Mirinda Carfrae Running Technique: Learn How to Run Faster

Mirinda Carfrae Running Technique: Learn How to Run Faster

26 thoughts on “Mirinda Carfrae Running Technique: Learn How to Run Faster

  1. I Love your technique videos! My local shoe salesman advises heel striking, can't stand his ignorance :'). Keep this up you create true value!

  2. Good day, your videos are constantly stellar. Can you speak about the benefit of ISO metric training (wallsits, iso lunge etc) and if and/or how it improves running? Also how rebounding (trampoline) helps/improves running… Cheers Thanks

  3. About 3 mins 30 secs into the video you talk about achieving a triple flexed position – what mental cues would you recommend for achieving this? Do such thoughts as driving your knees forward or lifting your heels aid a runner achieve this triple flexed state? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey James! Love your videos, been watching for about 6 months now, I would love to see you do a running form analysis of a sprinter(100/200) or a middle distance runner (400/800/1500) thank you And Keep up the good work, looking forward to more videos!

  5. Your analysis demonstrates that improved hip strength and knee drive will help us runners achieve the good form being displayed in this video of elite athlete Mirinda.  But can you give us any cues to help?  I find your analysis is "spot on," but cues are a little more difficult to come by.

  6. Hi James, Mirinda is definitely a gazelle style runner what is your opinion of glider style running like Snow and Wellington?

  7. Amazing athlete and great analysis thanks! Any idea what aspect of this running style I am probably not doing right which is leading to IT band pain at outter right knee? Cheers.

  8. Hi, I am 10 and really like your running videos. I often go training with my dad and have made some training videos. Please can you do some videos aimed at kids?

  9. hey James I'm new to theevideos they are amazing .just a little question have you got any info on cadence what a good out and of doing a 5 k race for eg should it increase abit

  10. I love your analysis videos.
    I'd like to suggest you analysis of some viewers forms, who would send you their videos. And then comment on exercises they could do to improve.

  11. James it would be great to see you do a similar analysis of lionel sanders running form. As he appears to have bad form when running but is still extremely quick??

  12. she doesn't have a good running style, their are so many flaws. why are you lingering around…

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