Mother wants daughter to lose weight | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Mother wants daughter to lose weight | What Would You Do? | WWYD

They say a mother knows best. “Excuse me?” “Oh, hi,” “Do you have a bigger size?” And today, no one can tell Michelle otherwise. Is there a problem? “No, she just needs a bigger size.” “No, she doesn’t” Despite Amanda’s protest. “Yes. I do mom. It’s really uncomfortable.” “Come out here Amanda. Let’s take a look” She doesn’t budge. “See it’s too tight.” If you saw a mother “Right now, it is” publicly shaming her daughter into losing weight. “You are gonna look so beautiful” when you lose those extra pounds” What would you do? You might be wondering what film scene inspired this scenario “I think you’re gonna have to lose that extra weight we talked about” Well, pay close attention “Excellent. This is it.” As the action unfolds at Hazel boutique in Ramsey, New Jersey You might hear a clue, or three, to help identify the movie Stay tuned for the answer “This is what we’ve spoken about. About you losing the weight so this can be your inspiration dress” But first our young actress Amanda is fully prepared for Michelle’s hurtful words “Well I don’t think I need to lose weight.” While they leave this customer clearly concerned “Don’t you want that summer body?” But will she come to Amanda’s defense” “You need to lose weight first, okay, I’m just trying to motivate you.” “This would be what I was thinking is a good inspiration dress for her to lose a few” She tries to warn Michelle about the weight of her words. “We don’t want her to have bad body image issues” “I want her to be skinny.” “I don’t necessarily think wanting her to be skinny is the goal, but wanting to feel comfortable.” When her attempts to reason go unheeded “She looks too heavy for this” “But it doesn’t close right.” “Just hold on, I’m gonna find something for you.” She takes matters into her own hands. “I just don’t feel comfortable in this dress.” “That’s okay. Why don’t we find a dress that looks nice, first, okay?” And together they search for a bigger, more comfortable dress. “This looks really pretty. I think that would look so good on you.” While we approach from behind. “Hi there, how are you?” “Hi, hi how are you?” “I’m John Quinones. It’s what would you do?” “Oh I’ve seen this show before.” “You ever see the movie-” “No, I haven’t no.” “There was a scene in it where this happens” Her housekeeper Lets out the dress. “What were you gonna do?” “I was gonna try and find another dress, maybe change the mom’s opinion.” “And it’d fit better, right?” “Ya, you know, cause-” “I’ve done that before right try to find the dress That’ll make me lose weight and it doesn’t work because you don’t want to change yourself” As the day goes on, We see young women go out of their way to boost Amanda’s confidence Especially since its mom who’s bringing her down “That’s a pretty dress.” “Doesn’t it look good on her, I mean, if she lost a few pounds.” “No, I think it’s nice, I mean it’s supposed to be a tight-fitting dress.” “I just think you should be a little more positive, ya know?” “Ya-I was just telling you know, this would be a good inspiration for her.” “I think you should just have fun.” With Michelle clearly unmoved. “Honey, I’m gonna find you a smaller size.” “I’ll be right back.” This customer tells Amanda, it’s not her load to bear. “You should not worry about any of that at your age.” “Thank you.” I think you’re perfect.” “Perfect, she’s perfect.” “Oh! Hi.” “How are you? It’s “What Would You Do?” “Ya I know. I was shaking I was so upset.” “It’s amazing you step right in” “You try to comfort her you try to give her a punch” “Ya, I mean she’s beautiful, she doesn’t need to bring about at this age.” “She should wear whatever makes her comfortable.” “There’s a movie called-” “With Adam Sandler?” “Yeah, you remember where the mom does the same thing to her daughter. What does that do to a young girl?” “It really messed with her. I think need we need to uplift young girls. Especially like now is the time.” These next customers aren’t even old enough to vote. “Like, she doesn’t have to be skinny to feel pretty.” But they make it clear who they side with. “I think telling her she needs to lose weight and needs to be skinnier might give her an eating disorder, and I don’t think you should say that to her” “But I’m just trying to motivate” “We could be depressed that we’re skinny that doesn’t mean anything.” As the day winds down There’s no shortage of fellow teens rallying around Amanda Helping her pick out clothes “If you are confident, then you will look pretty in anything.” But nothing could prepare us for this mom. “I can’t fit this over my head it’s too uncomfortable.” “Well, then, you know what you need to do.” “What?” “Not eat so much.” “Woah. I’m sorry. She’s saying that she’s not comfortable, so find something that you’re comfortable with, okay sweetie?” “I’m just trying to motivate her.” “Oh, yeah, that’s not the way. so we go stop that’s not the way you motivate a child.” Let’s be tough. Maybe you should mind your own business. “Maybe you should your own business.” “Oh, I-, really when I hear something like that it really Upsets me. You have a beautiful daughter It’s about what’s inside here, it’s not about what you see on the outside. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and I’m so angry right now. I can’t even begin to tell you.” Time to tell her this is all a scene. “It’s okay, ma’am.” “Oh, my God.” “I am so happy that you are here right now. I was getting so upset.” “I could tell, I could tell.” “I just couldn’t… I couldn’t stand by.” “As a mom, how do you handle it?” “You know, no child’s perfect, but you encourage them to do the best they can. Set an example. Model behavior But don’t shame. Shaming is the worst thing you can do.” But that’s exactly what mom does to her daughter Bernice in the 2004 film Spanglish starring Adam Sandler “New clothes!” But those new clothes come with a catch. “You gonna lose that weight” In the film it’s the housekeeper who comes to the rescue But not before Bernice has a few words with mom. “Your gift… is a ruse.” “You buy what they’re comfortable in” What they feel beautiful in and that wasn’t happening. So I had to say something.

