Q&A: My Workout Routine? Boyfriend? Supplement? Diet to Stay Fit?

Q&A: My Workout Routine? Boyfriend? Supplement? Diet to Stay Fit?

[Music] when will you marry Chad Stewart hi guys hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is mei-chiao today we’re finally filming a Q&A it’s been four months since I started my youtube channel and last weekend I posted this photo on my Instagram asking you guys to leave your questions under the comment section what you wanna call it oh and also my job was actually else are you hiding okay so let’s start Jaime what is your favorite workout video that you uploaded to your YouTube channel my favorite is my first ever workout video which is 10 minutes at the home make it right here because you might already know a love s worked out actually used to do 10 minutes as every single day it’s not good because you need rest days for your absolutely cover and to grow but those exercises I’ve been doing them for quite some time and I really really like it next question hi I mean do you usually work out before you eat or eat before you work out I normally don’t eat within the one hour before my workout because your body needs time to digest the food and so it’s not really good for your body to eat so close to your workout time so normally I work out and then after around an hour and I have my dinner so there are a lot of food question first answer the ones about calories if I can’t calories how do I do it and how many college I eat in a day the answer is I don’t have calories and never really do it even when I had a more restrictive diet before for me cutting calories really at that additional stress to your life for those of you who are interested in what I eat every day I actually take photos of every single foods that I eat on my Instagram story so you can go check it out right now I just eat healthy intuitively expecially throughout the week so I eat quite a balanced meal I have carbs vegetables protein in every single meal on a weekend or vacation I don’t really care just to get whatever I want to just get myself a break because my motto is work out to eat we say active and work out quite regularly and it’s okay to let yourself enjoy the food that you love next question why do I feel like eating sweet foods suddenly and continuously after a few days of eating healthy I think it’s quite normal because when you suppress yourself from eating the food that you like and eating just healthy food and when you’re not used to it it’s normal to have cravings of the food that you normally enjoy and which is what I think it’s so important to have cheat days that’s why on my weekends I really let myself to eat whatever I crave and then on Monday I click the stop button and reset again to eat another week of healthy don’t will suppress yourself or wants to talk about them this is like how many proteins that we should take to be a muscle a normal person is supposed to keep one gram of protein per their body weight kg for example say if I’m 50 kg then I’m supposed to be 50 gram of protein a day but for people who are more active and really want to grow their muscle mass then you can eat 1.5 grams of protein your body vacation the next question is if it’s necessary to take pre-workout post-workout supplement and protein for me I don’t think it is necessary I actually never really rely on it because before didn’t really like the case of protein supplement so I actually never really took any throughout my fitness journey until recently I try some of it but I still don’t really rely on it for me I think if you already have enough protein in your diet it’s not really a must it yeah I don’t that I didn’t know yeah I don’t one one one Hey right hand yeah what to do with sudden urges to binge on food and how to stop snacking so for me I actually have the same problem which is why some of you know that on Instagram story I started this no snack after 8 p.m. challenge because I’ve been having this habit of snacking every night after dinner until like midnight which is really bad for you so for me starting that challenge on social media so don’t keep myself accountable and I think for me to get the snacks out of your sight out of reach for example I start hiding all my snacks in my mom’s room or I just told my parents not to buy any more snacks so the fact that they’re not always available around you helps a lot as well [Music] would you ever consider going vegan and would you eat meat again a few weeks ago we’re thinking of starting to make that switch thanks for watching a video which would have highlighted some of the procedures that they use in the meat industry to slaughter animals as well as the cruelty in the dairy industry from then on we start to eat less meat and also cut down on berries we’re trying to make that transition slowly except by set so on the weekend we still eat a bit here and there but we’re definitely trying to make that effort to cut down on it I’ll be changing all the dairy at home to vegan and I’ve loved it so far I found out that rice milk tastes amazing I think fully going vegan it’s not completely out of the question but I’ll be super honest I don’t have 100% confidence in myself that I can just immediately be able to make that change because I’ve been a huge either for like most of my life and cheese lover and love cheese so it really takes some time so I feel like right now trying to go into pescetarian and then just do it step by step let’s see where it goes at the workout videos on my youtube channel the only ones that I do so definitely not because it’s only been around for months that so much and also I’ve been trying to upload more and more of my workouts on it but there’s so a lot more to come so stay tuned how many days and how long do you work out to maintain your figure and do you take any rest days if you have watched my bulimia video you might note that I used to over train I would work out like seven days a week and each day a few time because I just thought that the more I work out the boy help me to lose weight and it was extremely unhealthy and it’s not good for the body either not a little bit more balanced and healthy lifestyle and I normally work out five days a week and then rest to fou days on the data I work out and I’m only spent around one hour but not the whole hour of be really working