My Weight Loss- How Much I Loss in  11 Month Naturally

My Weight Loss- How Much I Loss in 11 Month Naturally

hey guys back with another video my
lighting is horrible I have my days where they’re good and then I have days
where they’re bad so they’re with me just want to get these videos up and out
to of the public hopefully you guys end up being a subscriber to the channel I
want to talk briefly about my weight loss and how much as of about 11 months
into my weight loss journey that I have lost total weight loss and I want to
share that update with you because I had figured out the math and I also figured
out how much I have to lose to be at 88 pounds down loss so I had to get the
calculator out so that I could report back to you guys how much I actually
have lost how much I need to lose in order to go on to phase 2 which is
maintenance cannot wait to get there and then when I go on to maintenance I have
another I’ll say good 5 pounds of moves but I’m going to lose 10 if that makes
any sense because I want to I want to be able to lose an extra 5 pounds so what I
can do is when I start to refeed the body can adjust itself to the actual
weight that I should be because we have to factor in when you start eating carbs
or any kind of foods with sodium sugar which is in all foods you’re going to
start to retain water you also have to factor in elimination and foods don’t
always come out as fast as we eat them so that’s going to factor in weight gain
on the scale so that’s why I said I’m going to worry about that on Phase two
because when I lose the 88 pounds I lost basically all the weight I’m just
basically just you know chiseling off the extras and things that need to be
chiseled off at a slower pace but for the most part it’s not gonna be an issue
fitting back into my clothes like it isn’t now and I’m not feeling
self-conscious about myself because I basically primarily lost all the way you
know in 11 months but I had got the calculator out today and I officially
have lost seventy six point eight pounds with eleven point two pounds left to
lose to be at the 88 pounds mark and I lost seventy six point eight pounds in
11 months I keep saying this and a lot of my videos it probably shouldn’t take
me 11 months to lose the weight I know that it’s possible to lose a hundred
pounds in six months three to six months but you just have to be consistent and I
wasn’t always consistent I always let the food some time just get the best of
me and I’m human so that’s why it took me 11 months to lose the max weight of
close to 88 pounds but just always remember if you’re on a journey as you
listen to my video that’s why they call it a journey you’re gonna have the ups
and you’re gonna have you downs there’s some people who saw journeys and they
never finished the journey so for you to be on a journey and you have your
slip-ups maybe your whole week can go by maybe two weeks can go by and you’re not
on the journey as long as you in your heart and in your mind know that you’re
gonna get back up and dust yourself off and continue on that journey you will
lose the way I did you will and so don’t beat yourself
you know because it can be very frustrating with you know breaking old
habits especially habits of eating foods that are not good for us and making
better choices so that we can lose the way in a timely manner and so that we’re
healthy again but it will happen you just have to stay consistent so I don’t
want to make this video too long just want to let you guys know let them
seventy six point eight pounds down with eleven point two pounds will lose my
goal is to try to lose that by the sixteenth which will be a little over
eleven months that I lost 88 pounds it’ll be exactly 11 months in five days
on the sixteenth when I finished this liquid regiment that I’m doing we have
not eating any solid foods and I’m just consuming liquids so I just wanted to
check in and let you guys know what you know where I was at how many pounds I
was down and where I was heading which is in the right direction I’ve had times
where I wasn’t always heading in the right direction but like always you got
to pick yourself up dust yourself off and just keep it moving so with that all
being said please subscribe to the channel like it she had this video and
make it a favorite and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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