“OBESITY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” | Fat Pride and Fat Acceptance

“OBESITY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” | Fat Pride and Fat Acceptance

hi this is roaming millennial and in
this video I’d like to talk about fat pride and fat acceptance most people have probably seen that sadiq kahn the Mayor of London recently made headlines by banning apps from London’s
transport system that body shame and promote quote unrealistic or unhealthy
body shapes I mean just look at this model with her
waistline and single chin clearly photoshop and i right while you may have expected feminist to
be up in arms about a religious male politician mandating women cover up
their bodies as crazy as it sounds from this actually spearheaded the move but wait a second aren’t feminist always
yelling that women should be able to display their bodies regardless of what
other people might think isn’t that what the hole slut walk thing
was about well as it turns out feeling of power by
showing off your body actually only applies if you have a certain type of
body you see the whole body positivity movement may sound like an inclusive
thing but if you happen to have washboard abs then apparently your body
type should literally be banned after all it is the source of shame oppression
and of course the dreaded patriarchy I’m not a big fan of any group that
tries to censor people so in this video let’s explore some of the problems with
the fat pride in fat acceptance movements and talk about why they need
to stop the first point I’d like to go over is
how those in the fat acceptance movement attempt to censor the media in order to
redefine beauty standards test holiday a plus plus plus size model
has become pretty well known as an activist for the fat pride movement
encouraging non-conventional body types to be celebrated despite what the superficial media says
about beauty now I’m not going to deny that society has beauty standards it’s no coincidence that these bodies
and not these bodies are more likely to be found on Billboard’s but the fat
acceptance movement seems to think that the media is somehow engaged in some
sort of conspiracy to shame that people and that if only more fat people would
appear in things like magazines and on TV then filing society would recognize
them is beautiful take that patriarchy well the problem
with that plan is that the media isn’t determined beauty standards biology does
the idea of beauty predates the formation of the modern media by a lot there have been changes in beauty ideals
like things that relate to fashion choices are styling but throughout
history has consistently been one thing that’s been considered necessary to be
beautiful and that’s health basically this is because humans are
whole perception of beauty or attractiveness is related to
reproduction biologically speaking we want to make
who’s going to give us the best shot at raising healthy offspring so we’re naturally attracted to wealthy
people also that the past the streets on to our children and because they’ll be
the most equipped to help us raise our families now this may sound harsh but this is
also why not many people would say these bodies are the ideal shape as a species
we instinctively recognize that an obese body is an unhealthy body and this has
nothing to do with the media brainwashing us it’s just natural selection of course we
sometimes hear that people were considered attractive in the past but
historically while a little excess weight may have been socially desirable
since it meant you had access to food this type of thing doesn’t really apply
anymore since most of us clearly don’t have to worry about food like we used to and yeah everyone wants to be told
they’re beautiful but an organized attempt to police the media isn’t going
to change anything and it should be society’s job to sensor itself so people
can feel better about their insecurities anyway the second thing I’d like to talk about
is how the fat acceptance movement also attempts to redefine health standards considering that obesity-related
illnesses caused some of the most preventable deaths in the u.s. this is a pretty big deal slogans like
hell that every size and no diet they are popular amongst that activists who
are tired of the assumption that their health is anything to do with how much
they weigh after all even if we knew how to be
skinny who’s to say that I would make us healthier right well actually spoiler alert size
definitely affects your health obesity is deadly and comes with a lot
of health problems and according to the CDC more than two-thirds of the u.s. is
overweight and more than one-third is obese so if anything we need to be doing more
to let people know if the health risk of being overweight even if it might hurt someone’s feelings
statements like this from that activists are a danger to public health and go
directly against what research on the issue tells us and this doesn’t mean
I’ve had people should hate themselves or anything like that but they should
realize that they’d be healthier if they lost some weight and if things like
diabetes and heart disease aren’t enough to convince people that being overweight
is a bad thing then just think of the enormous financial costs that obesity
has these resources are being spent on something that in the vast majority of
cases is preventable of course there are health risks
associated with being too skinny to and we don’t want anyone intentionally
starving themselves but globally with the exception of sub-saharan Africa obesity is a much larger concern the
malnutrition but hey even if it is a health risk that people are still free
to be fat just like smokers are still free to keep smoking and by the way
interesting little fact obesity may actually be worse for you than smoking
in any case being fat isn’t the issue the issue is projecting your problems on
to society and forcing everyone else to change just to fit your preferences so if you find it hard to accept not
filling the mold for the perfect body or being healthy and just lose weight or
don’t but whatever you do please don’t make the rest of us suffer by having
here on and on about how we apparently have thin privilege and that’s all i
have to say for this video thanks for watching and please subscribe if you’d
like to see more bye

