NASCAR XFINITY Series- Full Race -My Bariatric Solutions 300

NASCAR XFINITY Series- Full Race -My Bariatric Solutions 300

>>>NASCAR on fox in a gorgeous Saturday afternoon
in fort Worth, Texas. Texas motor speedway playing host to the sixth
race in 2017 for the NASCAR XFINITY series. I’m Adam Alexander with Michael Waltrip and
the man in the middle, the hottest drier in NASCAR, Brad keselowski so they repaved and
reconfigured Texas motor speedway. You guys are here as the experts. Brad, do we have any idea what to expect when
the green flag bass in the air today?>>Two things to expect. Texas motor speedway is now the fastest track
in NASCAR. It is hauling the mail out there, Michael,
but also the most treacherous track. You’re going to get sideways and going to
lose positions. It’s a very narrow group, very fast racetrack
and very unforgiving.>>And they are going to get out of the groove
so we’re going to see crashes and some of the best in the business had issues yesterday. This is during practice. Jimmie Johnson in turn one, chase Elliott
off of turn two and Denny Hamlin turned sideways and coming off of turn four on the outside
wall. If you’re one foot out of the groove with
100-mile-per-hour speeds down into the corner, Brad, you’re right. This place is treacherous.>>We saw chase Elliott there. All the guys were running by themselves. Today when the green flag goes in the air
for the first time we’ll be two wide. How important is it to being in the inside
line?>>Restart, want to be on the inside, come
three and four, who know, you get the car really fast, lose air off the side, get in
a lot of trouble being on the inside and just side by side it’s going to be tough and we
have double foul restarts. It will be a handful and don’t forget, this
XFINITY series, a lot of drivers are just getting started and this is a tough place
to learn.>>It is a tough place and five times a driver
has gotten their first career victory here, Dale earn yesterday junior and chase Elliott
got his first victory in his sixth career start. William Byron making his sixth series driving
for NASCAR’s most popular driver. Let’s go to the driver’s seat with the kid
out Charlotte, North Carolina.>>Wileiam Byron. Up here in the fox boot, do you cop?>>I got you.>>You look relaxed. I know there was a load taken off your mind
when you were qualified on the inside. Are you pretty content with where you’re setting? Can you hold that line?>>Yeah, I think so. It will be important to stay on bottom especially
here in the beginning of the last with the groove not widening out so far. Important to get good restarts and keep the
car in one piece and hopefully get a good finish.>>That’s a great wind. Brad keselowski, you’re off to a real good
start. First season as a reek. Only 17 points back from the points lead. Wow, that’s impressive. But we really want to know is what’s is it
going to take for you to get your first win in the NASCAR XFINITY series?>>It’s just going to be able to lead laps
and one with the tough guys. You guys have been really fast and the 12
car is fast and to run with the 12 and the 20 and some of the guys up front that will
enable us to get a win so hopefully we can do that today.>>Good luck. Thanks for taking to us.>>Thank you, guys.>>William Byron, the best qualifier when
you talk about series regs rolls off in the fifth position. Aerial coverage today provided by Goodyear. Everything they learn for the grueling demands
of NASCAR and inspires what rolls into yours. Good
>>>The official tire of NASCAR. Anxiety level as we get set to go green today
perhaps at an all-time high. Here are the numbers. 75 degrees and here’s something else to consider. Winds gusting at 30 miles per hour. That’s got to upset the handling of these
race cars.>>You know, you nailed, it anxiety levels
are very high. A lot of these drivers are really just getting
into the NASCAR xfiniti series, just learning what it’s like to go from the local short
tracks, whether it’s the dirt tracks of America, asphalt oval tracks under the big mile and
a half race tracks and now they are going to come to Texas which is not only one of
the fastest, but like I said one of the most treacherous and you make the smallest mistake,
they are going to wreck and wreck very hard. This is going to be a very, very crucial test
for the rookies here today.>>You talk about the rookies up front. Alex Lemay from Canada, first time I’ve ever
been on a mile and a half track. You picked a fine one to come to. No one knows what to expect and I know it’s
a challenge for you but the crew chiefs are going to be challenged. Lap 45 we’ll have a caution. Ful there’s a caution around lap 40 there’s
strategy played so that everybody can try to get that all-important track position. Going to be fun to follow today to see what
the crew chiefs do.>>Two and a half hours of practice yesterday,
and you know drivers couldn’t wait to get on track this weekend. How do you forget everything you’ve learned
here in Texas after the repave?>>Embedded in my brain is 15 or 20 years
of racing turn one the way it used to be.>>Trying to get acclimated.>>I’ve had to change the way I drive here.>>You don’t know what it’s going to do so
we’ll find out when we get on track.>>Heard from vet van Elliott Sadler there. Elliott a driver there who won here in 2004
in the monster energy series, our points leader. Michael, he barely made it to round two of
qualifying today and going to roll off in the tenth position.>>You can see that making turns one and two
reduced from 24 to 20 degrees. Remember, that’s the fastest part of the racetrack
Adam. You’re going to one wide open nearly through
there. That means you’ll propel down to turn one
and pick up the lines as we heard the veteran say. What angle to hit that corner at while by
the way you’re running 200 miles per hour. I’m glad we’re sitting up here and ready to
watch this.>>You guys up front know all about suck zes
ses in the NASCAR XFINITY series. Joey Logano has won four straight races for
Roger penske riding in the 12 including earlier at Texas motor speedway. Erik Jones’ first win came in 2007. How is it going to play out today? Let’s put the green flag in the air and find
out. We’re under way in Texas.>>The high line is already backing up off
of turn two. Right at the edge of the groove. You start slipping and sliding there and the
only thing can you do is slow down a little bit.>>How about Daniel Hemric. Green 21 shooting inside the fellow rookie.>>How about Erik Jones off of turn four. It’s slippery up there. Jones slid up the hill and Tyler Reddick to
the bottom.>>Brian Blaney, fast in practice yesterday
in the 22. On board with him here in a Ford behind him
the 00 of Cole Custer.>>Custer really strong yesterday in practice. Had a good long run car and the rookie is
just getting some laps under his belt.>>What happened to Austin Dillon? Way up high.>>Got loose.>>Dillon got loose and his speed was reduced
quite dramatically down into turn three. That’s a result of sliding sideways.>>There’s another car loose. Brandon Jones sideways off turn two.>>You hate to steal a cliche but loose is
fast and out of control and that’s how Texas is. You’re going to have to be loose to go fast,
but you can’t be too far out of control because this track will not forgive you.>>Brad, do you have to be loose because the
two ends are so different if you’re really good at one you need to be a little free on
the other?>>The two ends are dramatically different. Turns one and two, Michael, to your point,
you have to be able to turn and stay on the bottom and if you get the least bit out of
there you’re in trouble.>>I love that. I love that the ends are different. It just makes the challenge that much greater
because as a race car driver out there on the track, Brad, the challenges can be frustrating
but as the TV commentators, it’s a lot of fun.>>Absolutely. You’ll see the hammer of the little bumps
through three or four. A couple of bumps down there.>>6 of dal as I Wallace Jr. And 00, the white one of Cole Custer. Contact it looked like as they come off of
turn two.>>Everybody wants to be in line for turn
three and Cole khowster no, I’m not giving up the bottom.>>He said off of turn two that’s how much
the bottom means. Not anywhere near turn three and he’s already
positioned for it.>>So many times on a race or restart, Daniel
Suarez flies inside of Cole Custer here, and he’ll bring some other drivers with him. Elliott Sadler is there, the 19 of Matt Tifft
making a pass of Cole Custer, and those were teammates. Kevin Harvick and Cole Custer side by side.>>Don’t expect to see Kevin Harvick back
here for long. Kevin is a master and really smart as we have
a race up here for fifth place but Kevin is going to work his way up to the front and
be a part of the equation in this race.>>We saw Jones slip back from the start from
the outside starting position nearly to the back half of the top ten, and now he’s slowly
and methodically ticking his way past the competition making moves on the bottom of
the strong, a really strong Toyota for Jones.>>That’s smart though, right? Be patient early if you’re in the outside
line and let the track come to you.>>Don’t have a lot of time. Only 45 laps in this stage and that’s going
to run by really, really quick.>>Jones going underneath Ryan reed who had
a good start, winner at daytona and reed up to fourth. Ryan Blaney driving the 52.>>Strong start and started at the bottom
of the racetrack and got up inside the top five and is running really well early.>>I’ve got to tell you. I’m really impressed with how the field is
doing so far. I didn’t think we’d make a lap as treacherous
as this track is, and these guys are doing a great job holding on to their race cars.>>Just surprise at how aggressive you have
been. You’ve talked about how edgy this place can
be, and guys have already made some moves testing the waters a bit.>>That’s how you’re going to have to learn. You can’t ride around all day, especially
with the stages. You have to go — right now you have to score
those points. They are too important.>>Look at Blaney really heating up there
on exit and reed is going to slide up the track. Blaney takes the spot away and it will probably
open the door for the 2 car of Austin Dillon.>>Dillon health moment lap two and got out
of the groove and said he got really loose. He’s rallying back and right now finds himself
into seventh position and looking for more, Jamie.>>Already lost four position tsz. He’s one of the double duty drivers that he
told me when he comes over to this side things to this car it’s a relief. It’s just not as edgy. This car is more fun to drive. As you mentioned, he’s just loose and doesn’t
know what’s going on. He said it’s primarily off turn two.>>I think that’s interesting, Brad. I’ve heard a lot of your monster energy cup
fellow drivers say that car is fun to drive. These cup cars are a handful.>>Brad said it would be treacherous. Everybody take it a deep breath. We’re ten laps in. So far so good for the XFINITY car series
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Hut, I can order with this… This… And now, from my Pizza Hut Pie Tops. Now, get a Large 2-topping Pizzafor just $7.99. It’s the best pizza delivery deal. Because No One Out Pizzas The Hut. So I put the announcer jinx on the field. When we went to break I said so far so good. Caution out for the first time. It’s for the guy in the second position, 21
of Daniel Hemric.>>Michael: That’s just a case of getting
loose. Brad, if you’re a half car length back, can
you — you can still free up the guy a little bit in the front and as stretchous as you
said the conditions were out there, it’s enough to send the 21 of Daniel Hemric right around,
hus it yeah, you know, the arrow definitely puts it in play, and Daniel was running real
well. Running second and I’m sure he was pretty
loose. Get somebody behind you and not going to work. This is from the 9 car. You can see him spinning.>>Michael: Hear Byron play with the throttle. Make sure you’re going to spin out of my way
and he did just that. This is the view from Ryan Blaney’s car.>>Brad: This is one of those things where
the track gets older and there’s a little more age you can probably save that race car. Not today. Too treacherous and too slick.>>Adam: Not too many takers when it comes
to pit road. The 11 came down. 13 laps complete in our opening stage at texas.>>Jamie: We’re under caution here at the
Texas motor speedway. Waiting to say how the repaved track works
out for the guys on the racetrack. Let’s get a look at today’s liberty mutual
worriless strategy. Larry Mack, what you got.>>Stay in your groove. Run the bottom groove of the ration track,
the spotter, the crew chief, we’ll let you know if we see drivers go up the racetrack
and how that’s working out for them.>>Adam: I just love that the crew chief is
telling the driver stay in your lane. Stay in your group. Do your job and I’ll do mean, I Hu.
