11 thoughts on “Man known coast to coast for running from police, evades Albuquerque officers

  1. 0:47 Accidenly typed in the wrong plat number ? Yea right ! 1:39 I like how they just let him drive off and stand there LOL !

  2. If a stumbling Drunk meth-ed out native can trip down a hill away from the PoPo in NM, of course the Best will Definitely Obviously get away.

  3. One time my car got broken into and I chased the guy down the street at 1 in the morning and we called the cops.. the cop typed in my plate wrong too and ended up getting super aggressive with me saying my car doesnt belong to me and it's not registered! When it was literally his mistake fuck the police

  4. As long as didn’t hurt anybody or do anything really nasty, they’ll make a movie of him. Bet he would clean up pretty good! Run bell run!

  5. That's ok APD had plenty of unarmed black people to shoot and plenty of middle and highschoolers to arrest for weed.

  6. Of course the 10 million dollar each APD/NMSP helicopters did nothing to find him because these police pilots are busy watching hookers have sex at the Hyatt downtown!

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