Obese Child Taken From Mom, Put In Foster Care

and all these third grader was taken
away from his mother and placed in a foster home and this is something that
we talked about at length before you know when you have politicians proposing
legislation that would take children away from parents if the kids
are michael bs uh… because acting day eight would have uh… didn’t get to parents would be tried to
take a left basically read so this is one of the first cases where child was
actually taken away from his mother placed in foster care uh… and i guess
we’ll see what happens from here on but there was one other case previously
where and overweight sarraj they’ll be shot was taken away from her family in
ohio and skinny and weak she went to foster care she only got uh… so it didn’t it didn’t help and
later on we found out that she had adiabatic predisposition i remember that case yeah and i was
against the the kid being taken away so what now not a big deal but as usual i was right
there in this case i would guess that again first of all because of what we
said at the time which is you don’t know why she’s obese right
you’re guessing that it’s not like but you don’t know for sure that it’s
neglect right maybe chat is a genetic predisposition which in the nineties by
the way if you’re two hundred pounds as a third grader is usually not actions that you see but there’s a
decent chance that it is genetic possesses an extreme case right second
of all title fighters devote agree that we should get into the business the
judging uh… parents and how much they fed
their kids and indeed it is by no means by descendants about liners in extreme
cases no way meant no way i’m gonna get that
into the nitty gritty dirt in the parents who are worried that it’s such a
clownish way to combat childhood obesity it’s like outfit
parents thought was so let’s just take them out of the household and prison in
another household and we’ll see what happens from there really better
solution yet don’t look trumpeted services
incredibly important some people abuse their kids and pose enormous a possible damage to them
some people neglect their kids with their on drugs i mean you should hear
the stories of the math annex and with the kids for days it is nearly starved
itself is a real need for but sometimes it gets carried away than it feels like
he’s got a micro manage the parenting i get up and two hundred pounds of
thurgood that sr really bad nobody’s disputing that by but the proper issued to me is that like
okay then you don’t know how to and i’m getting wet it’s definitely not a good solution i
think anything maybe investigating the case more
counseling teaching about how healthy eating habits
trying to figure out whether or not that family has acts access to healthy food a
lot of parents have four fresh fruits and vegetables right is that the mothers
fathers that the fathers thought so you got it investigate each individual case
not just come up with a knee-jerk reaction to it it’s probably barney
franks for yet goodbye i was watching fox news
today and they told me everything is far different school uh… the economic crash will be city
federer people being very scarry that michael won in over the mike boorda that davis because answer as you can see that i
could made uh… they’re going on with your kids so or there was a complete away but i’m
curious what you think of that one it’s the israelis father for isn’t my
god by itself with a about the case with a
situated two hundred right there please with genetic with or and can be
cancelled and help and been in ways of thinking itself mother submit
effectiveness is a hundred pounds and he’s not with his
mother that works for the kids in the happy with his mother mud i think that unquestionably they have to do
building other happens within a set there’s a wonderful last year’s
defenders these positions even if it isn’t it interesting do most things other than they did not
get you know above uh… newsletter right here quite a lot of the humidity can they like philip at your dad’s phuphat unto you
away from but backed up by three thirty appreciate your time this is this is a
lot of pro the news read this but that they’re both invalid if he does
in fact there were two doors

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