Meet Stuart Verseman, MD, Medical Director of Bariatrics, Bariatric Surgery | Ascension Michigan

Medicine’s something I thought about since
I was a child. I mean even when I grew up, I had a great
pediatrician, and all throughout grade school, high school, college, I was going to be a
pediatrician. I did my surgery rotation, and something clicked. When I was in the operating room it was like
there was a bleeder, and I put my finger on it and the chairman of the department looked
at me and goes, “You’re going to be a surgeon.” It’s not just myself. It’s our medical weight management providers. It’s the dieticians. It’s the nurse practitioners, the PAs, the
medical assistants. Everyone in our office has that same mentality
where we want them to be successful, and to develop that trust. When they trust us they’re going to call when
they have issues, and it may be nothing, but you know, it may be something we can work
with. I like to travel, and I try to get over to
Chicago. I lived in Chicago, the suburbs, for a long
time, and I love the restaurants and the arts, but then I try to keep healthy. I try to work out on a regular basis, and
then, I don’t golf well, but I do enjoy golfing.

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