March 3 Check In ✔ Fasting During Period (Day 158) Weight Loss Journey

March 3 Check In ✔ Fasting During Period (Day 158) Weight Loss Journey

hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss
and today is day 158 of my fasting weight loss journey and it’s day 2
check in for our group no it’s day 3 check in for our group fast
this video please just say day 3 March 3rd done that’s the easiest way
for me to be able to just check you off of the group fasting list
ok I’m gonna start with the quote I feel like I said it before but maybe I just
said Michael Jordan before some people want it to happen some wish it would
happen others make it happen Michael Jordan
those of you on this challenge I know it’s not easy it’s not easy but you do
it anyway it’s a challenge you’re making it happen ok I’m not gonna read off all
the names but the orange means you did day one and you told me and I saw it
yellow means day 2 green means day 3 day 3 it’s not time yet but some people told
me and I don’t want to get confused if they don’t tell me and in the in this
video ok so that’s the only reason why I’ve shaded that in ok so these people
have our on track doing what they supposed to do and check them okay let’s see exercise I did yesterday
was all in the house mostly walking in the house I did a lot of walking and
just different stuff maybe some squats I did a little bit of the simply fit board
where you twist and I watched a lot of videos yesterday I’m I know I’m still
not caught up there’s no way I don’t know how to catch up to everyone’s
videos but I I started with still Fitness raw he had a live stream and I
learned in his video from Big Jim get slim that Australians eat kangaroos I
felt really bad for the kangaroo cuz they seemed so human-like to me cuz they
carry their babies let’s see I watched Albert towns is doing a eating
ice cream sandwiches in chocolate cupcakes challenge I think it’s kind of
cool because he’s gonna have one every day and he’s doing it I will tell you
why he’s doing it but I think it’s good to have control which he’s gonna have
one and one for me not one of each he’s gonna have one a day for me that’s
really hard to have one sweet thing I want a whole bunch of it okay i watch
sherry sherry weight loss journey 2017 i watch the live stream where she worked
out twice and then I watched her Taco Bell mukbang because I like to talk
about mama for I accidentally watched her video twice but I liked it anyway
because she did the stairs at work and in her staircase she was from I given up
walking the stairs I think it was seven flights but it had a sign in the hallway
that said keep going and she kept going I like that I watched yummylicious eat
some spicy noodles and chicken wings and it’s funny cuz my eating stopped at 4:00
p.m. yesterday so yeah it’s funny I also watched oh
gosh I can’t Jesse Robert Garza yeah I watched all three
your videos cuz I was behind and I’m sure I watched a few others but I can’t
remember okay no so I did and I walked through all of that for two hours okay I
did it I won a half stopped relaxed and then Oh Big Jim get slim I also got his
livestream at midnight okay what did I eat I ate for four hours that was
exciting felt like I don’t know a celebration like I got to eat four hours
so I made three stuffed jalapenos and a stuffed pepper half of a large bell
pepper from Mexico I’m singing that because it has that’s what they said at
the farmers market and that has pretty colors um I stuffed it with ground beef
pepper jack a little bit of cream cheese I had half a cup of cottage cheese
I made sugar-free put in it was not good I ate half of it then I put it the Magic
Bullet the little one this size I fill it with frozen strawberries and on milk
and some sweetener maybe mock throat blended it put it in
the freezer it was so good ah me and I had a lot of sweets sorry I
also had I experiment I don’t go off for recipes so I makes coconut flour just
what I have on him a little bit of almond almond flour which is which I
just finished it maybe two tablespoons three eggs some sweetener
maybe a tablespoon of peanut butter I mixed it together and I baked it till it
was cooked and then I put it in a saucepan i put brown sugar and butter
and mixed it and that was the topping I also put Cool Whip on top so I have that
plus the put I have for desserts I’m still okay with the ingredients we’re
all good I’m the sugar free put in a little bit the frozen strawberry almond
mixture then I took coconut oil a little butter cocoa powder and probably another
tablespoon of peanut butter I didn’t eat all of this because I gave some to my
kids and some sweetener and I put it in the silicone muffin cups and froze it so
they were like little chocolate thingies okay I also have 3/4 of zucchini 1 cup
of ground beef but that was mostly within the stuffed pepper and that’s
when I had oh and a lot of onions oh and I had asparagus man it was so good at
filling yesterday and I ate that all with them for hours ok let’s see um
now I already showed you this everyone’s doing really good me and if if you’re on
this list and your name doesn’t have a block of color then please let me know
what’s happening because I don’t know what’s happening ok now for my weight oh
I wanted to turn around there I’m gonna erase that and I’m gonna put March okay
so I’m on the Big Jim get slim 10% March challenge recruited but I still Fitness
wrong he’s the one that told me about it and I need to lose 21 pounds oh my gosh
the whole title of this video I’m gonna put
fasting during period because someone asked me yesterday to speak more about
fasting with your period but she said oh man I’m gonna just speak about all of
them I’m a person that fortunately I don’t get cramps I won’t get any type of
issue when my periods here at all I don’t know what is coming I kind of try
to track it in a Fitbit I just it doesn’t affect me at all what I won’t do
is a dry fast on a period because I feel like we need to get lots of fluids in
because I feel like we’re cleaning out our body but for me personally I have
been through a little week this weekend so maybe but I got some address so maybe
it does make me a tiny bit weak I’m not sure I just don’t think it really
affects me and I think it depends on you individually how it goes I don’t think
you should drive fast I don’t think you should fast into terms of exercise I
think you should try to take it easy but I don’t see anything wrong with fasting
water fasting intermittent fasting or oh man especially all matter in a minute
fasting you’re still getting your food in just make good choices I do think it
plays with my weight though and I feel like I did good yesterday but I gained
point two but yeah I think that’s the only way it affects me this is not going
to good yet but it I’m okay with that because I did what I was supposed to do
I did my 20-hour fast and today no food not happy about that my kids don’t have
school again due to not snow freezing weather oh my gosh it’s so crazy this is
like the craziest winter I’ve experienced in Missouri so that’s it for
today I think I said everything I needed to say yep that was day 158 Oh put your
check in this is check-in day 3 I’m sure already says that too so I could give
you a green shade if you haven’t checked in for these days please do if it’s
blank and you told me just please be calm with me and just tell me again
because I did not see your comment okay and that’s it we only have two more days
two more days I’m so excited so I’m fasting today and I’m doing oh man
tomorrow I get to eat tomorrow I’m exciting

