Marbula One: 2020 Momotorway GP RACE 3 (S1R3) – Jelle’s Marble Runs

Marbula One: 2020 Momotorway GP RACE 3 (S1R3) – Jelle’s Marble Runs

After our most electric qualifying yet, two rivals who sit next to each other on the starting grid staring down a 180 degree turn before a tricky first sector Descends them onto the fastest part of any course that our competitors have seen for this entire season. Hey everybody I’m Greg Woods the third Grand Prix of Marbula One just about ready to go with two splits in the second sector and a speed boost as they head into that far hairpin we have a pit straight and a front stretch that will lead us into the final turn in front of the grandstand and Across the finish line of the conveyor belt a fast lap with a total length of a little over 12 meters Three sectors here and as we’ve seen from the timing loops anything can change over the course of it. There, You see the starting lineup And is separated by four hundredths of a second but what will it be in the race the lights are on we’re ready to go and we’re rolling around the turn quickly a Slow start here as the dive begins several going high on the curbs couple opting for the inside line and now to the outside of the first split it’s clutter who got the jump off the pole Mallard up into second place hazy in third team primary the pole sitters fall all the way back to fourth Now onto the front stretch and across the line for the first time clutter holds the lead But it’s gonna be neck and neck coming off of the belt for second place a three marble race mallard holds the spot hazy in third But now we’ve got a lead change Mallard jumps through the first sector and takes the top spot Around the outside of the first split now goes to the inside of the second and that ends up being the wrong way to go clutter Is losing a little bit of speed here mallard And we watch as clutter Stretches off into the distance across the line they come they are going to be neck and neck again this time for third place clutters Lead a little under 2/10 primary and Mallard gets the jump off of the conveyor belt Mallard and clutter trying to stretch the lead over prim from team primary stary up into fifth right now Into the far hairpin, they go Nudge off that Chevron and a bump off the wall. We’ve got a lead change clutter takes the top spot Mallard and clutter been going back and forth several times and it looks like clutter will try to protect the inside line coming off the conveyor belt this time Mallard trying to snake his way through and now he’s got a big bunch up in the third-place primary trying to hold back the Floodgates from hazy and starry going right over that second split there clutter doesn’t seem to have lost any speed In fact, the gap seems to be growing a little bit Mallard trying to track him down trying to get into the draft he ops for the inside this clutter and up the conveyor They come this time they’ll opt for the racing line It appears Clutter to the inside of the gaps and we have a couple of changes back behind that looks like the savage speeders working their way Speedy is into forth trying to get a little bit closer to primary carry some more speed around that turn and the left-hander is gonna make a move here and Loses out. But Look out up front. The gap has come all the way down again Mallard trying to size up clutter as we enter the start of lap number five One tenth between them it stretches just a little bit on the exit and now it closes up once again It looks like everybody’s gonna opt for that outside line this time a couple ducking to the inside Mallard will take the outside line and look at The speed boost and a gain that made a big difference and now it’s anybody’s race up front. How does clutter respond? Another gonna cross here and Having a little bit of trouble and was that Mallard that had all kinds of trouble getting on to the conveyor belt I know everybody was a little bit concerned after waspy’s incident in the last race and look at this up front Neck-and-neck and the o’rangers with Clementin take a brief look in a second place They fall back into third now Clutter still up front primary holding station now trying to get one spot back up to where they started this race from the pole Laps ticking down though this race taking a little bit longer to get onto the conveyor belt there several that have trouble Clementine is one of them Notice there are 13 laps in this race as opposed to the 10 that we’ve had from the last one Clutter and primary have really closed up opting for different lines here and they bump against each other is primary gonna have a go on The inside yes, he does primary have gotten up to the front prim making the move and Prim will try to duck to the inside and the over-under works for clutter who takes the lead right back from prim This has been one heck of a race so far I don’t know if anybody’s had a chance to breathe Look at some of the other competitors farther back this is really stratifying the field as this race We could end up seeing some lapped marbles at some point if this continues Clutter is up front hazy has taken second place Clementin for the o’rangers is up into third speedy for the savage speeders in fourth They’ve been consistent thus far and a little trouble that time getting onto the conveyor belt and that’s going to elevate clementin into second place Competitors having to walk that fine line of not being too aggressive The waspy incident taught them that in the last race. They know the risks that they take coming into this and it’s high-risk high-reward Unfortunately, if it goes wrong, it can go very wrong. They know the risks They are willing to take them the lead growing for clutter enters the conveyor belt pretty well as does Clementin and prim They’re gonna be very close to some lengths apart as they exit the conveyor A little nudge off the wall might slow him down a little bit. That let’s clutter Stretch the lead ever so slightly nearly a second and a half up front Heading into the final couple of laps takes the speed boost the top three top four all do The more those second-place ones battle the better it is for clutter Prim and Clementin, if they can stay locked together. That is all the better for clutter up front 2.3 is the gap as they exit the conveyor belt to start the penultimate lap Dominant performance, this could be for clutter who can keep that up Do we start to see those lapped marbles coming in we might On around that far hairpin on to the front stretch now Up and across the line and the gap is under a second under 8/10 in fact clutter and prim Also watch behind hazy seems to be showing a little bit of speed final lap and Look at the speed coming off there a huge bump by prim Needs one more go is going to size him up down the pit straight and around into to the front stretch Are they gonna move to the outside its not gonna work! Clutter takes the win by five hundredths of a second over prim from team primary hazy finishes in third and on the podium well in front of Mallard and Clementin What a finish that was what we knew that after Qualifying that was could be a really close race and Clementin by the way gets the bonus point for fastest lap Doesn’t finish on the podium, but they are gassed 13 laps more so than the usual that they have to run This was one entertaining Grand Prix, it’s a lot of highlights – to piece together here, so So many marbles getting a chance up at the top We had several different lap leaders Numerous lead changes. Here’s the finish there though uh no that was ??? no actually that was not the finish but it was kind of a sizing up for the finish. There’s the finish That was even closer. In fact, I loved that over-under and that move to take the lead there You see the overall standings the hazers look at the top four all stay at the top Unchanged as we head into the hive drive. Thanks for watching everyone

