Hello everyone, today I’m here to tell you you how can lose four to nine pounds of belly fat in a single week. by eating whatever you want without doing a lick of exercise. [intro music] Oh no, seriously, I’m here to tell you about Skinny Hank. For ten days you eat nothing but corn dogs and my patented fat metabolizing peanut sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla make sure you take the stick out. you eat that and exclusively that, you understand, for ten days. you might notice that your face and feet start getting a little puffy, but don’t worry about that, that’ll go away. Then, after ten days of that, you can eat whatever you want, I promise. Bada-bam, you got ryan gosling abs and I’d show you mine, They’re there but, we have like an agreement with our advertisers and I’m contractually bound to keep my shirt on. Was that too much? I don’t know if that was too much. It may have been too much. I apologize if it was but there was a point in there somewhere amongst the cheetos, and the point is that you can’t go anywhere these days without someone telling you how you might be able to become thinner. Partially because it’s a really good way to sell people things because we’re very conscious about our bodies but it’s also because Americans these days..are getting fat and not just fat but obese and it’s happening really, really fast. This is a map of the United States starting in 1980, because that’s when the CDC started collecting data on obesity it was about at 10% and as time goes on things start to get a little scary and the whole country but mostly…focusing…mississippi What is mississippi doing? Stop doing that! You can see suddenly, in the last 30 years, a lot of America has an average obesity rate of above 30% I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings or anything, but we’re fat and we’re getting fatter and it’s not just Americans, we like to make fun of Americans particularly for getting so rotund so quickly but it’s the whole world really or the whole developed world. We have seven billion people on the Earth right now and a lot of people studying this think that 2.3 billion of them will be obese by 2015. dang, that is a lot of obese people. and to be clear here, doctors don’t go around hollering about how we need to lose weight because they’re being paid off by the health foods industry it’s actually really bad for us. carrying around a lot of extra body weight can kill you in many unpleasant ways including our two favorite ways to die: heart disease and cancer but also the new epidemic of type two diabetes so being fat is objectively bad for you. but the question remains, how did it happen so quickly and why did it happen so quickly so! what’s going on? because the data on obesity would suggest that we’re all just sitting around eating pork cracklin’s all day [crunch] that, I think was the very first pork cracklin I’ve ever eaten in my life and I can tell you why why do people eat these? that’s not food. It’s not just certain groups of people, it’s everybody. It’s little kids and it’s old people and it’s rich people and it’s poor people and it’s new immigrants to America and it’s people whose ancestors came over on the mayflower. Conventional wisdom and scientific rationality tells us that this is a numbers game. It’s calories in verus calories out. It’s the first friggin law of thermodynamics, people. Our doctors never shut up about having us eat right and exercise, and they’re basically right. If we do that we should be able to maintain a normal, healthy body shape. Whereas a quick perusal of the contents of your average grocery store will tell you, that we do not eat right and a quick examination of the way that I, for example, live my life would indicate that we don’t – we don’t exercise very often I…love to sit. But, doctors are now pretty sure that, in fact, its not just diet and exercise. There has to be some other reason why America, and the rest of the world, is having this crazy obesity epidemic. Because scientists and doctors have been setting out again and again to prove that it’s just diet and exercise and everytime they come back and they pretty much fail. For example, in the year 2000, they took 1700 school children from forty different schools and they divided them into groups, kind of a cruel thing to do but they did it, and they gave one of the groups better physical education and a better diet and they gave the other group less physical education and the same old diet. The same old diet they had always been eating, which, if you remember school lunch – not good. At the end of three years of that, some of the smartest people in the world, armed with the best research equipment that you could buy, and millions of dollars, and lots of free time, couldn’t find a difference in the BMI of those two groups of kids. So researches are now setting their sights at overall macro changes in the way that humans are living and even changes to our genes, that may be defining why we are so obese now, and maybe we don’t have to blame ourselves anymore. First reason: not enough sleep. It’s hard to get precise data on how long people sleep at night, but our best guess is that since the 1960s we’ve lost about two hours of sleep per night. We’re just very busy people. And there are a bunch of studies that show that as you sleep less, your BMI goes up. Which is why I like to sleep 10 or 12 hours a day. And this is kind of hard data to figure out, because obesity actually leads to sleep disorders, and so obese people have a harder time sleeping, and so it’s hard to figure out whether the lack of sleep is leading to the obesity or the obesity is leading to the lack of sleep. But scientists have actually done a pretty good job of figuring out that sleep depravation actually causes obesity. and they figured out, one mechanism at least, as