>>Jamie:>>Michael: And the spotters will let if they
know they are going up the hill to get a better run but if you’re going up the hill you’ll
be hitting had the outside wall like Hemric did.>>Brad: And drivers love it when spotters
tell them what to do.>>Adam: Hermishing went down to pit road
and went into the five minute crash spot.>>Brad: He’s in a lot of trouble.>>Adam: He’s got to get up to minimum speed
to stay in the race. If not, he’ll be redone for the day. Restart as we complete lap 15 and that what
is not Hemric who came around at the tail end of the clock.>>Michael: We talked to William Byron before
the race start and he was pretty comfortable starting on the inside. This time he was put on the outside and you
can see losing a couple of spots there in that number 9 car.>>Adam: Going to be interesting to watch
the 20 of Erik Jones try to keep pace with our leader Joey Logano. We could see a battle of the lead. Battles all over the racetrack. Spencer Gallagher in the 23 on the inside
of our point leader Elliott Sadler.>>Adam: Sadler started tenth today and has
dropped back to the 15th position.>>Brad: Elliott not where he wants to be. Dropping through the second and trying to
find a spot to get in line and he can’t find one.>>Michael: Knows there’s so much to be lost
in the outside line and very little to be gained.>>Adam: Battle for the lead here. Erik Jones might be a touch faster. He’s going to try to get right up behind the
12 car and get him loose and make Joey think about this a little bit. How bad do you want to stay in the lead.>>Michael: Joey stayed in the lead and gave
Eric a good run off the turn. That’s a good run from Erik Jones on the back. How much different do the cars handle when
you’re in tight traffic like this? Looks like Jones is better than Logano.>>Jerry: Jones definitely looks Bert. Normally in traffic you lose a little air
off the corner. Get good runs down the straightaway and I
think that’s what we saw down the backstretch.>>Adam: Look at this battle for the lead. Joey Logano holding off Erik Jones. Third right now to the 22 of Blaney and the
first caution of the day for Daniel Hemric. He lost two laps on pit road and has gotten
back up to minimum speed. They keep the crash clock, still in the game
but obviously an uphill climb as afternoon continues. William Byron up to fourth and Ryan reed back
to fifth now, Jamie.>>Jamie: And he started the race ninth. A little bit better than expected. Wasn’t sure what to think. A car slowing up. Logano looks to be falling back quite a bit
and Ryan reed, they unloaded, right in the ballpark, in the top ten all weekend and really
optimistic but didn’t expect to be in the top five this early.>>Michael: Logano got loose off of turn two
and that car jumped out from underneath them. The battle of the brothers. Seen them racing side by side here today.>>Adam: Logano dropped and Erik Jones the
new race loser. Brian Blaney and the 12 lost momentum. That’s the battle for the top spot.>>Brad: I think Joey was just a little bit
too loose and these two cars are very equal and I think we’ll have a battle all two with
these two all day.>>Adam:
>>Michael: Look at all these names inside the top ten, a lot of teenagers, 20 somethings
and the Logano who lost the 15-lap, Matt, what’s the store they.>>The 12 of Logano had reported that the
car was coming in and took a little bit on the loose side and that’s what you saw him
get loose and lose the lead. Guys, another variable to take into account. Take a look at the big American flag, the
backstretch, you can see how gusty those winds are and then it goes to a crosswind, Chris.>>William Byron, a student at liberty university
and he’s been a studench what’s going on in the racetrack during the top three practices,
he was watching our broadcast and really trying to learn. Also listening to all the radio communications
coming out of Hendrick motorsports and trying to glean anything that he can from the practices
and so far happy with the racetrack and it’s a little bit loose.>>Michael: Did you see the green there, Daniel
Hemric, that has to be a huge challenge for everybody to get around. His car is really tore up and car out of the
groove.>>Michael: He’s trying tolism back to the
pits. When he went up the hill in turn three and
four it bunched our leaders up. They did a nice job of negotiating their way
off turn four.>>Adam: He’ll get an opening real soon to
drop down before the leaders get to him. He’s last of the tail end going by now. Hemric on the right of the screen and on the
apron and should be able to get back.>>Brad: That’s tough for him. Seventh in points and really close strike
distance to the lead.>>Adam: Darrell Wallace Jr. A lot of speed yesterday in the 6 machine
for the Roush Fenway organization and right behind him Daniel Suarez who went for a spin
yesterday in practice and kept it off the wall and here he is compete Pentagon for a
spot inside the top ten. He’s eighth right now.>>Michael: Looks like he’s able to cloips
on the back of Darryl Wallace. Daniel with his inexperience in the XFINITY
figure out how to get bubba get loose.>>Brad: And Reddick having a great start
to the race running sixth. He’s a reek and running close to the front
in the 42 car.>>Adam: Trace Atkins on his hood there.>>Michael: That should scare the competition,
right.>>Adam: His cowboy hat is going to fly off.>>Michael: We talked about Suarez in the
18 being Bert than the 6 of Wallace. Pretty impressed with the momentum bubba was
able to keep on the outside, Brad, as he exited turn two.>>Brad: He lost two spots which right now
that’s pretty good. I think we’re going to see this track continue
to change to where you don’t lose quite as much as the race goes on.>>Adam: Starting to make some moves to the
front. No surprise he’s being perished. Kevin Harvick. Good qualifying effort earlier today at 14th
and right now the battle to get inside the top ten.>>Michael: Rookies and teenagers inside the
top ten. How good are they? This is Kevin Harvick, a NASCAR champion and
back there in the 11th spot trying to deal with these guys. They are really talented.>>Brad: This is a great view from the driver’s
see. On the roof cam. The drivers are lined up and one of the first
things I in the everybody is competing to get as low as possible. You can see the 6 car a little bit higher. Trying to get as low as they can. As much air on the nose and sides of the car
so they can corner with the most amounts of speed and try to run the fastest lap time
and make the pass and I see Kevin listing quite a bit. You see his throttle chase right up here in
the top line. That’s really important on a track like this. The more you can say on throttle the faster
you’ll be and even more important he’s trying to stay off the brake. If you’re going to run fast here, got to stay
off the brake. It sounds simple but when that car gets a
little sideways, mikeal, you want to ride the brake pedal.>>Michael: And how much with the wind blowing,
how much is that affecting the cars on the track.>>Brad: Entering turn three with a tailwind
win makes the car very unsettled and they are vows. You can see the car twitching back and forth
as we’re riding with hem and going over it and opposite turn one makes you feel like
Superman in the corner. Gives you a little extra drip.>>Adam: And Tyler Reddick doing a nice job
early, sixth right now, the rookie from California and right behind him Daniel swaurds. There’s your race leader Erik Jones. Took the top spot away from Joey Logano since
lap 20 and has won for 11 laps ever since. We’re going side by side on fox. One here at Texas. Erik Jones and with that we get our Ford performance
track. Mark martin won the inaugural XFINITY race
in 1997 and Ford leads all manufacturers with 11 victories. Mart martin driving for the cat in the house
and jack Rausch. Swept the weekend. Mark won on Saturday and Jeff Burton on Sunday.>>>>Michael: And I think we all crashed
going into turn four.>>Adam: I wasn’t going to tell that part.>>Brad: That’s why you definitely want to
tune into tomorrow’s race.>>Adam: The racing early on has been spectacular. For a repaved, reconfigured track this has
been entertaining and someone is doing a great job. We said Tyler Reddick. Thought he would give up the sixth position. Suarez can’t get by. Doing a really nice job of hugging bottom
lane.>>Michael: Daniel is a little bit faster. Hasn’t found the spot to get and we think
might be holding up this chain here and we’ll see how this folds at the end of the stage
and these guys will get anxious.>>Bra
>>Michael: And you can see reed there, a big gap in front of him. William boy Ron that’s driving away from these
guys. That means people get impatient and get up
closer to you and get you loose.>>Adam: Big opportunity here for William
Byron with seven laps to go in stage one. Currently riding fourth. Comes into this weekend’s race second in the
championship and third when you talk about stage one and stage two points and he can
really gain some ground here because Elliott Sadler is back in 14th and right now not going
to have an opportunity to pick up points at the end of stage one. More importantly than the fact he has an opportunity
to gain some points at the end of stage one the outstanding job he’s done maintaining
his composure and tight racing early, but reek adapting like he always does.>>Michael: He got pushed up on the outside
of the lane on the first restart and lost some spots and was able to hang in there. There’s the battle with Ryan reed in the red
car and lapping Joey Gase in the 52 there to the inside. That’s what the drivers all want. Make sure you put the lappers outside.>>Brad: Reddick is getting a little bit up
the track there. That will give an opportunity here for Daniel
Suarez.>>Michael: Looked like Reddick might have
gotten a little bit loose.>>Brad: He’ll try to fall in line. Bubba is not going to let him.>>Adam: Suarez goes high and so does Darryl
