Most USELESS Human Body Parts!

Most USELESS Human Body Parts!

From wisdom teeth to your tailbone, here are
13 of the most useless body parts! 13. Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of
molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. With all the money spent on removing them
and all the pain that one has to endure during the process, it’s frustrating to know that
wisdom teeth don’t serve any practical purpose. They are simply the remnants our ancestors’
teeth, who had larger jaws than we currently do. The reason why wisdom teeth have no use anymore
is because human jaws have become smaller as they evolved, leaving little space for
wisdom teeth to grow in comfortably. Another theory suggests that early humans
used to lose their teeth quickly as they aged, so wisdom teeth could take the place of lost
teeth and allow them to eat normally (and thus survive) for longer. Now they just cause all kinds of problems
if they are misaligned such as jaw and nerve damage as well as infections that can be extremely
painful. 12. Body Hair and Arrector Pili
We all know about body hair, but what exactly are arrector pili? These are the smooth muscle fibers that give
humans the peculiar sensation we commonly call “goose bumps”. If the arrector pili are activated, hair that
come out of the nearby follicles stands up, giving us those famous goose bumps on our
skin. Goose bumps are important to certain animals
(like cats), which use those hairs on the body to swell up and make themselves look
‘bigger’ than they actually are. But human body hair is so small and fine that
it does little more than give us a shiver, or let us know that something is frightening
us! Yes, you can say that body hair protects us
from the cold, and the hair on our head may help you look stylish, but that’s about
it for legitimate functions of human body hair and arrector pili. 11. Eyebrows
The evolutionary purpose of eyebrows is debatable: In one camp, scientists believe brows keep
sweat and rain off your eyes, which would help in primitive hunting and navigation. Moreover, diverting the sweat away is also
beneficial as the salt in sweat irritates the eyes, making them sting. Other scientists favor the hypothesis that
eyebrows serve to communicate your emotions, but they may also communicate your identity. Behavioral neuroscientists from MIT found
that people were less likely to recognize pictures of celebrities without their eyebrows
than without their eyes. The researchers speculate that eyebrows have
remained because they’re crucial to identifying faces and navigating social circumstances. 10. Tailbone/Coccyx
Although we don’t sport these animalian appendages anymore, our ancestors once had
tails. Tails were used to maintain balance while
we walked, but as the human body evolved, the need for a tail disappeared. The tailbone, or coccyx, is situated at the
end of the spinal cord. When we did have tails, this part of our anatomy
was vital to our survival and balance. However, as tails disappeared, so did the
functions of the tailbone. While we don’t really need it, it has been
suggested that the coccyx helps to anchor minor muscles and may support the pelvic organs,
so, it’s better to not underestimate its existence in the human body. 9, Male Nipples
This has been a topic of significant discussion over the years, and has sparked all kinds
of weird arguments, one even stating that ‘men have descended from women’. This isn’t true, but if you want to know
the real reason behind male nipples, one has to go pretty far back, all the way to your
time as a fetus. Both men and women have nipples because in
the early stages of fetal development, an unborn child is effectively sexless meaning
it has no gender yet. Thus, nipples are present on both males and
females. During the later stages of fetal development,
it is ‘testosterone’, a hormone, that decides the gender of the fetus – either
male or female. It should be noted that certain males have
been found to lactate and there have been numerous cases of breast cancer in males. 8, Third Eyelid
This is the part of the eye that you can see at the corner of the eye (next to the tear
duct). Although certain animals, like dogs, reptiles
and fish, need it for a variety of functions and protected vision, humans do not need this
third eyelid to maintain proper vision or survival. This doesn’t mean that the third eyelid
does nothing and just sits there. When we move our eyes, the third eyelid (plica
semilunaris) ensures proper tear drainage and sweeps debris away from the eye. For anyone who has ever walked along a windy
beach, we can appreciate that particular function, right? 7. Darwin’s Point
Around the sixth week of gestation, six swellings of tissue called the Hillocks of Hiss arise
around the area that will form the ear canal. These eventually come together to form the
outer ear. Darwin’s point, or tubercle, is a minor
malformation of the junction of the fourth and fifth Hillocks of Hiss. It is found in a minority of people and takes
the form of a node or bump on the rim of their outer ear, which is thought to be the vestige
of a joint that allowed the top part of the ancestral ear to swivel or flop down over
the opening to the ear. Technically considered a defect, Darwin’s
point does no harm and is surgically removed for cosmetic reasons only. However, the genetics behind it tells an interesting
tale. The trait is passed on according to an autosomal
dominant pattern, meaning that a child needs to only inherit one copy of the gene responsible
to have Darwin’s point. That suggests that at one time it was useful. However, it also has variable penetration,
meaning that you won’t necessarily have the trait even if you inherit the gene. 6. Philtrum
No, that little indent under your nose isn’t there to make it difficult to apply lipstick
in the dark, but it doesn’t serve any other purpose either. The indent, called the philtrum, is just a
residual reminder of your time in the womb: in utero, the two sides of your face develop
independent of one another, then join at the middle. When the two sides fail to fuse properly,
the result is a cleft palate, which occurs in about 1 of every 750 births. Ancient Romans found the philtrum erotic,
and named that dip in the upper lip the “Cupid’s Bow.” In fact, the word philtrum comes from a Greek
term meaning “love potion.” If you’ve seen makeup tutorials on YouTube,
you will know that women still highlight their cupid’s bow to emphasize it, but they may
not know exactly why! 2000 years later, it’s still sexy! 5. Auricular muscles
The auricular, or extrinsic, muscles of the human ear include the anterior auricular muscle,
the superior auricular muscle, and the posterior auricular muscle. Together, they control the pinna, or the visible
part of the ear. In many mammals, ear movements produced by
the auricular muscles play a role in sound localization and the expression of emotion. You must have noticed your pets perking up
their ears when startled or lay them back flat if they are listening or embarrassed. These extrinsic ear muscles are used to perk
up their ears as a sign of alertness or to move them around according to motion of predators
or prey. But in humans, the muscles are considered
nonfunctional. Darwin proposed that humans effectively capture
sounds by positioning the head to receive them, thereby compensating for the loss of
or eliminating the need for the auricular muscles. Through repeated effort, however, humans can
recover some ability to wiggle their ears, if that is a goal of yours. 4. Fifth Toe
Have you often been injured by furniture, especially on that all too useless pinky toe? You are not the only one then who has been
exposed to it being more of a disadvantage! Used primarily by primates and our tree hugging
ancestors for clinging and swinging off branches, they have greatly reduced in size now and
have become entirely obsolete. Not required for balance, or mobility in any
way; the fifth toe is a body part we don’t really need. Several mammals have already lost their digits
thanks to evolution such as cows, horses, pigs and camels and have hooves instead. If humans were to follow and lose their pinky
toe, it wouldn’t make much difference except maybe much better fitting shoes! 3. Tonsils
One of the most removed organs, tonsils are basically collections of lymphoid tissue,
one on each side of the back of the throat. They do function as a part of your immune
system fighting infections as the first in line for defence in the throat. The major problem with its bacteria fighting
effect is its tendency to get sore and inflamed and get recurring infections. If the infection is virus initiated, antibiotics
don’t help and doctors almost always recommend getting tonsil removal surgery called a tonsillectomy. So for many people the tonsils aren’t even
that helpful to begin with! 2. Chins
Who knew a body part could be such a hot topic? It turns out there are endless debates when
it comes to whether or not the chin has a purpose. It becomes even stranger when you consider
that among all the primates – including our extinct relatives – only we have chins. Chimpanzee and ape jaws slant inwards for
instance. Even our closest extinct relatives such as
Neanderthals did not have them. Nobody seems to know why – although over
the last century several theories as to its purpose have been offered. To start with it has long been proposed that
our chin may help us chew food. The theory goes that we need the extra bone
to deal with the stresses involved with chewing. However, this idea falls flat when you compare
us to other great apes with similar-shaped jaws. When we chew, our jaw gets pulled apart a
bit like a wishbone and the further apart our jaws are the weaker the bones are. If we were to protect ourselves from the stresses
of chewing we would need more bone on the inner wall of the jaw near the tongue, not
beneath our jaw. That’s exactly what you see in chimpanzees
and macaques. They have extra bone on the tongue-ward side
of their lower jaw, called a “simian shelf”, which we do not have. The added bone that forms our chin is not
very useful for additional chewing strength. While it has no obvious function, it might
simply be there because we like it—the result of sexual selection. While some experts believe that the chin helps
us control the forces our jaw produces when we chew, the Iowa Facial Growth Study determined
that “chins are unlikely related to the need to dissipate stresses and strains.” 1. Appendix This is an organ located at the junction of
the large and small intestines. Since it is connected to the intestines, many
people think it plays some role in the digestive process, but it serves no purpose whatsoever. At least, as far as we know. The main function of the appendix in other
species is to aid in digestion for diets that are largely herbivorous. This is why the appendix is an important part
of digestion in plant-eating vertebrates. But in humans, it doesn’t seem to do anything. A study in 2009 showed some signs that the
appendix may store good bacteria that can help people suffering from digestion issues. But so does the small intestine. Most medical practitioners believe it is a
useless part left over from our evolutionary past. What we do know, is that it can become inflamed
and rupture. In severe cases of appendicitis it has to
be removed or you can die! Pretty scary for something that is just sitting
in your body doing nothing the rest of the time. There are no known health problems from having
your appendix removed. Thanks for watching! Remember to subscribe and click here for more
videos! See you next time! Bye!

