We got a follow-up from Jim. “Hello Dan
you asked for a follow-up to my first question so here goes. I just started
doing the park bench program on the website,” Good for you that actually makes
me happy, “and I’m sure that will take care of my training needs.” You know I
would hope so. “In regards to my health, I get regular checkups,” God bless you, “both
physical and dental. I take a statin for slightly elevated LDLs,” he takes
something for hyperthyroid very similar and I think what my wife has to
take and something else for blood pressure, “I know my dietary habits are my
biggest problem but lack motivation discipline or whatever it takes to make
changes both in diet and exercise. As I write this I realize I know what I
need to change but it just doesn’t seem important enough to me to actually do it
any advice you can give will be appreciated.” Well I mean one thing that
might help is go to your high school reunion and look around. Look I’m gonna
be rude for a few minutes here. Let me just do it this way. You know when you go to
your 5 year reunion there might be one name in the you know remembrance wall.
When I went to my 40 reunion it was list after list after list after
list after list of my classmates who died, so for me after my 40 year high
school reunion, four years ago now. That happened fast. I went home and I
rethought my goals and my number one goal became: I want to dance at my
granddaughter Josephine’s wedding. She’s 5. That means
maybe 20-25 years from now and that completely changed my vision of how I
work out how I do things because what I did is I made a goal that touched my
heart deep enough that it makes me do the little things like take ice showers
you know I’ve always been very good about the dental check-ups the eye
doctor in the next three weeks I have all these things that the blood
I have all these things I’ll donate blood also but that was a heartfelt goal for me. So let me just start there. Maybe you need a
long-term heartfelt goal. Is there someone in your life you want to be
around for and if there isn’t, let’s take care of that and then the second side
because I always see goal-setting that’s kind of a big checkmark, something long
long-term and something to do today, I’d like to recommend the work of B the
letter B the letter J, F-O-G-G. BJ Fogg. He’s a Stanford psychologist I think he’s
brilliant and he has a website called tinyhabits.com and his idea for
example, this is funny, I just flossed my teeth. I had to drop my wife off at
something and on the way back I was flossing my teeth because I was laughing
because he doesn’t believe him flossing your teeth at first. He believes in
flossing your tooth. Can you commit for the next two weeks to floss one tooth
every day? And you’ll laugh about it. Well the idea is you’ve floss that tooth and
then you smile and you go yes I did it. And as silly as that sounds, it was a
total game changer for me in the habits I’d picked. One of my concerns and it
comes from wanting to dance at Josephine’s wedding, one of my concerns
was safety in the house. At my age and most day in your age too, the two most
the most dangerous places in the home are the bathtub and shower and probably
the kitchen floor. You know because you know that thing
we’re standing on, the floor, is a dangerous thing in our age. So to
consciously be safer in the shower, I made a point of every time I took a
shower I did two push-ups clap my hands smiled and said good job. Well it’s
interesting because here it’s like four years later and no matter where I am in
the world whenever I shower always put my hand on
the side put one foot in make sure that foots on the ground bring the other foot
in. Always. It’s a habit and maybe you’re saying I’m being over safe but it would
break my heart if the last thing you guys ever heard of me
“Slipped and died in a shower.” So one of the
things I want you to do is I want you to go to the website tinyhabits.com
and I want you to sign up for their two, free, two-week tests okay and I want you
to come up with one or two tiny habits. Like for example a simple one I want you
to try to eat one vegetable a day or drink two glasses of water a day. I’m
talking small goals okay Small small goals Jim because the
tinier the goal is the more you’re absolutely sure you’ll do it, the
more likely you will but what it does is it really jump starts the brain. once you
get… When I work with people one of the things I like to do Jim, it sounds weird
I know I’ve mentioned this many places many times before, is we start off with a
decluttering exercise. A very simple one by far the best for most people, go to
the back seat of the car you drive and just declutter it. Get the garbage out of
there pick the coins up off the floor, put the coins in a jar, put things, in the
backseat only, put them away. Here’s the funny thing. The momentum of that little
task, the backseat only, seems to carry over into every other aspect of your
life for a couple hours. The next day maybe a the little well, that’s you know that
little well that’s on the driver’s side, that little well, clean that up and then
of course put your floss sticks in there too. Maybe clean your glovebox one day.
Pick one drawer a week to clean out and have three bags: one for donation, one for
the garbage, and one for the laundry room. Fill those up. Go to your sock drawer,
match up all your socks. These simple tiny things seem to carry more momentum
than having this masteer lists of 75 to-do lists. The only person I know who’s
ever had made their to-do list work, that massive bucket list thing, is the former
Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. He had this massive list. He wanted
be on the Johnny Carson show, he wanted be the marshal the Rose Bowl parade and
he got them all. Most of us, we don’t get any of them. Most of us need the tiny
ones but one of the things you’ll learn Jim and this is a truth, is literally
there are no tiny habits. Who you are today at age 63 is a culmination of all
your habits your whole life and I’m 62 I’m catching up to you though so who I
am today I have been establishing that since I
first probably started having my own way about the world. Maybe in
kindergarten, first grade of course we had school uniforms so even then I
didn’t have choices. Certainly could say by probably when I went to Utah State
when a 17 or 18 and most of my decisions started me just me. Since that point I
picked my own major, I decided what clothes I wanted to wear, when to do my
laundry, the silly stuff. Now it’s just about every aspect of life I choose. I am
a culmination of all those habits that I’ve been setting up since this time. So
when you’re trying to turn the corner in your life, it’s nice to you know, you
can’t you know. When the Titanic is heading at the iceberg you can’t you
know you can’t do a NASCAR turn. It’s much easier to make a tiny correction
hours ahead of time then try to turn the Titanic like that so what I’m asking you
to do is, a lot of tiny little changes. Maybe two weeks at a time. Maybe a month
at a time and slowly. So the goal is by a year from today you maybe have twenty
six tiny little habits developed. You go from two glasses of water a day to two
big jugs today in a year. You go from one vegetable a day to
eating eight different vegetables every day. You go… I hope you following here.
That’s my best advice okay and I hope that helped.

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