Omad Intermittent Fasting Results | Weight Loss Youtube Day 341

Omad Intermittent Fasting Results | Weight Loss Youtube Day 341

hi its Mieka fasting weight loss and
today is day 341 of my weight loss journey here on YouTube this is my omad fasting results let me see tell you what I ate what exercise I did first I’m
gonna start with a quote only those who are willing to risk going too far can
possibly find out how far one can go TS Eliot okay only those who are willing
to risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go
TS Eliot we have to push ourselves or we’ll never know what we’re capable of
okay yesterday I had OMAD one meal a day that’s where you just eat one meal
simple all your calories everything you’re gonna eat a one meal simplest
plan ever okay let me see what did I eat I had a salad oh gosh it was so yummy
I’m gonna put it in the thumbnail and I’m gonna put it in my community tab if
you don’t know what the community tab is you go to the person’s Channel and at
the top is the tab that says community so I’m gonna put the picture there I
don’t want to edit this video okay let me see the salad has spinach in that
purple green mix um and it had chicken chicken thigh I just took some of the
chicken thigh and shredded it it had blue cheese dressing ding it I wish I
would have had it here to show you I have two kinds I have the yogurt blue
cheese dressing which is 35 calories per 2 tablespoons and I have the normal I
like wishbone blue cheese dressing a hundred and forty calories for two
tablespoons I have only one of that and then I had
way too much of the other ones so I’m gonna say I did mmm 1000 i’ma say I did
1,100 calories instead of a thousand calories today because I went a little
overboard on my dressing I did measure it out and then after I took the picture
I added some more okay um let me see I put those little tiny crunchy noodles on
top um half a cup is 130 calories I did not put I probably put an eighth of a
cup if that I just sprinkle them on the top I like a crunch I’m like maybe a
sunflower seed or that or croutons I don’t want to do croutons I also really
like the crispy fried onions okay I didn’t put that on there though
that was my salad that was the main oh that was my milk but I also made my
dessert which was peanut butter clubs it was peanut butter powder coconut oil
butter and monk fruit so happy with myself I didn’t add other sweeteners
because monk fruit is zero calories and it does not raise it does not spike your
insulin so I don’t think anyway I like that I like that I didn’t use a sugar
additive besides monk fruit um exercise I went to the gym I did not exercise huh
I did the sauna for 20 minutes and then 10 minutes that was in the morning then
my intentions were to come home get my kids go back to the gym so they could
play basketball and I could do a workout but that didn’t happen
let me see we did go to the water park I made a livestream an hour livestream I
was walking at the water park the whole hour so I did an hour walk I spent 5
hours and 45 minutes at the water park a lot of that was just sitting in the Sun
I did a tiny bit of swimming mostly the exercise for yesterday was the work I’m
supposed to be doing await you guys from my body goals I need to be hitting
weights not doing it um I haven’t been doing it that’s it this is not the plan
the plan is oh man one thousand calories a day with weights that’s what I’m
supposed to be doing I would say yesterday was very successful ok that’s
what I’m gonna say for today and the weight loss results and this is what it
was yesterday I use this one today I am 226.6 that’s
minus two pounds how did you do please like comment and
I’ll see you tomorrow god woman

28 thoughts on “Omad Intermittent Fasting Results | Weight Loss Youtube Day 341

  1. Yes, that quote is amazing it's like not limiting yourself. A lot of people say I can't do anymore I've done my best the truth is only the people that push themselves to extreme levels will ever know what they're really capable of! Btw Minus 2 pounds great work!

  2. Hi Mika. I have a question . What does cauliflower rice taste like? I know the question is not relevant to the video but I just would like to try the cauliflower rice.

  3. Hi Mieka! Happy Tuesday! You got the cool 2222. I'm going to screenshot that when I get there. Great quote. You go this. Keep on having fun. Namaste

  4. I fell off Omad a bit…every couple days I Omad. The other days are in a window. My schedule is all over the place. Getting stronger though. Exercising at least a 20 minute strength HIIT or 2hour walk with jump rope.

  5. 2 lbs! Awesome!! Yesterday was another bad day for me but I did stop eating at 6p. Today was successful, I had my OMAD meal at 6p today (so 24hr fast). Had a big chunky salad with orange and yellow peppers and homemade keto ranch, a homemade low carb turkey pizza roll and two homemade versions of lemon Smartcakes. Filling and delicious

  6. Thank you for your videos. I’ve gained 50 pounds in the last year as a result of me, & big changes too. I want my real self back.

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