100 thoughts on “Pamplona, Spain: Running of the Bulls

  1. how can you call yourself a good person and offer others a chance to watch a creation of god be abused??? oh well,maybe you dont believe in god but believe me… karma is a trip!!!!

  2. To be honest, this is a natural tradition for Spain and despite the death its a LITTLE bit fun
    Atleast you got exercise
    A little tip if you want to join; be sure to look back sometimes to know where the bulls are coming also so you won't die

  3. The reason bulls go crazy and try to kill you is because the humans are running, and the other sad thing is that humans ride horses and I love horses and a lot of them well……die, AND THEY FRICKING STAB THE BULL. But I understand, it’s tradition. And that is just my opinion. Plz no hate ;-;

  4. I've got to go to the running of the bulls one day. Not actually run, but watch from a safe distance. Great event👍🏾👍🏾

  5. If You Ever Fall.. Jump To Left/Right (Wich Is Closest) Than Cover Your Head With You Hands. And Cross Your Legs.. Hope For The Best.. No Promises.

  6. Rick, with your pleasantly appreciating tone of voice succinctly explaining the finer points of the Bull-fighting for our understanding and enjoyment, you have finally nailed the truth about yourself. UGH!

  7. Some people are suppose to know not to take their thoughts so seriously when it comes to regression of humanity.

  8. When they got to the bull ring I was shocked because I thought it was illegal now but I guess not in pamplona! I realy feel sorry for the bull who got those tubes stabbed in it's back. Poor bull. But it's a tradition in Spain so I guess they want go keep it alive.

  9. Why are not many more wearing cameras or phone on their body? If I were to do this, I would wear recording devices, in order to show that I am not cheating; but running as close as I can to the bulls in real time.

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