100 thoughts on “Mother wants daughter to lose weight | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. Being fat is gross, and unhealthy. This is documented in studies on what humans perceive as beauty, and all the obvious health issues. Of course the jooish media made the woman out to look horrible. The real question is why are all you lemmings falling for this so easily?

  2. The mindset of fat being okay really ruined me as a kid. It may be comfortable for other people, but it really wasnt with me once i became a teenager. Though, I was able to do research and lose weight healthily, while getring fit. I became much happier.

    Long story short, dont pressure your kids into losing weight, but please try to get them to be fit and active. It only comes with good results

  3. I understand parents that may want their children to be a healthier weight, but you don't motivate people by shaming them and making them feel like crap, all that does is make things worse. Positive motivation is always key, telling them you understand how they feel and that your in this together with them, spending time with your kids and doing activities together with them, being a source of motivation and encouragement, finding a sport or active activity your child likes and being there to support them 100%. Happiness is key, everything else falls in to place after that

  4. Is everyone going to ignore that John quinones must've said I need an overweight person for this episode????

  5. I don’t think the mom should shame her! But a lot of kids are overweight, especially in America and I believe for health reasons loss weight shouldn’t been seen as something evil. Yes, she doesn’t need to worry about it but she needs to take care of her health

  6. The first time I watched What would you do, I was like “ what is his name John can you honest” haha was it just me??? It really sounds like he says that

  7. Wow, it was not even for a shoot but the same thing happened to me. My mother publicly said that I dont loose weight and the shop assistant standing right next to me just laughed.
    NOTE: story of south india

  8. Ik this is just an act but for everyone reading this, fat shaming doesn’t help, it makes the person obviously upset and they feel the only way to feel better is to eat more or not at all. It’s not good, if you are concerned with someone’s weight please please please don’t put it on like this 😔🙏🏻

  9. My dad body shamed me a lot growing up. Now he got a bigger reason to be ashamed: he's neck deep in debt. Serves that loser right

  10. If this was real it would be the mothers fault for the daughters weight,children around that age have no control over what their parent choose to feed them

  11. This needs to be said as well… when a young girl is told she has to look a certain way ESPECIALLY BY HER MOTHER! when they grow into teens they can develop eating disorders that can be life threatening. I myself have survived eating disorders but the saying "words can kill" really do have an affect on someone's life

  12. Overweight and obese children is a rising problem in America and should be taken seriously but this is one of the ways you SHOULDN'T do it.

  13. Um ok insulting people over appearance isn't good but um encouraging unhealthy eating habits isn't okay all. People are dying cause of this issue. Heart attacks and diabetes ain't nice. But yes there's different nicer helpful ways to approach someone about this.

  14. I don’t know why people do this, I know fat is unhealthy but a bit, just a little less than that is beautiful to me…
    It’s Natural. It’s embraced! And I’d protect anyone who gets shamed…

  15. I always shaming my daughter just for fun since she was 4.. she always laughs at it. I think it's okay coz we're just having fun, sometimes she shaming me too for no reason and we laugh together. now she is 8.

    sometimes I feel like did I do wrong?

  16. I’ve realized over the years people tell me it’s more important on what’s on the inside but no one nows what in the inside of me

  17. in the inside we have bone's and thing's that are gross so i think i wanna see my self in the outside then the inside 🤣

  18. Tbh it’s good for a kid to know that their overweight so they know what to do but u don’t body shame them and say u don’t need another size

  19. Okay here's the thing, when I try to step in about what's unkind and stuff pple say
    "MInD yOuR oWn BeEz-WaX"
    What do I say to that……

  20. I'm not being offensive but why do professional hardworking doctors/nurses get the blame all the time and the family always gets shame when a girl/boy is obese its just weird how when we try to help we also get the blame so we should just let random strangers decide and wait for a disaster shouldn't we no offence

    And also the girl is being made as a fatty on a TV show that millions watch for views and subscribers(tbh she gets a free dunkin donuts after this so I would be happy)

    As an american I apologise

    Edit: Thx For 4k likes

  21. Thesee womens be like: Try go fining something comfortable!
    My mom: Okay, but you look so pretty so wear it..


  22. Child obesity needs to be tackled, but not publicly.

    We shouldn’t be encouraging weight gain, quite the opposite BUT

    as someone who used to be overweight, public shaming really hurt my mental health and many other children too.

  23. It's fine to want your child to lose weight, its good to promote healthy eating and exercise to the younger generation. But doing it in public and refusing to buy a bigger size is just hurtful and shaming.

  24. I think every time they want to use an accusing mother or a mother that's always adamant, they use Michelle 😂🤣

  25. Doesn't matter your face doesn't matter your shape its doesn't matter from whts on the outside it matters whts on the inside

  26. My son is over weight. His dr says he is borderline diabetic. It is such a fine line to convince him to be more fit and have better habits without bringing him down.

  27. Driving down the road minding my own business, John pops out from backseat , “what made you think that?” Immediately drive off the road and crash.

  28. If your child is unhealthily overweight or underweight then yes they need to change but you need to help them in a loving and healthy way and making rude comments is not the way to do it

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