Motivation Monday | Couple starting a WORKOUT PLAN *60  Days to fit*

Motivation Monday | Couple starting a WORKOUT PLAN *60 Days to fit*

what’s up guys welcome to J & J’s Vlog. We’re starting a workout plan along with an eating plan as well. but I came up with this idea because I have the 21-Day Fix videos, ehh, I didn’t really follow through with the plan. It wasn’t too motivating for ME, but at the end of one of the videos this came up. He likes to fight and I need a motivating partner so
we’re starting Core de Force We started last week It comes with a diet plan , it also comes with a calendar which is like 30 days. so we did all these We gotta mark them down. We are gonna start this one tomorrow One of the reasons we are going to start this is because I have gained over 30 lbs, that I do not want. I used to weigh 150 when I met her and
throughout the past year I have gained about 30 pounds.
I’m at 182 or 181 I think so, I’m pretty heavy and I’ve been
feeling like crap so we just want to go ahead and bring
you guys along our journey our first week we did our meal prep
we worked out. I tried to record part of it which you guys will see in a little bit we are going to be as transparent as we can with you guys when it comes to this, because we know a lot of people out there make it seem like it super easy *it’s so fun!* Its not fun every day it really isn’t some days you workout and you feel good and there are
other days, there were a few days this week I haven’t been feeling that great. cussing at the T.V Yeah i did some cussing at the T.V. They’re great instructors but I might have cussed them out and I might have walked off, you can probably see it in some of our videos. I walked off a few times, I was not feeling great … but I did it anyways, and it wasn’t fun. No it wasn’t. But it’s nice to get to the end
of the week and say okay even though you weren’t feeling good you still did it
we survived so we ahead and went to go buy some food I had to do this like on Sunday night last week. Which I kind of was in a rush. I ended up having to
go, it was like about 10:00 night and I tried to do
everything as fast as I could so like I said I went to the store late at
night, kind of just came back home just pick whatever I could cook, the good thing is
that the chicken was like literally snap of my fingers and it was cooked. I’m about to eat my lunch, my crappy ass lunch. Nothing really it’s just a salad.
*I’m still hungry, I had breakfast I’m starving* Yeah and if you guys know me you, you
guys probably don’t know this yet. Let me just tell you a secret, he eats a GIANT meal, giant
meal like I would be throwing up If I ate that much and then goes and eat snacks
right after no no pause point I finish this I’m gonna go get some snacks now
*that’s why I got this, look at this* Its like worse than a double chin. Its like a double
chain along with like two little small ones. That’s exactly why I’m doing this
because if not then I’ll probably end up blowing up and looking like … Who? .. I don’t know Like that one marsh mellow form big super hero 6 Yes. Wait what’s it called? .. Big Hero 6. let’s go ahead and show you guys what we’re going to eat. I’m eating bad because I don’t like to diet.
I’m going to eat healthy when he’s I do I have to diet. Big time diet. So, I’m going to eat healthy whe he’s around but when he’s not around, french fries.. Anyways. This is pretty much what I’m going to eat salad, green salad. That’s all it is. Salad with chicken and 12 almonds Literally that’s what the plan says. so, then we’ll
work out later Just trying to document everything that we do and show you guys how it is and to be completely honest, I’m gonna hate it Eat healthy people. r What we’re going to be doing on MONDAY’S, we’re gonna try and make more of like a MOTIVATION MONDAY MOTIVATION MONDAY We’re sufferring though this, hopefully somebody else out there is doing the
same thing and we’re doing it so you can do it, we’ll all do it together, will all suffer
together, so then you can come join us Yeah, motivation Monday Hopefully 60 days we’ll see, I’ll go
ahead and show you guys the before picture of me, there really isn’t one of
her cus she’s thin, she’s just trying to get toned and get abs. I need to get in shape. My mom’s really small so I’m not really big, but I’m not healthy
my goal is just to be healthy eating better and toned, yeah get toned, because I’m not necessarily toned. It kind of upsets me people are like, “oh, why are you doing this when your small?” It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m healthy. Hopefully you guys can join us. We would love for you guys to give us some feedback on this on what do you guys want to see. Like I said we are gonna try to be as transparent as we can, just because we want to make sure that you guys stay motivated, don’t get
discouraged just because “Oh look at them they look like they’re doing
perfectly fine”, but we’re gonna tell you guys from the start we’re gonna struggle
we might backslide a few times but we’re just going to keep on going and keep on
moving keep pushing just because that’s the only way that we can do it and I
always find yourself some kind of partner a friend or you can just come
join us, we are her for you guys Yeah, its good to have a motivation buddy beacuse Sometimes I’ll make him workout. Then other times he makes me work out. And whenever I make her work out is like trying to make a rock talk. I might curse a little. If you guys have always been wanting to
work out and get in shape, now is the time. You guys have come join us and
we’ll be here for you guys, we’ll suffer with you guys because I mean that’s what
we’re here for right? We are a community. We need motivation from you guys as well Let us know what you’re doing, what works for you Because we don’t always want to do it Actually most of the time we don’t want to do it. so seeing other people will help us too. It will help a lot. So like I said we’ll
be right here every Monday for the next 60 days and we’ll go ahead and leave you
guys with that and we’ll see you guys on Wednesday like usual. Peace!

39 thoughts on “Motivation Monday | Couple starting a WORKOUT PLAN *60 Days to fit*

  1. Working together and figuring out what works for you are essential to having a successful outcome! You guys are so inspirational! Can’t wait to keep track of your progress!

  2. That’s great!!! I’ll be rooting you on in every video ! Y’all definitely can do this !! Stay positive !!! 👍👍👏👏👏

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  6. Wow! That is so awesome! Cool video. Left a like for the video. Best of luck my friend. Full watched. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for your honesty! There are definitely days where you feel TERRIBLE! Buffets are our weakness 🙁
    We wish you luck on your fitness journey! You have inspired us to lead a healthier lifestyle. Cheers!

  8. I need to drop a lot of weight myself. This seems like something I might be interested in lol. I just have a hard time staying committed and motivated :/

  9. Thanks for such a great video. I have a lot of support now to help keep me on this great journey of weightloss. I normally start then quit but I will try and continue to stay on the positive paths. Let's all get fit

  10. Goodluck to your challenge..I'm in my 30days fitness challenge too..Nice video😊 Thank you for sharing… #IAmACreator

  11. Good luck to you guys! I'll be watching to see how it goes! It's awesome you are supporting each other and doing to together. 🙂

  12. Ohhhh yeahhhh..Everyone knows me that I love chocolates..and they are my comfort food..and many gave me chocolates..but I just put them in fridge..after this 30day fitness challenge I will make a video of them😅

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    Omg that 30 days challenge chart!where did you get that?
    I mean I don't have anything to lose weight or stuff but I can use a custom chart like that for 30 days making videos YT challenge .🤔😯
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    This stuff is never fun, but it’s always so worth it in the long run. I always feel so much better after!!!

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    my hubby is fit! and im trying to stay in the same pace with him hahah at home no junk food (eg chips and snacks) but im bad, when I go to work I cheat! hahahhahahhaha and I know my hubby knows that! hahaha
    love ur meal plan! excited to see ur journey!!!! RUC

  28. I'm so glad that you're on this journey together. It's so important to have a team mate – I love how ye have fun together with this

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