Plant-Based Diet Makeover: Lindsay’s Type 1 Diabetes Journey

Plant-Based Diet Makeover: Lindsay’s Type 1 Diabetes Journey

I was at about 175 carbs per day and now I’m
more like 500 carbs per day. My carb to insulin
ratio changed like I said from about 1 to 9 per meal to between 125 – 135 per meal depending
on the day, and my basal rate has changed. I think I started around 16 and now depending
again on those same factors anywhere between like 9 and 12.5. When I was 30 I was initially diagnosed with
type 2 diabetes. I went to an endocrinologist and
they wanted to put me on insulin, but before that I went to go see this naturopath who
was a family friend because I like natural things. He put me on this like meat diet which was
so horrible. So for 6 months, it actually worked. I got my A1C down into the 5 range. Ultimately, that stopped working and I spent
like a couple of months in the 300 range and I felt
so sick. I felt like I was drunk but with no euphoric
effect and it was terrible and I was thirsty and
sick feeling. And also that entire year on meat, I was like
so constipated. Every 3 days I would
have to take laxatives. It was that bad. For breakfast, I would have bacon and eggs,
avocado, and kale sauteed in olive oil. For lunch, I
would eat like a salad with meat on it, and then for dinner I would eat like meat and
vegetables. If I made a smoothie, it had like 10 raspberries
that I counted out. That was the amount of fruit I
was allowed per day. It was like 10 counted raspberries. So the day I was like nope, this isn’t working,
and I got re-diagnosed — the way they found out
that I wasn’t type 2 was that I went on metformin and it had absolutely no effect on me and
they retested everything like my insulin levels. I had like looked for people to help me with
finding food for like a whole year before I actually
found anyone. But then I just googled it again and it
just miraculously both Cyrus and Robby popped up and I think I emailed both of them. When I started the program, I was eating sortof
high fat vegetarian. I was still eating eggs and
dairy and I was at about 175 carbs per day and now I’m more like 500 carbs per day. Making
the taste buds not eat oil at the beginning was hard but that I feel like went away within
a month. With the first month, transition was hard
and figuring out how much to eat. I don’t know. I had a
hard time. I like even stayed on the program for an extra
like 3 months or something because I still couldn’t get things…my body to figure
out. So my doctor still had me on metformin even
though I was taking insulin, which within a month
or maybe just a couple weeks I just went off of that and I didn’t see any huge difference. I was at
about a 1:9 ratio I think for breakfast and lunch and 1:10 for dinner or something like
that, and it jumped really quickly to 1:25 for a while. And now I’m like at 1:15 for breakfast and
1:30 at lunch and dinner and at times that’s too much. It depends on if I ran 7 miles that day. Breakfast is greens and fruit. I have pretty much the same lunch every day,
which is veggies and hummus. And then I eat sauerkraut and some kind of
fruit, and sometimes a little bit of salad on the side. For dinner, I usually eat some kind of mixture
of salad and cooked vegetables and some kind of starch. So, like potatoes or rice or beans. I also sometimes just make nice
cream for dinner, which is like banana ice cream. Sometimes I experiment a little bit more. Like
the other day, I decided to make a raw carrot cake. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything,
and actually if I go out to eat and have a stir-fry that is oily, like I just feel disgusting
after. I can’t
actually believe how much oil I used to eat, and my basal rate has changed. I think I started
around 16 and now I’m anywhere between 9 and 12.5. My cholesterol — I’m really fighting with
bad cholesterol genes and you know even in my mid-twenties when I was taking care of
myself less, I had very high cholesterol and high
triglycerides. And now the numbers are like
completely normal. I started the program and I weighed like 145
pounds and now I weigh just under 130. The #1 thing I would say to anyone who’s considering
a low fat plant based diet is that your taste buds will change. Like that first couple of weeks, it might
be weird and you may be surprised by the combinations you’re having. Stir-frying with broth or water or nothing
instead of two tablespoons or three tablespoons of oil
is absolutely a big shift. Or even salad dressings. Now I’m fine. Mostly, I do like good salad dressings and
I’m a master at making them, but I’m fine with just a squeeze of lemon. But at the beginning of the program, that
just seemed insane and it would make me almost cry. So I think just like accepting that the taste
buds will change and just letting that happen is the #1 thing
I would say to someone considering it.

4 thoughts on “Plant-Based Diet Makeover: Lindsay’s Type 1 Diabetes Journey

  1. hi there excited to come across your channel!
    I was wondering if you had any recommendations for making a plant based diabetic whipped cream at home?
    I found an amazing plant based banoffee creamcake pie but the whipped cream and caramel have a lot of sugar in so I was also wondering if there is an alternative for diabetics for the lotus spread??
    well done for your journey though girl, seriously inspiring <3

  2. have tried this way of eating as i am a t1d too, it didn't work for me and it doesn't for everyone with t1d, glad it works for her

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