Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 81 – Full Episode – 5th March, 2020

Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 81 – Full Episode – 5th March, 2020

What happened? Nothing.. Then, why do
you look sad? Do you know why
Randeep was saying that he will not come
to office from tomorrow. Why? He is going to America,
to start a new business. He’ll waste
his dad’s money. No. He got an investor. It’s going that
he is going abroad. Maybe that fool will do
something good in his life. It’s delicious, Dad. No.. Let me take some, Dad.
– No.. At least,
let me take one, Dad. – No.. Leave it. Eating so much sugar
is not good for your health. Dad..
– No.. You’re gaining weight. What if you
become obese? If you’re hungry
then have lunch. I’m going to prepare lunch. What would you like to eat?
– No, I don’t want to eat. I already ate a lot.
I’ll take one.. Just one.. One.. How’s it?
– Delicious! Thank God!
It’s come out well. Would you like
to have some cookies? Did you put
something inside? – No. Have it.. How is it so delicious? What did you
put inside it? Honestly tell me,
what did you put inside it? What? I don’t want to eat. Listen, Mr. Amber.
I’m not in the mood for jokes. I’m not in
the mood for jokes. If you’re trying
to do something foolish Then, I will not tolerate it! This
is that thing.. The thing
that we do end a fight. Peace proposal. Earlier, people used
to come with a white flag. Many people
used a handkerchief. Some people
even manage with their Banian. The kings..
– Peace proposal? Y-Yes, peace proposal. You made these
cookies for peace proposal? Yes! You feel pity for me?
– No.. This.. You’re feeling pity
on me for whatever happened? No, not at all.
No.. I baked some cookies
because I felt like baking. Listen.. You really made
these for peace proposal? Yes, I made it for
that but I don’t think the message
was conveyed. No, it’s been conveyed. Are you sure?
– Yes. All right. So..
Peace proposal accepted. It was your proposal. Done..
– Done. So, can I take
some cookies? Just one? Go ahead,
take some more. I.. All right. Mr. Amber.. I want
to tell you something.. I have hidden
one thing from you. But I’m thinking
should I tell your or not. Can I tell you? Wait a minute.. Go ahead.. I have let Randeep
stay in the top room. His dad ousted him
out of the house. So, he didn’t
have a place to stay. He was sleeping in
the car and by doing that you tend to get back pain,
he was not able to sleep too. So, I thought that it’s
just the matter of sleeping. So, I gave him
the top room to sleep. He will come
here in the night to sleep and he’ll
go in the morning. I mean, he sleeps in the night
and goes away in the morning. Anyway,
he is going to America. So he won’t be staying
here for long. I hope you
don’t have a problem. But..
I think you do have a problem. I mean.. Of course,
you will have a problem. So.. I’m sorry. I’ll keep this back. What was the need
to say that now? Now dad will create a ruckus. It’s your house. Mr. Amber,
did you meet with some accident? Did you get hurt in the head? Not the head but..
– A little memory loss.. I mean, right.. Why are you not screaming? Why haven’t you freaked out yet? He also said that
this is my house and I can let anyone stay here. And.. Baked cookies..
– So.. I am telling you that
this is not normal. Something’s wrong.
– Dad, are you okay? How’s your health?
Did something happen? What are you both doing? Get this if someone enters
this home without my permission I’ll send everyone out.
All of you will be ousted. Okay? I haven’t screamed a
lot in the last couple of days. So I have lost the flow. Stay this way. This is nice.
– I will try. As much as I can.
– Thank you. Yummy cookies. How many fingers? Hush..
– What’s with you? Say it.
– What’s with you? What is it? This? I just took pity on her. She just went through a lot. After all that,
if I throw her out where will these
two women survive? Let it be. Forget it. Will you eat
something? Shall I cook for you? No. Then? Have it. Tell me the truth.
How is it? The cookies..
– Yes. With extra love.. Yummy.
– Good.. Is it good enough for
the love to be evident? Very evident. If you want something,
I’ll cook for you. No I don’t. I need to go. I have a
meeting with the investor. I need to prepare. Okay! Bye! Physician..
– Yes. Wait.. What.. What is it? Your idea worked. She ate that cookie.
– Did she? Wow, my handsome. She has agreed to stay.
– Wonderful! Great.. What else did she say? Did she speak
about her feelings? She was saying
this was the best. What? Feelings!
Cookies.. – Cookies. What do you think? What is
she talking about cookies? I think that she was
talking about you. I don’t know. Whatever that was.. There’s excitement for the first
time in your life after Anjali. Tell me this. It’s my time to be in love.
What’s got you so romantic? Why? Too enthusiastic! Look, Sharma..
There’s no way that I’ll fall in
love in this age. So just rejoicing
your love life. This is called feeling young. Tell me this.
– Yes. The youth has flown away. But the vigour in
me hasn’t left me. Oh.. Love can turn
one into a poet too. It hasn’t left me. How are you? Calm down. I am still laughing. Give me a minute.
Tell me. Okay.. When are you telling her? That’s where I am stuck. What? I am getting cold feet
even thinking about it. Trust me. You know my past history. If she gets to know
that NDP is me. She won’t even consider me. You are at it again. Fear of failure is common.
Why don’t you.. You get stuck about
it again and again. Listen to me. You baked cookies,
she ate and she liked! Go about it and say
something she’ll be happy. How do I say? I am not able to get