68 thoughts on “March 3 Check In ✔ Fasting During Period (Day 158) Weight Loss Journey

  1. Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan

    Let's make it happen! It is hard but keep going.

  2. I didn't get in with the Challenge, I'm watching your videos a few days late, but I've been fasted for 5 days! 🙂 Glad to see you are doing well! <3

  3. Question I am new to fasting and today is my first day back to work so it will be easier for me not to eat today however I need my caffeine is tea allowed in the fast… I don’t use sugar just the tea

  4. Good morning Mieka/everyone,  I ended my water fast (56.2 hours) on Saturday @ 4:10pm. Hubby and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary on Saturday and Sunday; but I did Intermittent Fasting on Saturday & Sunday 20:4  with 30 mins. Walk Away The pounds. I hope everyone is doing well. Peace!

  5. Good morning mieka. Great quote. How is that simply fit board thing???? I’m with you on that possible to just have one. Lately weirdly enough I have been craving salty things. I love your smile when you get to eat. I love you invent stuff with food. Good job team.

  6. I indulged in sweets Saturday, and Sunday, but not the good  healthy kind. It's 16 degrees here in Michigan. I'm so ready for Spring 2019! 🙂

  7. Just found out about the challenge, so I'm not in it, but today is day one of hopefully 21. Almost 24 hrs in! 💕

  8. We like that quote. Great job guys!! You're all doing great!! Keep it up!! 2019 is our year!! 👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾😁 Mieka your meals sound so good!!

