Omad Diet Cheat Day | 5000 Calorie Cheat Day Unplanned | Weight Loss Journey [350]

Omad Diet Cheat Day | 5000 Calorie Cheat Day Unplanned | Weight Loss Journey [350]

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
I’m on a weight loss journey to lose 100 pounds on YouTube today I’m
about to tell you what I ate yesterday it’s probably 5,000 calories and I’m
just gonna say it because yesterday was a horrible day not eating wise that’s
all you guys and I think about it I got so much stuff left yet
tough love yesterday that I just felt so bad but I needed it but I’m like man if
you want to give me tough love you’re gonna really know what I ate and I’m
prepared for whatever comments people tell me because you guys don’t
understand I keep telling you I eat like a 600 pound person
I’m not joking so if I have a day where I eat like 500 calories or a thousand
calories it’s a battle daily to do good okay so that’s me I am Who I am I know
what my problems are I’m working on it and I have to stick to omad diet I have to
stick the structure structure because when I have a full day of eating this is
what happens this right here um I’m just gonna say it man I’m really I’m not
trying to sugarcoat people say they like me cuz I’m real I’m not all the way real
because really it’s these people that I care about didn’t really totally rag on
me so bad yesterday I wouldn’t be sharing this but I’m like man if you
only knew what I’m eating what you’re telling me right now you don’t even know
everything that I’m eating okay so I’m telling you everything but before I tell
you that because I want you to listen to something else oh my gosh my car is
undriveable again I have a cab coming this morning God willing I hope I’m
pretty sure he’s gonna come I have all kinds of other problems you guys like
this and I have ma’am I have all kinds of other problems but I’m happy I’m
human happy to share what a hi-8 yesterday I really am because like I
said yesterday life is good I feel blessed I have a lot of thoughts
about me that people just have no clue and the only thing I really working
on is a weight loss I need to work on this and I need to work on everything of
my wife um but I don’t know why I’m happy I mean maybe I’m happy because I’m
about to let this out and I know people are gonna be like what the heck I cannot
believe this woman ate all that food and the only reason why I feel bad about it
is because of the tough love I received I’m not proud of it I want to change it
but if they were the same thing back to me I would have enjoyed my food
yesterday but it was too much and it’s it’s unacceptable but I know there’s
other people like me okay I don’t get almost 297 300 pounds by just eating
good no that’s not how I got this okay and I’m working on it and there’s
there’s no way to justify it okay now whoo man okay my car is messed up I got
other problems what did i do I’m just gonna go
throughout the day what happened woke up Nikki and I went to the pool I was
feeling weak because I did 36-hour fast the day before and no eating so I
stopped and got it I’ve stopped at the Kwik Trip and I got a honey roasted
peanut and a pepper jack stick okay so that’s I wrote it down I’m gonna say
that was 250 and 90 90 calories I needed some I needed something and
that’s what I chose um got to the gym at 5:00 did um 45 minutes we just went back
and forth kind of playing around like walking with the dumbbells under the
water then she left then I did 35 minutes against the current of the the
lat lazy river lap thing then I went home
okay then I did my YouTube video my video
takes me at least an hour to an hour and a half to do everything I gotta do to
upload it okay I did that went to work my first client does show up and I did
two more cleans two or three more clients then I left work at three Oh No
so then on my way to work I would back to quick trip okay
one in chick-fil-a I wanted to shake I was thinking that’s gonna be 750
calories a strawberry shake large and I wanted chicken strips that’s what I
wanted for breakfast I was trying to time get into chick-fil-a and and work
so I was like no you’re not gonna do that then I was like yes you are I
wanted it so bad when I was something so bad I just want to get it because my
mind is gonna keep thinking about it but I still wasn’t thinking I was gonna do
this okay um I got into the car it was like 10 23 there’s no way I can make it
to chick-fil-a and work by 11 o’clock so I went to click trip again I’ve also
been craving over the last week a sriracha egg roll which I did not know
it was only 150 calories so oh my gosh you guys I thought I know people is
gonna be like I know I’m gonna have so much hate but I don’t even care because
this is me and I eat like this sometimes when I don’t tell you guys stuff this is
how I eat and maybe even more I don’t know but similar to this my own bad
cheat day that’s what I’m I’m turning this into oh man Channel like oh man I’m
still fasting weight loss so I’m gonna sometimes do 36 whatever kind of I’m
still gonna switch it up but mental oh man
cuz that works for me I can have my portion the way I want it and I could
just think about when when I do on that I’m not thinking about what can I eat
all day like it just helps me out a lot so my new focus is gonna be try to have
oh man for now during this journey okay okay so sriracha egg roll I got the
pepper jack taquito I got a side of cheese because a person
like me does always want some more extra stuff um – peanut butter cookies I
wanted something sweet okay um so I walked out of the Kwik Trip with those
things and I look through the cookies that said 800 or 840 calories I could
not believe it I was blown away um but I didn’t go return it or put it back no
eyewitness I ate these things on the way to work so that first meal was for 4450
a.m. the second one was 10:30 um let me see so 800 for the cookies 150
for sriracha 284 the taquito and I’m I think the cheese is either 60 or 75
calories and all the calories are posted in there okay so now I’m at work I I got
through work when my last client went under the dryer let’s say 2:30
no 3:30 um I went to get my nachos but instead of getting nachos I got the
nachos in the bag I’m on the phone with someone very important to me that is a
healthy is working on being a healthy person and they’re hearing me going in
they’re like they’re like you don’t need that that was my first dose of tough
love and they were not playing and I told them early on the day I’m gonna do
oh I’m gonna do it off day to day I’m gonna do omad diet
um till my trip on my trip I’m gonna eat I’m gonna eat on my trip and then when I
get back strict oh man healthy choices okay that’s what I told him in the
morning so it was weird to me when we was on the phone and they were like you
don’t need that of course I know I don’t need that so that was the first dose um
but they didn’t even know what I was really good and I was like man you’re
hearing me get the nachos but you don’t even know what I’m really kidding I got
the nachos storino back and I got another potato chip bag man I wish I
could read people’s minds that’s watching me right now okay so um
basically they put that in the container and they put nacho cheese over it oh and
before I got that my client is nine and his brother was there he’s nine
