Obesity | Dr. Vipin Gupta

Obesity | Dr. Vipin Gupta

We have already done a video on body weight But it seems we’ll have to make more videos as the problems is increasing day by day. In the past, it was an problem with adults But today it’s on a rise among children A report by CNN says it has increased ten times In a survey of Delhi’s public schools
It was found that among students of Class 10th to 12th 1/3 are heavily obese and the more popular and expensive a school is higher is the obesity For the first time in humanity’s history that more people are dying of over eating than of starvation. Deaths related to overeating and obesity is many times of the the collective deaths by malaria, diarrhoea, road accidents and terrorist attacks So the chances of dying due to a terrorist’s bullet is lower than that of dying from french fries, or Pizza or Bikaneri bhujia
or Fresh Wheat flour or our Samosa and Kachori which is much higher And everyday we see new tricks related to Yoga or gym or exercise or dieting or magical herbal products but most of these tricks don’t work on 90% of people To deal with this problem we’ll have to go into it’s fundamentals we’ll have to look into the root of it Today ‘s video is to go into fundamentals to identify root of the problem and take solid steps. So let’s understand the fundamentals first I feel 3 things are important First, First it’s an attitude problem Second our food has become too addictive and third, is extra insulin in our body. Let’s first understand the third point We all know that Insulin is a hormone which converts extra glucose into fat In last many years Carbs have increased in our diet which triggers insulin production in the body which raises the possibility of body storing the fats as carbs You can see that when any diabetic is shifted to Insulin the weight increases because this is a natural tendency of Insulin and there are many diabetics who have both insulin resistance and amount of insulin this increases both, the glucose level and obesity. This is complex and requires focus to understand Second thing is that obesity is somewhere linked to our mental state. In recent times, since capitalism has peaked our tendency to hoard has increased. If we look at older traditions even in many religions,
hoarding is considered wrong. For eg: Jainism is based on non-accumulation “Don’t hoard anything” But since Capitalism has increased, we have got into accumulation We want to accumulate everything whether it’s information or stuff at home or it’s our bank balance and that’s what our bodies are doing So now the food we take for energy to do work Body is now instead of doing that work accumulating all that food almost a tendency to hoard. Thidly, Our food has become very addictive This is happened after the industrialization of food As the food became commercial and became plenty The focus shifted to How to make food more tasty So any of the companies whether Pepsi, Coca-cola or our own Swadesi companies Everybody is trying to make their food more and more tasty and addictive So that once a person gets trapped by that food once he opens the packet of chips then he wants only that. once a child take the chocolate then she wants only that. So the food has become very addictive So what this food is doing is instead of satisfying it’s firing up our hunger Taste is such that when you sit to eat after sometime you realise
you have overeaten and after 2-3 hours the hunger is back So the food design is such that it’s addictive, increasing hunger which is why more problems are happening in the body. Let’s talk about solutions now New videos are popping up everyday tricks of Yoga, exercise, dieting or magical herbal products “have one cup of this tea and you’ll lose weight by morning.” All this is fool you we see that all these tricks don’t work on 90% people We need comprehensive steps So first we need to understand the
fundamentals and then implement comprehensive steps. I find 3 methods which can be effective if we understand and implement them properly. First First we need to get out tendency to accumulate an understand non-accumulation. second, we engage in productive workout and third, we need to understand autophagy. So this tendency to accumulate we will have to go into mentality of loss anything less is valuable And as it becomes extra its value decreases when it becomes too much,
it becomes toxic i no matter how good that thing is So we’ll have to understand that “small is beautiful” What is less is better. Kabir has said “its good that my pot cracked,, i got rid of filling water trouble off my head. So we’ll have to understand that this tendency of more is making us a porter, a guard is accumulating toxicities in our mind and body and destroying our habitat. So we have to exit from this tendency to accumulate and this is like when you’ll lose from all four sides whether it’s your possessions, bank balance, or information in brain only then will it manifest in the body If you wish to lose only from the body and accumulate otherwise,
then’s it difficult Second thing to understand is productive workout. Exercise and gym is not productive. So whatever work we do it should be productive and environment friendly. I often advise people to clean and sweep their homes. and especially men it’s quite effective for them So if we sweep our homes our body can be balanced But alongside it’s also important that occasionally we go into intensive workouts Ideal is to volunteer on a natural farm like Sehatvan or many such farms. It’s a trend today to make natural farms So try to find one around you and if not then i’ll suggest that you make your own farm there is nothing more sensible today You maybe earning lakhs of rupees every month but good food is not available the food you are having is toxic air is toxic water is also bad. so if you make your own farm you’ll be able to workout and also eat better. Third is to understand autophagy Look Every food has nutrition and of many types But this autophagy it’s nutrition is amazing So we learn the art of not eating and i believe that we fast for atleast 5 days intermittent fasting or do it little by little or weekly or monthly one day is not very effective. So i’ll suggest that we should atleast do for 5 days the more the better and do it periodically. This will not only reduce your weight but also rejuvenate your body I would like to add one more thing make solid efforts and don’t halt until your BMI is around 21 What happens is that if you made a small effort and then you lost interest and your BMI stayed around 24-25 So this is like being falling into a 20 feet hole and climbing back 10 feet and now you are stuck there. i know many people like this who have reduced some of their weight and now they are stuck endlessly. Such people will keep trying all their life. I say that instead of trying all your life make strong effort once For once dedicatedly bring your BMI to 21-22 and once your BMI came to that your body would be so balanced and become so active that it will stay like that. and never gain weight. You may be feeling that in this video i’m being hard on people with obesity i shouldn’t do it But what to do, the problem is becoming serious and it has entered our children so we’ll have to take action Until we are fit it’s futile to expect that our kids will be fit.

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  2. Please autopagy ko sahi tariqa se samjhayen. Kitne baje kitne baje tak khaye ya kitna der tak kuch na khaye ya autopagy ke douran kya kha ya pee sakte hai kya nahin.
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  9. Vipinji, I love your sense of humour! Witty and sarcastic.
    Tongue-in-cheek way to say such serious stuff! Doesn't get boring at all..You needn't apologise, really.

  10. Why the channel is not having much subscribers?! This shows that people are not much concerned about their health.

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    Who knows sometimes you may would have to confront a criminal or a rapist. It may be a situation like "kill or get killed". So do consider that how we can prepare ourselves for that situation, specially against a trained criminal.
    Especially do consider Swami Kuvalayananda's point to research upon.
    Also we are waiting for your video on fitness.

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