  9. I started fasting (no food) during the first 3 days of my period in November. It makes my cramps and mood swings less and shortens the duration. I do get a litte weaker than when fasting not on my cycle.

  10. March 3 water fast…done! I was so hungry and irritated…unusual for me. If I wasn’t in the group…I would have broke the fast, for sure.

  11. Mieka my nemesis is sweets too, now if I want a sweet I drink a Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar Drink and it is just enough (good for your kidneys to ). Day 3 water fast completed – no exercise:(

  12. Actually had no period during my first dry fast a couple years back, but this last one it was like 9 days on and off. I do think that water is needed during that time.

  13. Happy Monday! Day 3 complete! Yesterday was tough but I woke up today (day 4) with tons of energy and less pain in my joints. Hope everyone else is keeping up with their goals! Have a great week!

  14. I haven't weigh myself in a while waiting for my new fat loss scale to come in. I will not do the 20/4 fast due to crossfit training so I'm the 1st to drop out lol I still going to follow along to watch everyone journey and will keep you posted of my process.

    Catching up on everyone videos is impossible. Thankyou for re watching my videos. I edited a gym video on my new phone and it would not upload smh but I will do it again on my old phone later today.

  15. Hey Mieka, the quote for today is so decent. "Get it done" love your laugh it is infectious😁😁 This is going to be a tuff challenge for me mieka i love sugar keeping my focus is key during this challenge. Your eating sounds tasty and you did the 4 hour eating window, just plain ole awesome Mieka. Yummy stuffed pepper😁 so glad to see so many people doing the darn thing with your fasting challenge, keep on motivating Mieka..👍👍💪❤🤗

  16. Day 3 done. Now it's the evening of day 4 so almost done too. Today I felt really weak/tired compared to the other days but at least I don't get hunger pangs anymore and hunger is nearly nonexistent.

  17. Hello Mieka, March 1 – are 2 meals instead of OMAD; March 2 – almost fainted in Whole Foods trying to dry fast. Drank water and added electrolytes after 18 hrs if dry fasting. Also ate OMAD after 22 hrs. March 3 – ate 2 meals instead of OMAD. Ate a slice of chocolate cake and ate an orange.

  18. Ah! Thank you so much for touching the period while fasting subject! I think it totally plays with my weight too. I get extremely bloated tbh. Anyways keep on omad warriors!! Mieka is our war general. 👌👌❤❤💪💪

  19. hi great video you are doing great keep it up shoutout to you thanks for sharing your channel is the best you are truly appreciated hope you have a great day take care peace

  20. Great quote in the beginning. I'm not in this challenge but still fasting on my own haha, 23 hours daily. Wanted to thank you for creating this challenge, I can see in the comment section how many people are actually participating and taking their health and their lives back, it is a really great idea. Keep it up! 👍😊

  21. ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ Currently on hour 88 of my fast. I thought I would stop at 72 hrs… just kept having fun. Let’s finish this challenge strong. 🙏☮️

  22. Hi 👋🏽 Mieka! Yesterday(March 3rd) was unsuccessful with 20/4 and exercising. I have a routine that I do and my body was just not having it. But today March 4th, Monday is back to that routine. I fast 16/8, but I’m going to push it to 20/4 and I’ll definitely will be in the gym tonight because I have training. Weekends are so hard for me! So my goal for March will be to be as dedicated on the weekends as I am during the week! Blessings💛.

  23. March 3rd water fast done..
    Your sweet stuff sounds really good..
    I'm starting to have trouble. Glad I'm in this challenge.. thanks.

  24. 3/1 fasted 36 hours into 3/2+30 minutes exercise
    3/2 OMAD+30 minutes exercise
    3/3 fasted +30 minutes exercise
    3/4 OMAD+30 minutes exercise
    3/5 fasting all day today.
    It's been a great journey. Even gave up social media until today for personal reasons. Thanks in advance for this great journey. We should definitely do this more often as a group. 💕

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