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    so coccyx is one of the most valuable part of our body.

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  5. Goosebumps do serve a purpose. When we get cold or scared
    Like cats fluffing up
    Goosebumps are a way of warming or making us look bigger
    However, we would need to evolve more to have more body hair for that to finally work
    A point on the top of the cats ear is not a darwin's point. The little notch at the side of the ear that seems useless to us but I think the reason its there is sound will try to bounce out but will actually bounce off of the darwin's point and back into the ear.

  6. Just about every mammal, human male/female have nipples. Let me ask you to visualize your boyfriend, husband or father without nipples. Then let's rethink the sanity of the person who says nipples on males are useless. At the very least they create symmetry within species.

  7. Omg, these answers are ridiculous.. I finally got fed-up at the chin (no. 2)… The chin protects your throat. Try defending a rear-naked choke or punch to the throat without your chin… so dumb. And we did not EVOLVE from monkies. If we did, WHY DO MONKIES STILL EXIST IN THEIR CURRENT STATE???


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    For things like wisdom teeth, some people have trouble with them, and have one or more removed, but they certainly are NOT "useless," it's just that our level of science is not yet developed enough to know the purposes of every body part. And there is no evidence our ancestors had tails. My word, STOP THE STUPID.

    Who is the brainwashed fool who writes this stupid scripts?

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    They never have really proved Darwins Theory.
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  25. 10:45 The appendix does store good bacteria, when we get sick and have diarrhea our guts are filled with bad bacteria and it self-destructs cells to flush them out. Both good and bad are reduced quickly as you known. After that it's a race to which bacteria can take back the intestines. The good just emerge from the appendix. If bad get into the appendix and take it over then it's lights out for the appendix. If your appendix was removed you need to take a probiotic to keep your system filled with good bacteria.

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