I’m the dad I don’t know where he was um but I put him under the dryer and I have
a candy dish it has Laffy Taffy’s in it um I gave them each alleppey taffy and I
was like hmm the banana Laffy Taffy might be good I don’t eat that kind of
candy and I don’t do sugar like that but today I don’t know I said I’m gonna try
so I had the Laffy Taffy damn I ain’t got the two bags of chips and the cheese
you know I might lose people today but man you weren’t real like this is gonna
be real okay so then I had the two bags Lord you know the big you know
you know what accents are not a big bag but a big bag like a three serving bag
to those and then they put nacho cheese around it jalapenos and sour cream all
the while they’re on the phone with me and they don’t know I have two bags
they’re thinking I have one bag and they’re like sour cream and this and
that they was like feeling outraged by my choice cuz they know I’m better than
this and I was like man I’m just gonna do it this this one last day and you
know how people with problems they’re like this one last day but I really was
serious because I hated how I was making my friend film okay so then I go back to
my store and now I have the two I have the two night gyros and their
five-year-old sister I don’t know where the dad was I gave
them each one I was like okay that’s hoping I give them each a nacho then I
ate all of that okay then I left and in my mind I’m still eating a meal because
I left work at 5:00 something I get home my car was messed up on me smelling all
kinds of stuff so I open the hood and Mark pipe to where the thermostat goes I
don’t know the radiator system stuff it the whole pipe I had a new leak the pipe
was totally burst there’s fluid all over my car again I’m like are you serious I
can’t go to the gym now I can’t even move my car now so my client friend /
mechanic he came and we went to O’Reilly he fixed it something like great he
fixed it and you guys I can’t not be spending money right now I have this
trip next week so um 7:30 he’s done okay I get one
mistake 7:30 is done I’m driving – this is my foot I’m driving to the gym and
then I’m driving to get some ice cream stuff in my dinner that’s what I’m
thinking and I was even asking a friend I want yeah I asked a friend I told my
friend my car is not working and they’re like oh no you need a ride and I was
like yeah and I’m thinking I’m gonna write to the gym and to get food
afterwards um anyway they didn’t end up coming he ended up fixing it so now I’m
driving to the gym um and my car overheats so now and he told me earlier
if this is my something else happens you need a new
thermostat so I made it I kind of made it too I made it too quick and then um
anyway let me just skip went to the gym I made it with the car the older he went
off but the radiator cap so let me stop talking about the cart my cart is messed
up okay but I made at home thank God I made up on with food now I’m on the
phone with somebody again somebody that thought I was done eating for the day
when they were upset about my lunch at work they didn’t even know I wasn’t done
they was like I bet you was done like this and that I’m not even man there’s
another person that gave me big tough love they told me I will never they they
feel like I’m gonna sabotage myself every time I never make it to 199 so
they gave me a 200 or $300 $300 challenge um to get to 199 is staying
there for 10 days but I have to get there before them I’m like wow do you
really think I’ll never get to 199 you guys I have so much tough love it really
kind of hurts but it doesn’t because I know these people care about me so it’s
different than someone that’s gonna be totally outraged and disgusted by all
this food that I hate these people are gonna be disgusted too but I know they
care about me and I know it’s not cute to do this and I don’t even want to be
around like I will you know I would be around someone that’s trying hard but it
would make me so upset and sad it would make me sad that they chose this okay
okay I just want to say this okay so let me see him so what did I end up getting
I put them on mute and they was like are you serious like they was like main or I
put them on mute I didn’t even know they were gonna notice so I went in I got
here you go this is what I ordered because they didn’t hear what I ordered
I got onion rings cheeseburger deluxe um a large concrete ice cream and a side of
cheese because the menu said trailer cheese and I got a large Mountain Dew
zero I’m assuming that zero calories now I’m gonna tell you what I think these
calories were okay 300 for the onion rings this is just a rough estimate
I think the burger and it could be give or take a hundred um the burger 500 the
concrete large ice-cream 750 cheese sauce 100 the large Mountain Dew zero I
don’t think that has calories so when I added up everything I came to like 4200
I’m just gonna round it up to say my omad diet cheat day was 5,000 calories um it was horrendous but I just felt like getting
this all out and people’s gonna really know now like that’s exactly every
single thing that I ate yesterday you guys now for the weight gain okay oh the
exercise I also did a I did an hour a walk in I’m at the gym and like five
minutes in the sauna okay so that’s what I ate now for the
weight it’s a game it’s a game I’m not I’m gonna acting like this is nothing
I’m just trying to mentally do this where like I don’t know I’m not gonna
feel sad I’m not gonna fall down it’s just embarrassing but it’s not even I
don’t know let me just stop talking okay so they 350 only 15 days left 365 15
days left of the year okay today I’m to nineteen point two I just
put a B you know what that means it’s a cheat day but it’s more than a
cheat day a cheat day I could have had one if I would have had like the onion
ring dinner meal as one cheat day that would only been – 750 max 2000 calories probably like 15
so 150 1050 plus 600 are you serious
that would only been like 1,500 calories if I would have only have that so if I I
will be man I’m just gonna start tell you guys what I have because this is
like liberating to me and I know there’s other people like me there might not be
a lot but yeah I’m not making it okay this is not okay that’s another reason
why I don’t want to say this this is not okay this is why I’m looking puffy
probably today this is why I got to 201 this is why I got to 297 273 this is
unhealthy is not okay I do not plan to do this again because it’s horrible for
me it’s a horrible example this is not what I want to be and I want the people
that care about me to be proud of me I want to be disciplined I want to hear
how they’re doing and I want to do good like that okay movie thank you for
watching all this thank you for being a little kind in your wording of whatever
you’re going to tell me I’m gonna read every comment and I’m going to respond
and the best way I can if you can’t relate um I don’t even know what else to
say I’m just gonna I might just say thank you um I might say thank you for
watching I don’t know but I’m mentally prepared because yesterday I got a
beat-down from people that care about me and I know it and this is not the friend
I want to give them some have a good day please share with me below like how
you’re doing your goals and have a great good choice day bye

