Obese Cat On A Diet Is Making Progress | Kritter Klub

Obese Cat On A Diet Is Making Progress | Kritter Klub

The legendary fat cat, ‘Bibi’ weighs 13kg! Owner: People keep asking if my cat is pregnant but it’s a male I’m pregnant?….Me?? That is why… this cat is going on a diet Running underwater every morning! I’m ready to go meow How refreshing! Eating also counts as an exercise for the cat! Got to move in order to eat! So delicious Yum yum It’s time for evening exercise The evening indoor exercise starts Taking each step slowly then starts running After a while Zzzz Fell asleep while running Owner: Are you tired now? It’s okay, you did a good job! There’s no time to relax Endless walking Diet is too hard Would he succeed? The day to measure his weight It’s a very tense moment 13kg –>12.6kg 400g loss in 2 weeks! Owner: I couldn’t tell his weight loss just by looking but looking at the measurement on scale, he lost quite a weight Don’t tease me about being fat anymore The diet will continue until I get into perfect shape meow!

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  1. Si hay alguien en español este gato provoco el terremoto de 9.1 por esta razón esta haciendo dieta para no provocar un terremoto cuando se caiga :v

  2. I know it's very difficult to say "no" to such a cutie but in the long run, it would be wise to put him on a strict diet. We love our pets dearly but is also important that they have a healthy weight or else they will have many painful complications due to obesity. Please love him more – be proactive regarding his weight loss.
    Animal supporter

  3. Афигеть 🤦‍♀️Вот это кабанчик 😂😂😂Глаза у кота не довольны, не хочет спортом заниматься 😂💪💪💪

  4. Какая милая кошка! 😂🤣😂😘😘Да, ей стоит похудеть, лишь бы она была здорова!

  5. يا سلام القط بيعملوله روجيم
    ونحن حياتنا متل اللا شيء مالنا قيمة ابدا

  6. She shouldn’t be laughing. It’s not funny that she got her cat that fat. Her cat will have urine problems because fat cats can’t turn around and clean itself. That poor cat has painful problems in its joints and will get diabetes. How selfish of her to let her cat get that fat and laugh about it. Hopefully she cares enough to keep her cat on a diet.

  7. Os animais representam a identidade de seus donos, animais bem comportados representam o comportamento de seu donos, animais gordos representa a gula de seus donos veja a dona deste gato como ela é gorda!!!! Obesidade é sim uma doença!!🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔 Acrescentando, educação alimentar e tudo tem hora até pra comer e não é pra comer muito apenas o necessário pra matar a fome, e não a todo instante.

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