Raiding the Fridge – A Billy the Fridge Diss Track

Raiding the Fridge – A Billy the Fridge Diss Track

Young Bill Fridge, you ’bout to get dissed Bust out yo’ fists, get a Lyrical ass kick A fat lip… To go with them fat chins Yeah yous just a spectacle Benpai’s semen receptacle Yo, I spit rhymes, you swallow semen I already won bitch, you can call me G-man So what’s it like, yo, tastin’ defeat again? I’m encyclopedian, yous unfunny comedian Faulty logic and reasonin’, like Anita Sarkeesian You is average, a median No, not fit to compete with me man! You can eat my dick boy, it’s Keto Like a big slab of meat, and yours, a cheeto You’re a joker and a joke, Jared Leto Hangin’ with Onision, is you a Pedo? Guess that don’t mean shit to me though… If I was Micheal you’d be Tito I am Arnie, yous DeVito Like the war for Toledo, come to battle You’re soft as 10ply, no lie, I’m heavy metal I’m chill just like G-Time in a Meadow You’re like Joe on a Binge Yeah I know I’m fuckin cringe I’ll raid a fridge like the Thrilla in Manilla I’m a Godzilla I’ll smack an 8 ton Gorilla Hey, thems is jokes, I like Billy! A tiny toke of weed gone knocked you off your block I’ll snatch that donut of your chain Leave you in diabetic shock Stealin’ biggie smalls fuckin’ fat guy Gimmick Your freestyles fall flat ’til they remixed by SINNIK Collabed with Hacks, yo, like Ronald McFondle Let you on his track, mistook for Rosey O’Donnel Hennessy half Gallon, that’s a hell of a Fable Ben’s a tenth of your size, he drank you under the table For a fat guy, yous a real light weight If you wanna hang with me you gon’ hang like Sharon Tate Ever seen Billy run? Naw, just his mouth really doubt, nothin’ to espouse
He’s no Lawrence Krauss But he’s a Job Creator, his aversion to fitness keepin’ Lift repairmen in business and taco trucks pants for fat fucks Mobility Scooters bariatric titty cups I came to spit the fire, Molotov You came to cup my balls, I’ll turn and cough Artists in my city strap Kalashnikov’s Artists from Seattle blow they own fuckin’ heads off So grab the tiger balm for your burns I’m a lil’ concerned but the pain will help you learn

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  1. Had to report this for Depictions of crimes against fridges and Hate Speech promoting violence against them. I thought you were above this kind of thing Jesus.

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