Wallace. Goes from sixth to eighth on that stage and
four laps to go in stage one.>>Michael: Impressed with the 16 of reed. Able to hold off some really good cars. The back of the pack in the 41 Kevin Harvick. Harvick is not cable to make any moves and
reed is doing a good job. Here’s the view from the Harvick roof cam.>>Brad: Going by him on the outside and that’s
not what you want. All these drivers are a little bit angry right
now.>>Michael: Here comes Brandon Jones trying
to pick his way around the high side of Mcleod.>>Adam: Kevin Harvick 14th and fell back
10th as we close the end of our opening stage, Chris?>>Chris: He said I think we’ve got a good
car today and we just need to be patient and listening him on radio is where I need help
is the front end. The front end is not turning as much as he
would like on entering and centering through the corner. Even though he’s running behind all these
cars, he doesn’t think the traffic is affecting the turn that much.>>Adam: I.
>>Brad: If you look at the stat line, Harvick has won here five times and after I wrote
that stat down I said it doesn’t really matter because this is a completely different place.>>Michael: Remember what Elliott Sadler said,
I’ve got to unlearn what I’ve known for 20 years. What does that have to feel like.>>Adam: Throw that knowledge away and one
lap to go in our first stage of Texas. What do you see, Larry Mac Reynolds.>>Larry: We know we have a caution coming
in at the end of the stage and looking at the race pace I think these drivers and teams
want to go with four fresh tires but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see drivers not able
to move up through the field roll the dice and do two. Again, the theme. Track position is king.>>Adam: Okay. Brad, I’m going to put two on that driver. Are you okay with that.>>Brad: No, I’m not. I would like four.>>Adam: Stage one is contemplate. Erik Jones win it, Blaney second and Joey
Logano is third and best series regular William Byron. Reed in fifth and Daniel Suarez sixth, Darrell
Wallace Jr., Auston Dillon and Kevin Harvick complete the top ten. We’re stepping aside. More from Texas after this short break on
fox.>>Jamie: We’re getting ready to start stage
two at Texas and a handful of drivers looking to get their first win. Dearly earn hard did it and Kurt Busch did
it in 2006 and Trevor Bayne in 2011. Chase Elliott did it in 2014. The list goes on and on. Erik Jones who won stage one, he did it in
2015, so I wonder, could it be a first time winner here today? That’s a — that’s a case looking for his
first win, Larry Mac.>>Larry: Chase Elliott did it for junior
motorsports and William Byron with junior motorsports looking for the win.>>Jamie: A good place to be. We’ve talked about track position being key
so William Byron will lead the field to green when we start stage two. Let’s go down to Chris Neville at the pit
box.>>Chris: When you throw new pavement into
the equation the check list gets a little bit longer. Yesterday we saw teams with all of their race
cars. We’ve got a brand new Goodyear tire. You can see the sticker on it and the nice
shine and over here this car has seen the race car and it’s come up to temperature. Why do you want to do that on a repave or
new pavement means grip, grip means speed and speed means heat hand heat means problem. Bringing them up and letting them cool. All that does is add durability to the tire. Adam.>>Adam: Thanks, what was your game plan,
Brad?>>Brad: Both. Sometimes you have a little bit of advantage
with studded tires when you need that extra bit of durability. You want to have a set of scuffed tires and
sometimes you want a pure run and stickers may be faster.>>Michael: How amazing the tires are. Running are speeds in excess of 200 miles
in the corner and they are durable and stick and get better and Bert as the run goes. Has there been any concern about blistering? You have the grip and like what Chris was
talking about, have you seen any evidence of that.>>Brad: So far they have been great. Haven’t seen the super runs yet that we’ll
see later today that will really test the durability and so far Goodyear has done an
excellent job of bringing a tire to one of the most challenging places to bring a tire
to, a very fast repaved racetrack.>>Adam: Kevin Harvick in the tenth position,
that’s where he was when the caution came out.>>It is widening out and have no choice with
the side-by-side restarts.>>Adam: That’s what these — that’s what
Brad keselowski wants to hear tomorrow. He’ll be put in a position to go side by side
and we talked about nearly 200 miles per hour. So a bit of a delay here as we get ready to
go back green as we start our second stage. It was for Casey Meares.>>Did you want me to stay where I was?>>I don’t know, man many I lost count. There’s guys coming out. I’m trying to do my best now. We’re having one of them cars come out late. One of the cars come out there like and we’re
like are we 10th or 11th?>>Counting cars. Double restart. Line up odd even, odd even, and he wanted
to be on the bottom lane and that’s what the spotter is referencinging there.>>Michael: A tough game to play.>>Brad: Very tough game.>>Adam: Casey Mears had an issue. It’s mechanical. He can return if he gets it fixed up. We’ll have the restart when we come back. Want to know what he sees? Opportunity.>>Adam: Won’t be long before we get the restart
beginning stage two. Ryan reed running in second position, and
we had a chance to visit with reed driver of the lily dines sport. Lily diabetes is now the official health sponsor
of NASCAR.>>We’re going into our fourth year now and
it’s been an unbelievable partnership. They have allowed me to chase the dream and
it’s unbelieve andleable and can’t thank them enough for their support. Off the racetrack going to children’s hospitals
and schools and all sorts of events all over the countries to talk about diabetes and what
it’s like and as we continue to grow and the work in the NASCAR community and spread awareness
and want to do the initiative and I’m so proud to see their commitment.>>Adam: Ryan reed will start in the second
position when we begin stage two. William Byron the leader and others up front,
Suarez, Custer and Blaney.>>Jamie: Red flag is out here at the Texas
motor speedway and coming up later at 4:00 P.M. Eastern the Long Beach grand prix on fox. Four different classes of the world’s fast
theest sports cars battling for track positions and points on the iconic crease of Long Beach,
California. Be sure to watch that today at 4:00 P.M. Eastern on fox. And we mentioned how we’re under a red flag
here. We just had pit tops at the end of stage one
and in the pit stops, Larry, I’ll give you a little bit of credit because what do some
guys do.>>Larry: The top four changed the right side
tie, again, fighting for the inside position. There’s six drivers in the top 12 or 13 that
went with just right side tires trying to keep that track position.>>Jamie: And the first driver with four tires
is Erik Jones who we know has a fast car.>>Larry: Like my two drivers in the booth
everybody wanted four fresh tires but I think to put yourself back in the field with four
fresh tie, I think it was like risk versus reward right there.>>Jamie: Brian plane, here’s 22 and starts
fifth and Erik Jones and Joey Logano, all of those guys have four tires and when you
talk about Joey Logano let’s take a look at the guy calling the shot for Logano on top
of the pit box, and that would be Brian Wilson, crew chief. One of the nicest cars in the NASCAR garage.>>Larry: He’s won a number of races with
that 12 car with Joey Logano and, you know, doing it on a part-time basis, that’s tough. It’s like you’re here, not here. Let me add he also set in for Paul wolf and
Brad keselowski at auto club speedway and almost won that race after overcoming a lot
of adversity.>>Jamie: Consistency is key, and when you
say kind of coming in and coming out and it’s awesome he’s doing so well and he’s down there
with Matt Yocum.>>Matt: Brian Wilson, gamble or no gamble
going for four, track position being so key here.>>It’s more just trying to learn there, Matt. Brand new track and tire. I wanted to see what the left side wear was
and we’ll pay attention to the four cars that can the four tires and see if we can do that
later on in the race.>>Adam: Brian Wilson doing an outstanding
job. Won lost time out in Las Vegas with Joey Logano
and mentioned the fact that you nearly won in California. Smart, smart guy up on that pit box.>>Brad: And you’re seeing that in NASCAR
and if you’re an engineer at home or studying to be an engineer, this is what you’re fipgd
is engineers are making their ways up to be a crew chief because it’s such a technical
position, so much you need to know about the race car and strategy and need to make all
the calls with the driver. I don’t understand and I’m glad to have someone
who does.>>Adam: My daughter Macy is an engineering
student at the university of Michigan so she’s doing just that so maybe she will be on the
box one day. What do you think about that call? Not only does he want to see what two tires
does on his car but he wants to see how they compare.>>Brad: Still pred early in the race and
though he wants to win stage two, he wants to win the race and winning the race means
that leaves the options open at end of stage two. Those guys who have taken two tires right
now, don’t have as many options when they get to the end of stage two. They probably have to put four tires on just
to make sure but it’s a great position to be in if you’re one of the guys with four
tires where you can really let somebody flip the wrist out there. You’ve got a fast car.>>Adam: Keep an eye on Kevin Harvick. Climbed to the front restarting.>>Any cooler in there today?>>Negative.>>Just so you nice it’s nice and comfortable
up here on the pit boxes.>>Appreciate if.>>Rather still be hot and sweaty.>>It’s a beautiful day outside.>>Adam: I know we didn’t get into it full
