Lymph Nodes of the Small Intestine (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Lymph Nodes of the Small Intestine (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello everyone! It’s Megan from Kenhub here, and welcome to
our tutorial on lymph nodes of the small intestine. Before we begin this tutorial, let’s familiarize
ourselves with the structure of the small intestine which we can see in this illustration
highlighted in green. The small intestine is composed of three parts
– the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum. Superiorly, it’s continuous with the stomach
and inferiorly, it’s continuous with the large intestine. The lymph nodes of the small intestine are
one of the largest group of lymph nodes in the entire body and are important in both
the immune system and the lymphatic system. They are also very important clinically as
they can be involved in the spread of infections and cancers, therefore, having a knowledge
of normal lymphatic drainage will allow you to better understand the potential spread
of certain pathologies. Before we look at the lymph nodes, it’s important
to understand the basic anatomy of the lymphatic system… Hi guys, as you can see, this video is a preview
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this video as well as other videos, quizzes, articles, and our atlas of human anatomy—everything
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  1. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed watching our Preview video on the lymph nodes of the small intestine! Please let us know what you would like us to cover on the next videos. Are you ready to build your knowledge? Dive deeper into all things lymph nodes in this free article:

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    Thank you .

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