59 thoughts on “Omad Diet Cheat Day | 5000 Calorie Cheat Day Unplanned | Weight Loss Journey [350]

  1. Tough love is hard but if its good intentioned we can grow from it. I always tell my nieces and nephews the only reason I tell them off is because I love them, if I didn't care so much I wouldn't say anything. Sending you all those positive vibes!

  2. I don’t know if this is good or bad but watching your videos makes me go longer on all my fasting so to me you motivate me to fast longer

  3. No it’s not ok but I understand. I went a lil overboard yesterday. But I keep pushing forward 🤷🏽‍♀️. We can’t give up no matter what. There will be days(me) that’s not good but never quit and never ever give up. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

  4. i didn't expect this video today! but it is what it is right (part of the journey)… comfort eating when times are tough. that saw me jump to 182 earlier this week after a TON of ice cream on the weekend (sat and sunday eating it. easy 6000 cals of ice cream if you go by the labels.. and sweets on top..). but now back to 172 today @ 92hrs fasting. you probably will gain water weight but it will come off fast. you still sound upbeat which is great. 199 by 365 could maybe be done if you fast the whole way there.. woooooo!!! that is a challenge. 350 bucks. show me the money! go watch Jerry Maguire for motivation.

    the painful part for me about cheating isn't the calories so much.. not all calories are created equal after all – especially to us fatties where our hormones are already messed up. if you had 5,000 cals of meat for example then your insulin levels wouldn't have shot up like they did with this day. and your glycogen stores wouldn't be filled up in your muscles and liver like they are now (true tough love but it needs to be said right?). now it will take some days and effort to bring them back down (wasted days i call them because they set you back on progress). OMAD can help. so would fasting/exercise/low carb.

    chin up though, you are transparent and honest which is what we value a lot of here.. and it's all a journey which we want to see you succeed on. we all fall down but we must get back up and continue.. to a slim, healthier and sexier self! the person we deserve to be. getting there is hard work, but it will be worth it in the end!

