Mango Leaves: for Diabetes

Mango Leaves: for Diabetes

The health benefits of mango leaves for diabetes
and more. 1. Diabetes is a common condition where the blood
contains too much glucose, and the body is unable to process it properly. 2. This happens because the pancreas does not
produce enough insulin, or because the cells don’t react to insulin properly. 3. There are many natural foods which can be
used to help regulate blood sugar levels, and therefore keep diabetes at bay. 4. Mango leaves have been shown to lower blood
sugar levels. This will not cure diabetes, but will help
control the condition. 5. There are three different ways that you can
consume the leaves to get the benefits. 6. The first method is to soak around 10-15 leaves
in water, and refrigerate overnight. You can then drink this water and discard
the leaves. 7. The second method is for when you don’t
have the time to soak the leaves. Simply place 3 leaves in a cup of boiling
water for 3 minutes, then drink. 8. The third method includes long term preparation. You can dry out mango leaves in a shady area
for 1-2 weeks. Then grind to a powder and store. You can eat one teaspoon of this 2-3 times
per day, or steep in water to make mango leaf tea. 9. Mango leaves also contain vitamins, enzymes,
minerals and anti-oxidants which are beneficial for your overall health. 10. Drinking this tea regularly will also help
to regulate blood pressure, strengthen veins, reduce hypertension and treat hiccups. 11. If you suffer with asthma, the oils contained
within the leaf tea will help to ease your condition, allowing for easier breathing. 12. You can also burn the mango leaves to produce
an ash. This ash when cooled can be placed on burns
to accelerate healing. 13. You can also use the tea as a mouth gargle
to treat gum problems, and mouth ulcers. 14. Like many other herbal leaves, they help to
increase digestion, allowing the body to pass toxins more effectively also boosting the
immune system. 15. If you do suffer with diabetes, this health
tonic should be drank regularly for noticeable results. Always consult a doctor alongside herbal treatments
such as this. Thank you very much for listening, A like
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17 thoughts on “Mango Leaves: for Diabetes

  1. Most medical doctors don't believe in unproven naturel treatment + herbs….so got to be 100% sure ?….you may get toxic from the leaves ?

  2. no need to talk to a modern day doctor they dont know jack about natural meds.and if you do say something they will go off on you because its their way or the highway .big pharm trained them and they will not change .its all about the corrupt money greed.but if they dont know you are taking the naturals that great.good luck and do what is right for you and not the greedy.S.D.

  3. Another leaf that reduces the glucose in blood is the leaves from the Breadfruit plant.

    I am a Diabetes 2 sufferer. I was treated with Breadfruit plant leaves boiled in water. Only the boiled water is taken. It helped reduce my blood glucose without having to take the expensive drugs.

  4. has no effect on my diabetes. maybe at that time my sugar level too high?? i ate white rice…lower it down with cinnamon but too bad its lower my choletrol too..need to eat egg yolk later…

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