out so some of it is just warming up stretching going around checking my phone chatting with people so the high intensity workout that really gets me sweaty it’s normally just around 10 to 20 minutes how many days do you do cardio and do you do heavy weights in the gym what is your workout routine since my fitness journey has already been around 2 years my workout routine really changed throughout the whole journey I would say the beginning it’s all body weight and cardio for the fence around one year that’s all I did and then after that I did different things there’s a period of time I didn’t hold anything and there’s a period of time I only did heavy weights on the legs just specifically on the legs because you’re trying to grow my booty right now I do a combination of cardio high intensity training and also a bit of weight I actually uploaded a gym workout I will link it right here check it out it’s an example of what sometimes do at the gym but again my workout change every single day I always do something that firm because I think it’s very important to keep your body guessing so that your body won’t be getting used to one workout and stop progressive is it possible to get a body like yours without going to the gym and lifting heavy so like I said it’s not the first part of my fitness journey I do all you ate in cardio so I don’t think it is necessary to get a gym membership and lift heavy if your goal is to lose weight and to get tone but it really depends if your goals would change throughout your finish anyways about mine that I really want to grow my butt and I want to get stronger so that’s when I start going to the gym and start lifting more weights next question how do you balance your day job working out and social media everyday and how about family time I know that a lot of us have the struggles of not having enough time which is why I posted 10 minutes quick workouts that I think even if you don’t really have that much time you can still squeeze in a really quick workout it’s still better than no what guy at all so from here I’m still learning to get that balance because I started YouTube not that long ago and so my full-time job so takes most of my day and then after work or sometimes during lunch I would go through my workout a really quick one and then I go home spend time with my family eat dinner and then after that I would just focus on Instagram YouTube and just anything social media I think that it’s just important to prioritize like what’s important to you in your life for me staying active and working out is important it might mean that you have to sacrifice a bit of time like going out with your friends but it is what’s important to you you spend time on their next question do you work out harder after eating deep-fried food or cakes yes it’s more a Minnesota thing that’s like you use something that’s not so healthy my next workout I definitely push myself more just in my head thinking oh I will burn more calories go hard next question hi I mean why do you choose not to drink anymore so some of you note that I used to live a very while of party lifestyle chat as well that’s how we met actually but both of us actually change our lifestyle and nowadays we don’t really drink I don’t drink this set of checks of munching yeah just when I go out with my boys but I might have a beer but I also really don’t think most of the time I think before we are not that into fitness but now that we are we realize the negative impact of alcohol on the body and we don’t really want to do that to our body anymore and we don’t really go out at night I feel like we have party so much we’re sort of getting tired of that life now and even when we go out to a nice dinner alcohol is expensive we were rather spend more money on food we drink hot water you save so much money but not thinking about a couple questions when will you marry chat this question about chess answer that in the very near future define new future within the next few years once we reach the right age where we both feel like we want to get married do you mean I think they’re very curious and no one they should expect it within the next few years to three years I don’t have time eyes what is the most annoying thing about each other so difficult is so many so for Chad he farts a lot oh I’d like to fart like right next to me every time I turn around he has like his creepy face look at me what’s the most annoying thing ever I don’t have any complains a lot pikas complainer I’ve ever met next question how do you inch and keep the spark going and maintain a healthy and happy relationship we’re not always happy I’m always happy I think communication is quite important I’m not very good at that and actually chat is the one that keeps him going so he insists that we have to talk on the phone every night and he made it happen that we would work out together every day together as well so and also over the weekend who would come over and stay in my house and so I think that’s why I like we’re always each other yeah I think that’s good and I think it’s also important to find something that you guys both love to do together and they’re both interested in so for us that’s fitness okay my favorite question of all from Lauren t4o – do you like any better now or before she got fit and did you wish your ex fitness I like Emily now more I think that being active and getting fit is very attractive each other’s he looks very sexy at home so I don’t look sexy but even sexier enough the sexiest now and do I wish I was as fit as her well I actually am very fit as well you guys just don’t see the videos cuz I don’t upload them movie theater you have the bicep the pectoral muscle thank you so much for each one of your question there are more than 100 I will be able to answer all of them in this video but because some questions actually deserve a whole video dedicated to them for example how to say motivated which is I mean next week and my stretcher team which I already firm and oh should be out next for all the other questions that I missile on I also applied to each one of you in the comment section on my Instagram post today with us why would he start dissing my filming can wash I don’t worry you’re gonna get your shoe we what is a good one am I [Music]

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