Possible Drug-Free Intervention for Obesity

Possible Drug-Free Intervention for Obesity

It’s not only important what we eat, it’s
equally more important when we eat that food. For a very long time we thought high fat diet
causes obesity, but we never asked whether it’s the timing that matters, if changing
the time when they’re eating, whether that is contributing to that obesity. At the beginning of the day, we eat a good
breakfast and then we continue to eat throughout the day to maintain that energy level to do
what we are supposed to do. And then in the evening we come back, and there’s incentive
to stay awake, and we continue to eat because eating is a very social event. We want to
get together and eat. When a disease becomes this epidemic proportion,
the best way to tackle the disease is prevention. But what we did was a very simple experiment.
We took two groups of mice. We gave them same amount of food, but one group had access to
food all throughout 24 hours. If two groups of mice are eating the same amount of calories
they should be fattening up to the same extent. But that’s exactly wrong that’s what we see
in this experiment. That’s the surprising fact that the second group of mice which are
eating the same amount of calories but in a very scheduled, very well controlled way,
they don’t become obese. So, that profoundly shows that the time of eating is very important. We are really, very badly in need of a new
lifestyle intervention, and that’s why what we found that if you fast enough, that itself
can be first line of defense. But when we continue to eat, we don’t get a chance to
tap into our stored fat, to our stored glycogen that much. And that storage continues to build
up, and I think that contributes to obesity and consequently to diabetes. This line of study that we did is going to
add just another completely new way of thinking about energy balance, diabetes and obesity,
because it’s not any more calorie in and calorie out, but when the calorie come in that matters.

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  2. Here in austria we are more than 12.000 people doing "10in2", 1 = Eat one day | 0 = Fast one day – in 2 days.. Join us on facebook

  3. Why doesn't my doctor mention this type of eating schedule?? I'm baffled by the fact that something so simple can reduce the risk of so many diseases/conditions

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