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  1. Body Mass Index OR BMI is a LIE

    "Healthy" BMI = 18 to 25

    I am 5 foot 6 and 180 pounds. That puts me an overweight bmi of 29.

    Bull crap. 5 more pounds and I'm Considered obese. No one can look at me and seriously say I am obese.

    BMI completely excludes body fat as a factor. Not saying I don't have any fat, but my muscle mass is why I'm 180. If i dropped to 165 pounds, I would be a leen and healthy 10% body fat.

    The BMI system is a mistake only geniuses can make.

  2. ive been working out for 3 years ive gone from overweight to healthy and gained alot of mass from muscle, im 5'10 and weigh 170 and dont trust your weight its just a number look in a mirror and if you look like your healthy than you are.

  3. Also gotta love YouTube, where everybody in the comments section is a muscle hulk with godly physique.

  4. so why should we use BMI is it has all this flaws? maybe we should switch to a body fat calculator well known as impedance meter.

  5. 6 ft 165 lbs,my BMI is an ideal 22.5 —sure it sounds good on the surface, but I see fat guys with huge bellies lift twice what I can, they probably have a lot of muscle under their blubber. BMI is a joke. It's really all about muscle percentage.

  6. I seen a video that made much sense about the BMI. Two men both 5'7 43 yrs old, one has a bmi 35% body fat and the other has bmi 10% body fat.  The one with less body fat would eat more vs the one with 35% cause the body muscle mass is different. 222-10% be 199.8 body mass vs 222-35%=144.3 body mass. If we ate the same he wouldn't get gains and the one with 35 wouldn't lose weight.. So your better of to just find your bmi and minus that from your weight to get your bmr.. Cause the only thing in your body that is using calories is muscle body mass not fat. 

  7. ''You look like the most perfect example of someone who has a healthy weight. What is your BMI, and I can tell you if you're overweight or not?'' lol

  8. I'm 5 foot 6 inches, I weigh 200lbs and according to the calculator, I'm obese class 1 -_- I'm not happy about it…

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