  5. You are working on everything in your life. You dip your brain in the motivation wash tub everyday, you are making real changes, you are being accountable to the Fasting Tribe here on YouTube. Awareness is the 1st step to making change. The second is acceptance. Then action. You got this!!!

    I want food today hard, but fasting for make-up days for Ramadan, so doin' it! That's thanks to you Mieka. Thanks for keepin' on keepin' on. 💖🔥🌹

  6. Yes that was a bad day but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back from it. Fitness has its ups and downs, but it’s always worth the struggle. If it was easy EVERYONE would be fit. That’s why it’s so rewarding because you know the time and work it takes to get to that point. Don’t quit now, keep going! You have to many rooting for you!💪🏽❤️

  7. Lol tough love in the comments. But it's only because we love you. You're always doing amazing. The ups and downs happen, but it's okay.

  8. Mieka! I feel sad that you’re beating yourself up so hard… you will in sha Allah if course reach your goal… your progress is evidence that you will persevere until you do. Keep on keeping on! And keep on inspiring! X ws

  9. You will do good. In my opinion, it's great that you recognized that you messed up. And you resolved to get right back on it so you will be fine. You'll see 199 soon enough.

  10. hi mieka good video sorry you had a bad day its okay stuff likes this happens doint let it get you down or mess up your day just keep on pushing you are doing the best you can so everything is gonna be okay im sending a big hug your way thanks for sharing this love you with all my heart peace


    Sometimes we need to revisit our first video to acknowledge and give ourselves credit for the few victories along the way.

  12. You still doing great, I hat a cheat day yesterday also and I ate around 11 PM and it was fried chicken n chicken strips n noodles n eggs and a slice of pecan pie.. but it came right through me the next day..and I didnt gain a pound… you are right it is a battle eatting right every day, but we got this…because yesterday I was like I'm done with this exercising and crap..but I will keep pushing…Love you sis😍

  13. Thank you for sharing, we all need to work on other things in our life.. though love is good…it hurts but make you a better person…."OPEN REBUKE IS BETTER THAN HIDDEN LOVE"

  14. We all make mistakes but don't let yesterday mess up your progress. Just continue moving forward. You may want to go on a 21 day water fast to knock your habits. I eat like the way you eat and before hand I didn't gain no weight but it caught up with me. So keep moving forward.

  15. Had to pause the video for a bit there as something came up but just got to the end and wanted to say well done for how far you’ve come… so close to a full year of striving Masha’Allah… what’s your plan for the lead up to the year mark? Do you have any particular challenges scheduled… sorry if you already mentioned this in another video, I don’t remember! Will be cheering you on regardless!

  16. This why I follow you. You are someone who struggles with binge eating and most people don’t understand what it’s like to deal with food addiction. I sure hope your day is better and God bless you!

  17. I understand what you had to say so much. It's a struggle for me not to eat 3000 calories worth of junk everyday. I can't say how big I got because I'm too ashamed, but between thyroid disease, liver disease, high insulin, and uterine issues that required birth control…I managed to get REALLY big. I started my weight loss journey July 16th and weigh 33 pounds less and can wear size 18 now. I'm 5'8. I watch you and Cole while I do 3-4 hours of dry fasted cardio per day. I'm glad I found you guys. I no longer have high insulin. I have had social phobia and agoraphobia most of my life so I'm in the house with food all day and the struggle is real. Wow that was long-winded.😂

  18. I understand.. Don't think I don't.
    Oh I don't do well with tuff love.. I am tuff enough on myself. I have to have structure too. Easier to not eat than to eat & stop for me.

  19. First off, you are looking so slim. How liberating is this vlog sis. Deep down you know what you need to do. I was watching the fasting fat man, a few days ago, and he talked about cheat meals. He really put into perspective for me. He said that he doesn't do a cheat meal because he knows he is no different than an addict and all that would be doing is giving him a "fix'. I was like wow. I am going to keep thinking about that. Just wanted to share. I truly cannot wait to celebrate onederland with you my friend. Much love

  20. You were in your food addiction brain yesterday, I've been there so many times, even recently. The bargaining, the 'this is my last time then I'm gonna get serious', the gaining and losing cycle. I'm with you. We don't get to 300 lbs or higher by just liking food, we have issues. It's brave of you to come clean. We can do this though. I'm 2 weeks into my 'starting over' because I didn't lose a thing in August I stalled I'd do well for a couple days then over eat on my omad for a couple days…I recycled the same ten pounds the whole month of August. I know if I let myself I could get back up again in a heart beat.