on earlier but the reason we had the delay here, there was a problem for Casey Mears
and he’s in the garage now with Jamie. What’s the store they.>>Jamie: Thought it would be a quick fix
and he’d get back out. Your day is over. What exactly happened?>>I don’t know, but blew the bottom end of
the gear out and when it did it changed the plane on the housing and we were continued
that if we went out there we’d leak and wanted to go back out and learn, the second part
of the deal, I had a lot faster car than I thought I would, ran fastener practice and
we were able to come through the field. Having fun, you know. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get to finish but
we also don’t want to cause any more issues.>>Jamie: Casey Mears back in at Richmond.>>Adam: Are here’s the reset as we go green. The top four all on two tires. What does Byron think?>>You good up there?>>Yeah, I’m good. I’m good.>>All right.>>Adam: We’re about to go green once again
and Brad, you were telling us during the break staying green will be the key.>>Brad: It’s critical. They have to get under green and stay green. This track is freshly repaved, and everything,
all the oils that make up a brand new asphalt surface are coming to the top and the only
way to get rid of them is to get a speed fast lap to wear through it and with all the yellows
the track is getting slirk and we’ll see more issues unless we can stay green on the restart.>>Adam: 25 laps to go as we get the restart. Brian Blaney chooses the outside lane. A little team work. Logano says I’ll let you slide down inside
of me. Look what it’s doing to Logano. Got loose underneath. Here comes William Byron storming up the bottom.>>Brad: Well, that didn’t work.>>Michael: We’ve got one spinning 3 and 4,
big wreck.>>Adam: Some good involved. 42 of Poole and 45 of Tyler Reddick.>>Brad: A whole bunch of card. This is the problem with yellows. The track keeps getting slicker and you can’t
hold on to the race car.>>Michael: And you put them side by side
and it’s worse and you’re trying to gain whatever you can get. I don’t think he got any damage to that 6
car, Adam. I didn’t see any hard contact. He might have gotten through this without
any problem.>>Brad: We’re seeing it coming to fruition. The track is slick and it’s just getting out
of control.>>Adam: And the worst of the damage went
to the 48 of Brandon Poole.>>Michael: The tires slid a long way. He really hauled the mail down the front. One of the tires blow out, he can tear his
car to pieces.>>Adam: All the cars will go on the five-minute
crash clock. You’ve got five minutes to get the repairs
done and back up to minimum speed and once you clear the crash car.>>Brad: This 48 car is done, Adam.>>Michael: On the restart, choreographed
start, didn’t work out very well, goes inside of Reddick and they make contact and they
are loose and opens the door for William Byron in the 6 and you saw how that was getting
through turn one.>>Brad: Elliott Sadler makes it three instead
of four and the track is too slick. Won’t hold the grip and spins in front of
the group. Lots of contact. A lot of guys very fortunate.>>Adam: Kevin Harvick, Brandon Jones, all
gone right there. Watch the 23 of Spencer Gallagher and the
points leader Elliott Sadler there as well.>>Brad: The track was very slick and bubba
entered the corner with a lot of speed. It would have been hard to hold on to either
way.>>Michael: Allgaier goes sliding by. I think the 48 car is done. Bubba wall as right there.>>Adam: Poole just went to the garage and
under NASCAR’s new rules if you’re involved in a crash and you go to the grange your day
is done so he is out for the afternoon, as you suspected, Michael. Saw Justin Allgaier sliding down the apron
of the racetrack. Not sure how much damage he got.>>Brad: Kevin knows this is trouble.>>’S, easy, easy, low, low, low.>>Michael: I think Kevin is all right. Not enough damage.>>Brad: Saw Daniel Suarez. He made hard contact from someone behind as
well.>>Michael: A little bit of damage to the
left rear of Harvick’s car but I think he’ll be okay.>>Adam: Under caution for the fourth time
today. 23 laps to go in stage two and a number of
cars getting damaged here at Texas.>>Adam: 20 laps to go stage two here in the
XFINITY NASCAR series. Let’s go down to the pit box. Jamie?>>Jamie: Adam, been talking about it all
day. So many unknown. The crew chief on the cup side for tomorrow’s
race out here walking around and I’ve seen other crew chiefs as well. Matt, what are you learning and gaining from
watching this race?>>The biggest thing is some of the guys going
for strategy. Good to have teammates over here on the XFINITY
side and see a lot of guys doing two tires here and judging from what I’ve seen so far
and going to be a really difficult task and going to be crucial to be able to capitalize
on some track positions for strategy and I think it’s working for some of these guys
right now and I think we can learn a lot for where they are doing.>>Jamie: Thanks very much for your time. See you tomorrow.>>Adam: Crew chief for the Roush Fenway XFINITY
series and working with Trevor Bayne tomorrow and give that guy a little bonus. Working hard on a Saturday.>>Michael: Crew chief’s work is never done. Ask Larry Mac Reynolds. Guys getting every data point to see if they
can be better at their job.>>Adam: Brendan Poole has gone to the garage. He’s done. Others on the crash clock and appear to have
everything repaired and have to get up to minimum speed and once we get the green flag
and when we do, there will be 19 laps remaining. It’s our second stage. A couple of Fords out front. Ryan Blaney with the 16 of Ryan reed.>>Brad: Ryan vooed going to stay really close
here to Blaney and William will take a look object inside but not quite there.>>Adam: Byron not mess around in the 9 car. Can he slide inside a read off of turn two? It appears he can.>>Michael: What a great job by Ryan reed. Three starts in a row he started on the outside
and he’s held his ground.>>Adam: I thought he was going to get there,
William Byron. Great job by Ryan reed.>>Brad: And look at speed he has on the outside. I’m really curious to see how this is going
to work the one and two side by side. Both fast cars.>>Adam: Jones, wow, he gets freed up with
the 20 car on the outside and that’s going to make room for Tifft the number 1 on the
bottom.>>Brad: That’s his rookie teammate. Joey drove it in there and said no, no, no,
no, no.>>Michael: Look at Erik Jones in the 20. Now looking inside his teammate.>>Adam: By the way, all those cars that went
on the crash clock after that crash, our fourth caution of the day. They have cleared and will continue on.>>Brad: Well, that’s great ration on this
restart and the this restart, like I said before, Michael, was really key. Now that they have got to a rhythm, the field
is running here at pace, they are going to get the track in a condition to where it has
grip and won’t be quite so treacherous for the next 17 laps of the race if we can stay
in green flag.>>Adam: Matt Tifft and how about Cole Custer,
the 00, another rookie and Spencer Gallagher the 23 for gms all going by for position and
that’s Ty Dillon in the 3. Haven’t heard much about him. Starting to make moves.>>Michael: Kevin Harvick on pit road for
damage repair and has that car squared away and starting to March back up the feel. Now back in the 17th position.>>Adam: A little bit of contact between the
4 and 18 and trying to get through some of the slower traffic.>>Michael: Wow. Talk about defense, that’s playing some serious
defense off turn two.>>Adam: Kev credit for Ross Chastain, pretty
good car for J.D. Motorsports and was in the top 15 when the caution came out here. He’s done a real nice job here this afternoon
in tough conditions. Has a guy doing a nice job, cook, the 11 car
and Sieg, the 13, some of the underdogs having a good run. Here’s William Byron back to second and nice
move inside of Ryan reed.>>>>Michael: Ryan reed is going to drop
a couple of spots you can see up the hill there. Drops the bottom. Luckily there was a gap behind the Orange
20 car that passed him but he’ll have cop here again soon. Here comes the 26 Austin Dillon.>>Michael: Nowhere to hide here, Adam. If you slip up there will be somebody on the
inside.>>Adam: I think I heard the word rhythm,
that’s an easy thing for a driver.>>Brad: Very important when you have a treacherous
race car track to not miss your marks.>>Michael: You talk about turns one and two
and really a rhythm turn with all the speed. If you get down too deep you’ll miss the whole
turn.>>Brad: Erik Jones says I’m going to get
right up on the bumper or put some pressure here or you can let me go. You decide.>>Michael: Because I’m going to be here one
way or the other.>>Brad:ia.>>The guys are coming cup off the 21.>>Adam: These two filing some knowledge for
tomorrow.>>Outside.>>Brad: Big time knowledge. Huge advantage to be running the race today
as a doubleheader for the monster energy cup series drivers.>>Adam: Coming up on the 21s.daniel Hemric,
the rookie for Ricky Childress racing are, he’s 37th, 17 laps down.>>Brad: I think he was a little more specific
did returning to the racetrack because he’s just struggling to stay out of Nokes away
up on the high side.>>Brad: Those are not fun days, Michael,
at all. I experienced too many of those in my day.>>Michael: Ryan reed still riding in the
top five. He’s finally settled but it looks like reed
is dropping back. Can you see there, just a really strong move
off turn two for Sadler. Remember, he had fallen all the way back out
of the top 15 when he got sought out on the restart and made his way to the top ten.>>Adam: They took two tires I believe under
the caution. Elliott there talking about the condition
of his race car. When we last checked in with Daniel Suarez,
he hit the wall, went for a spin and now he’s recovered to the 14th position just ahead
of our buddy Kevin Harvick. Harvick to the inside. He have’s going to take that spot away. P.
