for 5 mins as they hate their own company that much. Even if you forgive them they probably blame you and don't forgive you and use that as an excuse to cheat again – they might hate you so much that they start hurting you physically. They cheat – there is no relationship – it's over. Deal with it – move on. Act like the responsible adult they failed to be and accept that it's over. They want to stay because they hate their own company, blame you and you are a back up plan until they find better . Don't change them – don't change you – just love yourself and don't take them back – and never ever let anyone tell you it's your fault they cheated. You are in the same relationship and you didn't cheat – remember that. And get an std test!

  27. I really appreciate this video. Esther Perel talks about something similar. It's important to understand that we're humans, we have needs and sometimes we try to meet those needs in dysfunctional ways. Everybody deserves a second chance.

  28. Forgive them, but only for your own welfare, not theirs. Never take them back, unless you have agreed to be in an open relationship, which some can handle emotionally. Personally, I am liberal minded enough to accept these in theory, but would find it impossible to practise in reality if I genuinely loved the man. OK if we are merely in a relationship based on just close friendship, as is possible. Why not take back a cheater you love? Because you set yourself up for a lot of unnecessary serious trouble and worry, heartache etc as a female. And it keeps "snow balling" like an avalanche and destroys not just your love life prospects of happiness, but also poisons and kill other areas because infidelity does not have boundaries that end at the shut bedroom door. It can affect your wealth, job, studies, your children, your reputation, your personal health, even your personal physical safety and security eg if the "other" woman/women see you as an obstacle between them and really "getting" your husband eg as their future husband, but you are still married to him and will sue him for everything, just to ensure the "other" woman must prove her "true???" love, by taking a balding, middle aged, flabby etc destitute lose,who is a known liar and cheater, as an added "bonus". In other words, not worth a cracker as a man and soon to be rendered useless sexually, too….Good luck. Enjoy the ride! The main reason to never accept back a cheating man is because he has shown his colours and leopards never lose their spots. Fine if you can handle his cheating eg you are a gold digger yourself with ulterior female motives as a wife and are only with him because you like his money and lifestyle he provides for you. But, even then, cheaters are high risk because, in his philandering you turn a blind eye to, he may eventually discover one woman he really loves and wants to give his all to. And it's not you. So you will be booted out, especially if the one he loves has high moral principles and sticks to them eg no sex outside marriage. Now, an odd thing happens when out of control silly old goat whorer husband types, typically rich Playboy's, meet some poor, simple, honest virginal girl seeking "just a good man to love forever". These two types, though they be so different, world's apart even and scared of each other, will often be seriously and strongly attracted to each other. The rich playboy philanderer cannot believe that any good woman might love him simply for the man he is, not his money or status, but such girls can and do, because all they want out of life is a good man to love. It is that simple.And such girls cannot believe that such a man would even find them, hiding away for safety, let alone choose them as their own special lady. But, somehow, the Prince at the ball Cinderella went to, did manage to find who the lost dance show belonged to, despite her daily poverty, drab clothes, work grind, awful ugly "sisters" kicking her around, envying her etc. (Maybe that fairytale is as relevant in today's modern feminist society as it was back then…). Or, perhaps your cheater man you love simply no longer loves you, if he ever did? Hard to accept emotionally, but people do fall out of love or lose interest in you, even if, as a woman, you keep trying hard to look your best, be sweet, be kind etc. He has found someone he prefers and you cannot change how he feels, no matter what desperate female measures you resort to, to get him back home where you think he "belongs" (but he has other ideas on this…). You could end up doing some pretty crazy dangerous, self destructive things in your despair, if you go down this futile path, of trying to win him back. Eg drugs and alcohol abuse, getting fat or too thin and generally destroying your health and beauty, neglecting your true loves eg your children, parents etc. You could lose your job from diminished work performance, abuse his children you resent having had for him, you could gamble away all your resources in despair…Or throw yourself sexually at any random male you meet in bars, pick up singles venues etc and possibly end up even falling into the welcoming open arms of some lonely, love hungry serial killer, the thought of which turns some women on sexually…Not smart. What is smart is to forget him. Finalise a fuss free fair divorce, wish him and his latest slut luck, smile graciously and move on with feminine grace and dignity. Because, somewhere, a QUALITY man is languishing in loneliness and neglect and dying to meet you. Problem? How to safely locate and somehow connect with him? Sure, he will have to make all the moves, being the male and appropriate initiator, despite what modern feminists tell us, to the contrary. But you cannot just sit in your room crying, dreaming of true love, in your floppy favourite slippers and PJs. You have to somehow find the energy to get up and go again because the good men die sooner than us and time is fast running out to find them. In a live state, at least. Dead men are not much fun in bed. Not unless you are into necrophilia, so you really do need to get off your butt, forget gym, just somehow figure out a way to help him "find" you and connect with you, before he dies….Don't worry about cheating ex. He will die, too…Probably murdered by the future bitches he cheats on who get angry with him, or their exes who want him dead, or maybe their millennial greedy kids after a more rapide access to their inheritance, to finance their own depraved expensive lifestyles… None of that is your problem as the fine women who got cheated on ie he did the dirty on you, by getting low down and dirty, in the sack, with some other willing Moll with no sense of feminine ethics and morality eg staying away from "taken" males, no matter how much you desire/admire them or how much they show, secretly, as such men typically do, that they lust after you. Few will ever leave their comforts providing secure long term relationship ie home base a wife provides. So women who pursue such attached men are losers before they even start. And, if he does opt to quit his serious marriage to go with you eg marry you, a smart woman has a few questions/doubts in her mind, which he had better be able to adequately assuage. Eg, if he is so willing to leave his serious marriage partner so readily for me, then how easy will he find it to dump me just as readily for the next bitch who flaunts her fanny at him and gives him the "Come on"??? Hmmm? You've nodoubt heard of the "easy woman". They are everywhere in post feminist, modern millennial society and not all young, either eg there is Ms Middle Aged career woman, cashed up Cougar, out on the loose, prowling the bars etc for easy succulent young male "meat". ..But, in this age of gender equality, I have uncovered a new species. It is the "easy man". He is very "easy". He has no self respect as a male, no respect for other good honest men, no real respect for women, either, though he feigns this because it is easier for him to seduce and use the gullible ones then abuse and dump them just as easily, if he does this pretence act the cunning bastards put on, as a means to an end. Mr Easy has no respect for the male power to regenerate the entire human race. He just throws his precious male gift around like it were worthless trash. What self respecting woman would desire such a worthless "easy" man? Even if he was loaded with wealth and was self proclaimed "King Of The Human Jungle"? I certainly wouldn't! Better to be alone or take a good poor but honest, faithful, sincere man. Life may be not so easy economically but it will probably be a lot richer and better, happier in other ways.

