Mara Gay: Warren Was Running In The Shadow Of Hillary Clinton’s Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Mara Gay: Warren Was Running In The Shadow Of Hillary Clinton’s Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Mara Gay: Warren Was Running In The Shadow Of Hillary Clinton’s Loss | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. She wasn't risky because she is a women she was risky because she actually threatened alot of wealthy people's pockets she wanted a wealth tax.

  2. Are we really going to pretend that Tulsi Gabbard doesn't exist and (while not in anyway going to get the election for Democratic nominee) is still in the running? Why is it that Warren is considered the only woman that ran during the primaries?

  3. Is Warren going to support Tulsi Gabbard ?
    Is MSNBC going to continue discrimination against Tulsi Gabbard?
    Tulsi Gabbard is a woman and is a presidential candidate.
    Why is MSNBC being prejudiced and racist against Tulsi Gabbard?

  4. She is the biggest sexist of all time. You didn't here Amy Klobuchar calling sexism every second. She is a liar who claimed Bernie was sexist, and then dropped it when she realized her plot wasn't going to work and people weren't buying it. She listed herself as Native American for the Texas State Bar, and Harvard her employer had her on their affirmative action reports as a Native American (she is a white blonde woman). At one point during the debates she was yelling about sexism and then immediately after proceeded to say "look at the men on this stage, collectively they have lost 10 elections." A crusader against sexism and yet a sexist herself. She projects hatred for men and wonders why they don't vote for her.

  5. I'm sorry to see her go, She is a sane mind who wants to stop rich from putting their foot on the throat of the poor by illegally unfair fees & practices. And wants the lawmakers to Obey their own laws of conduct.

  6. how about the fact that her ideas are garbage? she is a terrible person and as bad a liar as the orange man she hates? nobody i've talked to has ever said they wouldn't vote for a woman, its always about the politics not the gender. if only the dems would see that they might actually win something

  7. Crummy Senators that can not win their own Commonwealth, make unelectable presidential candidates. She has done nothing for Ma. except do deals for unwanted windpower with Chinese companies. Ignores our fishermen and tourist industries by trying to destroy Cape Cod and New England . She is a loser and a identity shill.

  8. Warner was treated very unfair by the DEMs and it should have been her turn, another reason to vote for Trump

  9. Pathetic pile of sad little boys clutching their balls in terror at the idea of a woman gaining power. Grow up, for gods' sakes.

  10. They are both strong women and did a lot with the time they both served in politics… but this country is full of degenerates.

  11. As a woman….i love having a MAN in the whitehouse. I feel safe and protected – a female could never do it for me.
    With the women there are too many feeeeelings and emotions….it would be devastating to America

  12. She was clearly the most prepared and qualified candidate. Biden will be another Obama who does nothing for the middle class and the Poor, and Sanders knows that his policies will never pass.

  13. 500 million will give 375 million a million or is it really like a $1.56 per person they must be right, after all there so sophisticated not like us low life people! We can't even spell elite, trust them they know what's best for us.

  14. Hilary vs Bernie: Hilary won. Warren vs Bernie: Bernie won.

    Warren in her home state: was elected senator. Warren running for the democratic candidacy in her home state: was behind both Bernie and Biden, even with women voters.

    Where's the sexism in her loss? What criteria do we follow to determine sexism?

  15. Warren didn't get elected because she is a lying angry person who is as dumb as Mara is! Send some smoke signals up Pocahontas and endorse the highest bidder!

  16. Hey Mara and Brian, there are 100,000,000 democrats in the country. If they all vote 3 times for Warren instead of the usual 2, Warren could get a billion votes!!! It's true!!!!

  17. It's sad to see a bad actor Pretending it matters if a woman is in the Whitehouse or not irrespective of character or electability. WARREN was unwatchable condescending bullying and not very likable. She lied about her heritage to get into college she would never survive trumps hillarious pocahontas taunts

  18. Warren gives Women a bad name.
    It was never about your gender >:-(
    It's about YOU as a person and your corruption! (and back stabbing ways)
    I'd gladly vote for AOC if given half a chance.

  19. Sorry Mara, 500 million is not enough to give 327 million Americans 1 million each. I cannot believe the stupidness behind this womans math.

  20. We will have a woman in the White House. Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard or AOC.
    Are you taking notes mainstream media? Do you see how easy it is to destroy phony politicians?
    Do your jobs!

  21. It has nothing to do with her being a woman and has EVERYTHING to do with her extremist talking points, habititual lying, and was just generally unlikeable. She sounded phony… There's a reason she got stomped in her home state, and it has nothing to do with sexism.

  22. Who cares about having a man or woman in the White House? It's about having the right human being in the White House. Cmon Squaw Warren, stop trying to make this sexist.

  23. Come on Warren was nothing but a planted establishment puppet that has historical made moderate actions but pandered to progressives. From the start we all knew she had no chance and was only there to take support from Bernie. This is why she didn't step down before Tuesday and its why she still hasn't officially step down. If she truly believed that ideology then she would've give Bernie her support last week.
    We seen the establishment buy off everyone soon as biden won a single state.

  24. Warren was never in hilarys shadow, if anything any woman running for president from now on holds up to Warrens standard

  25. It's not because you're a woman it's because people like Bernie Sanders better
    I looked at your policies it was similar Bernie's policy but I just preferred Bernie Sanders
    You just have to accept that
    Don't play the woman's card it had nothing to do with it at least in my case

  26. MSNBC/NYT you have no credibility, you are racist, fascist pigs. The foul mouthed, tyrant from NY will win b/c YOU idiots are FASCISTS.

  27. She and Brian are morons. I love how MSNBC made sure not to include the part where they agreed that Bloomberg could have given every America $1 million…

  28. < The current crop of dems cant just 'lose' in 2020. They must lose monumentally. In an epic fashion. Completely, utterly, and totally. In the white house, the senate, AND the house. Its the only way for us to have any chance to stop this. One might compare it to The Nazis or Japanese Empire in WW II. Peace and tactical retreat while withholding some semblance of their dignity and power is not enough. One must completely crush radical leftist ideology that has infected and festered in the halls of power and those who adhere to it before we liberals of conscience rebuild the Democrat Party into one which can be trusted to share power responsibly and always with the best interests of the United States and its people in mind.


  30. Everybody, she is out now so whatever she said or did wrong , she didn't succeed. Now we can pick on the ones that are left.


  32. The first woman president will be a republican that’s all there is to it, the Democrats may as well hang it up

  33. Why don’t you have your clip stating 500 millions dollars can give everyone in the country a million dollars? Lol

  34. 'Pinky promises'? WTFFF? It would have been delicious to see this fraud trampled by Trumpzilla in the presidential debates. Sadly, we will be denied that spectacle, but Sleepy Joe is going to get seven bells knocked out of him behind the school gym:

  35. I'll venture a guess and suggest that promising that a 9 year old would conduct interviews and have veto power over cabinet positions had a lot more to do with her crashing and burning than sexism. Just a thought.

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