100 thoughts on ““OBESITY IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” | Fat Pride and Fat Acceptance

  1. Some people are into it. There’s someone out there for everyone. But it’s still not healthy and shouldn’t be widely promoted but it also shouldn’t be shamed extensively. I mean like if a person is pushing 600 pounds, then some encouragement to loose weight is in order

  2. Why is consistently overeating on a near daily basis
    for years to the point of becoming obese not considered self harm? It’s
    one of the slowest forms of suicide.

  3. Remember a time when society achieved things like , going to the moon & climbing Everest .

    😒 Shit like that will never happen again , now being fat is socially acceptable. A whole generation of not achieving anything 🤔 just think of it…

  4. You misunderstand the premise of the slut walk. It wasn’t to show that women Should be able to walk around in a state of undress. Rather to show that if a woman chooses to walk around in a state of undress she is still not giving consent

  5. Alright, but some people are born with larger builds. My friend is larger and has a bigger stomach/thighs. I'm extremely skinny. She's the healthy one. She words out, plays sports, and eats healthily. I don't work out. I don't do sports. I eat crap.

  6. That's easy 4 you 2 say because your smoking hot, …you can't speak about health issues because your not a hideous degenerate glutton

  7. I was teasing my husband once about going to a Victoria's Secret's, plus size fashion show. And his reply, "Going to a plus size fashion show, would be like going to SeaWorld, HELL NO!. 🐋 🐳🐋

  8. Right off the bat : body positivity is not "tell me im the literal definition of beauty uwu" its seeing bodies that arnt the standard and accepting that they are there at this moment, and not jumping in to shame them. You dont have to find them pretty at all, you only have to acknowledge that they are human, and accept that however 'bad' they may look, they are still completely worthy of your respect,as any other human is.

    You can say its unhealthy all you want,and yes i agree, but these peoples lives are at risk when they are treated as less than human for something that takes months/years to change.

    We just need woman of any size to accept their body without feeling the constant need to change it, when starving yourself,taking pills ect ect are much more unhealthy than their body now.

  9. I have the fact that when you point out someone is way too skinny, it is bad but when you point out someone is way too fat, it's the end of the world, like extremely hateful and disrespectful.
    Both are bad so why does one matter more than another? It really pisses me off.

  10. So, in your thumbnail, the woman whose ribcage is showing is considered to be the healthy one? WTF kind of message are you trying to send to teens and young adults with that BS? Extremes in any direction is unhealthy.

  11. These people just love food. I used to as well. Now I've cut down to the bare minimum, I don't want food like I used to. I'm working to lose weight, and I still hate myself. Not for pity lol, I'm is saying I have zilch self esteem. And it's not beautiful, there's just not really a good reason why that fat is there

  12. I’m not obese but I am overweight. I weight about 198lbs, and should be (want to be) at 175. I gotta thank that fat acceptance cringe because it motivates me to not end up like them.

  13. For the vast majority of people, fat isn't attractive, get over it. Don't push your insecurities on others because you're too lazy to take care of yourself. God forbid you go for a run and NOT drop dead at 40 due to heart failure.

  14. Lol so women in great shape is the sign of a patriarchy? So are the left saying fat lazy women is what TRUE women should look like?

  15. Who cares what size you are? Your size to be honest, is a reflection to what partner you’ll probably have. If you’re a gym freak, you’ll date other gym freaks, if you’re fat, you’ll probably date fat people. It’s not wrong on either side. Everyone has things they find more attractive then others and different desires. If you’re happy being fat, awesome.
    But if you don’t care about your size, people who care about there’s ain’t gonna be too attracted. I personally like abit of extra curve, but I also exercise regularly.

