My 3 Month Body Transformation – The Beginning!! of my 90 Day Transformation

My 3 Month Body Transformation – The Beginning!! of my 90 Day Transformation

I’ve decided to do a three month Body
Transformation and not only did I decide to do that but I really wanted to take
you on the journey with me so in this video I’m gonna talk about my beginning
process you’re gonna see might be four body even though it makes me a little
nervous I’m gonna talk about my goals I’m gonna talk about what I’m gonna do
to reward myself when I’m done and I’m also gonna talk about why I’m doing it
and the tools and methods that I will be using but before we get started can we
just give a shout out to these lashes I love them the thing about them is is
they are magnetic these are so quick I basically slapped
the liner on them and then you wait two minutes and then you put these lashes on
I’m really impressed what do you think do you like them on me
I’m gonna put a link below so that you guys can get in on it all right let’s
begin in the start of every year I always create goals in every category of
my life and then what I also do is I turn it into a vision board for those
goals one of those boards is for my physical health and I did show it in a
different video but I will show it here as well so these are my personal goals
for 2020 and I chose pictures that just signify that when I look at it I know
what I’m going for what I’m heading for and so this one is the body of j.lo and
for me I really want to create a strong healthy body
I want to gain some muscle I want to lean up a little bit
JLo is somebody who I really look up to and I love her she just hit 50 years old
and although I’m not quite 50 yet I still have some years to go she’s just
the epitome of look what she can do at 50 why can’t I do that because it’s easy
to think that as we get older our body goes to the crapper and she’s just a
nice reminder that no I can have that I can be that and she’s proving it and
she’s one of those celebrities that’s doing the do you can’t just say well she
you know she’s rich so that’s why she looks like that she’s in the gym she’s
taking care of her body she’s eating what she needs to do to keep
healthy and she’s just very mindful I just find her a really great role model
and we’ll see where I can get to in three months and then the next one is a
picture of legs obviously but for me I’m finding that I have lumps and bumps
everywhere on my legs particularly on my upper thighs and then my butt so it’s
starting to get some weird things in there I’m not normally used to but it
has been a struggle and this one here I just did so that I can remind myself to
keep moving keep stretching keep my body going exercising and this one here is
for posture and I mentioned this before but a lot of Mom’s have a mummy slouch I
do too there was a lot of weight that I was carrying when I was pregnant I
gained 55 pounds and so this is something that I need to work on as well
because I have something called lower cross syndrome or an upper cross so if
it’s all this crazy terminology but basically I need to work out my posture
and then this one here is to remind myself that I need to go get massages
too for recovery for my body and also just for well-being and get those knots
out and then this one here is for digestion I have struggled with my
digestion for quite some time I have mentioned it in my past and it is
getting better because I’ve been focusing on it but there’s just some
tweaks that I still could use I have some issues with low stomach acid and
some things that I’m not digesting proteins very well so I’m gonna dive in
and of course I’m gonna show you guys so that you can learn whether if you’re
going through this yourself or that you just see what I’m doing a couple other
things that I’ve been going through is I’m having hot flashes at night and this
started about December this has been off and on for me for a long time but it has
been coming back about December and I’m getting hot flashes and night sweats and
it’s so not fun and so I wanted to use a few protocols in these next three months
so that I can basically help myself I am having to go get a physical done this
month and a blood test and I’ll probably go see my naturopath
because she can dive in a lot more now with my cycle issues I’ve had them
throughout years like it’ll be fine and then not fine it’ll be fine and then not
fine and I’ve had hormonal issues but one of the things too is I had my little
one five years ago and right before that I had a miscarriage and my FSH levels
were kind of really super crazy and they were saying well if you want to have a
baby you’re gonna have to do it now because in a year you probably won’t be
able to so I think I’ve been able to prove them wrong in some other ways
obviously I did have my son but I’ve been able to keep my cycle consistent
and I do that through a couple of different things that I will mention
obviously throughout this video and throughout this three-month journey one
of the other things I wanted to do this too is I want to detoxify after the
holidays I had a little bit of fun I didn’t gain weight which is great I
maintained but I did indulge and I did have some alcohol I don’t drink a lot of
alcohol and so I did do that the weird thing is is I am finding hot flashes
after I started drinking some alcohol and I only had two drinks at Christmas
