100 thoughts on “Regular Person Runs A 26.2 Mile Marathon

  1. ….as a "Regular Person" I'll barely be awake before I do captain crunches, then I run my mouth for a bit and push my luck all day.. Totally into fitness double cheese into my cheeks too.. 💪😁👍

  2. Great inspiring story! When I was training for my first marathon I remember I did so many mistakes! However, the feeling of fulfillment when I crossed the finish line was so awesome!!!

  3. She said that she trained for this marathon even if it wasn't a lot but I would also assume she has had many injuries due to the fact that she jas a knee surgeon. I wouldn't say a "regular person" as this is clickbait. I would make the title more "I attempted my childhood dream" would also be an interesting title

  4. If you guys want to see this video but done well, Scott Cramer did this a couple years ago and he did it right. No training, actually a regular person. Search up:

    Scott Cramer – The Running Community is Toxic


    Scott Cramer – Can You Run a Marathon Without Training

  5. Does anyone else remember the video years ago when Michelle trained to do a marathon?
    That video was so inspirational to me, it just sucks that this one doesn't live up to its predecessor :/

  6. Who else has been a true fan of ”BuzzFeed”
    before 2020?! 😍🍾

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  7. "I've run many marathons and triathlons" either she's an avid runner or she doesn't know that a marathon is a specific distance. Either way I'm triggered lol

  8. i'm glad she trained and stuff but the title seriously scared me. trying to run a marathon without enough training can cause death and its so so so dangerous.

  9. She isnt a normal person, if she excersies more then regularly, grew up being active in dance and her parents are athletes.

  10. She’s not a “regular” person if she works out every single day and has done it before. Who was in charge of this video lol ?

  11. I run 4-6 miles several times a week, and sometimes up to 10 miles at a time, but not sure if I ever wanna do a marathon. Don’t feel really compelled to.

  12. Everyone who says she’s not a regular person is ridiculous. You HAVE to train to run something like that or you could suffer serious injuries. She’s not a runner aka regular person.

  13. I miss when I ran marathons. One thing I focused on but was never completely sure about was proper running form. One of the myths is that it’s just “running”. But no matter a person’s athletic level there is a technique and proper way to run. … I felt the same on my first marathon my legs were so numb at the end and I was hungry for everything. 🙂

  14. My favorite marathons are from my bedroom to the refrigerator 😜
    Don't get me started on those shows on netflix and hbo 🤦‍♂️

  15. Me 95% of video: she’s not a “regular person”

    When she orders shake shack: okay this one has potential

    But props to her for doing that either way

  16. So… A beautiful woman that regularly works out, works closely with a charity and has parents that are athletes is a regular person. Totally. Everyone I know is just like that!

  17. BuzzFeed, you should've used Susie Chan. Athletic as a teen but stopped, became a REGULAR person & then did a Marathon at 40. You clearly don't know what a regular person is.

  18. what is buzzfeed’s definition of a “normal person”? someone who exercises or someone who doesn’t? honestly that kind of offends me

  19. Not a regular person, I want someone who hasn't worked out in a couple of years because they work 50hrs/ week and subsist on coffee/ redbull and a high sugar/ carb "diet" because salad is expensive.

  20. I am a regular person and last year I signed up for a marathon and didn’t really do any training all bad and I was not on the best health and physical too
    So I finished but it took me a long time I think about 10/12 hours:( the only thing that made me happy was that I got the metal because when I started the race I knew it, it was over for me my legs started hurting at the beginning and I couldn’t even walk but I wanted to finish so I keep on going and I was walking with some strangers we were motivating each other……
    Now to this year I did it again:( I signed up for this year and I am really scared that I am not going to finish at a reasonable time and with out my legs hurting.
    As when I run they hurt every time the pain is unbelievable it really scared me that there is a possibility that I will not finish:(

  21. I’m very, very proud of her. ❤️🙏🏾I never thought of doing the NYC marathon but after watching her, I’m inspired to try.

  22. BuzzFeed: "regular person runs a marathon"
    Also BuzzFeed: "I train every day, a combination of things. My parents were both athletes"

    Excuse me is this what you consider to be an average person?

  23. I was the same my left knee and foot wasn't holding up with the long runs so I switched to cycling its a lot easier 🙂

  24. I started the journey to lose 80lbs in total with my boyfriend. If you'd like, you can follow our journey on Instagram @couple_ofworkouts
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  25. When she mentioned that she didn’t have to finish the marathon in a crazy time of 4 or 4:30, that wasn’t crazy. For my first marathon (Philadelphia), my goal was to qualify for Boston (in 2009, the open time was 3:10:59). I was able to finish in 3:13:08, and I thought that was certifiably insane since I didn’t start back running until January of that year, didn’t run my first race until April, and my first half marathon until October. That was crazy, and almost pulled it off. I eventually qualified less than a year later in Scranton (Steamtown).

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