  16. A huge part of the problem is too many women can't separate personal, intrinsic value (personality, success, wealth, confidence, etc.) and sexual value. There may be a small percentage of men with a "fat fetsih" but, by and large, for men, physical attractiveness IS sexual attraction and intrinsic qualities are perks. Men are biologically, visually-stimulated creatures. So are women, but to a lesser extent as they have more to consider when choosing a long-term partner than men do (provisionary ability, protection, status, etc.) This wasn't influenced by the media or society. It is how we genetically are. Nothing will change this. Men are just as likely to start finding overweight women attractive as women will start finding broke, losers attractive. Understand, men aren't saying you're not a "beautiful person" on the inside. It's great if you are! But that doesn't make you sexually attractive and, not to be vulgar, just being completely honest; men have dicks. Dicks don't lie. Dicks make the decision. Not us. You either pass the boner test or you don't. The idea that this could be manipulated or changed by putting more unnattractive women on tv is just insane. If you want to be an overweight person with lots of great personal qualities, you go girl! Do you! But if you want to be sexually attractive to men, you're going to have to be reasonably healthy. (Hey, look on the bright side, at least men don't expect you to have wealth, status, power or the ability to fight for them.) On top of that, the good news is men aren't as picky a you might think, or society has made them out to be. In fact, pretty much the only thing a woman can't be; is grossly overweight. Solve that problem and you'll suddenly be vastly more men's "type." I guarantee it.

  17. My poor sister working extremely hard on super-modeling does a lot of work. And these dumbass fat people don’t do work at all and then they get a whole bunch of praise.

  18. I got fat friends and i love them.but i do believe that FAT people are sick… literally sick. sorry if you think fat is beautiful, most people thinks they are sick and very ugly lol…. maybe if you are fat you may think your beautiful. but in reality they are very unhealthy ….

  19. Fat people are more susceptible to Diabetes Type II. Diabetes is not healthy. So being fat is not healthy. Put the bear claw and and slowly step away.

  20. It's not photoshop. Shall I get offended for being slip? Shame on me for loving healthy life styles…. nah You're phat. Make a change.

  21. Look, i may be the generation after millennials but i can tell they are incredibly stupid, beyond repair. They are idiots controlled by social media. The only reason the even hate certain politicians is because they don’t do any research and a guy comes along and says untrue shit about people. Its stupid

  22. To be fair I do not mind a chunky girl… "the bigger the cushin' the sweeter the pushin' "

    I do not think obese people are necessarily unattractive, but being obese is certainly unhealthy.

  23. I am a feminist (in the classical sense) and I don't agree with these recent movements at all. I think they're categorizing themselves as activists but they actually aren't in the true sense of the word as they're not making the world better. I don't think they're real feminists because firstly anyone can be obese, not just women, and secondly, how is body shaming thin women a feminist move? Also any unhealthy traits or behavior shouldn't be glorified. Anorexia is not celebrated so why should obesity be seen as beautiful? Very valid points in the video.

  24. I think all bodies are beautiful. but i agree obesity shouldn’t be celebrated, but it shouldn’t be shamed either, it’s a weird grey area, but be happy with yourself, and kind to your body, you’re beautiful whatever size, but when you’re healthy you’re more beautiful than anything

  25. You are right with the obesity health issue, but what they mean by body positivity is like don’t try to have the perfect body. You are beautiful the way u are

  26. It's horrible that people are ignorant and desperate enough to try to find beauty and healthiness while being lazy and unhealthy.

  27. I think you are a lovely and intelligent young woman and a credit to your generation. But I do think the issue of fat acceptance is more nuanced than your video suggests. The stigma attached to being obese or even overweight is really intense. There is something ugly about the way overweight people are treated, and I don’t fully understand it. Smoking is bad for your health, but high schoolers do not get mercilessly mocked for lighting up a cigarette. On the other hand, I think thin privilege is a ridiculous concept.

  28. Fat is not beautiful and never will be.
    Do you ever see any old fat people??
    Heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc. etc.
    Being obese is not healthy!
    You just don’t want to stop binging and over eating!