>>Adam: Been a real interesting day for Kevin Harvick and surprisingly when you think of
the strength of the Fords this weekend, he’s not been someone that’s been a part of the
conversation up front. Right around that tenth position most of the
day and — and he’s had his fir share of problems when they consider can the crash they were
involved in and had to come down and fix the damage.>>Brad: This is a new team, Adam, with Stuart
Hass racing getting their first shot an an XFINITY series team, and I thought they fired
out of the gate really strong in Atlanta. LED a lot of lapse and won some stages and
from there they kind of leveled off. I’m shower that is something that will progress. Oh, we’ve got a spin, caution.>>Adam: Fifth one of the day for the 0 of
Garrett smithley. Top ten run for him to start the season at
daytona. Not a ton to celebrate since then and was
hoping for better things here today at Texas.>>Michael: He was riding along in the 31st
position and had his 0 car get away from him exiting turn two.>>Brad: Gets a little loose and then gets
out of the groove and there is no saving that car.>>Michael: Ration alongside Joey Gase there.>>Brad: They were battling for 31th.>>Adam: Not going to be a lot of laps left
when we get this all cleaned up and go back green prior to the end of stage two, and I’m
thinking about the drivers in the top ten here that have a chance to score some points,
and William Byron works will restart second if he could somehow find a way to win this
stage, get himself a playoff point, Richelle Carey Mac Reynolds.>>Larry: What I’m looking at is the big picture
and that’s winning this race and when I look at drivers like Allgaier, Harvick, Suarez,
bubba wall as Jr. That’s outside the top ten. I’m going to get fuel and tires and get that
track position. It’s about winning stage two and now we start
looking at the big picture, how do I win that race sns.>>If you do that layer, you come here under
this caution and stay out at the caution you would get at the end of stage two you would
still be able to do this in one more stop, correct.>>Larry: Everybody would have to make one
more stop whether you stop now or at the end of stage two.>>Michael: That’s why the expinify series
is so interesting. You have some guys that want to win the race
and they will take a gamble to do that. The XFINITY series regular drivers all about
winning a stage point here and we’re seeing that picked up here. Look who is staying out.>>Adam: All the series regulars are staying
out. This is going to be a dog fight.>>Brad: I’m very surprised.>>Adam: For playoff points. Austin Dillon pitting and Darrell Wallace
Jr. And Kevin Harvick coming down the road.>>Chris: They had those issues after contact
and a few laps back and had to fix the car and right now Kevin Harvick staying presentee
good. Matt.>>Matt: The adjustments on the 12 of Logano. Four tires.>>Adam: Going to be a few laps to go when
the green flag returns. You can see the race off pit road. Some of those guys taking only a couple of
tires when they made their pit stop. Meanwhile Brendan Poole who was involved in
that accident bringing out our fourth caution of the day. He’s done. He’ll finish 37th.>>Jamie: And he’s coming off two top tens
in a row. Tough break. What’s it been like for you?>>A little challenging, but you just have
to do a better job. Have to have a little faster ration car and
put ourselves in a little better position for a chip an D.C. Solar and a situation with the crash. I got took inside and outside and got caught
up in the crash. Texas has done a great job repaving the track. A lot of fun for the time I got to spend out
there. Want to think solar XFINITY and any other
partners involved making this race team going around. Got to do a better job.>>Jamie: Thanks, Brennan. He said it’s a little tougher and more difficult
than he imagined.>>Adam: He wants to do a good job, his home
track, native of wootlands Texas and fresh off back-to-back finish eds, first top ten
finishes of the year.>>Michael: As good as it get for stage racing. They all stayed out and wants to win the stage
and some regular season points and possibly a playoff point.>>Adam: Three laps to go when we go green. William Byron is going to be the race leader
on the inside lane.>>Get these points on the segment and then
we’ll get a little benefit at the end of it, and we’ll get back up there at the end. Really did a good job with the segment racing. Makes it exciting.>>Yeah, definitely.>>Dave: I love how it mixes up the field. We’ve seen dominant drivers like Erik Jones
and Blaney and XFINITY series regulars looking for love.>>Adam: We get the restart. Aerial coverage providedgy good
>>>Everything they learn making tires for the grueling demands of NASCAR. Goodyear, the official tire of NASCAR.>>Brad: This is exciting to watch, guys,
because what you’ll have here is the middle part of the field. They still want to get to the front and the
track right now is going to get a little bit slicker again. We’ve got at least two cautions in a row. It’s going to be, again, very treacherous
guys with new tires and guys with no tires.>>Michael: I’m anxious.>>Adam: Blaney will restart in 11 and up
front is William Byron and Elliott, reed, Allgaier and cook and the top ten all series
regs. Ail little bit of a shutout to end stage two
here in Texas.>>Michael: Who did we talk about as the master
of stage race, the guy slipping into the second spot. Elliott Sadler. Talk about all the points he’s gained in stage
racing. He’s in position to do it again today.>>Adam: Where did he come from, right? Three of the Tom four from junior motorsports
and the other one up there is Ryan reed and we’re three wide on the back straightaway.>>Brad: This can’t end well.>>Adam: Kevin Harvick going to restart and
here’s how his spotter helped him with the liberty mutual insurance.>>Keep digging low. Keep digging. Keep digging. Keep digging outside and keep digging as low
as you can. Keep digging. Keep digging. Three wide here. Two wide. Keep digging low. Watch 6,’s, easy, easy, low, low, low. Keep coming outside.>>Brad: You sure that helped him.>>Adam: That or he gave him a heart attack. Let’s go up on the spotter standch Kevin Clark,
our spotter for NASCAR on fox, hope he put his sunscreen on. It’s a bright day high above at Texas motor
speedway.>>Brad: You can really get a lot of respect
with what the spotters do. They are not as close as the camera angle
makes it from.>>Michael: By the way, look who is running
are second. That’s bubba Wallace. Remember him sliding three turns three and
four. That’s what Kevin Harvick’s spotter was saying,
watch the 6 of, watch the 6.>>Adam: They pit pedestrian at lap 85. The race leader when the caution came out,
William Byron restarts 12th. Final stage under way here at Texas.>>Brad: The high lane just a little bit stronger.>>Michael: Big run of turn two and Joey Logano
had on the outside of the turn. Great run.>>Adam: Elliott Sadler with some momentum
coming off the corner.>>Just clear when you get there.>>Adam: Spotter Brett griffin talking to
Elliott Sadler.>>Looks like guys are maybe even trying the
outside there a little bit, Brad. I watched Justin Allgaier watch up to. I know I’m not impressing. You don’t want the bottom.>>Brad: That’s exactly how I feel. Put me down the bottom of the racetrack. Erik Jones did a great job on the last race
start to make up a lot of position and that’s what propelled him to the leads is there’s
Allgaier in the red 7. Just riding around on the top groove.>>Brad: I’m not sure about that, Michael,
if I like that.>>Michael: Look at Elliott Sadler, he likes
it. It opened the door for him in the 1 spot and
takes that spot away from the 7 of Allgaier.>>Brad: Allgaier wisely gets back down here
and blocks the lane behind him to make sure he can get to the bottom of turn three.>>Adam: Not bad for Darrell Wallace Jr. On the restart. Outside lane and has settled in third. How about his day, Michael, roller coaster
ride, Hu.>>Michael: Going the wrong way again. Loose off turn two.>>Adam: Not where he wants to be, Jamie. Slid back outside the top five.>>Jamie: He didn’t pit there and involved
in the wreck and had minimal damage. Came in and took four tires. Right before the end of stage two he took
fuel only so his car right now naturally a little bit loose and a lot of strategy to
get him back up there in the top five.>>Adam: Seth barber, the crew chief calling
the shots for Darrell Wallace Jr.>>Michael: What Darrell needs is a couple
of good lapse, if that car is loose, the harder you try the looser it’s going to get. Darrell is looking for a couple of lapse to
pace himself.>>Adam: You know who has been good on the
restart. Ryan reed an William Byron inside the top
ten after they gave up track position to pit at the end of stage two. Just past halfway. Let’s crank it up from Texas.>>Adam: If you’re joining us on this Saturday
afternoon, we’re live at Texas motor speedway at fox. NASCAR XFINITY series racing for the sixth
time in 2017. Their 33rd visit here to Texas motor speedway. Erik Jones is the race leader. He won our opening stage and has LED more
laps than anybody today. 41 circuits out front. Stage two went to series regular William Byron
and the rest top five, Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick and Austin Dillon and let’s