  21. What’s awesome is that you write down what you eat, you admit to us that you’re human, if I have a cheat day, I bury my head in the sand and feel sorry for myself 😂 so give yourself a break and get back on the horse! 👍❤️💪😊

  22. Yeah that much food would make me sooo sick lol
    You just had a bad day & it snow balled
    You just have to keep going. I would fast to get that food out of me then go back to Your Omad but that’s beacuse I know that that food would make me so sick
    I’m back on my fast. I’m trying to go two weeks fasting so hopefully I’ll be down to 169-171 at the end of this fast

  23. Lots of folks like us! Most of Americans eat like that everyday. You and I know there’s a lot of trickery on YouTube. We plan to post soon but I fell the other day and totally jacked myself up! Scrapped up my face, hands and legs😢. Banana is my fav!!! Love ya🌞💋💋

  24. I am right there with you I will do a week of good eating and then have a day where I eat a huge breakfast a whole medium pizza, burger with coke and fries and snack on junk food all day it is just awful… thanks for sharing

  25. It will trick your body into thinking it’s not starving. Yea temptations are hard when you see it as negative video coming tomorrow

  26. Good grief! You're so funny! I bet a ton of people eat this way and hide it! Anyhow, I believe that if you honor that "desparate need" to binge and then move on to your amazing omad schedule after a while you begin to trust yourself and that terrible food fear drive dissipates, but you have to trust! Appetite Correction comes sooner or later! Later for me, but came never the less. I just believe it's a trust issue. Was for me anyhow. Good luck!

  27. You're very brave posting the truth when you back step. One of the reasons I'm having a hard time just making one YouTube video about my journey is my fear of what others will think when I have a day where I slip. You're still an inspiration, and a great example of owning your choices, even when you're aware they weren't the best choices.

  28. Very useful for me
    Thanks for sharing new friend here ❤️ hopefully support me back ☺️💯 ❣️ and stay connected 👍😊

  29. I feel you. Fasting is easy but eating???!!….it’s a journey for real. I think it’s nutrient deficiency on some level. Eating because the body is needing something. I can eat 5000 calories in one sitting ever since fasting and growing muscle. The calories aren’t the issue you know that. It’s definitely the food choices. Your punishment should be liver! Lol! That will get you good since you don’t like it.😂😂😂raw…🤣🤣🤣! You’re like that vegan lady get caught eating fish! But here’s the thing…it may not even through you off. Plus, you’re a fabulous human being…you are bigger than your body. What lesson is you spirit teaching you?

  30. It's a journey with ups and downs…you should be proud of what you achieved but dont forget WHY you are doing this. You are motivating a lot of people. I lost now more than 2kg just watching you! You see…you are inspiring people..

  31. Your human as long as your acknowledging you have a problem and willing to correct it. You are still a winner. Your a food addict like most of us it takes time to truly heal from addiction when your in recovery. Stress triggered you and you relapsed try to find ways to relieve stress instead of eating. Happy Fasting. Asalaam Aliakum😄😄😄

  32. Every Journey is going the way it's supposed to go. No one knows what you go through or why you do what you do but you. You have been an amazing inspiration 2 a large amount of people and you continue to be an amazing inspiration. As long as you learned from your mistake it wasn't really a mistake it was a lesson learned. I'm in the same situation and I do the same thing we will continue to grow God willing stay strong keep moving forward. Keep going for you but also I need you LOL so please keep doing what you do 🙂

  33. Giiiirrrrrl you need to stop worrying about people. YOU had a cheat day. Ain't nobody business but yours. You know what to do. Pick yourself up and move on from here……I too get comfortable when I'm doing good and go overboard, but hey my problem, no one else.

  34. Put it behind you. We all binge at times. Keep going….you xan do it Meika. You got this. Truly, I understand. I am trying the beef n butter fast to get back on track. Seems like I get off track every weekend, but will never give up. Never.

  35. I think you are doing great. I hate counting calories, and I dang sure wouldn't count them on a cheat day. If you are doing omad and IF most days you will lose weight. I was doing keto for a couple weeks, but I fell off the wagon a couple days ago. We are all learning, the biggest thing is to keep trying.

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