MAPMG Dr. Anuj Prashar on the Ripple Effect of Bariatric Surgery

– My name is Anuj Prashar,
I’m a bariatric surgeon. I work for the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Group. I went to medical school in Philadelphia, at Philadelphia College
of Osteopathic Medicine. I also did a surgical residency there. After completing my surgical residency, I further specialized in a minimally invasive
bariatric fellowship. Those are fancy words for basically, I specialize in doing large
surgeries with small incisions, and also specializing
in weight loss surgery. All my patients are very complex. And I know you’re gonna hear
that from all the doctors. But obesity, unfortunately, causes hypertension,
sleep apnea, diabetes. I had a young gentleman
who was 500 pounds. He was the first sleeve
gastrectomy I ever did. He went from 500 pounds
down to 220 pounds, his diabetes went away,
his sleep apnea went away, he got married, he got
a promotion at work, he comes in, hugs me once a year. At Holy Cross, where
we perform most of our bariatric surgeries, there’s
a Center of Excellence. A Center of Excellence is
a very rigorous process, and is difficult to obtain, where an independent group comes in and investigates our whole entire program, they look at our complication rate, they look at our bleeding rate, they look at our
morbidity, mortality rate. To obtain the Center of Excellence, it’s a very strict criteria, and Kaiser Permanente and
Holy Cross, in partnership, have a Center of Excellence
at Silver Spring. The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Group. It makes it easier for
me to practice surgery, makes it easier for me to be a surgeon, and the accumulation or
culmination of all that, they’re better patient outcomes. I would have to say
that’s why our program’s probably one of the best in the country. I can say that, hands down. ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪

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