Nutrition : How to Eat Fat & Lose Weight With Dr. Atkins’ Diet

Nutrition : How to Eat Fat & Lose Weight With Dr. Atkins’ Diet

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a Registered
Dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about how to
eat fat and lose weight with the Dr. Atkins’ Diet. The Atkins’ Diet has been around for
a number of years and it has actually gone through a couple of different revisions. The
basic premise is still the same, it is a four part diet, and the first phase you have a
very low Carbohydrate intake. It’s basically 20 grams of net Carbs, and what they mean
by net Carbs, is subtracting Fiber from your Carbohydrate count. Again, this is very low
Carbohydrate, really it ends up being just about two cups of non starchy vegetables is
about what you get from, from that particular level of Carbohydrate intake. The fats in
the original Atkins’ program were primarily saturated fats, food choices like, eggs, butter,
bacon, sausage, any type of fatty meat like that. Your next phase would start to slowly
add in more vegetables, a few fruits. The third phase, again, slowly increasing Carbohydrate,
the fourth phase is more of, of a balanced diet. But it again, still restricting, refined
Carbohydrates. So as far as eating fat, what’s generally now recognized is a healthier way
to do this, is to make sure you’re using sources of unsaturated fats. So, plant based fats
such as nuts, seeds, avocado, and even vegetable margarines. So you can actually do this diet
in a fairly healthy way, a lot of people don’t necessarily need to do that first phase because
it is very restrictive in the Carbohydrate. But if you started say in phase two or three,
again, it can be actually a fairly healthy diet as long as you are choosing unsaturated
sources of your fats. ‘s the primary thing to remember when doing the Adkins’ Diet, as
far as eating fats, you do want to choose the healthiest versions of fats. Things like
nuts, seeds, avocado. So just some basic tips to remember how to eat fat the healthy way
with the Atkins’ Diet.

21 thoughts on “Nutrition : How to Eat Fat & Lose Weight With Dr. Atkins’ Diet

  1. this sounds like pure crap to me. You need to eat on a regular basis, but only eat things that doesn't contain a lot of fat or sugar. You need to eat food that gets your metabolism going while not being filled with calories. That's all there is to it! So forget all these fancy, useless diets that doesn't work!!

  2. you will loose wait on the atkins diet only because you are litterally poisoning your body… your body is turing into an acid waist land and is trying to extreit in any way it can all of that acid and waist… much more healthy ways to live, and loose wait.

  3. So you are telling me to eat all good fat foods and meats and include some vegetable by products. but make sure the meats and vegetables are healhy fats. Thank you, I think I just saved a small fortune now that I don't need to ask my doctor.

  4. Oh yeah, vegetable oils are much healthier than natural fats from meat…..right. Which veggie oil is it that is so much healthier and safer? Maybe it is the highly inflammatory safflower oil or one of the other unbalanced (high omega 6) GOOD oils. What a load of bunk. Saturated fats are Good for you . Man was never meant to eats lots of those so called GOOD oils. Lots of people, including myself do a very poor job digesting those NUTS and SEEDS that the new age hippie low carbers are so hot on.

  5. weight loss will come when you run a calorie defecit. So by not eating carbs (the body's prefered energy source) you take in less calories. Its better to have a balanced diet and use excercise to burn up any additional calories. A calorie deficit of 500 calories is perfect every day, AND you can still build muscle at the same time. Carbohydrates fuel your body, fuel your workouts, AND leave the protein available for any muscle repair.

  6. I am just so sick of the phony science that is put forth as nutritional advice. Uh, mineral and vitamin deficiencies from a meat, egg and vegetable diet……..that is funny. Animal products are nutritional powerhouses, same goes for veggies. Uh, DUH, what would you rather live on if you had one choice, EGGS or PASTA? I hope your said eggs, because if you did not you would get very sick on that crappy pasta or whatever junk the so called experts push. Man evolved and thrived on meat and veggies!

  7. @SpartanLife1821 You dont know ANYTHING, you are basing your opinions on old-mans knowledge nad roids dieters. idiot! But both calorie defecit and low carb works. Only thing is low carb lets you eat what you want.

  8. Hey i feel the same, i lose weight after 2
    weeks of following the diet plans on
    I really cant believe how effective those
    diet plans are!

  9. Dr Atkins did die years ago of a heart attack -I think, (If I remember correctly), did you hear about that?

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