  29. The family you showed is a TV family, not shown as your typical nuclear family, and two of those girls had anorexia. In general the fact is about half the people are thin, and half the people are on the heavy side, and some people are well really heavy. The heavy people shouldn't be taken aside and criminalized like they do in some schools, and thin people shouldn't be hated.

  30. Keep in mind that when you say "beauty standards," you're referring, not to mere attitudes about beauty, but to an aggressive, universal commitment, to prevent some people from seeing beauty at all.

    When you say "we're naturally attracted to healthy people," you assume (1.) that fatness and poor health are exactly the same thing, and (2.) that everyone is either encompassed by this sweeping generalization, or else is some kind of alien, not produced by nature like the rest of you.

    When you spend your whole life surrounded by the notion that aesthetics must be a certain way, you lose track of the harm this causes to those who are discouraged from expressing themselves, because it violates your preferred aesthetic. Trying to claim that nature is on your side is not convincing to a person who has lived on the opposite side of such a statement their whole life. Keep in mind, there are societies in the world where thinness is seen as horrifying. In fact, this obsession with thinness is really quite recent. Are you willing to go the whole route, and say that, because these people don't enjoy what the majority enjoys, they're somehow "unnatural?" Why or why not? You say the history of attraction "doesn't apply anymore." Are you denying the existence of those who still feel this way? Why or why not?

    If this is not what you mean to say, then fine, but that's where this line of reasoning seems to be headed; trying to use "nature" or "science" to democratize aesthetics, to the exclusion of what the minority of people (in our current time and society) are capable of appreciating.

  31. As a gay man this pisses me off! Pride in something you don't want to control aka not doing what's right to keep yourself relatively fit or controlling your eating habits!?
    You aren't born obese that's something you learned hunty! Gay people are born gay we don't have a choice in the matter other than being happy or being miserable!

  32. Sorry… the proof is looking them rigt in the face… i'm not at my perfect weight (Patially crippled from surgery gone wrong)… and I am forced to be more sedentaty than I would like… BUT… I watch what I EAT, EXERCISE, AND DO MY BEST TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF!!! because I've seen friends in their early 50s DIE… stroke, heart desease, diabetes… So NO YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY if you can't see your feet!!

  33. Here's the thing, we as humans are just naturally inclined to be attracted to someone who's…well, physically attractive so it's obvious most guys are gonna look for a woman who's thin and beautiful, I mean if you sat a guy down, put 2 women in front of him, a Victoria's Secret model and an obese woman and asked him who he thinks is more attractive it's obvious he's not gonna say the obese woman is more attractive, he's gonna go for the model, and that's just natural

  34. I'm obese and I don't find myself attractive. Mind you, I find fried chicken to be far more attractive than pretty much any woman these days…

  35. Sorry I hate too many tattoos too. One or two small ones are survivable but I want to look at people rather than manga magazines. I also prefer to look at what is a natural healthy person. Am I a bigot to like what we should be?

    I far prefer to see a healthy dog than a fat one who struggles to play and have fun so I don't think it's because I'm a misogynistic bigot. That's because I'm pretty sure I don't have the hots for animals and men or is that because I'm internalising my oppression??

  36. Man I don't want to sound politically incorrect so erm… Yeah. There is no way I would be sexually attracted to a blond bimbo with Baywatch body, rather than free willy. ..I mean obese women. ….

  37. It's a "big" issues that shouldn't be taken "lightly". It weighs "heavy" on people. I guarantee you if these fat people could see themselves in shape and choose which to be instantly, every one of them would choose to be in shape. They're not happy with the way they look and are too lazy to work for it so they rationalize and huddle together to ease their conscience of being obese. In their minds a lot of people are doing it said it must be okay right? It's sad that that's how they think will feel.

  38. How do they get that fat is what I want to know.
    I'm sixteen and I struggle to gain weight, My entire life I have been walking on a very thin line between being skinny and sickly, and I eat three times a day, how do these people get THAT FAT!



  41. I hate crap like that.
    There is a bigger push in understaning the wrong side of health.
    But about real problems like autism, is no understanding.

    How come it is normal to walk around fat?
    But when you are autistic and you act difrent as an adult, everybody looks weard at you.