to why. For example, there’s a hormone called Leptin and theres another called Ghrelin, and when you’re sleep deprived, those hormones get all out of wack and they start to tell your body that you’re hungry when what, in fact, you probably need its not food but sleep Reason #2: climate control So this doesn’t immediately make sense, but we’re warm-blooded mammals. We have to expend energy to keep our bodies at the temperature at which they can exist. If our bodies get too hot, then we die, and if they get too cold, then we die. Over the past 30 years, our indoor spaces have become more and more exactly what we want them to be. We have really good climate control systems now. It’s warm inside when it’s cold outside and it’s cold inside when it’s warm outside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to argue against this, I love that I love coming home and having it not be 30 degrees inside, but it does in fact take a huge amount of our calories to keep our bodies at the optimal temperature, and we’re simply not expending those calories anymore, because it’s always 72 degrees inside. Reason #3: We all quit smoking. To be clear, cigarettes are much more deadly than obesity. Facts is facts people, nicotine is an appetite supressant. So, if you smoke, you eat less. Even worse, if you smoke and then you stop, you eat more. I’ve also, in the same vein, heard that meth is a really great weight loss strategy. Especially because you lose your teeth and hair, and those things have mass, so you know…that’s good. What I’m saying here is don’t start smoking. Also, don’t do meth. Making crystal meth, #3 reason that we’re all getting fatter. Industrial chemicals! Everyday, you and I, and everyone else in America, is exposed to thousands of industrial chemicals. Resins, solvents, perfumes, dyes, all that lovely weird stuff that they put in chicken nuggets. We swallow them, we inhale them, we absorb them through our skin. Researchers, for example, are working with these poor, chubby, little rats, and exposing them to hexochlorobenzine, which is an industrial pesticide, and the rats exposed to [this chemical], are significantly fatter than rats that aren’t, even when you feed the exposed rats half as much food as the control rats. That is unfortunate. Another reason why we may be getting fatter: your mom. So your chances of getting fat, unfortunately, may be set even before you are born. First, because overweight women tend to choose overweight men to father their offspring. Then you end up with two sets of overweight genes overlapping in your chromosomes. Also women who are overweight during pregnancy or contract gestational diabetes, tend to give birth to babies who will later in life become obese. Also, your changes of being obese later in life, are also affected by how old your mom was when she gave birth to you. The average age of a first time mother jumped from 21 in 1970 to 25 in the year 2000. And some studies have come up with weird studies about this, like, “For every 5 years a woman waits to have a baby, that baby is 14% more likely to become obese” and now is the part where I explain to you why this is, except…no one has any idea. The final contender in the “your mom” category: your mom. You can blame her for pretty much everything now. It’s epigenetics. We’ve done a whole episode on epigenetics and you can click over here to go to that episode. You’ll learn about all of the things your parents did to you before you were born. So you should watch that episode because it’s gonna make you be like [exaggerated voice] what? Basically, we used to think that your genes were your genes, but it turns out there’s a bunch of information that’s above the genome. Which is what epigenetics means; above genetics. That epigenetic information can be created just one generation before you, and totally change the way that your genome is expressed So basically the way that your mom ate food and whether she smoked cigarettes, and how stressed out she was can all effect your changes of becoming an obese person. and finally, our last reason why people are obese: Gut Bacteria. So the bacteria in our bodies are fantastic and we like to think of ourselves as big, independent, individuals, but actually, we’re a symbiotic ecosystem up in here. There are more bacteria cells in our body then there are us cells. That’s weird, huh? So the bacteria in our gut are super fantastic, really great hard-working little guys, and they help us metabolize food, they help us create certain types of vitamins and it turns out that skinny people tend to have more gut bacteria and different types of gut bacteria than obese people. I mean, the question is what do we do about that? It’s not like you could take a healthy person’s gut bacteria and put them in……actually, you can do that, and it’s really simple to do. It’s just hard to get people to agree to it. It’s called a fecal transplant and it’s exactly what it sounds like. So, yeah. Take healthy gut bacteria, extract it from a healthy person and insert it into an unhealthy ecosystem of gut bacteria… and it works. It could solve all sorts of weird problems. From like really bad intestinal infections, to actually helping people with obesity. So in conclusion, Skinny Hank’s Weight Loss Peanut Sauce ™, is not going to help you, We do now have a prescription for weight loss for you. #1: Get More Sleep #2: Have your mom give birth to you when she’s a little bit younger. #3: See what you can do about before you’re born. Make sure your mom doesn’t smoke, overeat and gets with skinnier guys. #4 Do not heat or cool your house. Think of all the money you’ll save on utilities. #5: Move to a different planet, that isn’t laced with industrial chemicals. Yes, it is also probably a good idea to eat better and exercise more. [sources in the description and promo for social media]