rid of her mother. She’s always around her. Only if she vanished
I can do something. You want her to die?
– You always misconstrue. I want her away temporarily. I want her to be
away for a few hours. I anyway need a
crane to move her. I don’t know what
to do about her. I need to deal with her. Hello, ma’am..
Hi! Hi, sir.
– Hello. I’m Niya Sharma. She’s my partner.
– Kajal. Hello.
– Hello. We both worked together
on this project. It’s a startup
for web design and development. Our main focus
will be on app designing. Where we have four years
of experience. Sir, we’re both from
We Net. But recently we felt there was
no scope for growth there. Therefore we’ve decided
to do things independently. We’ll start the presentation.
– Yes. So this is what the entire
structure looks like. If you have any query,
please go ahead. Good presentation. It’s an interesting proposal. But until you present us
with the numbers this won’t feel concrete. We need a commitment
on returns for our investment. Sir, we do have the numbers.
Just a second. Please pass the file. Sir, this will involve
a Rs. 3 crore investment with three stage planning. The requirements and
deductibles regarding each stage has been calculated
and mentioned in the file. I saw that.
But ‘WeNet’ can do it too as well as other
similar companies. So why should I invest
in your small start up unless I get higher returns
on a minimal investment? You should show me
the kind of projections that promises
bigger profit margins. I do get your point, sir,
but those projections come with huge risks. And I think the chance
of failure is ever present. Yes.
Exactly, sir. Ms. Sharma, if you’re not
ready to take the risk then why should I risk investing
in an inexperienced startup? Look, don’t get me wrong but you should come up
with a business plan that has a bigger profit margin
and then we can talk further. All the best. Okay.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. This is the name
of our new tour package. So, can you read it?
– Yes, sir. ‘I’m still..’.
– ‘I’m still young’. Right, sir.
– Get it? This is a tour package
form ‘Anjali Tours and Travels’ for anyone
who is 60 and above. All right.
We’re going to take care of all their needs
and necessities. Driver, food, accommodation,
the lot. We’ll give them
a 50 percent discount. Take them to all the place
they want to visit. Temples, gardens or wherever
they wish, you will take them. They should enjoy
every bit of the trip. Do you understand?
– Yes. Now, let’s start working
on this. Advertise this throughout
the city. Ghansham, he’s losing
his mind day by day. Where did his sudden
empathy for old folks come from? Don’t be so negative,
Upadhyai. He must be troubled
by his loneliness. At least he’ll get to meet
some folk as old as him. Hey, who are you calling
an old man? I’m ashamed of you guys. I mean, don’t you have
a little humanity in you? No..
We didn’t mean it. Remember one thing old people are very important
to the country. Right.- Old people
are the strength of our nation. ‘Old people are the strength
of our nation!’ Free the old folks!
– ‘Free the old folks’! Get to work. Let’s fight for freedom. I’ll give you freedom all right. Ghansham,
you better get to work. All of you, get to work. Hear me? Everyone pick up a file, go to
your desks and get to work. Come on. These are the symptoms
of a very serious disease. A man talks non-sense like this
when his end is nearing. You’re back once again? What’s your problem? Can’t you stop yourself
from showing up here? Aren’t you going to leave us
in peace? How long do you want to
keep fighting? I’m not here to fight.
I’m here to talk to you. I don’t want to. And if I did want to talk,
I’d rather talk to the walls. At least they’ll hear me out. Come on, you’re..
Look You should forget
what happened in the past. How long will you
trouble yourself over it? I bring you a proposal. Can I have two minutes
to explain it to you? What proposal? Look, I have here a tour package
from our company. It’s a one day package. You can go out and meet
new people. You can go sightseeing,
have good food and come back. You can enjoy time
with likeminded people. Here you go.
– I’m not going anywhere. It’s just my rotten luck.
I’m going to die here. The tour starts at morning
and ends in the evening. It’s from
‘Anjali Tours and Travels’ I think Ms. Pammi should go. Wow, that sounds good, Mom. You should go.
Have some fun. Of course, you just
want me out of here. I should’ve passed away
along with your dad because that would’ve
been better for you and me. You can lecture me
on that later. Right now, I want you to go.
It’s a great deal. You’ll love it. Well, you didn’t do that
which I would’ve loved you to. Now don’t lecture me
on what’s good or bad. If you’re so interested,
maybe you should go. I..
– I’m fed up, Mom. Keep pining over the past.
Don’t ever move on. You’re right, I should go. Being away for 24 hours
will help both of us. No..
No, you cannot go. The package is only for old..
I mean, for senior citizens. So you can’t go. You’re really giving
it for free? Listen, staring from the day
you both moved in we’ve had a lot of arguments
and fights.. Anyway, forget about that.
All I’m saying is that following the unfortunate incident
that happened recently I feel that we should get rid of the negativity between us. Therefore, please consider
this as.. Sorry? Are you trying to apologise? No.
It’s not an apology.. What are you trying to say?
– It’s.. Are you trying to say sorry? I didn’t quite get you.
Could you be a little clear? I’m trying to say sorry. Let’s take a look. When do I leave?
– 7 a.m. tomorrow. Be ready.

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