NDEP – Getting Ready for Your Diabetes Care Visit

The reason it’s so important for a person to prepare for the encounter with the
healthcare team is because this is going to be where the person gets
the information that they need to help solve the problems that
they may have been having in the management of
their diabetes. Because you need to know what to do for
yourself as an expectation between this visit and the
next one you make. The kinds of things that a patient ought to be sure to bring with them when they come
for a visit, one is to make sure that they have carefully outlined
any recent problems that they’ve had… things that they’re concerned about, so that
those will get attention during that visit. They must get clarification about what
things they need to do better, and how could they
do those things better to improve that aspect of management. They should bring the results of their
glucose monitorings over a period of time, their log
books or their meters that need to be downloaded. They should have a list of all of their
medications — what they are, how often they are taking them —
including non-prescription medications. Sharing information between the patient and the healthcare team is really critical
because, the patient really has to feel that they trust the healthcare team,
that they can be open, they can be honest about anything that they have
concerns about. I encourage patients to write down their
questions, to take those with them to the visit, make
sure that all of the issues get vetted, and then to write down the responses. You don’t need permission to ask questions
about your health. You don’t need permission to write notes on
responses that are given to you about your health. You are really, ultimately, the person in
charge of managing your diabetes. You are getting advice from a team that you
have engaged to help you with that, and you have to make
sure that that team functions in a way that’s going to maximally
benefit you and the outcomes that you
deserve. You can get more information about managing and preventing diabetes by visiting
YourDiabetesInfo.org. [Music] I’m Dr. Gavin and your health care team can
help you manage your diabetes.

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