  42. I think that all women are pretty because alot of people get bullyed. Because they are over weight and they need someone to make them happy about the way they look. Even though being over weight is not good over weight and fit women should feel good about the way they look. And if people say that being over weight is dangerous which it is, then alot of people would feel bad. And we should encourage people that are over weight that they are beautiful. I am over weight and I would like for people to tell me good things instead of telling me I am fat and not pretty.

  43. join pain, fatty liver, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart attack that equals RIP lol……

  44. Hmm…. im having second thoughts about my subscription 😢 🙁 common sense . Let people be people . Even if they are annoying. Just go about your day :/ btw obesity is not okay. Control how you live and your diet but at the same time . Who the fuck cares what people think of how you look… I don't even know what "fat" means anymore

  45. 0:46 … well to be honest the """"fat"""" girl on the top right is extremely beautiful and healthy looking ! 😍😍😍😍 hourglass!

  46. I was at my job and witnessed a very, very beautiful "perfectly" weighted woman with cute children and her corn toothed ungroomed boyfriend was a ugly piece of shit and calling her Fat and laughing at her and would answer me abruptly as i was talking to HER! … she cried. I wanted to punch him so bad….

  47. I loved this one Lauren.. How anyone can be so stupid to think being obese is NOT a health issue, when HUNDREDS of thousands die a year from it, is beyond me… BUT facts to the left are ignored, called racist/sexist/phobic etc.. JUST SO they don't have to acknowledge them..

  48. Obesity is beautiful to some people and people can show their obesity and fat is funny but obesity doesn't sell.

  49. Fat Pride is like Poor Pride- You are proud of an unhealthy, lazy and bad lifestyle and you're proud of it, and don't plan on changing for the better.

    Now I know many poor people don't want to be poor but are forced to be that way due to certain reasons, and yes there are women with disabilities that cause them to have a monterous appetite. But Fatpride is a bunch of women who are lazy to exercise and eat healthy and rage about oppression and discrimination after some playground bullying

  50. No honey, obesity is the shortcut for all lifestyle diseases like: diabetes, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke.
    You will drop dead miserably before 50, if you are obese. Obesity is not a beauty, it is a severe overweight that leads you to grim reaper.

  51. Am I the only one who feels like both sides of the debate are at fault?

    I support body positivity and fat acceptance to a degree, but at the same time I feel that it is getting out of hand. This is because I feel that everyone should feel confident in the body they are in, regardless of their size. If people are an unhealthy weight (both under and over) we should be giving them the confidence to help them reach a healthy weight. As well, I want equality for people of all sizes and definitely agree that we should not be mean to anyone because of their size. However, I do not agree with it being promoted as a lifestyle since it puts pressure on health in the long term. Also, the NHS in the UK is struggling massively from people being unhealthy weights which I think is problematic as other people are receiving less treatment as a result of the costs (which in most cases could be preventable).

    At the same time, I feel like the other side of the debate are equally at fault. So many people against body positivity and fat acceptance are quite ignorant since in some cases it is not as simple as just losing weight and changing your lifestyle. Particularly in the UK where the use of food banks has increased dramatically, people have less control over what they can eat. As well, there are genuine medical reasons which can affect weight (e.g. PCOS, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism), which I think some people neglect. Having PCOS myself, I know what it is like to gain weight without trying yet still living a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, I have tried really hard to live a healthy healthy lifestyle to manage symptoms. Even though it has taken a while, I have got my symptoms under control and have lost most of the weight I gained (but it has been REALLY hard). Therefore, it is not as simple as saying things such as ‘eat less’ and ‘exercise more’.

    In sum, I feel that fat acceptance and body positivity are needed, but only as a LAST resort for people who have medical conditions and are making efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. They should not be for people who are deliberately living unhealthy lifestyles.

  52. Noone shouldn't judge anyone from it's appearance but obesity is a disease and showing semi nude body whether she is fat or slim doesn't matter it a factor of shameless not beauty

  53. Gluttony is a sin but they want to glorify it as something beautiful and these idiots don't know that this is a form of population control & these elites want them to eat themselves to death.

  54. I know there's people who cannot lose pounds easily ,but is that a valid reason to throw shade to people who think that obesity is harmful?

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