Omad Diet One Week Results #weightlossjourney2019 [348]

hi its Meka fasting weight loss and today
is day 348 of my weightlossjourney2019 I’m on a mission to lose 100 pounds
on YouTube and come to you every day with my weight what exercise I do and
what I eat and hopefully to motivate you to lose weight with me today I’m gonna
give you omad diet one week results results how much I lost for the week and
how much I lost since yesterday first I’m gonna start with the quotel it will
okay it will get easier each time I think I hope I just have to keep trying
Jenny Han okay you guys know that’s me right there it will get easier each time
I think I hope I just have to keep trying period keep trying you guys okay
I don’t even care like I guess it’s cuz you guys keep encouraging me no matter
what it used to be embarrassing now I kind of feel good at that I’m just keep
on going no matter what um yeah I’m feeling good about this so
what did I eat yesterday you guys I just so horrendous but not okay
yes in them so I had a little road trip and on my way back I had this in my car
because if you if you’re new I’m a single mom of four kids I have to feed
all five of us it’s just me okay my children if I leave this in the house it
would be gone by the time I get home and there are eight in here so everyone
should get to my four boys they should each get two of these because I was like
gonna eat this this is not my kind of thing
however on my way back from my little trip I said oh I’m gonna have one is
only 90 calories and the flavors are oh and it’s 25% less sugar is 100 calories
for the chocolate chip 100 calories for the peanut butter
chocolate chip and 90 calories for the cookies and cream okay so I decided to
have a peanut butter one 100 calories I still have 900 calories but my meal
maybe I was gonna have like a snack and then my omad because I was just really
fun on the food it was 2:30 it was 2:30 when I was coming back from my road trip
and I was kind of hungry but maybe not it was sitting in my car
okay so I had one and it was so good and then
I had another one it was so good then I was like man I’m just gonna have a cheat
day so then I start playing on what I’m gonna eat I’m gonna go to fast food and
I’m gonna just get stuff cuz I already messed it up and then by the time I got
to work cuz I went to work afterwards but somebody got to work I had had five
of them I had the two cookies and cream only two cookies and cream came in here
and I have three peanut butter ones then I put a whole nother three I put a whole
nother peanut butter one in my purse and at this point I was like I’m gonna get
nachos at work I was just gonna just go crazy
umm not crazy but I was just gonna eat whatever I want and just totally be off
my diet but then I’m like it’s day seven come on man you could do it this is the
seventh day of OMAD I didn’t mess up I stuck till I’m at 1,000 every single
day except for one day I might win over 100 and another day I might have went
over like 20 calories that’s still a thousand to me so I’m like you guys I
made it I made it on the seventh day without going over a thousand calories I
decided that’s it your OMAD today was these granola bars I did not eat again
I really man I fought it and I just didn’t want to mess up the seven thing
so horrible food choice like this is not what I want to do I do not even when I
do fast for that I’m not upset some of you guys might be but I’m not because I
feel like there’s protein and some kind of nutri nutrients in there but this is
like no nutrients at all so this was not good but I’m still very happy because
you guys if you ever know my bench my bench is
this much food and I’m not joking so it was a land with food that was 580
calories I have 580 calories OMAD seven
exercise okay I did one hour on the elliptical and I went hard you guys I
went like 85% effort and that’s a lot harder than I usually go
I burned 550 calories on elliptical I did most of it most of it I think was on
my live stream I did yesterday at the end of the live stream I walked a
lap or two and I did five minutes of jumping rope and I did a whole bunch of
dumbbell bicep curls and overhead press um yeah so yesterday was a success just
bad food choice but good quantity okay I mean you know what I mean calories let’s
see now okay OMAD diet one week results I lost a good amount of week
wait for the week so for yesterday for this morning I’m to 18 point zero okay
so that’s minus two or I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s good you
guys look at the overall I started at 228.6 on the first
day that means I’m down 9.8 in one week right yeah I’m happy with
that nine point eight pounds of seven days is my omad diet one week results
that’s a way you guys now today I don’t know what I’m gonna do I don’t know what
I’m gonna do next if you’re new to my channel I like to do different things
different things that’s not ordinary and I like to just be different okay and
these challenges help me push forward I started at two seventy three point two
and I’m gonna go to what seventy three point two I think I’m gonna keep saying
a hundred pounds cuz it sounds better and we’ll see when I get closer to it
what’s gonna happen but I got a lot of fat in my belly stone
share something with me in the comments thank you so much for watching
especially to the end and I will see you later or tomorrow God willing

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