Only One Drink । मोटापा, गैस और पेटदर्द के लिए । Fatloss, Weightloss & Acidity । Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, How are you all ? I am your friend Suman chauhan. Again I have come with a new video which will help you to loss your fatness. I am going to tell you today about a special drink Special , because neither we will call it tea nor coffee Not even green tea, that is something else You don’t have to buy anything from anywhere Means anything like special tea or coffee You will get all these in your home This drink is tasty and good enough that if you drink once, you will wish to drink more and more What benefits it will give to you When we are fat, belly shows out first Notice any fat person At the starting tummy comes out first, when tummy comes out people become anxious and start thinking about decreasing the tummy and about being slim Fatness is seen by our belly People who have not that much fat belly and healthy, don’t seem to be fat and others don’t tease them When our belly starts to come out others start to tease and laugh at you also advice to do something or say to eat less food. All talk noticing the belly , now why the belly comes out When our digest doesn’t be well and we eat anything not good , gas starts to form in the stomach When gas stores skin of the belly starts swelling. We all know that , nothing important If gas stores in our stomach, food is not digested properly then belly starts coming out What to do ? The drink I am going to tell you that will remove your gas first and the undigested food will be digested It will make your digestive system strong This is a very good drink to make your digestive system strong and you will feel it when you will drink it . It will be effective to decrease your belly , anyone can drink this even child Child eat much unhealthy food from outside , and feel pain many times. Then you can apply , it will remove the pain instant. If anyone feels pain frequently due to gas in the stomach it will recover that too, gas will be throw out When you eat excess , due to this Some times you have much food in your home and you have eaten much , drink this after 30 minutes everything will be digested and the pain will also be cured slowly. Before that , I will tell you one thing I get many comments about , others say anything else whom to listen or whom to not You are tired, nothing to be tired do that what suits you. Suppose, someone has suggested you a drink like tea, coffee and you have used all the people suggest something, and you will use that Someone will face acidity or dryness inside , others will feel something else If that doesn’t suit on you stop that, you don’t have to ask others don’t do that things what doesn’t suit you, never 2nd thing is , applying it or not is up to you Some say, to be slim , coffee should be used, and they say, boil one cup of water and use one pouch in that and then drink the coffee , they suggest to do this for 2 3 times Others say , you have to drink green after every meal green tea should be drunk must 3- 4 times I don’t feel this is good for health I don’t use these things If I feel like drinking coffee sometimes I drink coffee mixing with milk in a limit according to the taste like i use rock candy health doesn’t get spoiled by this good for health and tasty too Some people drink coffee boiling in water I am telling you a little thing I have watched a Vlog of a Vlogger She used to drink coffee boiling in water , her day started with coffee simple coffee boiling in water , She used to drink that hot She also wanted to be slim , Se was also fat but after some days, She fell sick When meeting the doctor after check up , She found, She had thyroid and sugar problem , weakness also , doctor said to give up that coffee , this was harming her If you too are doing the same thing to be slim You drink coffee after every meal stop this, it may harm you If you need to drink coffee , drink once a day Use milk in that , use rock candy this won’t harm you but if you drink much coffee may lead you to problem. This is up to you, drinking or not . Now talk about your drink We will know how to prepare it I am in the kitchen to show you I have taken a cup of water this much, I will suggest this much because, this is like medicine, don’t take excess, like you have taken one glass and drink So, prepare and take this as medicine, sometimes you start to take increasing more than needed or take more in numbers, that harms, If use as medicine, that won’t harm Taken one cup of water I will pour some ginger , perfect quantity for a cup of water little ajwain as you see in the spoon , one clove and one cardamom I will pour breaking it Because, one piece of cardamom is enough for a cup if two cup , pour 2 piece cardamom and tea for color Don’t use tea if you don’t want but if you want color then use very little as much I have used I have cooked this for 1 minute and it is cooked well I am filtering this Little color has come due to tea Mix one spoon honey in it Because , honey should not be cooked in heat so use after filtering One spoon is enough in one cup I will use little lemon not much I will use like 10 -15 drops Don’t make too sour , that makes less tasty We have to make and take this drink as medicine Drink is prepared Make this drink right now and drink how you feel , tasty and what effects create on your stomach And how it makes you feel getting into your stomach whether it will be digested or not You will see it just after drinking it. Just after one drink this will show it’s effect Let me see drinking I have told you about what you use in the drink and how to make You can take this after breakfast or if you have habit of tea , you can use then too But make sure , you have to take this 2 times a day, fix your time, if in the morning and in the noon, no problem or if in the evening, take it You can give it to the child too, if they have eaten much and feel pain give them 1 time a day , they will feel better Anyone , old, young, child , all can take this good for everyone, but yes don’t take much Take 1 or 2 time a day and must comment how you feel after drinking Whether it works or not If you have liked the video, don’t forget to hit like Share and who is yet to subscribe, please subscribe and press the bell icon as well See you in the next video, till then bye bye and take care


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