Eve and I think I had some Christmas Day and then that was kind of it so but then
these things all started happening so body is not liking it liver is probably
not liking it and maybe I’m just hypersensitive now I’m sure you all are
curious about what I look like in a bathing suit so without further ado
let’s get to it so I just weighed myself and I’m a
hundred and nine pounds and 24 percent body fat that is high for me I do not
want to be at that 24 percent mark I do fitness contest I used to be at 10% body
fat maybe even less I don’t want to get down to that but I definitely don’t want
to be at 24 percent I’d like to lean up like I said before
when I was showing you my vision board and I’m not so concerned about the
hundred and nine pounds I would like to get to a hundred I feel comfortable at
that mark but as I’m gaining muscle I will see some different fluctuations
because my body composition could be changing but if I’m gaining muscle that
number on the scale might not move much and that’s okay I would just be
happier in that decrease of body fat so let’s show you my body well here’s my
starting point I have some muffin tops issues to address and some stomach
issues I’m a little bottom heavy right now and I would like to have some
definition I’d like to lift the bum as well as
define my arms you can see that my whole back side needs to tighten and smooth
out I have the belly pooch and as I mentioned before I’m struggling with
digestion so you’ll see me bloating and you’ll see that little pooch more so
than just that it’s it has fat on it there’s some definite bloating issues
going on plus I had Vietnamese food last night with a lot of sodium so that’ll do
it and a little tip don’t weigh yourself after having restaurant food you are
going to most likely be disappointed now let’s talk about what I’m gonna do to
achieve these goals there’s three key ingredients the food the workouts and
the mindset usually when I talk to moms they will always put the workouts first
then they’ll figure out the motivation and then they’ll figure out what they’re
eating when really it has to be turned a different way it has to be mindset first
then the food then the workouts so that’s a little trick for you with the
food I’m gonna start off with a nine-day protocol from the medical mediums liver
rescue I’ve done this before and explained the shocking results that I
got and I will add that right here but I am gonna kick this off with that
protocol I feel like this will prep me for the months ahead of leaning up and
also just detox after what I’ve gone through at Christmas time in that
protocol you basically are having low fat you’re not having any meat products
or dairy it’s the best I’ve ever felt in terms of energy and just the way I felt
my mental fog went away there’s just so many things even
ramping that I used to get such bad cramps that has gone away so as I said
before that my cycle is a little bit off I actually haven’t had my cycle since
end of November and so I’m going to kick this off and hopefully that will
kick-start my body either that or I’m going through menopause not fun so once
I finished that protocol I am going to limit my meat consumption I haven’t been
feeling good on that my stomach is starting to not really do well on
proteins and I have low stomach acid so I have been supplementing with a couple
things to help that but I really am NOT digging meat so much anymore and that’s
okay so I may go vegan or vegetarian or I mean just limit my meats depending on
how I feel I did do some research on some recipe sites so that I’m prepped
and primed so sites like oh she glows and all recipes which is a site that I
use I really like it because they rate the recipes so I know if they’re good or
not and medical medium recipes of course because I know they taste good and I
know they’re good for me I haven’t quite decided yet if I am going to track my
calories I say that because I’ve been starting to do intuitive eating and it’s
helping for me in a lot of ways if I don’t see any results then I will
consider tracking my calories and I may just do that I haven’t quite decided
which I should decide but I will know in the next couple days are at least nine
because after I finished that protocol I don’t have to worry about any of that
now also what I’m gonna do is I am going to take shakes after the protocol I love
doing shakes especially in the morning and I just found out that the company
that my favorite shakes are from they actually did a permanent flavor of a
birthday cake flavor and I absolutely love it now that there is dairy in there
but I don’t get affected by those shakes a lot of people won’t if you if they
have a dairy sensitivities so I am going to incorporate that because birthday
cake shakes are awesome and then I will also include meal prepping and meal
now if you want me to show that kind of video let me know in the comments below
so that I know what to film it while I’m doing it next what am I gonna do to work
out well the sad news is is that I got an email saying that my gym has suddenly
closed I’m really disappointed in that especially cuz it was just before
January 1st and this is prime time for gyms but they just said they’re closing
down and that’s that this is a gym that’s really only a couple blocks from
my house and I loved it it was quiet which is probably why they closed but I
liked it being quiet there’s another gym in my town actually there’s two other
