Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management

Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management

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  1. lmao and what is this assumption based on? You not wanting to accept an idea that is against yours? And how many people seriously even get grass fed beef, wild caught fish and organic raised chicken regularly if even at all.

  2. Actually the country of Australia has a huge grass fed industry and as a result it's the majority of the meat they eat. So do you think Australians are slim and svelte? Not unless their names are Durianrider and Freelea. In fact australia rivals the u.s. in terms of obesity.

  3. And even the eskimos had horrible health that WPAF won't talk about. Constipation for instance is such a chronic problem that they named a vengeful deity "The Fart Man" I kid you not, it's part of their lore that this guy punishes you by causing gas when in actuality it's the meat heavy diet clogging them up. The only reason they weren't seeing heart disease more is that these eskimos were only living to around 40 years of age. Check out PlantPositive on Youtube.

  4. I'm not impressed by how Greger interpret many of the studies. Most centenarians studied are not vegetarians. In fact most of them eat meat, and longevity is one of the key factors in determining health. I recommend you go to nutritiondata org and search up the nutritional values of turkey liver (or any kind of liver). 100 grams of Turkey liver has (% daily recommended intake): Vitamin B12 823%, Vitamin A 1447%, Vitamin C 41%, Vitamin B6 73%, Selenium 101%. Thought you said no Vitamin C?

  5. I am sure. The grains were in bread (wheat, spelt, rye), and barley, and also in oats. Whenever I ate these items, I would feel compelled to eat more. I'm sure they spiked my blood sugar level, causing me to overeat. I even chose wholegrains, but this definitely didn't help. I'm very pleased with the results of my new grain-free diet.

  6. It's always good to see people feeling better after some dietary changes. I would just be wary about putting all grains into that basket when the thing that might have changed how you feel was just cutting down on supermarket "whole wheat" bread.

    you should try adding one grain at a time over a period of time and see how you feel. Having a bowl of oatmeal (steel cut, not instant or minute, or w/e) with some sweet potato or pumpkin, or dates and berries can't be anything but good for you.

  7. it also has 90% of your cholesterol, contains saturated fat, transfat …

    not many ppl eat turkey liver…more common is beef liver, which is 2% of your Vit C RDA. the fact that it contains vitamins doesn't make something good. it's the whole package that matters, and animal products have lots of not so great by products coming with the vitamins and minerals it brings to the table.

  8. there's no reason why you should eat any grams of liver any amount of time in the week.

    all the vitamins and minerals are found pretty much everywhere and you'll get plenty of it all eating a balanced whole-food plant-based diet, and you won't get the saturated fat, transfat and cholesterol on top of it.

    win win win.

  9. Love the video and it hit on a current issue I'm trying to work on. I love the nutrient levels of plant-based diets. However, what are some of the best ways to attain the vegan-prone nutrient deficiencies, and there are NOT many, but here they are: Vitamin B12, Zinc, Vitamin D. Any advice on this? I currently take a MV, but how would vegans get B12 from food? I heard there are no plant-sources with rich enough source. Or am I wrong? Maybe a video on addressing the B12 issue for Vegans?

  10. I lost like 10 kg eating half a kilo of meat every day (I was eating other stuff as well), I didn't exercise, and I wasn't trying to loose weight. Also I am susceptible to adding weight, I can easily go up 2-4 kilos in a week or two without eating very much.
    A person have to measure the data. Then a person have to interpret the data. Persons have a high susceptibility to make errors. Which means one can never trust data presented by a human.

  11. BTW, having gone Vegan, I truly love it. I absolutely feel better, am leaner and overall really like it. It's also very stress free. I don't have to thikn about protein all the time. I simply eat plant-based foods and feel great! I know pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds are good plant-sources of zinc.

  12. Dont use multivitamins (im assuming thats what you mean by 'MV') get a specific B12 vitamin supplement. Multivits arent too healthy. Vit D you can get from supp's too or use a sunbed or the sun. Also dont citrus fruits like lemon and lime have vit D? or am i thinking of something else? good luck anyway

  13. There are good multivitamins and junk ones. Look for RDA percentages. The multivitamin is kind of an insurance policy in case the needs are increased.

    Good "multivitamins" contain such important microelements as iodine, decent dose of B12 and D2/D3.

    No, there's very little vit. D in any plants and even mushrooms. Getting UV radiated is not preferable to just eating vit. D – higher skin cancer risk. Only seafood has enough D to be considered a source.

  14. Pure 0.5kg of lean beef would be a low calorie diet if combined only with plants. (that is ~700 kcal; ~1000 kcal if braised)
    The devil is in the details, as usual.

