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  1. Mr. Michael Greger ought to make a separate video, clearing all the contradictions in all his videos. In one video, he says that high cholesterol and saturated fat intake is bad, while in this video he is advocating for nuts which contain both in high quantities.
    The more I watch his videos, more confused I get.

  2. I believe some of the fat in the nuts is locked in the fiber and is not absorbed.. the fiber also pushes everything through the digestive system quicker. The nut fiber is also more slippery and lubercates the colon..,

  3. Just read whatever little excerpts of studies were shown (especially titles). The majority of cited studies are not about 'nuts and weight' but about 'nuts and cholesterol'; in studies about cholesterol subjects under no circumstances would be allowed to gain weight, since weight gain itself would affect cholesterol levels and discredit the results.
    As to the review: it was funded by the nut industry of Australia.

  4. The more research I do, the more I find that calories in vs calories out is quit irrelevant when it comes to whole food.

  5. I have feelings of guilt😶 about buying (let alone eating) fatty foods, like nuts. I understand the research but my brain cant go there yet.😜 I might have to practice fierce🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ ninja skills and sneak a handfull in the kitchen at midnight..

  6. My dad eats about a bag of peanut a week for as long as I have known. He’s never gained a pound besides maybe muscle weight

  7. Its insulin, not calories. See Jason Fung's lectures if you want to understand this "paradox". According to Fung, calories dont matter, insulin drives weight. Nuts are higher in fat than carbs, so they are unlikely to add weight due to the lower effect on insulin. And the fiber acts as a protectant against insulin. I have found I can lose weight simply by eating more fats than carbs each day (no need for something as extreme as keto unless you are type 2 diabetic maybe), and restrict eating time to 8 to 10 hours a day. Both keep insulin low. But I dont pay attention to calories. I only worry about avoiding food that will have an adverse effect on insulin, like sugar. The low fat fad is a losing strategy. You will always be hungry unless you have the discipline to eat completely unprocessed food. The continuous eating keeps the insulin high. And even some people will struggle on high carb eating unprocessed. Some people are just more insulin resistant it seems. Gregor can't give up on the calories in/calories out model just yet.

  8. So what happens when you DO restrict calories AND add the nuts? I'm currently lifting weights and I'm in a cutting phase, I've reduced the amount of nuts I eat in a day (10 grams of almonds) but being such a fan of them, I would seriously love to add more without sacrificing the weight loss and definition I seek.

  9. I bought 'How not to die' when it came out, recently started seeing the videos and have subscribed.

    Most of the videos I see come up somehow then I select, or I search a topic. However many videos like this one end with a promise for something to be tackled in the next video. But i dont know how to find those next videos. Are there serial numbers or dates, could someone suggest a way to find succeeding videos? Thanks.

    Of course the book and the videos are wonderful, I shared the book cover and information on facebook and WhatsApp when it was new and again recently. Incidentally, speaking for myself, I don't like the title, otherwise of course the book is great.

    My regards and good wishes to Dr. Greger. More power to your… mind, pen, video cameras. And thanks very much for sharing the lifesaving and life enhancing knowledge and ideas.

  10. Guys! I'm vegan and my boyfriend is not. He is very skinny and wants to gain weight healthily, so he had been eating cashews a lot since they are fatty, but turns out that won't make him gain weight… 😉 So how could he healthily gain weight?

  11. Oh! My! God! Didn't know us pigs had been given a free pass in the nuts (my favs anyway)! Will continue loving nuts but now totally guilt-free. How much do we love this good Doctor – Michael Greger? Let us count the ways! 😎

  12. Finally this guy must have gotten a speech coach, to help improve his style of speaking! Yay! Because, while he has some good information to impart, it has been painful to listen to him speak, in previous presentations. This was much easier to listen to!
    A fixed amount of (insert a food here), given to different body sized, different metabolisms, etc., will have different responses. Do the so-called studies done, factor that?
    Did this doctor mostly read the research summaries, or did he dig into the bodies of the studies, to better determine the veracity & accuracy of how research was set up, done, and assessed? Or look at WHO really FUNDED it?
    He talks about single foods, and mentioned how sugar is worst, but only cursorily mention of how combining sugars with near fiberless grains screws health.
    Just curious. I kinda like one doc’s advice: “eat food; not too much; mostly fresh veggies”. I’d add: “mostly organic” & “intermittent fasting”.