get a report from Chris as Elliott Sadler finds himself 15th.>>Chris: Trying to work his way through the
traffic. On the last pit stop he came to pit lane seventh
and lost a couple spots. They said that the jack got tossed when they
had the left side up in the air so when should have been an 11-second stop was a 22-second
stop. Last week this California, it was the front
tire changer that was slow on the right side.>>Adam: So a little bit of an uphill climb
for Elliott Sadler trying to charge back from the 14th stop. Dakdo Armstrong in front. Great job for jgl out of newcastle in Indiana.>>Brad: You saw Elliott Sadler drive around
Sieg and now he’ll look to the inside of Armstrong and makes that move.>>Michael: Sadler will duck to the inside. There’s dakoda Armstrong, the Indiana native,
good run for him up inside the top 15.>>Adam: One thing to go to a short track
for something you’re familiar with and have a good run when you’re competing with mass
car’s best, but to do it in this situation, repaved, reconfiguration, this is really,
really good for Armstrong and the guy behind him, Ryan Sieg in the 39.>>Brad: Inside the top 15.>>Michael: Allgaier, I mean, that’s a fast
car that both Armstrong and Sieg are able to run ahead of. Smaller teams without the budget of the top
running organizations, but a lot of talent behind the wheel and a lot of heart and determination
in the crew.>>Brad: Another guy having a good run is
Spencer Gallagher. Gallagher just dropped back to the 12th spot,
losing the spot to Ty Dillon and the 239 there is Gallagher. By far, Adam, his best run of the year in
the XFINITY series.>>Adam: Great job for that team last weekend. Camping world truck series. Chase Elliott and Johnny Sauder one and two
on the short track in martinsville, Virginia.>>Brad: So many strategies play out in this
race. We saw the end of the stage, some guys pitted
and some didn’t and the field shuffled back up and the fastest cars are back to the lead. Erik Jones, presentee close Ryan plane, only
a second or so behind him. Those two are really close and the guys that
got a little aggressive with the strategy Darrell Wallace, fallen back to the field. When you put fuel only in the race car, might
make the pit stop a little faster and open up the strategy windows, Burks boy, they can
be a handful.>>Michael: The biggest thing, brarksd and
you know that as a driver, you’re putting all the weight in the back of the race car
which is not a great place to have weight and that makes the car free and loose and
you had on tires left and right side so fuel only can be a bit of a slippery slope and
especially as you get into a run.>>Adam: A couple of different thoughts on
strategy. The guys that came down on lap 85 and the
guys that waited until stage two and pitted at lap 93. If this thing stays green and this track does
have a history of it, when would we expect to see them on pit road with what could be
their final stops of the day?>>Larry: Well, when I look at the guys that
pitted on the end of stage two, they should be able to go to lap 150, 155, guys that said
out, Erik Jones, bubba Wallace, Brian Blaney and Joey Logano they need to come in at lap
142, lap 145 and you need to get to that window to go to the end of race, so, again, regardless
there’s about seven or eight-lap difference. Everyone has to make one more stop.>>Adam:
>>Michael: Just hospital all caution flags don’t stop when you stop and the others. Could really mix up the lineup. We saw crazy racing when we put the fast cars
in the back and see if we have a chance to do that again with the right circumstances
1 locking at the balance of the top ten, top five, monster series regs, that’s not surprising. These guys have a lot more track time and
best drivers when you talk about stock cars in the world and behind them, Cole kuflter,
a rookie, and Ryan reed doing an outstanding job and another Rick in Matt Tifft and William
Byron won stage two. Another rookie of the year contender in Darrell
Wallace Jr. In tenth after being involved in a stage two
accident. Real Atta boy should go out to the series
regulars who are hanging strong with some of NASCAR’s best.>>Michael: Daniel Suarez has an eventful
day, hurks finds himself in the 15th position. Erik Jones comfortably ahead of Ryan plane,
and I want to say that, he’s got the last time by Blaney was a little bit faster that
be our leader so could be finding some — as the track conditions continue to change and
when that happens, the track is constantly changing and that’s why the driver has to
be in communication about what kind of adjustments we need to make with the new conditions.>>Adam:
>>Brad: I think these two cars are pretty equal between Brian Blaney and Erik Jones
and one or the other can get out in front, they seem to grow to a about a one-second
lead and hold right there. It’s interesting to see in the last sequences
how the pit cycles work, Michael, who gets out in front and whether they have the restarts
to hold it off.>>Adam: Added incentive for Brian Blaney
and the number 2 team, the last time they went to victory lane here 2015, November,
Brad, when you were behind the wheel.>>Brad: It was a good day. The 8 car Jeff green smoked going down into
turn one. He’s off the pace and looks like he’ll remain
back to pit road. We’ll stay green.>>Adam: Six cautiouses and six lead changes
among five different drivers. Erik Jones leading, LED for 54, Austin Dillon
has not been at the front of the field. He’s fifth right now and fading a bit, Jamie.>>Jamie: Well, this is actually the highest
he’s been running, but the problem has been his radio. He can hear the crew, but they cannot hear
him. The button is sticking. They seem to think that’s the problem so Justin
Alexander his crew chief, said, wiggle. Car if you want us to make an adjust president. Nothing. Wiggle the car if you don’t want to adjust
so no adjustments coming and when they come in the next time they will swap out the radio.>>Adam: That team needs a good one runs. Last two times that car had accidents. Paul Menard in California two weeks ago.>>Michael: Don’t want to change the radio. I imagine the team will droe one at him and
you can’t afford to give up position and as long as he can hear his spotter, Larry Mcreynolds,
I don’t think we’d take the time to change railedos.>>Larry: We saw the jack issue that was reported
on, so you don’t want to do anything to slow a pit stop down. Toss in a radio and if he can change it out,
great.>>Brad: I’ll be imprelsed if he can do that. It’s really difficult. You’re wearing gloves and neuroa confined
space with a shoulder restraint and head restraint where you can turn your head and can you barely
move your arm to do anything and that’s on purpose, to keep the car as safe as possible,
but it makes it really hard to do anything in the car besides drive it, like hook up
a radio so I’d be very impressed if he was able to pull that off.>>Michael: How a shout-out of the teenager
from California winning along Harvick, Cole kuflter. This kid is amazing. He won as a 16-year-old and he’s always shown
a lot of talent. A couple of issues over the last couple of
weeks, Burks wow, he’s tracking with some monster energy cup driver stars and doing
a great job.>>Adam: One of the issues you talked about
is with the guy right in front of him, Austin Dillon. Strike a match. Spark the conversation and ignite those appetites. Oh yeah, now we’re cooking. So come as you are, as long as you come hungry. Kingsford. Start Something. With unprecedented detail, clarity, color
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have a tax question? I use my crib as a bed N’ breakfast from time
to time. The question is can I deduct some of the complementary
room items. That’s the question, Ya feel me? Yes, you can enter them here. Great, because I love to keep my people happy.>>Jamie: Well back to Texas. We’re closing in on 60 laps of green flag
racing, but it hasn’t been easy the entire race. Let’s take a look at the day so far. Lap 12. Number 21 of Daniel Hemric running second
spins in turn two. His day was done. Turn two pretty treacherous.>>He’ll still out on the racetrack.>>Jamie: Erik Jones won stage one and currently
your race leader and Daniel Suarez would hit the wall.>>Two laps later he spins out and fighting
to stay ton the lead lap.>>Jamie: A lot of guys fighting to stay on
the lead lap and especially after this one. The 42 of Tyler Reddick made slight contact
and spun in front of the field, Larry.>>Larry: Teammates, six drivers involved
in that wreck.>>Jamie: William Byron won stage two and
currently running eighth. As we said a lot of green flag racing. It’s been exciting, guys.>>Adam: It has been an entertaining afternoon. Erik Jones LED the most laps. 71 out front and 12 cars on the lead lap after
we’ve had the long green flag run. Pit stops, everybody good to go the distance
but should we get a caution and still have tires down there and everyone certainly would
have the option to come down to pit lane. Some great stories today. While there are cup regulars in the top five
positions, rookie Cole unfortunate canner outstanding and he’s sixth. William Byron won stage two and don’t look
now but Darrell Wallace Jr. Is seventh and one spot away from a sixth