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  1. I think it's microwaves. It makes delicious, convenient, and easy food, fast. If you didn't have a microwave, you wouldn't want to eat out of boredom because it would take too much effort. Whenever I've been without a microwave, I've lost weight, because my laziness overrode my hunger in most situations. Also fast food and drive-throughs and food delivery. All these things take a lot less effort. A fattening and delicious meal should take time and effort, and it doesn't.

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  3. calories in = calories out
    Proceeds to explain how everything (including hormones) except that, will make you fat

    Low carbers: lulz

    You in the future: where’s my flamdamnflyingcar?!
    The future: naw. We gots fecal transplants. Bottoms up lil’buddy 😀

  4. I recently lost one of my legs and was talking to my physiotherapist about the statistics of people who lose limbs. she said that in her working life the number of people losing limbs, especially legs, from weight-related problems has skyrocketed and I find it kind of fascinating that no one talks about that being an issue that comes from obesity. when she first started it was mainly elderly people and people in car accidents, but now its mostly diabetics resulting from being overweight, at least in our area.

  5. hexachlorobenzene has been banned worldwide since 2001, if that was a significant reason we’d have seen a decrease of obesity starting in 2001

  6. I gain weight easily and have ALWAYS had a hard time losing weight, no matter how little I ate and how much I worked out I was never my ideal body weight and people were always surprised I even went to the gym also I'm always constipated no matter how much fruit and veg I eat, on the other hand my husband is naturally thin, eats crap, never works out and poop ALL THE DAMN TIME. my conclusion is I 100% believe in that gutt bacteria fact.

  7. Ah! My mom smoked AND did cocaine when she was young! And then had me at 42! And both of my parents are slightly overweight! I guess I’ll just prepare for the worst then

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  9. Bad health is part of socialism, the more social programs that a nation has the worse off will be their health and the greater will be their obesity. The Soviet Union was so full of alcoholics, obesity, bad health, bad diet and eating habits. The US used to have or was among  the healthiest people in the world but now is declining due to the increase in socialism.

  10. How are people even debating this good times make weak men weak men make bad times bad times make strong men times have been great so there it is

  11. Not to be a Debby Downer but in 1970s Earl Butz had every damn farm in the US switch from grain production to corn production. 
    What used to be reserved for pig slop suddenly became widespread. 
    There a lot of reasons why, but the famines in the Ukraine as a result of Stalinist Soviet-Style agrarian Planning, (or lack thereof,) didn't help. The USA and Canada* were selling as much wheat as they could to the USSR because the alternative was a thermonuclear war over food.
    Then the USDA started to look for and subsidize other uses for corn which resulted in HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup,) which had never been seen before by any organism on earth, and which evolution had no experience with. It still doesn't.
    The average supermarket shelves would be pretty much empty if they were forced to get rid of every product containing HFCS.

    What does any organism do with crap it's eaten that it can't digest? It deposits it in adipose tissue, A.K.A. stores it in fat. 
    Look at pictures of children and teenagers from the 1970s and they pretty much all look thin.
    Look at pictures of children and teenagers from the 2010s and they pretty much all look like stuffed sausages.
    Why? Because evolution has not prepared human beings to deal with HFCS.

  12. By 2015… It's like TIME TRAVEL! I'm watching this FROM THE FUTURE! Dear Past Hank, the numbers are bad. 75% of men and 60% of women in the US are overweight or obese.

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    8:11 – Hank realizes that one of the individuals might fit if on the horizontal plane.
    8:14 – Hank realizes that this is a puzzle he rather would not have solved.

  16. In 2012, China was at <10% obesity prevalence, and now they have an obesity problem (>20% in the cities). Welcome to the developed world, China.

  17. is hank alright??? he srsly looks drunk in this video. im not sure if hes trying to be somber ab a srs topic but if he was y would he make "ur mom" jokes…… i dont understand why his attitude changed for this video

  18. I'm not a native English speaker, so watching Scishow videos always makes me feel smarter AND learn some new English word that I end up being obsessed about
    This video's word is: ROTUND

  19. I found that for me the easiest way to loose weight is cutting bread and pasta out of my diet. Replacing them with rice and oats. As well as continuing to eat the same amount of meat, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables. And I drink coffee, tea and water. Sodas occasionally but only like two or three a week.

