Mobile phone runs on urine power – Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Mobile phone runs on urine power – Bristol Robotics Laboratory

The project is all about generating electricity
from waste material. In other words, turning waste into something really, really useful. And the microbial fuel cell technology is
something that does exactly that. It takes the waste that we naturally produce and it
converts it directly into electricity. At the moment, we are at the stage where we
have powered a number of electronic devices as stand-alone demonstrations. And we’ve got
to the point that we can now power a mobile phone — a normal mobile phone.
The microbial fuel cell is an energy converter, if I can put into simple terms — it takes
one form of energy and it converts it to something different. So inside the microbial fuel cell, we’ve got
live organisms, live bugs — the same bugs that we will find in sediment, in soil, even
in our gut for digestion — and those little organisms inside the microbial fuel cell,
they eat the fuel that we give them. And by eating it, breaking it down, they produce
electrons which are the electricity that we see at the output of the microbial fuel cell.
Urine is exceptionally good as a fuel for those microorganisms. What you see here is a bottle which is half-full
with real human urine. The urine is pumped — you can see the tube going through this
multi-channel polystatic pump — and it’s pumped into the top floor of this cascade
of microbial fuel cell. Each one of these cylinders is an individual
microbial fuel cell. The urine enters the first one from the top, and it runs through
along the cylinder all the way through, comes out here, and it goes through the second stage
of the cascade system of the microbial fuel cell. It gets processed, it gets eaten up by the
organisms inside the microbial fuel cell, comes out the back and enters the final stage
of the cascade. It gets further processed by the organism inside the third microbial
fuel cell and then the waste comes out in this collection bottle here. And this is a repeated stage. So we’ve got
three more stages that are connected like batteries — if you like — all collectively
producing enough energy to be able to turn on to power this mobile phone. The work that we’ve been doing over the years
has been funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council — EPSRC
— also by the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The urine work, in particular, has been the
main focus of the EPSRC Fellowship, also the Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations
Grant that we’ve had that’s primarily interested in developing these for the developing world.

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  1. They have to install a huge urine tank in every public wc with multipile cells and some usb connectors attached.

  2. Hm. All this time, I've just been flushing my urine down the toilet. This gives a new, slightly more literal meaning to the phrase "pissing money down the drain."

  3. this shit will never be marketed there wasting money and time theres free energy now and they wont even bring that out ,what makes you think there going to let this stupid wast of time out …urine …whats next people will be putting shit in the gas tank

  4. It's the same in the movie matrix…

    How ethical is it to put those bugs in those cells? I'm not a vegetarian, but i really wonder what is the difference between using those type of organism and others…

    Yes, humans have the brain and intelligent, perception and etc. , but don't those organism have some kind of sensors too..?

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  6. Aren't you wasting your time bitching about a reusable energy source that may help us in the future?

  7. alguien me podria ayudar a transcribir lo que dice el video en español o lo mismo aunque sea en ingles. es que teng que hacer una exposicion de este tema pero no se que dice ya que yo no hablo ingles.. plis alguien que me ayude me urge

  8. this is great because now when the robots inevitably takes over they won't kill us all because they will literately need our shit to power themselves.

  9. Quiero que valoréis la posibilidad de cambiar el nombre de video.
    "Cargo mi dispositivo con lo que me sale del rabillo"


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