    The typical culprit is unrestricted oil and sugar (e.g. soda) intake – add some starch-based junk foods and you're set.

  15. There were a few videos here in this channel.
    B12 is present in some seafood if you prefer. Some people also have a functional deficiency due to one of metabolic disorders, reducing its efficiency; supplementation is very safe.

    Zinc is omnipresent.
    Vitamin D has to be supplemented unless you're living in tropics or are eating plenty of seafood.
    The other bit is iodine – salt supplementation for most people, but as low sodium is preferable, supplement separately.

  16. Thanks a lot. Does the kind of supplement for B12 really matter? I simply take 365 MV from Whole Foods most days. I do lots of outdoor activity, but Vitamin D is in my MV as well. My vitamin D has never been an issue, it's normal (Had it tested). Iodine, I use kelp granules on food. What about Omega-3 fats? I eat lots of walnuts and flaxmeal. Do you think an Algae-based omega supplement would further help?

  17. To be fair, im not entirely certain of the ramnifications of chronic infections by Shistosoma Mansosi. Though the take away message is that Hunter gatherers who eat very meaty diets on Marginal lands are free from heart disease not because Grass fed meat protects them, or that Fatty diets are not bad, but that they are essentially infected with Natural Statins. Plant based diets naturally keep cholesterol levels low without parasites or Statins.

  18. Cost, difficulty to source. Most tests don't say specifically what the quality is. Of course there's a difference between antibiotic stuffed battery meat and grass fed free range.

    My idea is one of curiosity, has it been tested? I assume you are vegan since you scoff at the very thought of another way…

    Not many I assume, that's the point.

  19. you can look at all his videos about how bad animal products are for your health and understand why promoting plant based nutrition is the only sound options. meat and dairy have enough money to promote their views and false nutrition claims. Dr Greger's site is where you get the real nutrition facts

  20. Inuits aren't a representative example of a hunter-gatherer society either because of their extreme environment and limited resources available. For most of human evolutionary history, our major ancestors only inhabited Africa (a minority of them didn't, Neanderthals and Denisovans), a quite different environment from the circumpolar, and they fed on a diet quite different from the Eskimo diet. Unlike circumpolar Eskimos, African human ancestors had access to a large variety of plant foods.

  21. Agreed. People who follow the paleolithic diet and believe that it was mainly meat and fat based are likely incorrect, given the large amount of grains, tubers and other plant foods that grow in great abundance in Africa, LIkewise, our ancestors seemed to have loved sugar and went to great lengths to obtain Honey.

  22. iodine is easy to get thru seaweed.

    B12 is easy to get from fortified food, if you don't want to supplement (which i would not understand why since it comes from bacteria and is pretty dirt cheap). just make sure you take it thru out the day, not all in one shot (the fortified food that is) since not alot of it is absorbed in one sitting (allow 4-6 hours between each servings, 3-4 servings a day).

  23. No need for an additional fatty supplement really. You should get a right combination just from the diet. Avoid sunflower oil perhaps.
    Vit. D on a test should be > 30ng/mmol.

    About B12, best is probably methyl-B12 (except if mercury poisoned), since it can cross blood-brain barrier directly. Then cobamamide, which is also one of the active forms, but I'm not sure it can be stored. Cyano-B12 (the cheap one) puts additional strain on folic acid cycle, avoid if possible.
    Take a large enough dose.

  24. Right, forgot about seaweed – which has it s own issues like most of seafood – heavy metal contamination.

    Fortified food is about comparable to a supplement, I do not consider it to be "from foods". Mostly cereals, as vegetable milk isn't typically fortified enough.

    It is typically fortified with the cheap cyano-B12, not the active form of methyl-B12 – putting additional load on the folic acid cycle for both methyl groups and glutathione to detoxify cyanide – where B12 is a cofactor…

  25. if your milk has 25% of RDA on the box and you take 3-4 servings thru the day at 4-6 hours intervals, you get enough.

    seaweed is a complex area, some types get more contamination. i would love to have more studies done on that for sure. but for the minimal amounts you need to get your iodine intake in a week, i doubt it's an issue.

  26. there is not enough B12 in the MV to cover your needs. beside that issue, MV are not recommended by most reliable sources. Iodine is a bit more tricky, and i don't know about your kelp granule. as for Omega3s, walnuts are great, so is freshly ground flax seed. i doubt flaxmeal has much of it as it degrades fast once grounded up and exposed to air. Algae based DHA/APA supplement is good if your body has issues converting what you get from walnuts etc into longer chains, which is hard to find out

  27. An animal that has been injured may lash-out at the ones trying to help it. Transitioning to a vegan diet might ease the deficiencies causing you to speak like angry 10 yr old bully.