gyms in my town I may go check them out or not in the future but right now I do
have a gym in the basement so I’m going to utilize my equipment from there and
also the cardio equipment and I will take it from there I also will log my
workouts in this fit book I’m going to keep my workouts different and changed
up my first love is weight so that is going to be first and foremost and I’m
also going to probably grab a 10 day pass at the yoga studio here it’s a hot
yoga studio and I do really like it I probably only would go once a week maybe
twice max but most of it is going to be my weights and I’m not gonna go crazy
like a cardio bunny on my cardio equipment I’m going to focus first on
the weights and then the other things if needed now I will keep track of
everything so I’m gonna keep track of what I’m doing for food I’m gonna keep
track of my workouts I’m gonna keep track of my body and so the way I track
measurements is I do pictures I do measurements and I do the scale those
three are going to give me a really good idea because some weeks my weight may
not have changed much on the scale but my inches have and then sometimes maybe
neither the measurements or the scale has changed but yet in my pictures you
can see so I use that like a triple threat
now as I showed you with my goals and my body board you got to know where you’re
going you need have a goal in mind and set something in
place now for my three months it’s beginning on January the 11th to a
preliminary qualifying so that’s very very important and also when you don’t
sleep you’re most likely to binge the next day or your get crazy cravings so
I’m gonna keep that in check and then I will be spitting out a bunch of videos
of what I’m doing and also my progress so that you can see like oh yeah she’s
come from there this is the first month this is the update this is the second
month and then this is the final month now one of the things also when it comes
to mindset is is those goals and also what you’re saying to yourself so I will
be including affirmations in my journey and also something called EFT which is
emotional freedom technique or also tapping and I downloaded a free app to
try and use that and see how that goes I have used tapping in the past when it
comes to my health when I really wasn’t doing well this would have been thirteen
years ago I was really sick with adrenal fatigue and I used that and it took me
some time but it was really great so I thought hey why not add this to my
transformation now let’s talk about tools I’m gonna be utilizing some tools
throughout these three months there’s two of them that I will definitely be
using the first are my cheeky cups these are the silicone cups that I use for
cellulite and some other things and I do have a couple videos on those but these
are part of my routine now the other tool that I have not mentioned is
actually called the fashio blaster and this is what it looks like and this is
the best thing ever I will make its official debut on its own video but for
now just know this is gonna be my friend for life so that is my plan for the next
three months and I am committed to myself come
to make these changes and committed to see a different body and feel a
different way it’s important when you do a body transformation to not only look
at the outside your exterior but also look in the inside and how its operating
I look at loved ones around me getting older and it really makes me take a look
at what my own health is I want to be strong I want to live a quality life for
as long as I can if you’re still here after all these minutes then thank you I
appreciate you click that thumbs up button to show your support and don’t
forget to subscribe if you haven’t done so already there is so much new
different stuff coming your way thank you so much for watching until next time

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  1. EEEEk!!! Here we go! The beginning of my 90 day transformation..and I'm airing it ALL in the video! I didn't gain weight at Christmas which is great…however the weight has crept up on me in the last year. I'm not going to make excuses (although I could easily lol). We all have to start somewhere. Click the like button to show your support (I'm gonna need it lol). Let me know your thoughts about the video..I changed some of the scenes as well to hopefully make it more interesting. Thank you for watching and your support! It means a lot!!

  2. Hi thanks for sharing. I just started working out five times a week (12 weeks first week finished now) Whit workouts here on YouTube, for transformating my body after 4 kids. I found your channel a while ago and I love that you inspire me so much. Thank you. And whish you the best results of your transformation.
    Greetings from Germany.❤🍀
    Please show meal prep 😇

  3. Can’t wait to see your progress! I wanted to mention/suggest acupuncture for your cycles as well as your indigestion (if you haven’t tried it already). I swear it’s a miracle treatment. And after years of giving me grief for being vegetarian and now vegan, several family members have had to cut out meat due to heath issues and now are feeling SO much better. So I hope it helps you, too!

  4. Plz send me link of the video to get rid of mummy tummy, & I got C-section 2yrs back can I get my body back…. Plz reply 😭

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