Prolonged Fasting And Exercise | Snake Juice | Weight Loss Journey

Prolonged Fasting And Exercise | Snake Juice | Weight Loss Journey

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
I’m gonna start with the quote make your life a masterpiece imagine no
limitations on what you can be have or do Brian Tracy okay you guys we are
fasted and we’re doing a long fast we are not setting limitations we’re not
listening to naysayers about fasting we are prolonged fasting okay make your
life a masterpiece imagine no limitations on what you can be have or
do and I’m gonna say no matter what anyone thinks
don’t send limitations okay no matter if you failed a hundred times if you yourself at some kind of weight goal money goal relationship goal kid’s goal
any kind of goal like don’t put boundaries on yourself you don’t have to
be like other people and if you’re new that is something I’m so passionate
about I am NOT a follower I want to do what I want to do and that’s what I’m
going to do God willing okay so today I’m gonna talk about
prolonged fasting and exercise snake juice and go into the gym where you don’t went to
that’s what I’m gonna start with yesterday I went to the gym in the
morning fasted um I was probably like I don’t know how many hours fast in like
18 maybe um and I did not want to go to the gym but I had my partner Nikki
speaks we were meeting at 5:00 oh this is my alarm I cannot I cannot stop this
okay so yes we got to the gym and we were walking in and I was like man you
do not know how bad I wanted to cancel and she was like you don’t know how bad
I wanted you to cancel or for me to not go so I was so proud of us for making it
there anyway when okay so we did laying in by day I’m gonna put a clip somewhere
in this video and the clip is that I have my weight on it because people do
not watch my full videos I don’t know if I’m boring or what but I need people to
watch the entire video so I’m gonna sneak in the wait in there and why am I
telling my weight when I said I’m gonna tell it tomorrow because I’m happy with
my results so far and I went to share them okay so we did that work out we
went to work and we both went back to the gym in the evening I really didn’t
want to go now I’m even more fasted like I don’t know like maybe thirty seven
hours fasted at that point feeling fine but just not feeling like
going um but my son wanted to go one of my kids wanted to go and I that is a
part of our lifestyle I want to have so I took him I did the sauna for ten
minutes and then I did one lap around the track then I sat for a very long
time um I was just not feeling it then she asked me are you going to the gym I
said I’m here so I was like cool she was coming so I ended up staying and did
some more sauna and a lot more walking very light prolonged fasting and
exercise I am very nervous about exercising because I don’t want to wear
my body down where when I’m going days into this fast which I don’t know how
long it’s gonna be it’s gonna be between seven and thirty days I’m thinking it’s
gonna be more like seven to twelve days or
seven to eleven um when I was on day nine of my 10 day fast I was on the
ground at work tired I I was so tired that I just had to lay down at work and
I didn’t feel like I was gonna have a stroke or anything I didn’t feel like I
was in danger I just felt like I have no energy
I cannot even sit up I just need to lay down I’m nervous and that I don’t know
what that so I am getting in my snake juice which is my snake juice recipe
that I use is because he has quite a few snake juice recipes but I use no salt
which is potassium baking soda and pink Himalayan salt okay and I’m going to
talk more about supplements that I’m using tomorrow I’m not only having snake
juice okay so yeah make sure you get your electrolytes in you don’t have to
exercise like food is the biggest equation and weight loss if you’re doing
it for weight loss and fasting is enough but I need happy hormones and that’s
where I get it I get it from food and I get it from exercise and there’s not
there was no food yesterday that’s all I have to say now I’m gonna put a clip of
us doing the Aiko’s the Gravitron it’s the pull-up and dip bar I know what it’s
used for but Nicki speaks saw a video where someone was using it for glutes so
that’s what we use it for so there’s gonna be a clip and my weight is gonna
be there and I really appreciate you watching liking and commenting and
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46 thoughts on “Prolonged Fasting And Exercise | Snake Juice | Weight Loss Journey

  1. You are so cleaver for sneaking in your weight!! I love how you are motivated to become a full time YouTuber and have all the keys to success. I love your channel, and I hope mine will continue to grow with all the tips and tricks you provide!!💙

  2. Here is the video at work at 228 hours fasted and feeling so weak! hours fasted see more below….

    OMG I messed up the weigh in numbers too far at the end of the video. I am currently 223.4 which makes me happy. Dang, I love fasting and exercise too. It just produces results. If you are overweight and depressed, sad, low mentally. Fast and/or exercise, see results and feel better and proud of yourself HAHA.

  3. I was at the gym once, like 25 years ago, and I was using that machine and a man walked up to me and asked if he could work in a few sets with me. I looked up and it was Charlie Sheen. I have never had a more self conscious workout, lol.

  4. Wow, I have bad knees and an arthritic right hip. That was painful to watch! LOL Please join me subscribing to channel **"Me Fixing Me"**. He is Vlogging his journey on the fast with The Fasting Fatman. I consider his Vlog particularly important because he has arthritis and Crohn's disease and a family history of Cancer. I believe fasting will be the lynchpin of our healthcare transformation. These vlogs (and yours) are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Doctors are still refusing to recommend fasting to Diabetic patients. I know because of family. I'm not Diabetic because of how much fasting I've done. I know this movement is big but it needs to get bigger!

  5. Great quote. You area no limit person for sure. Keep it up! 👍🏻💪🏼❤️
    If you feel that bad – on the ground – sounds like too much. You are right – Food is the biggest part of it.

  6. Go, Mieka! Your energy is like your t-shirt…”play hard”! Love it. I’m doing a 30 day alternate day fasting. My first day was so hard mentally getting back into extended fasting from just IF. I forgot how much I love fasting. I’ve been releasing water like crazy.

  7. Great job the fasting is tough! that's right do what you want. We have to do some workout together one of these days

  8. Hey Mieka, great tips on fasting, great workout clip and weigh in, I also see your doing great with editing your videos, nice job my friend..💪

  9. So here you went to the gym. What a great example you are for your kids. Plus you and Nikki are so great for each other.

  10. Great job Mieka keep it going! I'm rooting for you to get at least that 7-day fast that has been so elusive for you on the last few tries. You got this girl!!💪🥰

    I started this fast on 9/29 because it was my normal ADF fasting day. All that day I was debating whether I would join John's fasting group, and when I woke up the next day I decided that I would. The first three days I dry fasted. Today I'm introducing electrolyte water back in. I'm currently 92hrs into the fast. I started at 216 lbs, and am now 207 which for me is only 4 lbs away from dropping out of obesity and into the overweight category. I know it's a lot of water weight, but that's okay because I don't tend to regain much weight after extended fasts. Like you, I'm not saying I'll do 30days but I'll just go as long as I can and see how far that takes me. IDK if I even have enough body fat left to go through both Oct and Nov, and I've never gone beyond 16-days so I'll just wait and see what happens.

  11. That is awesome that you n yur family has goals to achieve 2gether😘 I think that is terrific👏 but you sis you are amazing I'm very proud of you n yur boys😊💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

  12. I want to join in on your fast. I would like to do 10 days, but I mostly want to do it for spiritual reasons.

  13. I love this quote today. Yes fasting go for it girl! We are always evolving, we shouldn't stop until we get there👏🏼💪🏽💗

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