Meet Our Doc: Richard Boles, PhD, Bariatric Surgery

The joy that I get in working with
kids and youth is this idea of helping them discover something about themselves
that maybe they weren’t aware of. It’s really rewarding and it’s part of
what I get, I think, a charge out of is seeing the kids see something that
maybe they never saw before. I’ve always been fascinated with
science. And in college really started
off as a biology major but I took a child psychology class.
From the very beginning I was very interested in understanding
how kids develop and how parents work with kids
to really develop the kinds of functioning that we hope every
kid experiences. But when there are problems, how do we
deal with them. I think really what drives me in working with
pediatrics from young kiddos to adolescents, particularly around weight
management, is the idea that there are effective treatments out there.
To be able to see the positive outcomes that we do see for our
patients who’ve undergone surgery is just really rewarding.

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