  20. Use a bicycle for intracity travel as much as possible and do not avoid hills. Also, eat vegetables, fruits, and fish. All three taste good.

  21. We're doomed! 😰

    Vertasium did an interesting video about our food, mainly the plants, are becoming less nutritious because if the increase of CO2 in the air.
    Link ⬇️

    So, even though crops have a trend of less protein, there could be a day when dieting won't work so well anymore. I fear for our world.

  22. Was Venezuela the same color as the US in the world map at 2:11? That makes me doubt its veracity. Please explain.

  23. The food pyramid is the root cause of obesity, heart disease and diabetes epidemic. Keto is how humans are supposed to eat.

  24. important thing you missed there is different kinds of metabolism, there is fast and slow metabolism. When our caloric input is too high, fast metabolism people tend to decreases the mitochondrial efficiency creating more free radicals on the ATP combustion, to compensate the excess. On the other hand, the slow metabolism tends to storage in body fat, the energy excess. So our metabolism is capable of being super efficient in the use of energy, adapted to extreme conditions and fasting. The difference in the "fat" genetic is the response to an excess of calories, but overfeeding is bad also if you are fast metabolism(+ carcinogenic molecules, less life span). The less calories ingested(protein diet with lot of vitamins), better mitochondrial efficiency so, less free radicals and less body fat. Being raised in a consumerist society feedback compulsive behaviors like shopping, eating and watch commercials as an habit vs the conditions where our genes where adapted: hunt to eat fresh proteins and do/make all by yourself. The high amount of hormones, drugs and chemicals in the processed cheap food is a factor can be controlled by eating biological vegetables and farm animals by locals our do it by yourself(being aware about all the process with the food are putting in your body).

  25. I went to America for a week and gained 7 pounds. I'm not even joking. I feel bad for you guys. You have literally ALL the food you want but the cheapest would be the most unhealthy.

  26. I had to chuckle when he said "we have more gut bacteria than we have us". In a few years, he will correct himself. They there is equal us and them. It didn't make me feel any better really.

  27. Sugar is added to over 90% of supermarket food. Cereal to chocolate to pasta sauce are all insulin producing, weight gaining foods 👌

  28. people are getting fatter because a lot of 'body positivity' activists are saying that it's okay to be fat and totally healthy

  29. Thank you for this video. It's a sensitive subject so I'm sure this wasnt easy to put out there but it's nice to have some solid facts about this real problem.

  30. So happy that someone finally wants to talk about chemicals and gut bacteria! Most sodas contain genetic mutators in significan quantaties, a fact known since the 60's. Many of our food preservatives act as hormones in our bodies, and our use of antibiotics is out of control.Once we kill out those good bacteria, getting them back is difficult at best and usually impossible. In the cattle industry antibiotics are commonly used to fatten the animals before slaughter! Yes sitting around eating trash all day will cause weight gain, but we have an obesity epidemic of individuals accross the board who are for the most part eating well.

  31. Great information! The sleep one I think is big. But I think people are eating too much garbage. Too much processed food. I get sick of the whole low fat vs high fat debate. It’s Simple. Eat REAL food! Sweet potatoes, corn, brown rice, fresh fruit, vegetables. Avoid things that are not natural. Dairy is a huge one. It’s gross and laced with so many female sex hormones it’s disgusting. Estrogen and progesterone. Your f’ng drinking female fluid meant for a baby that’s supposed grow from 50lbs at birth to a 600lb cow in 1 year!!! Duh!!!!! What the hell do you think is gonna happen? And meat? Oh my god! Talk about chemicals! What happens to all the pesticides in the grains they feed to livestock? You think it just magically goes away? Hell no!! It’s gets concentrated in the fat and meat of the animals.
    But no. It’s not our diet. No not that.
    Yeah. Okay fatso. Whatever. You keep eating your steak and donuts. I like being thin and healthy and never sick. So I’ll stick to my diet of sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits and vegetables. I lost 45lbs eating this way. Never. Ever. Going back to eating the typical American diet of garbage and more garbage. I’ll pass on the cheeseburger. Hand me the baked sweet potatoes please. And I’ll top it with some sliced bananas and maple syrup. And keep my weight at 125lbs thank you very much. I felt like the garbage I ate when I was 170lbs.

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