100 thoughts on “Marbula One: 2020 Momotorway GP RACE 3 (S1R3) – Jelle’s Marble Runs

  1. After Clutter's dominant performance for several laps, my heart was NOT prepared for that final lap. Goodness, why am I panting from watching marbles rolling around a loop?

  2. Another solid performance from Hazy it’s just a matter of time before the Hazers get a win #HazeAmaze

  3. Good job Snowy! Started again from the last positions – ended up 9th. Thats okay! Seems like the Snowballs have some technical issues .#Snowballs

  4. Watching the O'rangers try to get through slow-speed corners is giving me Ferrari flashbacks all over again

  5. Proud of Hazy, knew they locked up 3rd and went for a big move on the last lap. Unfortunately got blocked by BOC but great effort! Came back from a few fumbles on the belt too! #HAZEAMAZE

  6. Team Momo cant even pull out anything more than last at their home gp…. disappointed. Williams would be proud

  7. The fade cuts are kinda headache-inducing. The quick cuts, like motor racing broadcasts, work much better.

    Also props to the Snowballs for getting into the points after a terrible qualifying session.

  8. Good recovery drive from Snowy after the disappointing qualifying, from the back of the grid into the points! #SnowMuchFun!

  9. snowballs again dissapoint, they manage to gain some positions during the race but the qualifiers are terrible since the last race.

  10. I'm just glad my hazy boys are putting in a consistent performance. I was really hoping they'd win this one, but staying on the podium is good enough, they'll get them next time! #Hazeamaze

  11. What a disappointing performance by the Limers. Qualify 4th and finish 10th? Get it together, fellas!!

  12. Jelle, I’m a huge fan of your channel but I need some help: what do you use to create your timers? Because I’ve been struggling to find a way to do so for a downhill racing series I’m starting.

  13. Small inquiry for the production team. On the scoreboard it'd be nice to have how many positions gained or lost in the race.

    Oh, this is awesome! Found out about it today! So looking forward to race 4!


  14. Great resilience by clementine and the o'rangers but at what point with all of clementine's conveyor struggles do they begin to look for a potential replacement. Consistency is the key to winning and I don't know if clementine has it

  15. Просто обалдеть, как чувак делает шоу на ровном месте) и это интересно!
    От заставки. стилизованной под Ф1 аж в дрожь бросает О_о

  16. This is so much more fun than watching Formula 1!! I think Liberty Media could learn a thing or two from JMR!! Just saying… 😁 😁 😁

  17. Savage Speeders just need to keep hitting that consistent placing. They're moving up to the top as the rest keep jumping up and down in the rankings.

  18. This is so much more exciting and entertaining than the last couple of years of F1. It's more like Formula E.

  19. I hope we get an endurance race out of these someday, like an hour long race, or dare I say, a 24 hour race? Okay maybe that's a bit much

  20. Why are my guys (The ThunderBolts) doing terrible?! It's like everything that I pick in a YouTube racing video never wins!

  21. @Jelle's Marble Runs I think you misspelled "checkered"… unless that's how you spell it in your country.

  22. Easily the best race so far! Though I will say I'm pretty sure team primary doesn't play fair, check the tapes! Go Hazers!!

  23. Hello there!!! My friend and I are big fan of team galactic. We have T-shirts and everything!!! I was wandering if we could attend to a race. That would be awsome!!! GO TEAM GALACTIC !!!!

  24. If mallard wouldn't have had that conveyer belt incident he would have gotten first from 8th starting position! Still a happy Ducks fan!

  25. Just saying snow form is bad (witch gives me depression as a snowflakes fan) he did get a good race in s1r1 tho

  26. I've been a Balls of Chaos fan since they first entered the scene and man. Let me tell you. They needed this gold, feels good lol.

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