  13. It's the same like with diet drinks. I don't drink diet soda because it tastes better. I choose it instead of regular one because I already have weight problem. The same is with nuts – I love them but I try to eat things that are lower in calories.

  14. (I might have made this comment below somewhere). It could be that nuts contain mitochondrial 'uncoupling' compounds — uncoupling calories burned from ATP produced. Instead the calories are converted to heat. This extra heat production would essentially increase one's basal metabolic rate (BMR) and calorie expenditure. Maybe squirrels find this a convenient way to keep warm in winter. Such an uncoupling agent has been isolated from cashews.

  15. My favourite eating vegan teacher Dr.Michael Greger wondering about disappearing nut calories, 30 000 in one 'case' … When I was v e r y much overweight ( body mass index of 28 after about 2 years of listening to dr.Eric Berg and his rich fat, eggs, almonds eating style) I "stumbled" across one of the WFPB -films and …b o o m – everything changed , b u t not my weight. I tried almonds after meals and g a i n e d even more weight. So I stopped this nuts_ after_ meals_ thing. I heard what Dr.McDougall said about nuts…. 🤔, Dr.Barnard: just a tiny amount. Okay.
    [ But o n l y after 16 hours intervall fasting and a bit more physical activity 5 kilos/10 pounds left after 3months…. ]
    This morning I watched Jeff Nelsons video about slyly faked NUTS "STUDIES" Link: https://youtu.be/bdLmdTz0g34 .
    And I understood that calories did not disappear or are not stimulating metabolic rate…
    O f c o u r s e I greatly appreciate Dr.Greger to the same extent.

  16. I have found that I can eat an incredible amount of raw sprouted walnuts of fresh cashews without any weight gain issues. When I say incredible I am talking up to 9 pounds a month. I have since cut back but still eat a significant amount. I also think there is something going on with how much of the nuts are actuality digested. I don't think we can count the full amount of calories when eating them. Chewing does not break them down all the way and many small pieces pass through undigested. I would be willing to bet that 1/3 of the nuts are not digested. I would also be willing to bet that nut butters would cause more weight gain

  17. Peanuts are legumes. And very moldy ones at that. In fact organic, less processed peanuts have the highest amount of aflatoxin. Not to mention high temperature roasting oxidizes the fats. They are also high histamine foods. Peanuts are terrible for health. Try walnut butter. Raw sprouted walnut butter. You can thank me later 😉

  18. has anyone thoroughly chevked these studies to make sure none of rhe researchers are linked eith the nut industry?…did dr gregor does anyone know?
    .bc id be very surprised if these results were accurate?…no weight gain with all that saturated fat??…

  19. He never gets to the goddamned point until the very end and still doesn't give a satisfying answer. Infuriating!

  20. Holy guacamole!!! This reminds me of a study they did of nurses in Europe who ate the most nuts. They had a significantly lower rate of morbidity compared to their non nut eating nurse counterparts. I've been debating planting english walnuts on my property. Its a debate no longer. I'm going to check out the choices walnut trees Thursday.

  21. This is sooooo good to know, specially after eating a LOT of natural peanut butter (no sugar – or anything else – added)

  22. Fantastic video. This stuff is entertaining on top of being incredibly useful information. The whole world should subscribe!

  23. I can assure you that if you're a normal person who can't stop at one handful of nuts, yes you will gain weight, I couldn't stop eating peanuts when I quit smoking, and I gained a lot of weight

  24. Dr Greger. Would you please wake up! The caloric model sucks. It is much better to look at the fat storage hormone INSULIN.

  25. Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground." ~ Bahai Faith

  26. Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground." ~ Bahai Faith

  27. Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground." ~ Bahai Faith

  28. So a calorie isn't a calorie? No wonder people are so confused what to eat- we have this abundance of food, seemingly almost limitless, and despite the internet we have this lack of knowledge. Even in the WFPB you tubers- they dont eat nuts "cuz of the calories"! I guess the answer is eat healthy foods, unprocessed as much as you can and dont eat too much…which brings me back to portion control…yaduh yaduh. I know Dr. G doesn't want to be anyones Guru but….

  29. This is easy; I've eaten handfuls of peanuts and seen whole peanuts come out in my stool. Can't say the same about Chips Ahoy or french fries.

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