[Preview] What makes people obese?

[Preview] What makes people obese?

Now I had major angst about doing this
because I didn’t want to fat-shame anybody. A lot of these kids may see this,
this video is going to be disseminated… So I was trying to figure out a way
to get the point across without actually identifying people. So this is what I did,
I kind of cut the tops off people. But you can see just looking at the legs
the difference. Do you see how much heavier the young
girls are now than they were back in 1950? And there’s a comparison. If you look at fraternities, you see…
not as bad, but do you see how all the guys are chunky? They’re not long and lean. And I didn’t cherry picked these pictures. You go to Google,
put in “fraternities 1950 or 2015” pictures, same thing with sororities, and you will see
all these pictures and others. There they are again. They don’t look as bad as girls, but you can’t tell
because they’ve got more clothes on. And here’s again fraternities in the 50s
and here’s the one with the overweight kid. So what happened?
What changed in this time? Because as I say there have been
obese people all along, but all of a sudden it just exploded. So that’s what I want to talk about
a little bit about what I think happened
and what the mechanism behind it is.

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  1. Thats unfair. I thought the full video will be there old man explaining the thing. Its like taking food away from someone's mouth. 😀

  2. Really? U did nt upload the whole video and u want us to go to ur website to watch. I just gave u thumbs down👎u are glad i guess.

  3. HFCS, antibiotics, margarine instead of pastured butter, processed food, growth hormones in milk & meat.

  4. This is click bait that takes you to a site that charges money for the answer……😜….FAIL!!

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