place finish in our fifth consecutive event.>>Michael: You see the 060 Custer on the
inside of the racetrack and here comes bubba Wallace. I think they made good adjustments on the
car and he’s making up good pace. His speeds have been faster ahead of him and
that’s that sixth position that he’s staring down there late in the race here.>>Adam: Erik Jones was able to get around
Justin Allgaier in the 7 so make it 11 on the lead lap. The last of those is champion Elliott Sadler.>>Brad: A big loss by Allgaier to lose that
lap and battling for a championship.>>Adam: Logano done for the day. What’s the story there, Jamie?>>Jamie: He LED 19 laps today and saw you
coming on pit road. Right side, smoke coming out and what LED
you to bring it in and parking it in.>>Something inside the motor there. Just probably dropped a value valve, dropped
a cylinder and unfortunate the Ford was good on long one but not the short run. Braking and felt like I was getting beating
on straightaways and I wonder if it was breaking for a long time and finally let go. But hoping we had a caution and maybe we would
do something at the end, but the leaders are so far out there and so fast and traffic out
there is craze, but, you know, no points lost in this car so it’s — it’s not the end of
the world. Really wish I had something to race with.>>Jamie: Thanks, Joey. See you back here tomorrow.>>Adam: This will crush his average. Five starts for the 12 car, his worst finish
was fourth and going to finish back in the pack. Erik Jones, not quite two seconds back to
Blaney who is second. The top two drivers when you talk about lapels
LED today. Thirst place Kevin Harvick, five-time winner
at Texas motor speedway. As good as his car has been all day long. Any time we come to one of these venues, he’s
fast and you can see the numbers there on Kevin Harvick in the hunt brothers pizza Ford.>>Brad: You.>>Michael: You talk about Austin Dillon,
he hand his brother have been running together since they loaded. Austin running in for you and back to Ty running
in fifth position. These guys have evenly matched cars, and their
talent seems to be matched as well today.>>Adam: Ty in the lap car and the 30 car
of Sieg. Next in lines, guy leading the rookie battle,
060 Cole kuflter. Real proud of him and what he’s been able
to bring to the table after a couple of tough weeks out west.>>Michael: What about bubba Wallace, went
through a wild slide and running in seventh position and like I mentioned his lap times
are great and he’s run up and caught this group of cars. See if he can do anything with it late.>>Adam: Right behind them, William Byron,
slowly inching in on these guys. He was all the way back to three or four seconds
behind him and now he’s caught up to within a second and has a great jot of getting these
two spots before the race ends if we stay in green 1s is Matt Tifft is ninth and on
board with Ryan reed looking for his second consecutive top ten at a mile and a half track. Only had two all time in his career. Real, really good job for the driver Roush
Fenway organization. Last guy on the lead lap, championship leader
Elliott Sadler who is 11th right now.>>Michael: Looking in that mirror and seeing
closing in on the leader Erik Jones. Looking for a pace and trying to get back
in contention.>>Adam: Elliott trying to get stage points
and maintain that championship lead. 33 to go. Erik Jones leading them.>>Adam: 28 laps to go NASCAR XFINITY series
at Texas mode speedway. First of a big weekend here at Fort Worth. NASCAR cup car on track tomorrow. Brad starting in the fifth position. Always good to have you with us, Brad, and
some good things happening with your charity right now.>>Brad: Absolutely, thanks, Adam. Such an honor and pleasure to be up here in
the booth and we love the opportunity we have as race car drivers and love to spread the
word of NASCAR through the XFINITY series and looking forward to tomorrow’s race and
the chance to spread the word about my foundation, checkered flag foundation that does a number
of things to help owes those who have made tremendous sacrifices and veteran first responders
and so forth and we have lay lot of different programs going on to do that and one of them
is through the disconnect development corporation which has pure Michigan talent to help veterans
find jobs in the state of Michigan so if you’re a veteran don’t even need to be in the state
of Michigan. Hopefully you can find the right career for
you in Michigan and that’s one of the things they are working on to help our veterans and
those who have put it all on the line and come back and need our help. That’s one of the many goals of the foundation
and we hope the veterans out there will give a look.>>Adam: The more success you have on track,
the more awareness is created for your charity and lately you’ve been doing an outstanding
job. Congratulations on the two wins so far in
2017.>>Brad: Thank you very much. Hopefully we get another one tomorrow. We were very, very fast in happy hours is
isn’t success in racing all about consistency.>>Brad: Yes, it is.>>Adam: No one more consistent in 2017 than
bubba Wallace who with 25 laps to go running sixth and trying to finish there for of the
fifth straight race.>>Michael: I promise you he’s not trying
to finish there. Anything better than sixth, third, fourth. Adam, up of his most impressive runs of the
year. After the big long spin, just persistent and
dedicated and — and working his tail off to grab every spot he can.>>Adam: He may want to finish better than
that. He takes five in a row in the sixth position.>>Michael: And the guy in the 9 car that
we’re on board with William Byron he’s caught the back of Ty Dillon in the 3 ahead and he
wants that spot away from bubba up there so he better get going.>>Adam: The reason bubba is sixth because
Ty Dillon dropped back to seventh and Cole Custer in
the top five. What do you see here.>>Brad: He’s getting a little bit of pressure
and taking a little bit of air off the back of the car and he’s Wheeling that baby.>>Michael: This is great and fun as a driver. What you live for, to be the guy behind him
and a little bit faster putting the pressure on him and this point it’s going to be exciting
because the 3 car was very sideways and that’s going to get worse.>>Adam: Hard to get patient.>>Brad: Patience pays off. Nice move by William and Ty is doing all he
can to hang on right there.>>Adam: Byron up to seventh and Elliott Sadler
also, last car on the lead lap. He’ll be there no more. Sadler a lap down and Erik Jones pulling away. Two and a half second lead over Ryan Blaney,
Matt.>>Matt: Chasing his fourth win, and the biggest
thing for Erik Jones is clean air. Definitely been his best friend here today. They are trying to time the lap traffic to
keep that clean air. Meanwhile, the guy who is chasing him is the
22 of Blaney, and he’s losing about a tenth of lap to the 20 car, too free on turns one
and two and it won’t cut across the center.>>Adam: You can see Blaney going around Ryan
reed who has also gone down a lap in the latter stages. Great job today, happy birthday, my friend
and happy birthday to Jamie limb who will celebrate tomorrow on NASCAR at 1:00 P.M. Eastern time with the NASCAR monster energy
cup car series.>>Michael: A nice lead and lap cars are September
and Blaney, Harvick, Austin Dillon an Custer, give me one shot at him. Let’s have a caution and go to pit road and
get an adjustment to run Erik Jones down.>>Adam: I’d take a caution right now. What the heck.>>Michael: We’ve seen how exciting and crazy
the racing is after a caution flag here. Elliott Sadler up there in the blue car around
Mcleod and Erik Jones just driving away.>>Adam: You making some mental notes up here
for tomorrow, Brad? A lot to learn.>>Brad: I’m very curious because I really
feel like Ryan Blaney was faster than Erik Jones and whatever adjustment Erik Jones made,
they have made his car faster and he’s adapted very well through this pit cycle and is having
a much stronger run right here.>>Adam: Go ahead, Michael.>>Michael: Matt Tifft is creeping in on the
ailing Ty Dillon car. We saw how loose Dillon, is and Tifft is having
a great run in the 19 characters the reek. Trying to grab that spot away inside the top
ten.>>Adam: First top ten of 2017. Ty Dillon starting to fade a little bit in
the latter stages of this race.>>Michael: No one wants a caution more than
Ty Dillon. That car has gone away. Just look at the line, the white line around
the bottom, his nose is right on it and his rear end a couple feet of it. That means that thing is hung out.>>Adam: It’s loose.>>Brad: Very lose.>>Adam: What are you hearing about the 3
car.>>Jamie: He says he’s out of control, wrecking
hoogs and it’s making it really difficult for him to pass and that’s why he’s dropped
back.>>Michael: It’s the opposite. He can’t pass anybody. He’s getting passed by everybody. Matt Tifft is all over him right now.>>Adam: 16 laps to go. Last report we got everyone good to go on
fuel. What do you think, Larry?>>Larry: Well, here’s what’s going to be
interesting because if we do have a caution right now we’re sitting with only nine drivers
on the lead lap. Erik Jones, his crew chief Chris gabeheart
they are in a fog because if track position comes out, 40 laps on the tires and whatever