  28. I cant wrap my head around the people that come out of the wood-work when someone shows evidence of their diet being faulty. Its as if they feel shot or beaten. Why do meat-eaters have so much anger, and speak with so much hate?

  29. I will check out Dr. Bill Harris. Thank you. I don't go overboard with flaxmeal. Typically just 1 tsp per day and sometimes 2-3. But I did get cut just this past weekend and actually, it clotted really well. I think it's the vitamin K from the leafy greens I eat.

  30. Thanks Simon. So are you completely against MV in general? I take it most days, not everyday, as an insurance policy to cover what I may have missed throughout the day. Secondly, I just realized I've been consuming fortified B12 foods like almond milk, which has 50% value per serving AND I have been using a supplement Moringa, which I couldn't believe had 106% DV of B12 included! So it seems I'm getting some good sources. However, I'm still open to the idea of taking a B12 supplement chewable.

  31. And I could get an algae-based omega-3 supplement as extra insurance. There is one on sale at Whole Foods that is from Nordic Naturals and is ony of the few vegan omega-3 supplements with EPA along with DHA. Think I may get it. I won't rely on it everyday, but I'll have it on hand to use on days I may not eat walnuts or flaxmeal OR if my flaxmeal has lost the omega-3 from being exposed to air.

  32. The MV opinion i have is from reading people like Dr Greger not recommending them. I certainly do not take one. I'm eating a pretty varied whole food plant based diet which i'm sure covers every need i might have. i have to pay special attention to iodine since i don't use iodized table salt, and B12. I suggest watching all the videos on B12 by Dr. Greger to properly understand how it is absorbed by your body (there is 4 videos i think).

  33. Cool thanks. I've researched it and I have the book Becoming Raw. It was recommended that vegans either supplement with B12 in dfifferent forms (chewable, sublingual or injections) either once per week (big dose) OR daily like you say 250 mcg/day. I will definitely get a chewable as I read that B12 is better absorbed when chewed, which may be why a MV won't supply an ample amount of B12.

  34. For Omega 3s supplement, i personnaly have one at home because i have a GF soon to be pregnant and i want to make sure she has everything she needs. since it is pretty much impossible to test to see if you body converts to long chain omegas efficiently, it's just a safety measure for the pregnancy. I personnaly take one or two a week since i have it on hand, but i get my Omega3s from walnuts as a snack almost daily and 2 teaspoon of fresh ground flaxseed in my morning smoothie every day.

  35. Gotcha. Well, I will finish out my MV bottle and re-think things form there. But I must say, my MV is 365 brand from Whole Foods and does not have mega-doses. I've read that research on beta-carotene and other vitamins that if mega-dosed have adverse effects. Which is why I don't take the MV everyday. I did watch the other B12 videos and the message seems clear that vegans should supplement or make a conscious effort to be B12 mindful regarding food consumption and supplementation.

  36. Hmmm. That's cool. I love walnuts. Can't get enough. Definitely do the flaxmeal as well in my oatmeal. Chia and hemp seeds also, they have omega-3, granted not as much, but they make a contribution.

  37. Gotcha. Thanks for the advice. My vitamin D wasn't too high. I think it was 42 last time. But this was before I went full vegan, so I'd like to get it checked again. I do get plenty of sunlight typically. I am a triathlete. But that will be something I obviously pay close attention to as well as B12.

  38. Thanks. I hear about the Multivits not being too healthy, but I believe that's from the beta carotene and other isolated vitamins in mega doses. Jury still out on the MV issue. I've been back and forth on it for quite some time now myself. Sometimes I don't take them, other times I do. My lab values the year before last, when I was not taking an MV, were ok, but not where I would like. The after, they improved slightly with the MV. So as I said, jury still out on it IMO.

  39. That's a good point, but I think for the novice at nutrition, a vegetarian diet is easier to manage, and easier to accomplish than trying to debate all the time what you can eat and being tempted by all the old things one normally ate. That is what I am finding. I eat some meat occasionally but I don't want to eat too much or the wrong things, so mostly I skip it.

  40. That same religious fervor … I think people somehow really believe they can be or are perfect, and any factual data that puts them farther from their ability to be self-righteous is an attack on their core. As crazy as those folks, which includes me and most of us are, I think we all have to find ways to be more calm and tolerant. No one knows the truth about much of anything, that is what we find throughout history, no reason to think it's different and we know everything now. πŸ˜‰

  41. What about chia, I heard chia is higher in about everything and in more the correct proportions? It's also easier to eat than flax.

