14 thoughts on “Police Arrest 4 for Running Brothels in San Jose Residential Neighborhoods

  1. Didn't you just get a new district attorney that plans to not prosecute so called ( living crimes) like prostitution and public defecation and public drug use and public camping. Or was that L.A.

  2. No one is catching robbers, people who break into cars, selling drugs. Where else single guys can get sex? Make it legal !!!!!!

  3. A Chinese guy in Oakland told me those phoney massage parlors cost 200 bucks per shot, and the girls have the condoms, sometimes they will send their best looking Scout Whore with the pretty face or nice Ass walking around the block in tight spandex or Jeans and her job is to get a guy with money preferably Chinese to stop and try to pick her up and she in turn sends him to the whore hotel massage parlor and he gets in there and sees an uglier chick coming to his little room and he's wondering where is the pretty girl I saw outside at, the Scout whore is busy outside walking around the block trying to get more desperate homies in them rooms.

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