he does, most everyone else, they will go off of that so I can promise you they absolutely
do not want to see a caution.>>Adam: 15 laps to go. Celebrate a little bit with Cole kuflter. Talked about his nice run today. Career best finish fourth at Charlotte last
may, and time for his second career top five finish in the 00.>>Michael: There he. Is he’s run down Austin Dillon in that 2 car. Watch that over the last ten laps and he’s
there now. This is awesome for Cole kuflter.>>Adam: Dillon brothers and not as good on
the long run that they would like to be.>>Brad: These two running together is going
to bring up bubba Wallace and William buy Ron. Only a second and a half back.>>Adam:
>>Michael: See the cars down off of turn four, beautiful Texas motor speedway. Love coming to Texas for NASCAR.>>Adam: Down to 13 laps to go as Erik Jones
comes by the start-finish line. His advantage over second place and Ryan Blaney,
three seconds. Not pulling away but putting distance between
him and the runner up and Harvick back in third.>>Brad: Jones land around Burton. Burton had some issues early in the race.>>Adam: In qualifying he had a spin they
have soldiered on. He’s apparently in 29th. There’s our battle for the fourth spot.>>Adam: If you’re just joining us on this
Saturday afternoon, expecting sports car, we will go live to Long Beach, California
next. It’s the Long Beach grand prix. Greg Kramer has the call and round three for
them in 2017. Right now you can see all the action live
at Fox Sports go. 11 laps remain here. Erik Jones leading. A couple weeks time after taking off the Easter
weekend, go to Bristol molt speedway where Erik won a thriller a season ago. This kid is so, so talented. When you look at the monster energy cup ceruses,
driving for furniture row racing.>>I saw a piece of metal over none the back
side when Erik Jones went down through there the last time popping around. Might have been a paper wrapper. There’s so much wind.>>Adam: Are you lobbying?>>Brad: Just reporting what I see.>>Adam: Nine laps to go as Erik Jones comes
back in front of us on the front straightaway. We talked about drivers inside the top ten
and reed has enjoyed a bad afternoon and Suarez had to battle back from a spin, had a spin
also, Allgaier and Spencer Gallagher inside the top 15th and Brandon Jones has been strong. Recall solid run for J.J. What’s the meant Al trinld like now for or
while who has opinion how the in front?>>Brad: We’re almost 100 laps straight here
and when you look at that that can wear you down just by itself and take a fairly hot
spring day here in Texas. Cars that are really treacherous and you’re
leading the race, that’s a little bit of stress, and it really wear you down mentally. Fighting these laps hard is another piece
of the equation and though it looks easy right now and how fast Erik Jones, is I can assure
you he’s digging down deep to make sure all he can get out of the car and get the most
speed out of it. I was really impressed with how much better
this run at the end is than where he was the last run at the end where it seem like he
will fell off a lot in that run. This run not quite so much, so that’s propelled
him to this will two and a half second or so lead where he can really kind of manage
the space, manage the gap and hopefully bring home a victory.>>Michael: Yeah. I’ve been watching that. He’s giving a little bit of extra room in
the corners. Has over a two-second leaded a laps are winding
down. Need to make sure he doesn’t car another car
a problem. Can lose a little bit of momentum here or
there and it won’t hurt him that badly, and I think he’s just tip toeing hoping there
isn’t a problem.>>Five to go when you get here hand 22 off.>>Adam: You heard the call there, five laps
to go for Erik Jones. He has six career victories in the NASCAR
XFINITY series and half of those coming at mile and a half tracks. The first coming here two years ago. April 2015. Very impressive run there. We knew at that moment he was going to be
a player on the big stage, and now double dipping, running Saturday and Sunday, and
just over four laps away from his seventh career victory is Erik Jones.>>Brad: Don’t forget he had a big wreck here
yesterday in monster energy monster cup practice and to get back out on the racetrack and run
in a race like this will help you get back on your feet so that’s a really smart move
by the jgr group to keep hick going with double duty here and try to get the confidence going.>>Adam: His numbers at Texas motor speedway,
four starts, never worse than fourth. Average finish 2.75 and the victory I talked
about a couple years ago, no surprise he’s at the front. Three remaining for Erik Jones as he works
lap traffic into turn one.>>Michael: That is righter part of that lap
traffic up ahead is the battle for the sixth position. Bubba Wallace has it. S it a lot of company. William Byron and Ty Dillon. He’s really hung in behind William Byron here.>>Michael: There you can see the slow green
car. Daniel Hemric soldiering on and trying to
get home and grab every point that he can.>>Brad: He wins the trooper of the day award.>>Michael: He does.>>Brad: That car has been beat up for some
150 laps and he’s still out there digging.>>Michael: Two laps remaining, the word of
the season in the XFINITY series has been parity. Five races and five different winners. Erik Jones trying to make it 6 for 6 coming
off turn four. Again, working that lap traffic. White flag in the air. One lap to go. It’s sponsored by credit one bank. Mentioned he wrecked his primary car on the
monster energy series side and had to go to a backup. Going to start deep in the field on Sunday
afternoon and he’ll take with him some much-needed confidence at a track where he’s been so good
over the years. He has tamed Texas again. Off of turn four and to the checkered flag
and Erik Jones a winner on this Saturday afternoon.>>This race team, been a lot of hard work,
but we had a dominant race car today. Thank you jgr. Appreciate you.>>Michael: Check this up. William Byron will not give up. Racing back to the checkered. Can William get there? A drag race off turn four how about five straight
races he’s finished in the sixth position. Darrell Wallace Jr. Does it again.>>Adam: Career win number seven for Erik
Jones, Blaney second and Harvick third and Austin Dillon and Cole Cutrer in the top five
for the second time in his career. Darrell Wallace Jr. In the sixth position. It’s Byron, Ty Dillon, Matt Sieg, Elliott
Sadler inside the top ten. For the seventh time in his career Erik Jones
a winner in the NASCAR XFINITY series. Time to celebrate at Texas.>>Adam: Jones going to victory lane. We’ll rejoin him when we return. It’s NASCAR on faction at Texas motor speedway.>>Adam: Tags all over for the NASCAR xfiniti
series here at Texas motor speedway. Second win of 2017 for Joe Gibbs racing. Kyle Busch delivering earlier in the season. Today it’s all about Erik Jones. When we wrap up our coverage here, we’re going
to Long Beach, California, in sports cars. First though our post-race coverage. We start it off with Jamie little.>>Jamie: He’s running around and high-fiving
everybody. Five straight races you finish sixth, shaking
his head and more importantly than that you were caught up early and you never gave up. Sum up today for us.>>Man, hold on. I needed that. Especially after the day we’ve had. We missed something mechanical with the aero
and been on the free side too many every race. Haven’t had enough to lean on for the fast
guys up there and had some good calls, good strategy s.42 got into it
there in the entry. Just racing, and I was a little pissed off
and got to remember rookies are out here. I’m still a being re myself learning. What blast here, map, Texas is tough now,
yeah. Giving up that bottom groove is like pulling
teeth. Really fought hard and did look at nine to
go where I was and I got it mixed up between us and the 9 and we were sixth. Unreal. Said to my guys, my pit crew has been on it
all day, or all year and they put us in the game there on that green flag spot. We came out a couple spots ahead of the guys
we were behind and I knew it would be a good day. Thanks to Ford. We’re making gains.>>Erik Jones first here at the Texas motor
speedway. Confidence, knowledge, what do you take away
most about your dominating run today looking ahead into tomorrow?>>Well, I think, you know, we have to look
at what the track was doing over the race and how the track changed and what our car
did. Really didn’t make any adjustments. Dave hart did a good job last night getting
the car freed up and the track is definitely a lot tighter. Cool to get the gamestop car to victory lane. Awesome day. Couldn’t do it without gamestop, jgr engines,
XFINITY, NASCAR, the fans. Awesome day. Cool to get back the to victory lane.>>Adam: Erik Jones the big winner here at Texas motor speedway. Two weeks from now dash for cash on line and
we’ve live in Bristol, Tennessee. Can you see it on FS1. Tomorrow live from Texas motor speedway, monster
energy NASCAR cup series. Our coverage begins 1:00 P.M. Eastern time. Thanks for being with us on this Saturday
afternoon from Texas. We’re going to
Long Beach, California. Sports car racing on fox. Enjoy. .

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