  42. > Its hard to accept the truth, when lies are exactly what you want to hear.

    but it's not for you … right ?

  43. That's a lot of plant milk. A box a day.

    Unfortunately, many heavy metals (and radioactive materials!) are cumulative and excreted slowly, even if we're talking 1/2 tbsp of kelp or a sheet of nori/laver.
    More locally, bladderwreck.

    The iodine content drops plenty with storage too.

  44. Anything more? Significant improvement yes, but what about magnitude?

    It might be that yes, adding plants improves the diet, but what is the dose/response ratio and similarly, meat dose/response?

  45. you have any studies on the idodine content droping with storage and/or the heavy metals in different sorts of seaweed ?

  46. Its not about knowing everything, there are some things that are inherently wrong. Its *never* okay to hurt or exploit a child. Its *never* okay to manipulate or hurt someone or something that cannot defend themselves (assuming they deserve in some way your control, like defending yourself ) its *never* okay to take a life that isnt necessary. Some things are cut and dry.I think its the calling-out of our participation in those acts that cause defensive talk and protective speech πŸ˜‰

  47. Right on.There has to be something about the act that is internalized . No one wants to think they are doing something inherently wrong. Even slave owners knew on some level that what they were doing was wrong, no matter how socially accepted their lifestyle to perpetrate manipulation and control was.

  48. The facts supporting a vegan diet cannot be twisted to support your habits, nutrition is nutrition nomatter what you want to force into inclusion. If the nutrition ISNT there…he cant add it. Facts is Facts.

  49. That makes alot of sense, I used to worry about the garlic or flax I added to my grandmother's meals because it thins blood, but then I remembered that just a handful of kale added to the soup adds enough vitamin K to clot a whole family,lol.

  50. On heavy metals I found one accessible study: Abstract 21030705.pdf

    (And one behind paywall with similar results, bypassed by friendly Uni access. Similar results.)

    On iodine content: jodindholdiseaweed.pdf

  51. of course, because "vegetarians" in many studies equates to to inclusion of eating eggs and dairy. Dairy, which is basically liquid meat. So yeah, why shouldnt meat eaters and "vegetarians" be completely similar? Now compare to vegans. Different story.

  52. Cant you just eat more food? more greens? Most of the research on vitamins is coming back with bad news.. Plus, they are refined.. refined oil is bad, refined sugar is bad, refined protein is bad.. why would refined minerals/vitamins be good? Not trying to bash your judgement but i dont know how a pill made of highly refined, dead ingredients could be healthy? Surely youd be better off just eating more fruits n greens, or greens of a higher quality? Wild nettles would be a good start. : )

  53. I eat lots of greens. I think I'll stop taking the MV for a while. I bought some Methylcobalcin (I cant spell) B12 yesterday. I believe in moderation. I don't believe all refined things are bad. There's a limit to things. Plant-protein powders are something I'm not ready to give up yet. I don't overuse them nor do I even use them everyday. I use them to supplement certain meals. Sorry, I just can't be that strict yet. It's a process and I'm learning as I go.

  54. Good point. However, and anyone can answer to this, Are chia seeds better bioavailable grounded OR in whole form? My take is, grounded makes it more digestible, but does grounding degrade the omega-3's? I heard omega-3's are volatile.

  55. I got a chewable B12 a few days ago. I took one this week. I plan on taking it sporadically. Like once a week or month. Reason being, I heard B12 can be stored in liver for up to 3-years. But heeding on conservatism, I'll take it once a few weeks or month. I'm getting fortified B12 from foods and the supplement should put me in balance. I got the methyl-B12, heard it's a good form.

  56. I never know what to trust for sure, but my understanding is that chia does not need to be ground because its shell is not impervious to stomach acid. That's why you see those chia drinks with the seeds floating in them. Once exposed to oxygen all fats/oils will oxidize, I believe, so nothing is perfect. I like chia, whereas flax tastes like sand to me. I think you can actually just eat chia raw, or at least I've read that South Americans do/did?

  57. Cool. Sounds good. I still like flax, but chia is awesome. I've made chia porridge before from soaking them and letting them sit. They expand quite a bit. Pretty amazing seed. I think I'll get some this weekend b/c of this conversation. Thanks!

  58. well i just got a nice dose of cyber-bullying when apparently my comment hurt him so badly that he had to share my google+ page with the world under an unsavory title. sigh. bully.