  29. This is a great video Marissa. I can easily see how neglecting your husband, not appreciating your husband, can push him further towards the direction of temptation. Nobody is fool proof, even a fundamentally good man. I thank you for this message.

  30. "People are not looking for a new partner, they are looking for a new experience."…Wow, thats insightful Marisa. Appreciate you sharing this video.

  31. Just like many things in life, we have to dive a little deeper to get to the root of why things turn out the way they do in relationships.

  32. Thanks so much for the awesome video Marisa 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, Business, and Life!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  33. I love you Marisa! 💙 Cheers from Brazil! I have relationship issues. Must of it is because I'm so insecure about myself. But since I saw you on YouTube for the first time I started to look at myself differently, I've grown a bit with The I'm Enough Process. I'm a work in progress and gonna make it. Thank you so much for exist!

  34. Probably, going to kill him or what? Never do this, otherwise, you land in troubles. Nothing above the Law. How mighty, he might be, Law never leaves him, he would be caught by Police and confine him to Jail and during course of law processing, he would spill his beans and accepts his wrong doings, one day or other. So, leave everything to God, he would set right things in right way and punish the guilty. Bye, take care.

  35. I don't know . When you cheat you run the risk of breaking someone's heart , and losing their trust forever . Discuss your needs with your partner . Express them . Don't just jump into bed with a dishy colleague that you have a bit of chemistry with . Not everyone forgives and forgets . But we are all human . For me it would be like a stain that just never comes out in the wash . Or a splinter you can't get out . 🧞‍♀️

  36. You did NOT just say that having sex even if you don't want to is the same as eating, even though you're not hungry or watching a boring movie? 1. eating is vital for our mere existence, 2. an equal to a boring movie would be a boring football game, NOT access to my body… ! What a backwards mentality..welcome back to the 50s.

  37. No amount of one trying something new and interesting with your partner, can replace someone completely new and fresh – there’s something very exciting about that. If a person has a cheating heart they are going to cheat. However, a great deal of truth lies in this video. Thank you ❤️

  38. Best thing ever happened to me. My ex husband with my best friend. I did forget them in that spot was the most happy feeling I ever had after my baby borned. He was a bullying and abuser. She did a favor for me and she new everything I was going through. I do believe GOD always send someone to help. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for a wonderful blessing lesson.

  39. All I know is that it hurts,,really hurts.,.,wish I just rather be single than with a partner that cheats and feeling hurt.,.,

  40. No, you should not forgive a cheater under ANY circumstance. A person that values you would never put themselves in a position to lose you. Let that sink in.
    And sex is not a physiological need the same way food is. If you don't eat food for weeks, you become malnourished and die. You can go without sex for the rest of your life, technically and there is always masturbation. If you don't want to have sex with your partner you absolutely don't need to feel guilty and you don't owe them your body, what kind of bullshit advice is that? And if they cheat on you, it's absolutely NOT your fault. Unsubscribed because of this video. Horrible advice, horrible.

  41. Marisa please do a video about violence on women!.. why some men are agressive with women and what are the early sighs… Thank you

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