  59. haha dont apologize to me man..! lol its entirely up to you, this is just some friendly advice.. just keep learning and keep improving, aim to get as much as you can from whole foods and keep up the good work.. : ) -You will be 'there' before you know it!

  60. Ever heard of projection? LOL 'Youre all so hateful and angry!' 'Looking in the mirror must be painful!' haha you realize you are talking about yourself right?

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  62. I think vegetarian and vegan diet is deficient in some nutrients like B12 and zinc. Of course there is more zinc in nuts, seeds and dark leafy vegetables than in meat, but the zinc isn't good bioavailable in plants.

  63. In these vegan driven "agenda driven" study's , they always compare the average "american" diet or in better words , overweight people who eat like Shit , to vegan's . Completely biased study's ! Now when vegan's are put up against people who eat a healthy balanced diet and are in good physical health . Well vegan's get Shit all over . I my self eat a "clean" ballanced diet , I get blood work done twice a year , because hypertension and heart disease runs in my family . I'm 36 and have no defences at all , no cholesterol or blood pressure problems , I'm an athlete and have never broken a single bone , and I drink milk regularly , matter of fact my Dr, Dr Bryan Chan says I have some of the densest bones he has ever seen . Nothing wrong with being vegan , and I'll agree its better than th standard "American" diet . But please stop with the holier than tho vegan preaching , because a vegan diet is not better than a healthy balenced diet !

  64. I feel like the whole over weight thing should not be about the weight any more since so many people work out at the gym these days. Also different body types factor into it. Some have significantly wider shoulders than others. It should be about the fat percentage in my opinion. 20+ male, 25+ on female and you are over weight aka fatty..

  65. When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your every day nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on the internet since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  66. I read loads of great opinions on the internet about how Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine) can help you lost a lot of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular weight loss secrets?

  67. So, I'm an overweight person eating a plant based diet for 11 months now… Starting with a BMI of 40 – can anyone, guess what my BMI is now (11 months later)?

  68. Guys, burn fat does not need to be difficult (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan. Seriously, that diet plan has transformed my life. I probably shouldn't even be talking about it cause I don't want a bunch of other guys out there running the same "game" but whatever, I am just in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  69. This is a very misleading video. You can definitely get fat eating a plant based diet. Discipline is the key to healthy eating, and that includes amounts.

  70. I was recently listening to Dr MacDougall (for the first time, actually), and he was openly hostile to Dr Fuhrman's nutrient-dense approach to eating, asserting that 'nutritarians' are 'starving to death.' He didn't give any evidence or quote any studies, just asserted it with rather a lot of sarcasm and hostility.

    Can anyone explain WHY someone would think that consistently choosing the MORE nutrient-dense food option over the less nutrient-dense food option would lead one to 'starve to death'? Is it because – as this video states – vegetarians eat fewer calories (even when they eat dairy and eggs) than people eating a SAD diet? So theoretically, if you ate like Dr Fuhrman himself has been doing for the past 30 years or so, you would be dead by now? (Why hasn't Dr Fuhrman starved to death yet?).

    I don't get the hostility from Dr MacDougall. I thought that he was an advocate of a WFPB diet, only he emphasizes eating starchy foods to lose weight and get rid of weight-related illness (like type-2 diabetes), while Dr Furhman emphasizes super nutrition to lose weight and get rid of weight-related illness like type-2 diabetes and associated illnesses AND to avoid cancer, Alzheimer's and other illnesses thanks to preventative nutrition.

    MacDougall talked about how he took people off a SAD diet and put them on a starch-based whole food diet, and they lost weight and their health improved. Makes sense.

    What I don't understand, though, is his sarcasm and hostility toward the idea of going a step further. Take them off cake and pizza and put them on potatoes – fine. But if a sweet potato or a serving of black beans is more nutritionally powerful than a baked white potato, why not get the extra nutrition as your starch?

    I follow Dr Fuhrman's guidelines, and I still eat plenty of carbs; I just choose the healthiest I can find (yesterday 1/2 cup rolled oats; 1 cup brown rice; 1/3 of a sweet potato, 1-1/2 cups mixed black beans and chickpeas, along with other carbs in plenty of fruits and vegetables that were in my meals). How am I harming my health or 'starving to death'?

  71. Cool. Here's some more delicious meals and recepies on the best meals for weightloss.

  72. IΒ  officially have no idea whatsoever what to eat. Every diet video has contradictory information. Still, saying the only diets that are sustainable long-term are the only ones that have been studied long-term doesn't make any sense.

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